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[HOAX] Isaac CARET - Drones [HOAX]

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posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 05:15 AM
Sys_Config, I tried PM'ing you but it won't let me and I don't intened on spamming unnecessarily in attempts to reach you.

From what I've seen you post, you are a master of information, and I'd love a minute of your time to help nail this POS to his balsa wood crucifix.

posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 09:37 AM
O yes, I had my contact of the weird kind with them, too.
They really succeeded to remove my site from fortunecity, but they could not remove it from the net.

posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 11:12 AM

Originally posted by psychonavigator
Sys_Config, I tried PM'ing you but it won't let me and I don't intened on spamming unnecessarily in attempts to reach you.

From what I've seen you post, you are a master of information, and I'd love a minute of your time to help nail this POS to his balsa wood crucifix.

Thanx for your kind words,..and Welcome to ATS PsychNavigator..Your Nick startled me for a second..we have an Internal Astronaut, an immersive artist at that deals with the human psyche an experience..But we are not on the best of terms. But seriously if you want to contact me Ill PM you..

we had a KTK , from Australia, a member here...who was helping me get info on JN, of the Pisces site. Not doing well last time I looked..Jacks Sofa looked empty.
Sidd also was instrumental on many leads, enought to irk JN, who as Doghead..slipped and cofirmed he knew Shirley from this event here.
Yes wierd stuff indeed that lead..very vindictive and hateful , and cunning.imo, .while he was here as DogHead..and several other names.
So they lost booksales like from thats a riot.

Texas..I'm not surprised.., get lots of hits on another site from there..our Leviathan suspect Group started a site from there right after the Warners contract signing with the Fox and Terminator people. Its also the only place in US where Patent trolls start their lawsuits with frivolous claims from, and have made a multimillion dollar enterprise hoping to force.. companies to settle ..Net pests is all they are.

Anyway..Once you get to 20 posts , easy, then you get u2u PM rights..automatically.
Be glad to share what I can.

I think I will buy that Scanner today for this thing.

This LAP project was quite elaborate, the work that went into it is nothing short of stunning as far as how they crammed that stuff in there.
Reminded me of a scene in the movie mimzy like that. Which tells me a little of they types that were involved.

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posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 12:29 PM
hoaxers must stop doing this kind of stuff..

. its only a matter of time when one of these goons gets messed up in a fight or shot at, and i wont feel any sympathy for these pranksters.

the world would be a better place after they're gone

i hate when hoaxers do this, but he deserves credit for creating a pretty damn good gimmick for us

posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 01:15 PM
Look vaguely familiar? You guys seen this?

A slow-moving UFO reported in Columbia:

You can read about it here

Maybe Isaac, Linda et al moved to Bogota?
: Nah...

posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 01:28 PM
we'll send a rapid response team downn there to check it out Asap..maybe pass it on to Lindas counter part.Jaime Maussan,,isnt Mexico and SA his dinner plate..I mean Region/turf?

I checked your link..could you explain this to me..before I provide any assistance..

This sounds vaguely familar..from page 1

Aw yeah.

PsychoNavigator's Avatar
PsychoNavigator is so sexy that they are having sex with your right now. Using their mind powers.PsychoNavigator is so sexy that they are having sex with your right now. Using their mind powers.PsychoNavigator is so sexy that they are having sex with your right now. Using their mind powers.PsychoNavigator is so sexy that they are having sex with your right now. Using their mind powers.PsychoNavigator is so sexy that they are having sex with your right now. Using their mind powers.PsychoNavigator is so sexy that they are having sex with your right now. Using their mind powers.PsychoNavigator is so sexy that they are having sex with your right now. Using their mind powers.PsychoNavigator is so sexy that they are having sex with your right now. Using their mind powers.PsychoNavigator is so sexy that they are having sex with your right now. Using their mind powers.PsychoNavigator is so sexy that they are having sex with your right now. Using their mind powers.PsychoNavigator is so sexy that they are having sex with your right now. Using their mind powers.

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(a big gap then this..)


The N word..
just what kind of site is this?

On second thought..I'll pass..

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posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 03:27 PM
I second this!

We are all a bunch of the N-word here.

posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 03:32 PM
Linda Moulten Howe thinks they are real.

posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 03:32 PM
Motion Carries and approved by Unanimous plurality!
Thank you

On the pictures if Wayne or david B can weigh in on that scaling technique of multiple embedded imagery and where its used most can give us a clue..

@Marvin..when you sign in it will give that error...just click login again from the top..if you have used remember me option , your name will appear..then click should go right in ..I have to do that everytime.

I can't believe the feeble attempts to revive and distract....they can't pay anyone here so they go to South America..hahahaha..They should be out of countries soon..maybe the figi islands they can find some more witnesses.

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posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 06:13 PM
reply to post by Sys_Config

That would be sarcasm. We are not a racist forum. You'll see a lot of # slinging, but beyond that, there's no bias, except towards blatant and arrogant stupidity.

Please don't make me play the "i'm-not-racist-i-know-a-black-person" card. I never have, and I don't think I could bear to start.

In any regard, the opinion you form of one post without full disclosure of its' context may or may not be the nail in my coffin, as far as your assistance go.

I would be extremely gracious and appreciative if you did offer me a minute of your time, but that's your ball to play how you see fit.

Regardless, if this conversation goes no further, thank you for what you have posted, and keep up the amazing work here. Your contribution here is sensational, and I admire your objectivity.

posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 06:24 PM
Explain that one post. You hurt real people with that "one post" and you ask for help.

Nolan is not our friend. But not every "enemy" of Nolan is automatically our friend.

Nolan is an idiot. I can say that, because I have a personal mail from him. But this does not make everybody my friend, who is in conflict with him.

O, damn, now Nolan can sue me for another 50 Million! Thinking, that they offer only one Million for an alien, they now could buy a lot of aliens!!!

We are on your side in this case, but don't talk BS, when you attack people, especially if you don't know, if these are the same people you ask for help.

You want advice from us 'n-word's? Than don't attack us!

posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 07:27 PM
reply to post by Sys_Config

Hey Sys; yo, Guys!

What the heck is this:

E-wang: 16" ?

- Someone just bragging?

- Another Franco Drone Apologist, perhaps?

- And how about that Hugo Chavez Caret sighting?


Wonder if there is enough money to send the Private Eyes from California to South America and France?

Should we pass the hat around guys?

....And the hits just keep coming...

posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 07:38 PM
I believe that the "N-Word" strictly refers to the term Nihilism, but I just don't think that translates well into another language, say, French for an example...

posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 08:52 PM

I've had this discussion with numerous people. The word 'n-word' is not used as a racial slur in my circles. A 'n-word' is an ingnorant. I've had lengthy discussions with friends of a ethnically diverse backgrounds, and we are all in agreement that when you choose to give power to a word, you choose to be offended.

I'm sorry if that post offended anyone, because the context of it was far removed from any sort. I regret that I may be wasting both mine and everyone else's time here in explaining myself, despite my sincerity. I don't expect a common enemy to automatically unite us on all fronts. I've no expectations at all. I have hopes. Hopes that maty be dashed over a word that some here may chosen to impose power in their mindset, and that's unfortunate.

What it comes down to is not just about protecting the forum I frequent. I'm an American citizen living in Australia, and I'm used to the protections that our laws give us on the internet. The laws in Australia are not the same, as they are outdated and clueless. It puts all discussion forums at risk of full censorship.

What we have at zgeek is a fair run of vitriol. It's no different than here, though we tend to be pretty, well... Geek driven. If you look over the site, it's pretty much all over the place. There's no political, racial, of sexual-oriented agendas. The best description would be to call it an insane asylum full of monkeys flinging poo inside. I like to think it's more than that, but hey. One mans gold is another mans crap. The pun sticks, sorry.

Someone asked about the e-wang thing, and all it is, it's pretty much shows your level within the forums. All things are accounted for, post count, + and - reps, length of time there, referrals, interaction... Everything really. I've been a memeber for almost 5 years, and a reader nearly 10. I'm no major player in the site, but that site has done a lot for me including moving me to the other side of the world and marrying a beautiful woman here.

I feel a sense of regret that some words I've said may have been taken personally. I can't say that I regret what I've said, because I know the context of my words and to an extremely large degree, so does everyone else. I'll apologise for offending anyone, but in the process I'll hope that they realise that by taking offense of such words, they are empowering a stigma that needs to be destroyed.

posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 08:57 PM
Im sorry but I can't help..none of us can as we are too embedded in this affair here.
if you you use the way back machine you can garner some data from his old self aggrandizing website..where he promised a 20 plus percent return on investment..He lied about a material witness to this caseI , never happened, so...don't even want to say his name just so it doesn't add to the google clutter. do amember search for Doghead and he accumulated lots of posts before he was on his profile and see what he wrote at ats

I hope you can remove that word..because things like this can adversely affect you and your site. wherever you go..even if only said in jest. Lots of Ns use the web, even half Ns like me, and full blooded Ns that are my family, my friends and my life.

You appear highly intelligent and articulate so I know you understand these things. We just have bigger fish to fry and no quarrel with you ..
The best defense to libel his case..that is no problem to prove on someone claiming a thermo nuclear bomb took the WTC out..If I understand correctly. The official cause is some hijackers in some planes..did if he said that he said other wise hes a liar..and attempting to profit from a lie.. Writing a book does not legitimize him. The truth is..he is a liar.. His opinion..sure..but you have right to yours based on the for damages. he has a snowballs chance in hel of proving that. Thats his burden..courts are not stupid. I would not mention his name anywhere, whatever skulldugerry is happening its his undoing..

Thats as much as I really want to talk about this matter.
go in peace .
.If I check and see something of value I will pm..

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posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 09:22 PM
No worries and thank you. Interesting detail, as your family situation is somewhat similar to mine. I'm sorry to have offended you at all. I'll stand by my words though, and not edit them. I'd rather be forced to apologise and explain myself than to attempt to revise history. I hope you understand.

I respect that when a person is offended will say so. It creates the opportunity to open a candid dialogue, and hopefully some ground is gained from both sides.

I don't mean to be any further bother, but by all means if you so feel inclined to throw me a bone, I'd be most grateful. Here's where I bow out. I'll be scouring what I can of this monolithic thread and elsewhere, but otherwise quiet. The discussion you guys are carrying on here leaves me feeling mind-numbingly stupid. But one thing stands out, and I love the assertive approach to breaking things down, and debunking the BS game that so many seem intent on.

EDIT: Just wanted to let you know that I've modified my post that you found offensive. While I did not censor my text, I made the effort to expand upon my use of the word.

Take care.

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posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 11:11 AM
well done The keystroke is mightier than the sword..
We can move on..more analysis with the LAP tells me this was a massive undertaking ..there are parts in there with signatures that this was done in sections on a large canvasses ..thats labor intensive.. with the signatures traling throughout.
These sections were then put together on one layer, as i percieved some joing seams... then superimpsed like a transparency on the basic outline of the nodes. There are several layer has the polarized photographic images that turn from one thing to another. real imagery coexisting with the charicature..all depending how you slide the contrasts and color saturation

Another layer has what appears to be very nice .grafitti artwork and lettering.I will PM him as soon as I can..
I will post these tonight or tomorow I have a birthday to go to

the smallest ruler marks have the imagery of people and characters too.
just amazing.

I know David B having worked at ILM would know for sure whats going on here and what it would take to do this.I'll contact him at paracast with the expression read 4 lust dy ...another LA roks , so messages were kept short and in that slang..airbrushed styles like what you might see here..
there are many many more..
one signature had 505 and I believe their is a bombers group or several with that I said..its the work of many talented people.
more will follow as I get the before and after pix together. this is very tedious stuff.
This is stuff I am really enjoying.


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posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 12:20 AM
I mentioned the cartoons on the smallest of node ticks
now lets look at the P for Palo Alto and color adjustment.

That looks like a J, J was not put there by is there. Quite a change from almost a dot.

a closer look on top of the P revelead the phrase as best I could make out

Note the pin letters hidden in the Grass..

now lets look at the small block under the P itself..

shows a girl hidden in bushes but at bottom at top of grass in blue, you can make out the Bomber style lettering

the punch hole had the same type of internals..nothing revealing..

at the very top of page I made out the word 505 again..
In other par hoola 1000 on the top left block I alrady broke down. I think I missed showing this ladys head too..

eing nostalgic for Commander Keen I consider this one of my favorites

mmind you this is just a fraction of spaces in places you would never expect.

Thats enough for now as I really have to start from page 119 and move fowaerd..without neglecting anything..

5 lap pages took up 125 sheets at 2400 dpi .alone. from my offices Xerox Parc no lesss! phaser printer.
Thats why you see only a 5 percent 1/20th of the page 123 diagram.
I may not be posting as much as I do this.
Lets see what we can get.

Jeepers,I wonder if the pis excess inventory of shirts made it to columbia. and one got blown loose It looks just like it..
loose from laundry line with clothes pins and all..

anything is possible

just kidding..that is their design..though..

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posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 02:51 AM
Objective "to determine authorship of Isaac story
pacl front cover sheet or storybook cover

assmptions: Based on previous scattered findings..there is pictorial andtext info along edges/borders in condensed form barely visible to
naked eye. Most authors will leave a penmame or such. Most books have that on front cover.
I willtreat this as a story a allegory to Dantes inferno but with obvious is like a journey to differnt realms.

recompress using almost like Valor original jpg lap files by simply reprinting at 4800 dpi..I call it the Bolero Method..because of the circles and forth Ive been doing due to limited scanner ..max dpi back into computer was at 1200 dpi.this resulted in a working file of 432 megabyte.
when opened..
I woill be ignoring characters unless important to the themes which appear to be several..

observations thus far

starting at bottom of this page at the small bar
circled in pencil

I noted lettering at about 400 percent
which appeared to say in exclamation 1 ? CA as in who is number one? EA!/?

that was all I could find on that little bit.

and going up to

Bottom left ring
at bottom of ring I noted the word SPTA or SPIA to farther right hand corner LWAR it in faint blue

AT top of ring ..
this one is for you and and special girl Sid
The mouse that roared

moving up to middle ring I found CA'3 i ave P I stands for industrial Ave probabaly
Other lettering is there but too faint to make out.

moving up to ring one was a Keni Xay or Ray...
and SIM 755, latter prominently

Findins so far I am correct in my hypothesis..imagery and text not merely confined to the LAP designs. This is a nice sotybook
And all the helping elves are leaving their signatures and calling cards.
To be continued..Theres is a lot to finish on page cover.
I will upload this file directly for anyone else who wants to work it.
I will replace psosted with better images as I tweak them

Lots of more visible lettering along the left side border almost to the top.

Just as I was about to retire i noticed a speck underneath my mark of target at the first ring at top. right uner the T.

zooomed in at 800 percent
and it was a signature all by itself.

I rotated image 90 get and adusted clarity to get upright as best I coould

You tell me what you think it says
maybe its the proofreader signing off A-OK

G'night..I mean Good morning..I'm crashing Bye.

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posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 06:40 AM
Interesting application of the Bolero Method. I've only found solar eclipses in the hole punch outs on LAP. I'm using a Lite version of Bolero (omitting scanning and printing) so results are not very scientific and low accuracy.

The Reverse Cha-Cha Method could be worth a try if you have dual monitors and a large bottle of Advil handy.

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