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[HOAX] Isaac CARET - Drones [HOAX]

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posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 12:10 PM
i made i thread about this article

on small plane,This Sunday, then, Anthony has promised two of his friends, Frederic and Emily, to offer them a short tour of Limoges. A classical circuit, from East to West, 300 meters above sea level. View.

A 19 h 15, the small plane soars on track No. 3 airfield Bellegarde. Clear, beautiful weather 19 h at 20, he saw a strange form in the sky. "At first I thought it was a motor glider, but it was flying too fast and it was very different. It was an aircraft about two meters in diameter, form cylindrosphérique in two parties, which was flying about 100 meters and, in my opinion, about 500 kilometers per hour. In any case more than twice the speed (200 kph). Its trajectory was straight over the crossing of Limoges and then he turned to the right and disappeared from our field of vision at the height of Aixe-sur-Vienne "

Startled passengers ask their buddy specialist what may well be that sort of giant bumblebee. No response. "Frankly, I did not know, I've never seen such a thing, I thought of a drone . Anthony immediately called the control tower Bellegarde to ask them if they were aware of the passage of aircraft in the skies of Limoges. Negative response.

a few days he ask to friends if they hurd about a kind of drone and one of them show him a picture and laugh and he say it's not possible it becasue it's stupid story about ufo and it's fake, antony saw the picture and he say this what they saw.

and they saw this

so i was also suprise when the guy show the picture on the video, i want understand now is it a hoax is it military drone, the strange things it's when
they take off, there was local police and they ask them many question if they
saw a strange object, and the police was there to ask question to all the people
around, then antony heard that the police had many call from people, they saw
a black round object flying crossing the city!!!!! and since a few week here in france people had saw many ufo.

here the link it's in french i translate the most intersting part there also a video
of the guy and he is not confortable, like you know when you are afraid that people think you are crazy he laugh mostly all the time .

so military not military, ufo from our friends ?

what do you think ?

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 02:29 PM

Originally posted by 2Unknown
it looks like real stuff, but i am sure it is a fake and hoax.

I don't know for sure..

welcome Unknown and Pitchdragon
You are correct on your first statement Fake and hoax.
no one is absolutely sure t why, any more than why some spray graffitii on a wall or subway..except to be seen, message read and admired.

You can be sure its a real cartoon with no business other than bad intent to the welfare of honest seekers and the hoaxers own self interest . unfortunately the hoaxers as a class have always been an integral part and make up of the community..they are for sure unavoidable.

They would say to you..they are necessary..and its all entertainment and a lot the popular icons and movie people and authors depend on a living for that entertainment..even when they have the facts its fake. Expect more from the cartoonists.

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posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 02:48 PM
To DragonPitch..

I will say this thats a part of the craft from the LAP, like the motor on a car.If someone told you they saw just the engine to a 57 chevy going down the highway by itself..then you know what to think..right? say yes..make him happy and get as far away from his as possible.

Its obvious..Having lost the American Audiences interest, and Desperate for an audience somewhere the Drones attention has turned to France and this piper cub pilot anthony age 28 claims to have seen a flying cylidrical object resmbling not the drone but our antigrav field generator..flying without an activating field in the clouds..The 2 meter or 6 ft so object..which we call affectionately a pig ..was seen and described as follows..

The Following is the article and commentaries which thanx to babel you know make for some hilarious translations..but you will get the drift.

Anthony, 28 years, is perfectly healthy of spirit. He forever worked of mini-volcanos in his kitchen and forever intend to convince his neighbors only all those which are trotted with the little finger in the air are green men who travelled by human form. It is not either a beginner as regards aeronautics. It is even exactly its ray and its passion since good about fifteen years. Holder of the pilot's licence for five years, it has been responsible for the workshop of maintenance of the flying-club of Limoges where it works since 2002. Then do not try to claim only what he saw in the sky of Limoges, on Sunday June 28, is a hallucination. The more so as it had two witnesses… who saw the same thing exactly as him. This Sunday, Anthony promised to two his friends, Frederic and Emilie, to offer a small round of Limoges to them. A traditional circuit, of Is in West, with 300 meters of altitude. Unspoilable view. With 19:15, the small plane s' hurl on the track n°3 l' aerodrome of Bellegarde. Clear time, beautiful atmospheric conditions. At the level of the cemetery of Louyat, with 19:20, he sees a strange form in the sky and opens wide the eyes like saucers. " J' initially believed that it was a parapente with engine, but it flew too much quickly and it was of very different form. It was an aircraft approximately two meters in diameter, cylindrospheric form, in two parts, which flew to approximately 100 meters of altitude and, in my opinion, at approximately 500 kilometers/hour. In any case more twice our speed (200 km/h). Its trajectory was rectilinear during all the crossing of Limoges and then, it forked on the line and disappeared from our field of view to the height of Aixe-on-Vienna ". The radars of the tower of control did not locate anything Astonished, its passengers request from their buddy specialist what can be this species of giant bumblebee well. No the answer. “Frankly, I did not know, I had never seen a similar trick, I thought of a drone” (to read our framed). Anthony immediately calls the tower of control of Bellegarde to ask to them whether they were informed of the passage of an aircraft in the sky of Limoges. Negative answer. Better: they did not locate anything on their testing devices. Anthony and his guests complete their small round of city and land without encumbers. But this meeting of funny of type continuous of trotter in the head of the pilot who tells his history with colleagues and buddies and is thrown on Internet. Let us see, qu' (did he see exactly? Not a plane, c' is certain, even less one helicopter. When one votes regularly, one can recognize the device classical. A military drone? Possible. Even if the majority are in form d' plane, it can s' to act d' a kind of prototype. “I said myself perhaps that had a relationship with espionage… I did not sleep of the night”. As it needs to speak about it, Anthony leaves even a message on a forum “UFO France”. The following day, a trainee of the workshop makes a discovery on Internet: a a little special drone which resembles the aircraft enormously that it saw. A large gray cylinder which belongs to a series of drones seen at the summer 2007 in California and about which one spoke much. Anthony is perhaps not at the end of his surprises

Its possible also he really saw this..

The reactions,which followed are some of the most scathing comments I have seen posted anywhere..which have been nothing less than incredulity and outright outrage, as it seems the drone affair is already recognized as a hoax in france.

[Sincerely if I would be with the ministry for justice I would put heavy fines at this d' kind; invidu which confabulates completely by taking again a fake drone of the Net. in short it seems to me that the prefect of this department will prevent insane from controlling one plane! . ” To answer Rosco75Fly with # 10/07 with 20:13 " This fou" l' has nevertheless; air less hysterical than you… fortunately that n' do not be prefect, that leaves a little peace to your fellow-citizens! Bit sweater 11/07 with 12:16 roscoco spray, you l' your poem learned by heart, with your young friends with shaved cranium, who speak about " droppings intellectuelle"!!! Just like: " sincerely if I would be with the ministry for the justice" J' hope at least that tickles you when one buttine, so only that t' bring a little softness c' is already that!!! And then pay to if you turn over the spray you is likely to disappear, that massacres also the cockroaches. Look after well! Good finally of do people of dismiss saw Martian flying saucers? nobody of course… this young man needs really care and to withdraw its licence of pilot to him at once… it would be capacable to make a crash landing on dismiss into full panics to see an UFO! ” | Mosquito with # 10/07 with 20:17 Who speaks about flying saucer Martian!??? Moreover, he saw, he n' it did not panic returned on planet… Is necessary can be to calm the plonk! To alert the regulators | Michel 10/07 with 17:16 as all people trott themselves with a lumix or a portable last generation you will see qu a beautiful morning we will have much more photographs of videos one will regale yourselves ” To answer michelAlerter regulators | cedstyle33 10/07 withis Mars attacks? Or Sarko Air Force one on the takeoff… so much of question! The sky is however cloudy in this moment… a weather effect can be with l' origin. ” To answer cedstyle33| Rosco75 10/07 with 17:47
in any case Sarkozy with his wife, have more mouth than you with your gross hein
end of quotes..

The only ray of hope I can offer this lads story is to compare it with Robert from Germany. You remember , with the French accent who lost the Personal antigravity Generator he found in car parts in basement..its quite possibe may have seen that.
and with nanotechnolgy they way its been explained by the believers...well it will grow an entire shape of a drone.
we are lucky to witness such a metamorphosis.
I myself , Just Yesterday ! have seen a four legged chicken and a Dog with Dentures at Ripleys Believe it or Not museum.
My grandaughter will confirm that..She is great witness..even if I paid her way..[

so anything is possible comrades!

And if If my hypothesis is correct

Soon it will have evolved from the apparent Chad Porcine stage into a more sophisticated mother of all pigs the Big Basin Drone did..

But to be safe..I suggest the French Authorities take the remarks above to heart and scrutinize this boys license carefully..and ground him until
further the public interest of course, as well as the pilots..

By the way that was a nice billboard size Pig he was convenienty showing..and of course..a smile to match..

But no match for ours or the Ripley dog's. at the moment

PitchDragon..thats what I say and it always will be a cartoon imo. Ask the smurfs below what military secret is in the LAP ..where that thing the french aviator..Anthony.saw came from..just like the old French aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's story.
Both storys fiction....only Exupery's much much more interesting..

Lets say he saw something, and other people are just pushing that inhis head, or he push his own head 656 ft below him (200m) he describes in detail 2m width no markings mentioned...... flying at twice his speed..
of 200 kmh his speed he states and 500kmh for object or 186mph faster than him mph.relative to him..or an actual speed
of 700kmh or 400-434 mph est..from ground..just how big does a 2 meter object actually look from 656 ft or 200 meters away..
or from the ground at 328ft or 100meters traveling at 400 plus mph relative to ground.
Personally I dont think he could describe with such detail such an object enough to claim that picture was what he saw. with a chesire cat smile...maybe someone else can calculate using simple angular size or the kite in Holland.
see ? I leave door open..come in.

ah! Don't forget the weather too! He said Sunday it was Beeeeeutiful
but Sat Sun Mon was raining it say here over limoge

For what comes here we need big umbrella Yes No?

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posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 12:46 AM
Hey Sys,

Where did you find that picture of the guy in the airplane?

That paper he is holding looks photoshoped. The paper most probably had something else on it, and they added the image of the "pig" in an image editor.

posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 01:58 AM

Originally posted by ALLis0NE
Hey Sys,

Where did you find that picture of the guy in the airplane?

That paper he is holding looks photoshoped. The paper most probably had something else on it, and they added the image of the "pig" in an image editor.

I got it from at ucb and Zen got it from here the paper site

You may be right...but even if wrong..simply .holding even a large scan does nothing for their case..someone is bent on connecting and pushing the drone to anything they can..if its a black spec in the sky its a drone or now a flying pig...with witness agreeing thats what he saw...well his sighting must be scrutinized further..I think based on his own does not hold water that seems to have fallen on his plane that day..
Maybe they will find that oil slick they look for before at the airport..
Slick is slick.
Somebody needs lots of sightings for that November crash retrieval conference in Nevada with the PIs..or they have nothing. If LMH put that kite up..She will put this up too..
A mystery that just can't get off the ground no matter how hard they try.

but say Nev you know about planes a little..He said his plane was 300m above seal level..yet that area is 392 feet above sea lvel.or 119m .I am assuming he use altimeter the object is 100m above sea level from his must be must be almostunderground...hahaha..just sounds like perspective is from someone on ground describing events above not from a plane looking down
he puts his speed at 200kph from airport to limogenes proper is 9 km..
his time he saw craft was either 15 min into flght..or 50km.
or 5 minutes..16 km or so..well past limogene proper.
maybe you can can help him with this..his statement more interesting than the scan.

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posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 03:18 PM
Hi Sys & all,

Google did not translate too well the article. A few precisions from the video interview FWIW: Anthony and his passenger were at 300 m altitude, the object was at 100 m altitude, moving towards the center of Limoges, and crossing their path from left to right at a very high speed. It was visible 10 seconds. Not enough time to grab a camera. He describes it as spherical, but in two parts. I get the impression that he calls it a possible military drone only so he doesn't have to say the "UFO" word, also it seemed too small to be a manned aircraft. He (or one of his friends) googled "drone". The LAP picture is the 5th image in google image. As it looked similar and he didn't know what it really was (a hoax), he thought it was a good idea to show the LAP picture to the journalist who interviewed him. We'll never know what really happened, but I doubt it was a plot by LMH to conquer a new market.

BTW did you see the Toulon video last year? A nice drone it was.

Edit: added video link.

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posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 04:59 PM
reply to post by nablator

Hi thanx..thats the data I got right.not off at all then..except time of observation..few seconds.
There is problem of weather too..

.No never said LMH plot..She and others..she not alone in this practice...its the nature of post the story in way to fit theirs.
He just made it easy for them, unknowingly of course.. as you say.
Remember the infamous Kite in holland..she did not waste a scond..she even had a cropcircle just right shape waiting. hahahaha.she has thousands for every shape...And Jan from holland had poor Ruddy on his radio.. before one could say boo!
All ruddy wanted to know what it was..and we helped him..LMH never said.sorry .or correct.. But Ruddy..God bless him was best witness we ever had..and he was there to explain evrything too..
I am glad you helped clarify what happened much better than google.
It puts Antoine pilot in a much better light ..Had he not used that picture..and used just barbell shape..or even would have gone much better.
The weather thing still bothers me though. perhaps it was a break in the rain..that happens..
We know there are all kinds of drones fantastic even....but Caret was sooo will kill any reall good story it touches..
God help the next witness

Yes I saw that before ..very nice nice ship I remember..only thing was why it is going in direction of where thruster are firing..should be opposite..unless overiding force doing that..(artist
) in which case why need thrusters that operate like that.
I think Partizan has had big influence in all of this shaping these young minds.

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posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 06:02 PM
The date was actually Sunday June 28th. The weather was beeeeeeautiful.

At 18:00 (6 pm), visibility: 60 km, temperature 27°C, wind: 6 to 9 km/h, not a cloud.

posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 06:21 PM
About woy's pic, wow, interesting. What's the story? Sorry I haven't followed this, maybe it was discussed already elsewhere... How come its resolution is better than the LAP scans? Was it redone from scratch, with more details added? What's the idea behind the crazy colors (local histogram equalization filter maybe)?

posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 07:34 PM
June 28 ..a week bad..He is lucky to have you help correct that. I ubnderstood article this last sunday before..
so we can say he saw a black barbell shape thing on a beautiful evening sky between 730pm and eight oclock flash by for 5 seconds at 500 kmh or more.,
200meter below him and estimated size at 2 m...His parnters..say it was like a bee..
Thats Beeeeeutiful !
So then his friends frederich and company find the drone engine on internet and also post on forum. I wonder which one was that?
It may be where he got that..would be nice to see progression to release.
anyway, voila! thats close enuff..lets go with that
sounds very natural to me.
How hard is it to think barbell draw barbell you think.and show journalist that..
It would be more believable.imo .than showing the pig..but of course he never new that was tthe hoax..but its okay...everybody had fun.

as for lap ..thats not even important anymore. except if its used to bolster another event not even was all done in illustrator after Isaac left..not before. click on my profile..If you missed that.
Lap Who knows ..he say its all in there..he altered nothing he say gets very angry] if you say he did..

recap in small words, start with isaac diagrams fullsize, turn up saturation.... there are the colors (already there) Now desaturate the image and save as black and white... guess what? after you save it as b/w you are going to have a hard time putting the color back. and only an idiot would try.

.. tampering on my part in lap? as if, all i did was turn up the saturation on the COLORS THAT ARE PRESENT IN THE ORIGINAL ISAAC DOCUMENTS...
and i am not familiar with dragonfire's game oriented comment, i can tell you why i turned up the colors that WERE ALREADY THERE.. because they were pretty, and because i wanted to make that Twister Joke.
that and because i thought it was interesting that THOSE COLORS WERE ALREADY THERE!

sounds like a perfectly reasonable man to me..

Isaw enough to recognize BS in the LAP..a long time will have to ask Woy at OM..maybe it was part of the secret message everyone looking for.
I thought interesting too..if you dont have that file I have the original from him. I left instructions just in case. but don't desaturate .
One should be able to do same with other pages too..we can..from the original isaac pix.
So he is quite correct.
saturate several times hue I will start seein the patterns..
I won't tell you what i see in them,,you tell me. Perhaps thats what he is trying to do now..with recompression..some very large bocks that appear initiall ..looks almost photographic..but eyes can be tricked..
good Luck
cheers and thank you
Touche on the BEEautiful..

from original not woy. this time I have bad monitor only 1200x850
best 1400 up less jaggie

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posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 12:12 PM
Hue -180 Saturation +100 Lightness +32 in Photoshop does about the same. OK nothing new then.

> I won't tell you what i see in them,,you tell me

I see JPEG compression and scanning artifacts (large rectangles), nothing else.

posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 12:57 PM
I see all of the above
and the wows
you see what you see.
I just put that up to show that the same figures can be arrived without the 45 meg..very quickly very quickly last night..and to show..its
precisely as woy said.
any further will have to ask him
Have fun
I know I am
and I just start at page 123.

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posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 04:15 AM
I love these artifacts..The Lap has a little something for death birth infinity..its like it was made with one of those magic paintbrush you can paint yourself a door..and walk out into the netherworld. Please adjust your brightneess or contrast..not all the same ..
reminds me of old faded photos in the park

..........................................................Help Im drowning in a bubble bath

what you lookin at boy!

bird of paradise

love those rayban shades everyone!

wow big bird is busy

and if you look inside the bigbird or cross..theres more!
Of course only Ican see them..
am am am I the chosen one?

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posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 05:05 PM
Sys, what ya smoking man!

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 05:56 PM
Katt, When peeling the layers off an onion sometimes the fumes do more than bring tears...sadly....hoaxes also don't come with health hazard warnings
or the rattle of chains being yanked..At least ghosts give us that courtesy..

Now back to sorting Arty Facts ..pun intended..

I like watching clouds in my coffee, in the sky, from cigarettes even..and this is no diffrent.. Pictures are no different save they are organized patterns of pixels, hoaxers form patterns themselves, and even researchers remaining aloof..have their own behavioural patterns..its what we lookat to anchor our perceptions and understanding where we are and gauging the most efficient move from there to the answer.

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posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 06:58 PM
C'mon pitch*.* - Sys has these guys by the shortones...

Our L'il Pepe Le Pilote should get while the gettin is still good... As a pilot myself, I can vouch that his little shenanigans will bring him neither fame nor fortune, and ought to ground him for life.

What - he pilfed an image and plot and and wove a tale? Whooppee...

Here's a few friends of his already standing in that line:


Can we get serious about this again? To wit...

Where's Isaac? What happened to MisfortuneCity? How come Howe and Co. have neither piped up or put out in oh, so many months now? Is AlienUnderwear still embarking on the "mine, All MINE" campaign? How about all those dead end enie menie chili memies? Whither they? And for crying out loud, can't we get a TRUE cryptologist to take a stab at the glyphs already? I mean - we beat that horsie to death (as did the 'mothers from da udders") and... zilcho. Thanks for that...

*sigh*. Folks someone went to a lot of trouble and I don't believe they've cashed in yet.

So... WHAT UP??!?!?!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programs....


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posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 12:06 AM
Outageo that is fantastic..I laffed for hours while diggin here into this..

Not just a lot of folx either..with images everywhere..that change up like those halloween pix showing a guy in a suit and as you pass a skeleton..

but signatures as well like this RIP and I mean lots...

as I played with the contrasts and bright the blues would disappear and the images sharpen, when
in hues lowering the colors and brightness made the words stand out..
I may have some typos as z s looked like s like 5s but its like like that could be just nicks
a giant card was paseed around and everyone signed..hahahaha

Its a giant Earth Get well Card. OR...hhehehehe kewl..
Doc Moreau would be laffing his head off as we discussed the graffitii aspect aeons a go.
im using a 1200 dpi rez on this.
I was planning ging higher but I may not have I see how those polarized images work like.
The one that says Red over the black mark I made is like Cali Red mabye calico red.. is like an opaque not colord..The others much easier to see.
Boy this may take forever..its lots of writhing errr ..yes lots of writhing too..
who knows if the text pages have something too. they used every nook and cranny.

Hope I see a name we recognize. I have a gut feeling we will.

[edit on 16-7-2009 by Sys_Config]

Notice to all These are not from the 45 meg picture its straight off the Isaac site..!!!
Printed using hp 4300 inkjet with a max res of 4800 dpi. Then rescanned in an old cannon 1200
I may plow the money and get a 6400dpi LED..flat bed..
If I cant see more..I am curious if this goes any deeper.
But somebody better kiss off the idea of a secret military project that was being bandied about as a last excuse.


[edit on 16-7-2009 by Sys_Config]

posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 03:52 AM
No idea how much thread necromancy I'm committing to but if you're interested in this Johnathan Nolan guy, you should check out the drama with him and going on right now. Both him and Greg Smith are filing separate cases with the supreme court because they lambasted him and exposed him like you guys have managed, only I think you guys have dredged up some amazing #.

No idea if I'm allowed to post links or not. I'll give it a try.

posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 04:51 AM
Haha! That's funny, psycho!

42.5 Million? If they are successful with that, I will try to get defamed, too!

@Outrageo: Great pic!

posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 05:11 AM
yeah, it's #ing rediculous. It's getting huge, though. Sad thing is that Australian based forums don't have the same protections that American based do, and even though the server for ZG is hosted in Texas, the owner is Aussie.

Awesome thing about all of this, is that this # has the potential to change the laws for the benefit of posters and forums.

What we could use is all the info available in regards to these two. What I've found in this thread alone two hundred pages back is indicative of a goldmine.

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