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[HOAX] Isaac CARET - Drones [HOAX]

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posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 02:26 PM
Thank you Sid, absent answers to the rest of the questions , we need not be concerned with an official study commisioned by a commercial or educational or similar entity using more than one person .This is , and correct me if I am mistaken, a purely private and personal venture, like others are doing in the rest of the forums when inspired by an event?

If correct, the rest of us can continue unabated by any concern that somehow you are connected in anyway shape or form to the hoax. That should have been you never ever would have been banned from OMF by Bren and Ivo, and Nemo acting as facillitators of the hoax with LMH and the Cast we have become so endeared with, the DRT. More than one time I might add, the record exceeded only by Murs banning.

So that leaves us to where we left off , AW, warners, and the Foxtree as primary from which all the above like LMH and Whitley..keep dangling from.Especially that latest Fox plug with old news..and the PIs. That was like adding fertilizer to the tree. Very appropriate and fitting.

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posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 02:30 PM
bump the post down to the ground

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 11:02 AM
Reflecting and taking a well deserved pause Double and being we are old school..I decided to take a stroll to woodstock, genesis of much of the contemporary art music and thought and overall craziness.
A lot of this art is basically Shamanistic and sometimes Drug/herb induced.which would explain Virgils references and line of thought for accessing dimensions and portals mental machines..Only anyone who has really done that knows that its not portals or gates you just go thru like a door, but more like whole mergers of perception inverted collapsing on top of ones head..You could be stepping off the curb in Milwaukee, and find yourself stepping onto a subway in the bronx., not a pleasant feeling I am sure...By the way I just found out that the Guy Hoffman who discovered '___' died last 102 ..unbelievable.
If you recall Virgils work is introspective and most probably influenced by artists like Alex Gray who even is seen posing with Hoffman.
considered one of the great visionary artists. Has a museum chapel all that good stuff dedicated to this type of art Branching into Tattooing..which even KenRay and Virgil are into.

and seen in his tattoos here thanks to Elijah Tome.. I invite everyone to go and appreciate some of that art ..which is like SubRosa and Boing Boing..a cultural aspect we can admire and in the least say..oh wow.
Grey has dozens of tatoos in his archives..well worth just perusing too...
I recall Raska posting one up earl early in this drama. But you all get my drift here I am sure.
You can see influences on even Android jones ..who was not even half a set of chromosomes at the time...But he too subscribes to the same philosophy in his work.
So that imo just any artist of this genre can theoretically attach themselves to caret , especially with the pre existing crop circle art....if the talk and art is done just right.But Android adopts that specfic node in June 2007, his prior nodes generally were takeoffs on speaker cones and DJ turntables
But only one Andoid has worked with Dell/AW early in our timeline, as well as Alternative artists listed at Dells community forums..but different designs.
Aws Contract may he predated Dells takeover..and they were bound to continue what ever part they AW had signed off to..They have been the most successful so far in the Caret anyone.
But it was interesting to see in wiki the list of other
names in those fields I just glossed over. I even found an Isaac Abrams hahahaha..built a giant Kaleidoscope lived there..
I'll just post for casual enjoyment.
But I think its important we dont let this rich era of innovate free thinking and experimentation and the artists and musicians just fade away and remember why we think the way we think for better or worse.. thanks to them

It explains why Dell is interested in this group as well as Gamers, and Musicians..It takes some pretty decent equipment and they have the purchasing power and in art, that area has been traditionally Macs territory,
so as Brent of Vancouver of the Lexus Drone said..What the Heck.

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posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 11:42 PM
Since Virgil is no longer a prime suspect ..then
So whatever happened tpo our Lovable Lev..after those hilarious goofs as I
and several here see it..He just boogied out of town. Then we have Masker33, who appeared just when we were just about over our grief at Levs leaving.
The initial concern this was lev somewhat diminished as this person seemed wiser, soft spoken , gentle.. although just as contrite and evasive. He seemed to point admiringly to Levs work and did not hesitate to point it out when something appeared at DRT..Mask implied he was a critiquer of of movies but he could never point out anything we could verify.

Teaming up with Tomi..the combination was one made in helll, as the blithering and blathering went on forever..small slips like use of Levs latin, use of my I, especially the one he said we are learning from you too..was something only Lev ever told me once.

still we have given him the benefit of the doubt.

Unbeknownst to many Dr Dil and Myself built a substantial inventory of levs work.
he had cached here and there.
If we look at Masks avatar we see a blue globe, nothing outstanding..however peeping at his photbucket I found one of a red globe. and a star or planet..
This is something Le also had in his inventory called red sun and companion..
what is intriguing is that both also utilize that layer with imagery underneath..
They seem to like this..and an early example of Levs work he works behind a glass with substantial glar..after reducing the glare you can see him/them in the background.
I will post all these images it takes me time to do this..

But its enough for me to say that this person masker is part of the lev team., wherever they are communicating from
which we know is a no brainer.

masker33 current avatar on photobucket avatar2

maskers red globe on photobucket

Levs red globe

maskers blue globe enhanced contrast and hue photshop elements

maskers Red globe enhanced contrst and hues used note typical imagery

same but at 100 percent

Levs gallery pic using glass layering

Levs gallery glare reduced note images right upper quadrant

upper right section slice

It seems they were practicing perspective scenes..

But I dont think they did that part..Terminator SCC was the closes link I could establish.

Imo The Caret Extension is Over
Ardilla?squirrel will not get his nuts today.

Be seeing you in time..
I know like the Terminator..
You'll be back

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posted on Aug, 7 2009 @ 02:52 AM
In Fact soon ..
Lev come back here..
I went to circle that gold SU in the center of that red globe in your gallery.
I accidently used the healing brush

and got this..

Holy Mackeral you are good..I watched you grow up from a pup..remember those legos or bionicals..hahaha

You need to be taken to the wood shed for a paddlin boy.

Explain whats happening here.

I could care less about AW. and those hedge weeds...Those totem poles.for .2012?
Fantastic scenery..of course some might say artifacts..But I think I solved that I just finished erasing them..

Now I can go back to that other dtuff and use that brush
I knew there was a missing piece to this..
Poor musicians..other than ELO crap.. no one else got a plug..
like Journey..hendrix velvet ubderground rotary connection..etc etc.

Its late I'm going to bed.
I will cease operations against the Carbon based Units pending this stuff.
This is a truce offering..take it or leave know I don't stop.

Good Night.

and as best I can a special shout out
Salutari prieteni in Piatra Neamt si Bucuresti.
Exersez mai bine acum.
Te vad mai repede!!.

жасс уп дудес!

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posted on Aug, 7 2009 @ 06:06 PM
I just couldn't wait to get home and see what Masker33 red globe revealed. I left off at levs much older earlier red globe..It was like a WIP.
After removing the ruffles and ridges that make up the surface of the red star..
All I can say I am overwhelmed.
Masker I salute you ..
Though I think my friends at the Vatican and his Holy Eminence would not be too pleased.
Are you all working with James Cameron..This is no christmas bulb picture.
It shows talent, creativity, vision, and even more importantly, a babe.
What mystery is complete without a screaming, crying, or innocent looking woman helpless..while demons and monsters swirl about her.
I have seen those letters on a coat of arms somewhere. or it could have been that Romanian Cyrillian dictionary I am studying..This reminds me of a special occasion for one of the noble families with the heritage of the gold ring behind them.
Wiki has extensive history of the rich culture , A good colleague was explaining the language variations and things began to make more sense.
Such that I knew then what were artifacts and what were letters.
If you look carefully at the last pages , not these you this pattern as well. you have a family crest?
Anyway..James Cameron would be proud of this little gem just waiting to exlpode in front of those lucky,,,blessed! enough to gaze .

I know for sure..there is no doubt by anyone else either.
That this is your moment to shine..

I have so much to go thru Lev..and so little time.

To quote Terminator SCC Shirley Manson as Ms Weaver..Will you Join us!?
She was such a kitten wasn't she?

Oh Kris I have that Picture with PM when I was ES, you sent me son last year Remember?..nice work..
but I think you've been outclassed a offense..maybe because I thought Lev had put one out almost like it before your release..when goofing on Marvin..just feels like know what I mean?
Yours was october 2008 in photobucket and his was August..
Not as big as yours ..but he put it to use..

And he did not even have his first kiss yet or feel the sting of love..and look
what the boy could do.
I have feeling that is him behind that girl singing with book in her hand.
Sigh 2 all grow up so fast..
But do avoid the illusions of gory stuff. as the Blue current avatar.

Interesting that it was the Photoshop Healing brush..don't you think..
Letters were the initial barrier..removing them as one would a barrier opened up a whole new world as it will as we move thru this perilous..millenium.. Borders language culture..people are terrified they will lose that..and impose theirs on others..before its done to them.rejecting all the extent they isolate the point of extinction for failing to adapt ..their words lost their magic. and power. Information is power..Its the new alchemy. Choose your words wisely...

I'm thru posting for the moment.. Your turn Masker , the veiil has been lifted ..the wizard is expected.. your presence and input welcome ^i^

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posted on Aug, 8 2009 @ 01:54 PM
Are we holding out for incentives? You're just my kind of folx..
What Another song..oh about Kris Model Looked like he rolled it out of your garage..maybe even Roberts. Feel Better?

Roll Over Rover..Let Jimmy Take Over..Axis bold as Love Hendrix

There must be some kind of way out of here
Said the joker to the thief
Theres too much confusion
I cant get no relief
Businessman they drink my wine
Plow men dig my earth
None will level on the line
Nobody of it is worth
Hey hey

No reason to get excited
The thief he kindly spoke
There are many here among us
Who feel that life is but a joke but uh
But you and I weve been through that
And this is not our fate
So let us not talk falsely now
The hours getting late


All along the watchtower
Princes kept the view
While all the women came and went
Bare-foot servants to, but huh
Outside in the cold distance
A wild cat did growl
Two riders were approachin
And the wind began to howl
All along the watchtower
Hear you sing around the watch
Gotta beware gotta beware I will
Ooh baby
All along the watchtower
Hendrix..Electric LadyLand

Now My Healing Brush is a litlle tired..and dirty..
but with faith..lets try..

I believe that was the mystery UK Contact on Levs TER123abc account.
I didnt know Kris like Rabbits so much.
Is that Drones purpose unleash thousands of rabbits..?
Do you realize the number of pellets those things produce?
They werent too happy being thrown off the bridge by the way..
they appeared rather agitated....

Yes..Time is getting late..
By the way Kris.. Hugz to that little "beastie" of yours!

tools used here cheap Laptop..Photoshop Elelments 6
simple healing brush..has ability for pressure control too.
did not have chance to master..some of you will
fare much much better..
even just looking at the thumbnail and looking as Tomi alsways was fond of saying..the "Big Picture".

Unless there is some other logical explanation, I have a Feeling Kris and Lev will be doing a lot of free banners for some more people.

comparison to other pix not at issue.

on normal photograph drop of water



after brush

Before Brush

after appearance of abnormal iunrelated magery as in drone material.mere rearranging of subject matter actually..

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posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 09:27 PM
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posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 12:51 PM
link web background

ported to gimp brightened hues adjusted only
remember that image changes based on their complex insertion of text and images easily confused with Artifacts.
here lightened..working with thumbnail size signatures readily seen working on scales use of landscape tree.

note the letters mentioned several times prior DNA study.. P is R in Cyrillic X is chi or Kye phonetically
probably stands fror Raj or Romanian Komputer Graphics (guessing here).
RAP underneath from Dan Spin Rap association way back is likey Raj or Romanian Arts Production

If you look more, without straining can see other names and initials I did not circle purely because, I did not have time to..I believe a god part of our whole crew is their
this is best guest I can take until I google the names and studios.
If Alienware licensed to or from.I would say it was like these people.
Remember that rights to story to design etc can all be parceled out..which is what happens in film books and media.
If you think of craft spikes and rest of certainly has that
Russian and Arabesque towers flavor when one looks at it. To me anyway.
Still looking at this connection, recall the cyrillic letter barely visible on Kris " fake" drone abobe the license plate, so to speak..Starhammers presence, and Virgils Crow and Roc Star..tended to trigger these thoughts..although I could not linkthem .
On an off note..Reminded me a tad of miltons paradise lost and the fall of man. But I digress... The story of the Crow and Gold ring is Russian lore and references a ring of Cities.So these things functioned subconsciously as pointers where to try and look,.After all, nothing to lose by it with the stalemate we were at..Thanx Colonel Andropov for your kind assistance..

Speaking of Russian, Marvin, I didnt know you collected Russian medals too, those were nice..must have!

. That info could be fabricated far as game development..Ubisoft has headquarters there in Romania too..France and Canada..etc.and intersect with many film developers and graphics studios.. and pc and game machine makers.

I noted mufon is wasted no time using the drone image for its Recent convention in Denver..But the convention dealt more with raising the standards for itself as well as critiquing known hoaxes like this. Marc D'Antonio set up some very intensive workshops it seems and preparing people for this kind of thing Kudos.

Happy Birthday 11 A..

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posted on Aug, 13 2009 @ 06:56 PM
But Maaaaaaahhhhvin..I really dont think you took a good look at that levs oil lamp without the wicker// picture upside down,, Same right side up.
IaMiami IAMIAMI should cut the crap out.

Thats a mean bat that artifact is carrying.It wasnt just the rabbits comon to all Lev kris and even one of the Taho pix..not to mention maskers avatar and the lap.

But when you do by all means see what you can make of that clear up the letters.

You have my email..I'm hurt..hurt I tell dont communicate any more.

Yes I'm suffereing from cyrillicosis
he letters here are not artifacts they appeared in only this storys photos and Lap.Levs/maskers avatars..all showing same techniues and modus operandii
and hle this..and

may different ways chromatically..some hand some fancy..same letters
Thake the first blush openmindsforum..closer look..
same letters by hand..
Its their signatures..and message.

only a couple are greek the rest cyrillic or russian..these are not frats or sorrorities.
I know Kris rmembers Wa real well as he had a script he just took down that went Waaaaaa! as you passed over each pic in his website.
These are in your face people..laughing every step if the way.
They worked both sides of the camp. The fact some experts missed this is a feather in their cap.
but that does not invalidate the common sense and written analysis done by the peers here and experts like Diebny and others..
Their experience told them it was a joke..and it was..
Jerks like IamMiami have not a one..who will go on record with them..anywhere..period!

Why looking at krisaverage looking site unattended and unimproved..since inception in may 19 th 2006
I am reminded of our symbols..Appearing on shields on Virgil Crows in the Lap..

and even on his banner

I wondered why on his banner he has in small letters right after the K TER
does that stand for something? Its soooooo familar.

I looked up his business in the National business registry in the UK to personally thank him for his good work on the believers and the skeptics.
.anyone who can see the big picture knows what I measn..
..and could not find him....and they did not have a listing exactly like that..only closest was a Kaptivation with a Katriona .

He had plenty of Russian friends at an art gallery though..Great language to learn..
Thats a very continental lad you know.But no specifics..

Somehow I imagined , if he returned..I knew his return was a nostalgic last little poke in the Donkey for everyone..both thats how itr looked like to me..

When He describes himself as a "virtual bloke and 3d guy"....I really think he means it.

Kris is a talented and diverse artist who is extremely passionate about design, illustration and 3D animation. For the last 10 years, he has created artwork for all sorts of people, ( edit..i bet he has)
as well as being commisioned by a wide range of household names.( who).Prior to his years in animation, he has also worked in television, and the US record industry.

But when I saw that banner with that Glorius 5 .Stars like the last group he gave a cameo to..something clicked..

music just burst into my head.l.and when the K was turned tturned in the right direction..weird effect..
Surely there must be an explanation for these coimcidences..
My thoughts went to hard working people of Eastern Europe, who I know he sympathises with soooo much...Especially Colonel Andropov,, Atto from from Austria..struggling to break the chains of mass commercialism..
I dedicate this to you..fighting the good fight against crass capitalism wearing nothing more than modest but "very"smart Red pierre cardin sweaters..
So for them masker et tal.. To celebrate the Glorious days..I salute you..
You played your roles well..

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posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 11:27 AM
Thank You Blackwater at UCB for the thumbs up..!!

HOUSTON, TX – America’s top secret UFO investigative agency has discovered powerful proof that extraterrestrials believe in God… an alien bible found in a wrecked spaceship!

The 132-page, book-like document, printed in symbols representing a mathematical code, is made of an unknown metallic fiber that is impervious to fire or weather and cannot be cut or torn. Its contents are strikingly similar to many elements of the Christian Bible.

“The book was found in the wreckage of a UFO discovered at the bottom of the Grand Canyon in the spring of 1994,” said Dr. Henry Leaumont, a California-based astronomer who says he learned of the bible from a former employee of a secret government UFO study center.

Lets look at the owner Neil McGuiness of weeklyworldnews shall we?

Previously McGinness was Vice President of Marketing for Lorne Michaels’ Broadway Video Entertainment, producer of popular shows such as “Saturday Night Live” and “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” as well as motion pictures such as “Wayne’s World.”

Laura Sterritt, 212-993-1568
David Olson, 212-545-4880

Copyright Business Wire 2008

McGinness continued, "Our view is the dominance of special-effects movies at the box office, and the popularity of Heroes and Lost on prime-time television—shows that the fringe culture is more relvant than ever. And the Weekly World News embraces that fringe culture."

Yes The Isaac meme has spread and on a fortuitous new moon today one of the biggest jokes and funny offshoots on the internet.
Certainly they will find no shortage of material on this and other things like serpo, exopolitics, etc..for some even funnier scripts.

Amazing these same types of people also plant the seeds and just come back later to harvest the fruit, very little upkeep necessary..we do the bulk of maintaining ourselves.


PS District 9 was fabulous!! I highly recommend it..

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posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 06:15 AM
reply to post by Sys_Config

Yo Sys and ARC members:

How do we know its not an alien version of a Moslem Koran?

Or perhaps the aliens are Jewish? (Isaac had a bris?)

Wonder if Tomi 'just has a feeling' about this one...

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 07:32 PM

Originally posted by klatunictobarata
reply to post by Sys_Config

Yo Sys and ARC members:

How do we know its not an alien version of a Moslem Koran?

Or perhaps the aliens are Jewish? (Isaac had a bris?)

Wonder if Tomi 'just has a feeling' about this one...

They can feel all they want..I know we supplied a lot more than feelings .they have been unable to shake the warners fox and AW stigma ..its stuck for good..
on this one..
if you want to see where I am at..
just lookinghe quote that the Batboyz ponted to at the site banner logo

we can go to dimitii here
and afterwars of course back to fox warners via Comedy central
but its an after the fact attempt example of misdirection like with this singer a while back ago..

from theHalcyon warners forey into the SCC chronickles and pc maker AW..too dam late Girls!

Say I just started playing Jade dynasty..its free but you find yourself buying accessories for quests..thats where the real mnoey is...they can potentially get hundreds fro each player versus 50 dollars for a stand alone game..
reminds me of oblivion. and elderscrolls spf33 was invoved with. the latter by Ubisoft, same people workin on James Camerons Avatar..
but...I digress,
.I loved that game and could cheat for free hahaha

Klat, Ileft the Fukawe tribe a while back ago..the Inowahimat has been a great change..
Its okay to go nowhere..but..

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posted on Aug, 23 2009 @ 05:18 PM
A vast gubbamint cospiracy? I doubt it thats cliche if not old hat....This like the great lakes diving company an attempt to hustle money..but here legally ala marketing....Its about money.
OMf were stooges to LMH and DRT..all catering to the ufo/paranormal phenomena cross linking to each other to this day.This was a package marketing deal.with lots of promoters..for AW Warners and Fox..Mufon had it almost right..but dropped the ball for obvious reasons..thre was showin the works with the same principles via its ufo hunters show in competition with another ufo show..every person above has worked with each other in the past and in the present.
To say gubbamint is to say you really dont know..we do know..its on tens of thousands of laptops, its in foxes tv show..
no mystery..unless youwant that mysterious mystique surroundiong ufos..the illusion of a secret craft..the illusion of a "secret"..
no secret here..just a joke..on both believers and was the wagging and vaselining of tongues..that is the objective in everyone of these things..and they were sure a waggin..
Keep kissing Kris behind..he's laughing his a$$ at all of you ..not me..he knows better..just like Lev yes..siamese twins.. Cut one off the other dies.
Thats why Fore at OMF left them alone..I informed him of the simultanoeous sign ons..back in 2007..Nothing nada was done..but it stopped.. I guess like someone told him back in Feb 2007, don't let the dragonflies get under your skin. he didn't.
its not government just because an ex retiree is happening to "supplement" his or her pension ..or ex-cops llike in serpo..or cops like in the bigfoot case..there are lots of them..solo and even teams on therir own..with secrets too..glad to accommodate you..whats your flavor? crash debris/, odd meteorite, green slime, patterns in ma's potato field, perpetual motion rocks? script for a movie? we have that just for you..its just basket robbins and Jerry Garcia icecream..all flavors..
I like Carrion a lot..but that big void with what happened, shall I say, didn't happen with Drt and Opus and the PIs and Mckenna and appearin on the same menu at this Novembers Crash Conference in Nevada with LMH and them ....reminds me of Josh's kissin cousins after the Drone appearance on his TV series.., that has scratching my head..but not when you understand its
nothing personal.. its business..nobody wants to kill the gander, how will the goose lay the golden egg? or slap who's buttering your toast on both sides.
If you're in church and don't know the words to a hymn..just hum the blessings fall on you too.

For those of us with an attentionspan greater than 2 minutes..

for the French contingency and OMF expeditionary forces,
Circle chasers, expolitical exhibitionists, refugees and pole seekers

Antoine would have called this not le petite prince..just le petit merde
Bon Noir

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posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 08:46 PM
so...can someone tell me what happened with this. cliffnotes would be great. i gave up trying to read all 400+ pages.

posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 09:52 AM
reply to post by ghostryder21

Seriously, it is very entertaining, you should take some time off and try to read it like you don't know what is all about. You will marvel at the brainstorming, honestly!
Well, main thing is, IT IS a HOAX but that was not the main concern, neither the people that still try to push this as a real thing. The problem is who and why, tried to push this thing as legitimate. Secondary thing is trying to grab the bull by the horns or, to put it differently to show some teeth at the wannabe new age gurus (of a particular theme) that became rich by shoving crap at other peoples minds and to point out that everything behind the curtain was/is very earthly and the only motivation was, well... profit.

There I said it!

Hi Sys! For the love of me, what Cyrillic script? Resend me, a u2u with more examples to enlighten me. Take care, I hope you had a nice relaxing vacation or something.

[edit on 1-9-2009 by spacebot]

Yeah, want to add something else too. Read Sys posts, between the lines, they explain probably a lot about the current "paranormal" scene.

[edit on 1-9-2009 by spacebot]

posted on Sep, 3 2009 @ 05:11 AM
reply to post by spacebot

Hey spacebot...where ya been?

Sys has been doing a yeoman's job as usual with the repeat offenders and found some rare but telling signs and symptoms both here and abroad.

You said this, spacebot, and it bears repeating for the newbies who want the bottom line:

"Well, main thing is, IT IS a HOAX but that was not the main concern, neither the people that still try to push this as a real thing. The problem is who and why, tried to push this thing as legitimate. Secondary thing is trying to grab the bull by the horns or, to put it differently to show some teeth at the wannabe new age gurus (of a particular theme) that became rich by shoving crap at other peoples minds and to point out that everything behind the curtain was/is very earthly and the only motivation was, well... profit. There I said it!"

Anything new by you?


posted on Sep, 3 2009 @ 02:44 PM
Well.. The only thing I have to say anything else now is preaching to the choir is to the clowns and that cast of 30 or so who were in the "know".


posted on Sep, 3 2009 @ 04:05 PM
reply to post by klatunictobarata

Not anything new, really. Just that in this part of the world, the caret hoax, suspiciously at about same time with the main hoax taking part elsewhere was being circulated around by some sensationalist authors of books about conspiracies. Mainly footage of proof from the youtube 3d animation videos was shown. It was interpreted like supposed Russian back engineered whatever thingy spying on the US. Go figure..The suspicious part was not so much the timing IMO but the similarity of the conclusions offered of the weird tech.. Were matching the main chorus we all know, especially the details about its proposed functions.
Knowing too well the general style of these authors I was surprised how quickly they came to matching conclusions, since for everything specific they were/are usually vague, but this one was all laid out with details etc etc.
First seemed like was going to be the beginning of a new conspiracy(sequel) but after some time no more reference was given. It just died. lol
It was dead and gone before this thread here was reaching a final definite conclusion about it being a hoax and that surprised me.
I sometimes feel that certain ideas and rumors that seem is the stuff that feed conspiracies at least for some cases are suspiciously circulating at lighting speed globally for some reason. If this happens I would be very interested to know by whom.

reply to post by Sys_Config

Good work Sys!
That number is not small. I would say that this case stinks from the bottom up and you got quite a good nose there.

For now I just focus my interest on the general UFO scene and i like to realx with my crazy theories. lol
BTW Sys you got an excellent signature there. Props to the guy that assembled those links about Ufology.
Anything ground shaking info (although I doubt it for now) or any questions I have I'l u2u, probably both

Other crazy stuff laying around on the internet waiting to be debunked need you guys. Caret just happened to be one of those hoaxes. There are so many out there! You should really make this a habit.

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posted on Sep, 4 2009 @ 04:07 PM
New drone sighting?:

Similarities to the CARET drones.

What do you think?

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