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[HOAX] Isaac CARET - Drones [HOAX]

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posted on Jan, 6 2009 @ 11:30 AM
Hi guys

Pretty interesting readings, and pretty interesting analysis. i would say that I'm a CGI expert, but then i would have to prove my self since no one would believe me, and i have no intention on revealing my self.

To put it short, the images are authentic, there is not a known rendering engine, nor a compositing software or filter combined that can reproduces those details and matching found in those images, and all the argument about how the shadow is not darker on the drone as it should be on the trees is just plain wrong, the trees have a bigger volume, so when the sun rays hit the trees, the first leaves will be brighter, and since it's translucent it will absorb light and emit light, so the lower layer will receive light, but this time allot less, that layer will absorb and in it's turn reflect the light on the layers underneath it, until eventually (depending on the volume, and the distance from the ground) it will be in darkness and obscured by light. The drone however is different, here's an example, in a sunny day, bring a ball and a box, life both 3 meters above the ground, you'll see the bottom dark but identifiable, the box will have sharper falloff of the shadow since it's not round, therefore light will not bleed on it's lower surface as the ball will, now the close you bring these two objects to the floor the darker their bottom will, because even though the sun light is still the same, the environment bounced light and unidirectional light (i.e. the sky, which is a light rays scattered in the atmosphere, and still is light rays, but much much lower quantity) have little effect. As for the Depth of Field, occlusion, chromatic abbreviation..etc well let's say it's accurate. Allot of you will disagree with me, that's alright, things with this nature are always debatable and can never be proven right or wrong.

Now the question if UFO exists or not is something no one can have an answer two, because it goes back to strong believes. i do how ever would like to mention something, there is a great deal of information scattered here and there, UFO's are not supposed to be from outer-space only, they could be from earth as well. How we came to existence and how much are we using from our mind is still a mystery. I would like to suggest something for all of your to research and find an answer to, because i believe that finding the answer to this requires an effort from everyone. it will not destroy no enhance the theory of UFO's, but it will somehow explain it hopefully. Do some research about Qi Gong, read what it does, now many people believe that it's chinese, but it's not, and i know it was not invented by them, what does that have to do with UFO, well the people who taught it to the chinese and Tibetan people are the same guys who built the astras, and they are the same people who told us about flying machines (UFO's), somewhere along the years some leaders and some religious people thought it was necessary to destroy that evidence, i for one understand why each one did it, the leaders knew that such knowledge in current hands will mean exterminating our selves, religious people on the other hand were afraid that people will question God's existence. How would you blame them if you knew what these finding were.

I have been blessed to witness some of these finding, and blessed some more by practicing a few of these teachings. what i know is smaller than 1% of the whole picture, and im doing my own research, and will most probably will till i die, or until i piss some people off
but do look it up, do some research about the Rama empire, about their scripts, about the chinese space program, about the images of huge machines found in the USA and later on was buried again, btw, the original founders of the images said that on these huge machines there some writings, those writings were not Hebrew or heroglyphic. these writting are older than the stone age, how do i know? because i know their new one.

posted on Jan, 6 2009 @ 12:45 PM

Originally posted by Nola213
So...., in closing.

I wish you and all the members of ARC, I believe it's ARC? yes? Hmmm either way, I wish you all a Happy Holidays and a Fantastic Year to come!

**OH, By the way who is responsible for the "Drone Hoax . com" page? What are your thoughts on that site?

Be well friend!

Originally posted by Sys_Config was created by Dr.Dil for ARC, he is one of founding fathers along with Me Sid , Klatu and others.
Its not a real organization you know..just an affiliated group of for REAL people. started as a gag..then turned real..Ironic isn't it..took a life of its own...interested in exposing the facts and looking for the hoaxters.

Yep, guilty as charged as usual.....



posted on Jan, 6 2009 @ 01:09 PM
I Want That Gif you Big Showoff..hahahaha...very very nice..well If you have it ..Flaunt !

well at least I explained something with a little sense..

posted on Jan, 6 2009 @ 01:43 PM

Originally posted by DrDil

Yep, guilty as charged as usual.....



Great site, I love the layout of it, great work Dr. Dil, I'm gonna go look some more at it after this post.

Well, it's nice to know I am an member of ARC (thank you), even though I haven't done anything toward a solution to this in sheesh feels almost a year, real life has been terribly crazy.

But I've checked in here from time to time and watched the ebb and flow of this thread, it's quite interesting from where it started to where it is now.

Yes Sys, Warner and Fox haveing trouble with Watchmen, quite interesting.It's strange you say that,since only myself and one other friend of mine have be hearing about that and telling people that the movie may still not make it out, I post it on U.K. watchmen devoted sites, and they all call me crazy, meanwhile these guys are supposed to be in the know. Are Fox and Warner American based companies only?perhaps thats the problem.

But even though I promote the movie in my avatar and sig I did that a long time ago before I found certain things out about the movie(I really would just people read the Graphic Novel, thats the real deal), I'm 100% against this "Zach Snyders" version being realesed. He changed the ending, the characters all look god awful and nothing like the Novel, ect,ect I don't wanna go off on a tear here.But I don't think even a great director maybe only Kubrik possibly Speilberg could have done the Novel justice on film. This guy Snyder, is all the sudden a visionary after makeing 300. So now makeing a subpar movie from a script handed to you, and makeing half the movie slow motion, makes you a visionary?

But back to the topic at hand. I think the gentleman, forget his name, who posted some pages back about the Myriad font being used was definitely onto something. That's almost solid proof that those LAP's were created after '86. I suppose they could have had beta version of the program he was tieing it to(my memory is awful), but that seems a bit of a stretch.

I wish I was more of a CGI guru, and could see what you are all pointing out about the lighting problems of the Drones, but it's hard for me to figure out. Although I'm pretty clear on some of the obvious problems with certain focus issues, but the lighting nuances(sp?) are so subtle, it's hard for me to see. I've really been meaning to go to school for Graphics arts , since I am somewhat of an artist myself, but I haven't found the time to put aside for something like that.

Again though cheers Sys, and DrDil(on the site). and all ARC members, have a good '09.

posted on Jan, 6 2009 @ 02:47 PM
Sys, have you seen this?

Screen Rant TSCC-California Drones connect

Sorry if this is old news, but the date for this article is late December '08. So this is like 2 week old news...

I checked a bit and didn't see this posted, but it pretty apparent that this was a viral marketing campaign for TSCC series, and possibly T4.

I know that you are all onto that tie in, but have you see these screen grabs from the actual show?

I don't watch the series but, this is pretty blatant.

I suppose the drone's are a viral for a multitude of products(ie AlienWare), shows(The Sarah Conner Choricles), and movies (T4 and possibly T5?)

Who knows what else.

Here's what Josh Freidman fox Exec on the series had to say on the matter...., pretty interesting (so VERY sorry if this is rehashing old news).

"The drone/CARET materials are not viral marketing for our show. Fox knows nothing about them. I’ve been interested in the drone images for some time and, as I am wont to do, found a way to work areas of interest into the show. Our drone image at the end is a kissing cousin of the others but is of our own design. I don’t want anyone out there who chooses to believe in the drone sightings to feel in any way that their inclusion in TSCC invalidates their point of view. Likewise, any one who believes they are a hoax should not use their inclusion in the show as confirmation of that theory. Simply something in the zeitgeist that I was (and still am) fascinated by. Whether this settles the issue or only serves to incite others who want to use it for their own ends is beyond my control."
Josh Friedman
Executive Producer, Creator, TSCC

I find this above statement hard to believe. He admits to a slight resemblance??, sheesh there's a photo of a drone over a pole tacked up on the on a board as Sarah is at a UFO convention that looks 95% like the Raj77 picture. The drone is slightly different, and moved a bit over in relation to the pole. How he (and FOX) could have no knowledge of the California Drones is ridiculous. someone on the set did. I wonder if this scene was shot before the Raj photo was realesed. I love how he basically says, don't let this stop you from believing the drones are real. haha, real nice.

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posted on Jan, 6 2009 @ 03:07 PM
Did you read my response at the bottom, after that came out.?
That will be enlightenening mine is last post..after doing some homework after he said that. Why would he not copy verbatum and not credit unless its theirs! exactly..That was a published document on web with conditions..
Read my summary..He hasnt responded to that yet. I gave example how they do in even weaker cases than Isaac.
Want to see Ego at Play..Joshua, Isaac, Abraham, Sarah mother of nations..(so is Sarah of Terminator)..all nice Bible names from old testament..
I am going to be on them like white on watch..

Good News! MarsAve came Back..... My apologies to him from here too

I am happy he came..and yes he did supply the leads for both..he was gracious in saying they did the legwork..and He chewed My Arse off..but it was worth it..or we might never know..or questions got buried like others. I was agressive because the reason I was given by PIs was not what He says here. Had I known, I would never have outed himhere is his post.Next time I won't do that like that. I had emailed him several did others.....I wanted him as a friend..not mad at me and us..
But he came through and with a free expert opinion!
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Joined: Jan 2009
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Karma: 1 Where Is the Man Who Cracked the Case 9 Mos Ag
« Reply #12 Today at 8:55pm »

Hello to all.

I am going to post a statement here....and I did not crack the case.

after reading several websites for the last 2 weeks, gathering information, and seeing the guessing game going on, I've decided to offer a bit on this Forum only. I may or may not answer your questions...the reason being is very simple. I just plain do not have the time to sit and read and answer....very sorry I cannot partake, but since I offered photographic information on the Drone near Saratogas and Santa Cruz Summit earlier in the year and part of 2007 - I thought it would be fair to shed a bit of light on the subject, and correct a few misnomers.

Believe me when I tell you I am not a TYPIST..........!!

This posting here will take me considerable time to type- then go back and correct the errors. One of many reasons why I don't do this anyways....I just plain can't type. I use 2 finger hunt and peck method,,,,,

Ok. Ist off, I apologize for not responding to "whoever' was e-mailing me off-line months ago to go on-line and talk about the photos. Very sorry. I think I answered one e-mail...sorry. Both my Parents died in 2008 - my Mom in January - and my father in Seattle April 2008. Niether left a Will and the Probate work is horrendous....still on-going. So for all of the "Arm-chair Detectives" out there...that is a 'reason' someone may go silent...................yes, I actually have a Life,,,no slight to anybody reading this. I don't have the time. PERIOD!

As far as the 2 Private Investigators under TKDavis Investigations, they are very thorough, very nice Men - and I stand behind them and their credibilty 110% in their work. BFD on the T-Shirts. fact, I may buy one as I need some new clothes to wear... - They have all of my info and contact numbers - I requested anonymity - which I may or may not explain here....but it isn't anything sinster. I just wanted my privacy for a few reasons.....but I have felt compelled to set some items straight.

There are a hundred items I've read about in regard to what I was involved in, but the one thing that made me go 'Silent' was the discovery and posting of my real name. That p*ssed me off big time...even though I have nothing to hide.....several posters here and other sites- such as MUR and 11Aug and others, stated it correctly....imagine yourself suddenly being thrown into the limelight. Posting my name seriously jeopordized part of this Investigation. Major reason I went Silent. Whoever thought they needed to do that - needs to go back to 'Armchair Detective School on Etiquette.." Sure, I have several monikers I have used and was 'found out' by some surfer, but the subject matter on those websites are mundane. I was that easy to postings on and othersites are normal stuff. I read certain websites - but usually don't partake for reasons stated above. But the 'finding-out' angle like I was the Hoaxer was laughable....Geez, I gave all of my info to the 1st E-mail & photos of the Saratoga,CA - Big Basin Hwy area to LMH - and she never it was like, 'why should I care...?? People want to remain private for many reason, but in my case, I had an outlet to give information, but I am only a small part of the story - and I never wanted recognition - hopefully people reading this will let it lay. I won't be doing any interviews nor seek any fame. My finding of the photo locations isn't all that mysterious - other than I have a fairly good recollection of places I've been too...was why I remembered. The Hoax angle made me write LMH at 1st - only to set the story straight - I never thought in 2 years it would be such an issue. My earlier postings back up my statements.

' I feel 1000% the Drone photos are Fake - and looks to me, from my photographic experience, to be (old school..I'm over 50yrs old..) 'Superimposed' photos. The lighting isn't right.......I've been an Aviation photographer for 40+years, I have amassed a jet collection of over 150,000 photos and 25years of airliner & Railroad videotaping "as a hobby only"... and the photos look 'superimposed' to me....nowdays called CGI fakes..? Photoshopped? Flat out they look Fake just from the photographer's point of view - without any computer knowledge at all. One of my other downfalls, I don't know jack about computers, other than e-mailing and attaching pictures, and re-sizing photos in my crummy PS2.0 that came with the camera when I bought it, that's about all I know on computers. But the photos just don't look right to me. The long-winded EXIF report and 'same camera' angle was because a Canon Digital rebel is a common camera. I bought mine used from a fellow aviation photograher. I pretty much stood in the same place the Stephen photos were taken because there isn't much room on that hairpin turn, road shoulder,,,a very dangerous curve on a Mtn road...

So I know I've opened up 1000 questions, but all I can say is I had nothing to do with the apparent Hoax - in my words - the photo locations 1) Big Basin - I 1st alerted LMH with no answer....2) the Santa Cruz Summitt photos, I was not sure of the location, I thought it would be closer to an area called Mt Bielawski (sp) south of Castle Rock State Park on Hwy 35 in the Santa Cruz Mtns....I actually drove up there and looked but not until after I contacted TKDavis Investigations. I could not find the location......but, I did notify the Private Investigators( and I am not saying who for now..) and I did tell them the Chad photos ( supposed to be Bakersfield,CA area) those photos looked like the view point behind the old Summitt Inn & Restaurant on Hwy 17 at the Santa Cruz Summit(now a different name & owner?)....looking towards the Ocean. Truth...when those photo locations were publicized, It was from the PI's as they are the one's who checked my Lead, and found the location........again, I didn't have time to go look...but they found it - no problem...matched the tree line,etc...and the rest is History. They are the one's who found it. Those photos, from my photographic experience, are 'superimposed' phony pictures-also. I've always felt if the photographer was 'right on' they would find a way to be contacted and interviewed. I did,,,but look what the discovery of the Chad location on Hwy 17 Summitt in Los Gatos wasn't sinister - I told the PI's to keep me out of it...because I really didn't care. Sure, it would be neat to get to the bottom of it......but my guess is the people starting this Drone Sighting item......are laughing big-time...!!!I thought the CARET documents looked good at 1st,,,,but then again, anybody can write a Novel.....

Just my thoughts..


I disagree,,he sure put a dent in it..

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posted on Jan, 6 2009 @ 03:35 PM
Good grief, I didn't see all the replies at the way bottom of the page. You are everywhere Sys! Please I hope you get enough rest away from this all.

Seeing those screengrabs from the Television series sure says alot to me, raises more questions than it answers though, as usual.

Very interesting read your above post. I can't believe how far this whole thing has gone.

posted on Jan, 6 2009 @ 03:59 PM

Our drone image at the end is a kissing cousin of the others but is of our own design.

Man, there is just no end to the bullplop from these people! I'd bet a dollar to a donut that the same artist did all those images on the same computer!

posted on Jan, 6 2009 @ 04:44 PM
Like Isaac said so well..I'd bet my life on it"

posted on Jan, 6 2009 @ 05:04 PM
I am so Glad Mars came, and added his expert 40 plus years experience..he has some amazing videos to prove it. You cannot get that kind of experience easily ..we have been fortunate to have who we have had with us from beginning to now..there is a dire need for more people everywhere to simply do their altavista etc..are your best tools..honesty and transparency..your best armor.

Long Live The ARC!

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posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 06:41 AM
Here is another example of what IMHO is becoming the prevalent mindset in the UFO community. From the MUFON board. This person actually believes this (at least posts as though she does). And we wonder why the main stream media does not take the subject seriously?

I used to be able to move objects from one side of the room to the other, by just willing them to do so. I was probably around 4 or 5; it scared my grandmother out of her wits. I could also suspend ping pong balls above my palms for a few seconds at a time when I was about that age. I could hear what the animals (most of them were feral) were thinking about me, or about being hungry, or looking for water. I could read by the time I was a little past three years old, and would read the newspaper if Grandpa left it laying on the table. Those are just small things I could do, after my UFO encounters began.

Over the years I've lost the discipline to do many of those things... I guess I got bored with them when I was a kid, and just stopped doing them when I got into school, because it creeped out my teachers. But I'm still VERY intuitive, and can occasionally hear the thoughts of a complete stranger while I'm in a store, or sitting in a theater seat, waiting for the show to start.

Every child is different, and has different talents. You just need to figure out what YOUR child's specialties are.

Makes you wonder? I don't know what is worse, hoax perpetrators (who are perfectly sane) or the loonies so willing to believe them?

posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 07:16 PM
reply to post by gorgo

The mind is in deed powerfullespecially when you believe it..the cart then is put before the horse..
Take the latest drone connections to Wind Turbines in uk and lights seen the night before..The poster neglected to put in facts, and left the Woo in.
I keep wondering why the first video is being linkedis being posted as proof or even a mystery of tentacled ufo as cause of turbine failure..and that somehow DRT and OM posted as possible drone connection because as we all know witness x, offered as a new witness in the Drones affair, ..said "octopus". But...what if he had said box car?
the same video which is actually a danish turbine not uk, can be in slow motion. see to hit something on lower quadrant of blade in frams 4 5 6 , of the slow motion part. causing it too further disintegrate, as it was already spinning at about 1000 revs ber minute according to comments, and could not handle the stress forces, something in the motor and bearings ..Each second means about 15 revs..or more..obviously..its more common than initially believed . fast slow
you will see where branches are two small dark objects just as branches lower and dip. It did not hit branches
The branches already going up and down from the wind disturbance of the blade. Thats how strong the forces were.
Someone said no gale force wind could have done that, Gee whiz, the thing is producing gale force winds, its a runaway fan. Stand in front of it.
that updraft by blades seem to kick up or release small debris from ground, catching it back into an already failing turbine out of countrol
further, just before catastrophic failure, you can here the whine of blade motores increasing in pitch fro mid to high and then boom in the fast video
frame 5 seconds branch dips then to in the air objects not branch

six seconds note right quadrant blade
Its either debri kicked up, or from blades then bouncing hit bit blades again..this thing just drone or octopii visible..
here is some more

The These type events were described in the the the ufo article, yet not mentioned in the clipping that Poster at OM posted, nor at DRT. Someone had the good sense at too catch on and removed it to a non drone thread.

It would be nice to get the facts and whole picture when referencing.
Note also the engineers aren't calling it mysterious, only the lights allegedly see the night before in uk..

Compare the WOO WOO and the history. same article.
"It was huge" he said "At first I thought it must have been a hole where the moon was shining through but then I saw the tentacles – it looked just like an octopus.

"It was an incredible site; I have never seen anything like it before. I have no idea what it was, all I can say is what I saw".

And although many believe the incident is an isolated one, reports of damage to wind turbines appear to be more common than people think:

* April 2005: A 40m blade of a turbine on a wind farm in Berwickshire, Scotland suddenly shattered. The failure was blamed on strong winds and icy weather conditions.

* November 2006: The tip of the rotor blade of a turbine in Oldenburg, Germany was ripped off following a sudden gust of wind throwing it into a field 200m away.

* January 2007: A family narrowly avoided tragedy when a 16ft blade spun off a wind turbine and crashed through the roof of their home in Belfast.

* July 2008: A giant wind turbine between Sheffield and Rotherham was shut down using a controlled deconstruction and the blades fell to the ground after cracks in the blades appeared.

* December 2008: Shards of ice were catapulted from an 80m high turbine in Peterborough leaving residents fearing for their safety.

It would be more advantageous to say the oil companies did it to stop the wind people and tree huggers from doing business. That was done to the American railway system in back in the 40s ..when Auto and an Oil Company did just that to create the reliance on highways and autos and Oil consumption.... and why we have the petrol/oil problems today..
People just plain forget..
or maybe underground lightning shorting out system.but Drones are not to be seen, nor spacebeams from space and people pick and choose what the want to believe..

To me. it just means that Wind is practical, just the mechanic stresses, have to be worked out more..An engineering problem, not a ufo mystery.

I took some some clips last night while look at those items pointed out.

For once I was relieved not to hear the phrase " I was Freaked out"

Yes Gorgo the desire to want to believe is great, but so is the number of people gladly ready willing and able to fill it.

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posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 06:01 AM
You would think that with all its advanced technology, antigravity, invisibility, time warp capability, etc. etc. it would be smart enough to avoid windmills!

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 10:17 AM
Gorgo, I am sure you have seen this already, but when that last discussion occurred..It came to my mind.When you mentioned that thesis, it really dawned on me just how serious this problem is. Although its hilarious here, its a very real problem.

I noted the common factors of a absentee fathers, Take Trolling Robert his absentee father, , Or Isaacs description of divorce, and other characters we have come across.Coincidence or a pattern....We can say well the odds of anyone having a divorce is high, but the otherside of the coin are people like these with this particular psychosis, divorce and abandonment, being traumatic trigger..a desire for acceptance belonging and need for paternal nurturing so to speak. Divorce may be more of a traumatic experience, as child abuse..with very long lasting effects. It is the most real of paradigm shift for those affected..Thats why it doesn't matter whether the event is true or not..that need must be filled at all costs, including reason. its a return to the fetal they will go from one event to another..until they feel satisfied..
Just a thought..But I feel a glimpse of something going on here, and would explain why some seem to fall for even the most obvious of hoaxes, over and over..despite overwhelming facts.

Then there are the rest of us..who have to deal with these guys..
and can't tell the diffrerence either, and may never know what happened.

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posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 10:18 AM
I'm not sure why you went through all the trouble to take screen captures of that video when it clearly says it is of A wind turbine failure, not the one mentioned in the story.

Just stopping by.

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 11:38 AM

Originally posted by mthood
I'm not sure why you went through all the trouble to take screen captures of that video when it clearly says it is of A wind turbine failure, not the one mentioned in the story.

Just stopping by.

I believe I mentioned that already this was a danish Turbine not the uk
Everyone was using this article and it was being quoted..just the titillating parts..
This is the top of the article

This is the bottom of article two different turbines.

This small handful of comments of folx misled by article

If you think the fan was destoyed by tentacles. based on observations the night before..thats ok
My point was the same as your why two different things. I believe I asked that too..
But you have people going theere and thinking its a coverup going on
when there are ample examples in the youtube why these things happen, besides horny tentacled lights
that a few people were already stretching to be drones.
So my bring it here and giving example and pointing a misdirection by the ufo article, and then
the exploding fan , is not a waste of time for me to take these One of the commentators even felt
he could see the tentacles..
such is the power of suggestion.
I hope the rest go on you tube and see the other turbines as well.
If they want to draw a connection..with lights other than lightening, such as drones..thats their perrogative. But its best to know what it most likely was..
Nice of you to stop by its been a while.

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posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 04:41 PM

Originally posted by gorgo
You would think that with all its advanced technology, antigravity, invisibility, time warp capability, etc. etc. it would be smart enough to avoid windmills!

That's the funny thing in UFOlogy: Too many people, who attack windmills! And sometimes there are even people, who defend the Don Quichottes...

(And sometimes another Don Quichotte comes by to see, if something happened to his shelf.)

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 05:51 PM
reply to post by Sys_Config

Gawd, Sysco, that was hilarious!

One other powerful motivator that might be in play here is good old sibling rivalry.

I first became aware of this video at about the time the "drones" appeared, though it had been out for several months. Right about this same time, I began working with a guy named Chad. This was all in the same two week period, if memory serves. I had seldom heard the name before that, and don't recall ever meeting a Chad before. Then suddenly there were Chads all over the place. One of them was even real! Kind of Fortean, really.

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posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 08:11 PM
This is another example of how things get confused. It wasn't a drone with tentacles. That part of the story got confused and then one news service after another continued with the misstatement and this is what's been promoted in the mainstream media. The original statement was that a drone with testicles fell into the wind turbine. See how things get so easily screwed up.

posted on Jan, 9 2009 @ 09:12 PM
did you know I am a part of me?Sidd, Double, Gorgo. ROFLMAO, hahaha ..Reality is funnier than fiction for sure.
I feel so guilty like getting more than my share of laughs..Just like Isaac .
Sidd I remember over a year ago you said, in the end the Gods will laugh. Could this be it?

D used one of your phrases on that elisa computer AI program, and I asked it.. it went haywire?
so maybe their is some hope against the terminators.

Testacles colliding with windmills..we may have found a secret weapon against this menace

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