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[HOAX] Isaac CARET - Drones [HOAX]

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posted on Dec, 25 2008 @ 12:36 AM
Hey Klatu, Bruce who runs screen Rant, I believe said that Josh the writer for SCC, said he only borrowed the Isaac internet materials ideas and designs on a link on that same page. Now I have yet to see any admit they hoaxed unless they ae caught dead to rights, and as there is a T4 movie, and a T5 in process simultaneously, and even SCi fi in the mix.,thats a lot of fog to hide in. And They would never snitch on each other.
I left a post on that blog site querying for an exact shoot date of the trailer scene.
If bruce can't find one can.
I am going to wait and see what happens on that.
Sidd was right a while back ago as this has diffused into use by others.
but not many..Alienware and Warners/Fox and Scifi ..have they worked together before yes.
Has Linda and Georgie worked or been remunerated by any of the above before or after the "event".
I am sure George and Linda and Whiley didnt work for free for that last fantasy island episode for SciFi.

So instead of focusing on one tree to the next, lets stand back and look at the forest.

And A joyous and proserous Christmas and New year to all who have graced these discussions with their presence..

God Bless

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posted on Dec, 25 2008 @ 12:47 AM

posted on Dec, 28 2008 @ 03:48 AM
If you have not done christmas shopping yet for the kids..fret not..we have 3 kings day until Jan 6..I am surprised Old christmas is not celebrated more..It would extend the shopping season more instead of all the whining about slow sales and short season..anyway its more natural isn't it? (and profitable too)
Still, Try picking up one of these neat T4 game ..
The oddest thing , about 126 andfoward I could swear I saw something familiar buzz by arnolds head. But anyway..things just moving along splendidly

But that isn't the point the similarity as the drone design is quite apparent in the old matrix movies.
Rather, just showing how game designers work with movies, and of course..PC makers

Maybe next year everyone can resolve to wait until January to give their gifts..a lot less stressful.

And now for some, (forgive me Father) juicy gossip..I heard...and don't quote me on this..from a very reliable source..That Whitley is backpeddling on last years hullabaloo , called second chance for the drones.. in effect..that he never meant to say he saw the drones that early morning dawn....that it may have been..(now brace yourdelves) a Dream!
And, for the record, I never said unequivocally that I saw one last December. Read the journal entry. But something really, really weird did happen to me on that night. If it was a dream, fine, I can't prove that it wasn't. But it was the weirdest dream I have ever had, in that case. And I have had some doozies, as you might expect.
Yes, we've heard some too.."

Is it within the realm of possibility..that..(Good God no) the greys were a dream..naahh..thats still doing well..lets leave that alone..Sony is working on that one..
His scripts like Wolfen..remember Gregory Hines?..classic..classic..are better imo than Joshua Abraham, and Isaac..nice Bible names ehh? I just noted that..

oh oh.....That leaves Linda on the proverbial Limb, and the squirrels sawing from the other side..
Happy New Year..

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posted on Dec, 28 2008 @ 10:06 AM
Interesting bit about Strieber, there, and his drone opinions.

On September 26, 2007 he had this to say in a mass email:

"When the drones appeared, YouTube was flooded with computer graphics of the objects in flight that were all fake. The internet was flooded with stories about the genuine photographs being viral marketing for Halo3 or the Transformers movie, neither of which was true.

There is much more. In the past 20 minutes or so, I have found half a dozen email messages in which he either stated flatly that the drones were real, or aggressively pushed the position that those doubters among us were deluded. I have the collection ready to post if someone insists, but we all know the stuff very well by now. Oh, what the heck, here is another I just can't pass up:

January 23, '08

"UFOs in Canada, UFOs in the UK, UFOs in Texas, now also UFOs in California (And let's not forget Whitley's drone sighting in December. Now that MUFON has come out against the drones, they MUST be real!)"

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posted on Dec, 28 2008 @ 04:22 PM
Since I am not a member at UCB, I want to answer following questions here:

"Just a few questions then...

who did it?"

Somebody, who found out, how easy he could do such things.

"how did they do it?"

As I said: They found out, how easy, they can do it.


What a question? When they found out, they could do it. Probably in April 2007.

"for what purpose?"

They found out... as I said.

"Answer all of the above and we'll consider case closed."

No, some people will never understand. It was already closed long time ago. We are only watching, who is still trying to keep it alive.

Edit to add: Questions by ABC

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posted on Dec, 28 2008 @ 04:46 PM
y is thread still going - ANGRY!!!!!!!

posted on Dec, 28 2008 @ 06:03 PM
This is fun and educational-HAPPY!!!:

posted on Dec, 28 2008 @ 06:31 PM

Okay, back to work.

posted on Dec, 28 2008 @ 09:48 PM
Just Musing again here..Double..
Isaac was son of Abraham, father of nations..and Joshua was the first successor to Abraham. Joshua originally one of several spies sent by Abraham across the Jordan river, into the land of milk and honey..making it part like the Red Sea..and later conquering Canaan and Jericho, and following the common God ordained practice it seems, of butchering everyone inside.
I rather stopped there..wondering if after all these milennia..we have learned anything about fanaticism. but back to musing..I think we have an eery and equivalent succession in this case.

I wonder if the PIs, Tenspeed and Brownshoes, who refuse to look in their own neighborhood for the Raji poles and light, , in San Jose, , and rode to a reporter uninvited, hours and hours away, would'nt mind taking a ride to Dulce, or even Burbank studios(they give great tours I hear and they can still call it "official business") why right next door is Palmdale..or other.
with oodles and oodles of poles..lined up poles left, lights our picture was..
of will have to be exactly..that rare yet common (sic)light those same positions..
They can start here.
Make sure to wake them up first , I here snoring..

Hurry, the light just turned green!
Good luck.


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posted on Dec, 31 2008 @ 09:17 AM
Someone probably thought of this idea already, but in case they haven't...

It seems to me that the workings of the technology described by Isaac mimics a DNA model. What I mean is that he says that all parts function together as a whole, but an individual part does not function as a whole if separated yet each and every component, down to its smallest part, contains a scaled down version of the entire object. Now... our body works that way as well. An arm is a component of our entire body and the body and arm work together to make the whole function. If you separate the arm from the body then the arm cannot work on its own and the body can no longer pick up objects with the lost arm. However, if you look into the DNA still within the arm you will find all of the information necessary to construct and operate the whole body and if you look into the DNA within the arm you will find all of the information necessary to contruct and operate the whole body.


posted on Dec, 31 2008 @ 09:29 PM
Members of the ARC please look over this, any feedback would be appreciated. It's my belief that Isaac's documents were not created in the 80's, but were created much later with Adobe Illustrator. I've tried to make this as simple as possible for those not familiar with Illustrator or typography.

I was reverse engineering some of Isaac's ET vectors in Illustrator when I noticed something. Look at this section of pacl-lang-analysis-p121-fullsize.jpg

What would be the easiest way to create those vertical lines?

My first thought was to use the | character,
(it's the key in between the backspace and enter keys on most keyboards)
with the Type Tool, and type it onto a circular path.

Now when I open Adobe Illustrator and go to the Character Palette the font is set to Myriad, 12pt. The default font for Illustrator is always Myriad, 12pt.

I typed out a series of ||||||||| lines on my path starting with the default Myriad 12pt font.

I had to increase the font size for some of the lines, but the tracking and kerning were all left at 0.

This is how the default font in Illustrator lines up with Isaac's document without any manipulation other than an increase in font size, and a baseline shift to bring all them all down to the edge of my circular path.

This is how other fonts line up with Isaac's document when overlayed with the same default settings in Illustrator. Clearly some tracking and kerning and additional sizing would be required to get them to line up.

Now what's so special about PACL or CARET using Myriad typeface on their documents?

Isaac claims he worked there between 1984-1987 yet the Myriad typeface wasn't released until 1991.

Myriad is a humanist sans-serif typeface designed by Robert Slimbach and Carol Twombly for Adobe Systems. Myriad was originally issued in 1991 as Myriad MM, a multiple master type family which worked with an intelligent software "engine" to allow the user to generate variations in width and weight.

Now what is more likely, that Isaac was working on top secret government documents about ET technology and typed his reports with a font that wouldn't be released for another 4 years, or that the documents were created much more recently by someone with a copy of Adobe Illustrator and they were to lazy to change the default font settings?

Or how about that no font was used to create the vertical lines, that they were made using a line or shape tool. Is it possible that the lines were layed out with exact spacing and sizing to a font that did not exist yet? And the spacing and sizing would just happen to become that fonts defaults?

Make of this what you will, but for me it's just to much of a coincidence that Illustrators default font happens to line up exactly with the characters on the pacl document.

Happy New Year everyone!

posted on Dec, 31 2008 @ 10:49 PM
reply to post by freelance_zenarchist

Interesting! I'd say that's pretty good evidence for the thing being produced in Illustrator. How have other things worked out in there? Have you done any of the vectors, I think they are called? I had no idea there was kerning or proportions specified for the pipe key, but I guess it's part of the font. Just to make sure I'm up to speed, when you refer to the default font, you mean just in the drawings, and not any of the text, correct?

Interesting you use the term "lazy." That is the second time it's come up recently in the reverse engineering of the hoax material.

Something I have been meaning to ask about is the 15 foot size I keep seeing references to. I don't recall where that came from, but it's my understanding that all we have are some images of supposed photocopies. Is the 15' thing based on some estimate, assuming that the whole thing was on a giant piece of paper or something? It has been a while since I read that stuff, and I don't want to read it again. Anyway, no big deal, I'm just curious about that and would not expect anyone to do thirty seconds work to find it, since I am not willing to waste my own time looking it up.

Thanks for posting this. One never knows what is going to be valuable information in some other context, too.

posted on Jan, 1 2009 @ 12:30 AM
reply to post by Double_Nought_Spy

I started with the vectors and what I noticed was that when I was doing the different thicknesses for the line segments, the numeric values were often the same as the ones in the drop down menus in Illustrator. For example:

0.75 pt
0.5 pt
0.25 pt
1 pt
2 pt

Going back to the vertical bar code like lines I was talking about above, after that first section of lines Isaac starts to play with the tracking and space the ||| | || |||||'s out a bit. I believe he used the drop down menu values again here:

I can make the | character with Myriad line up with this cluster on Isaac's document by bolding it, stretching it 150% horizontally and setting the tracking to -50.

When I refer to the default font I mean in Illustrator. When you start typing for the first time in a new document it is always set to Myriad 12pt by default. And I was only suggesting that it was used for the vertical lines that radiate around the circles in the drawings. I remember reading something a long time ago that the font for all of the english text in the pacl documents was possibly Palatino.

As for the 15 foot size for the original... I have no clue. I have seen that mentioned a few times but I have never seen anyones work or evidence as to how they came to that number. I believe the original was a vector graphic, so it could have been printed at 8.5" x 11", 15 feet, or 50 feet. Any size really.

I do remember someone suggesting that in order for the smallest character in the drawings to be enlarged to 1inch that whole thing must be some astronomical size, perhaps 15 feet, but that is ridiculous. 1 inch type is 6 picas, or 72 point type, that is huge. Average magazine type is 10-12 points, there's no need to enlarge it that much.

posted on Jan, 1 2009 @ 04:47 AM
Hi Zen. Hi Double...Good points, and Great to see ya.and certainly if these were overlays done on ET craft surfaces thenPerhaps we have galactic versiions of Adobe somewhere out there. Maybe even Macs.

Welcome Anonymous, interesting points on the DNA..Terminator series from the future has been make good use of those concepts for over a decade.

I was pondering SCCS unabashed swiping of others materials..
where about all they did was esentially change Isaac to Abraham

The role of “Eileen”/”Alan Park”/”Abraham” was, .. difficult to cast. …., eventually lucking out with the extremely talented Dinah Lenney. Unrelated side note, her blogger pseudonym “Abraham” was originally scripted as “Isaac,” and was only changed right before production.”

I wondered just how much of a game and in our face this whole thing is..

Who is Abraham Really?
Dec 18 2008, 5:02 AM EST

The scene with Sarah, re-playing back the session between Abraham (Alan/Eileen) and Baraba(ufo lady) flipped a switch in my brain. "Abraham" was saying some very cryptic stuff.

Barbara: Does the darkness disturb you?
Abraham: No. The secertcy dosen't bother me. Because, I have a secert too.
Barbara: And, what's your secert?
Abraham: I'm not who they think I am.

A few moments later, Abraham is describing the building.

Abraham: There's an office in front. No windows. No way to see in or out.
Barbara: Does that bother you?
Abraham: No, I like not being seen. I don't know who they are. But, that's ok because they don't really know who I am either?
Barbara: And who are you?
Abraham: haha(evil laugh)..I'm a waitress.

"I'm not who they think I am." "They don't really know who I am either" What is Abraham hiding? At the time he was working for this secert company, he wasn't pretending to be a women. So, he's not hiding his gender. Who is he really? He's hiding something so shocking that I think it will be explored in future episodes.

This is what caught my eye:

Another meaning for "waitress" is someone who works at a software cafeteria... for you youngsters. They research and provide the requested programs. IE "ReBoot". The series starts in a software cafeteria.

This meaning would truly deserve a smirk of "I know what i said but you don't"!
Post reply 2 out of 2 found this valuable. Do you find this valuable?

Yes I did find it it shows an uncanny style..the in your face layered meanings.prevelant in lost and used as clues in series like llost, which this same director used here imo.
by this same director. Other parts of Isaac. Those of you who are writers by profession, know what I am talking about.

This is not inspiration, its more, long range thinking, its a writing style of a very good writers, like Josh and natalie used skilled inn these literary convention. Isaac is not just a seperate story weaved in here, or a homage to Christ Carter of X files..using a ufo carnival anymorethan Isaac story is a homage , rather than an excuse.

The descriptions used of activating fields and similarity to dna functioning as described by Anonymous...ties in neatly with living machines like the Terminators nano liquid metal
in Terminator three..The field being the neural network of skynet.Imo its not a weaving in.
The only way SCC could be true to terminators originaline to spare it from the wrath of fans, would be by tying skynet and time travel.
That the Ets are not really ETs but are really these cyborgs from the future..Isaac said hadn't seen any Ets, just what the military said.
Thats why Isaac caret site is still serve as a backdrop for Abrahams/Isaacs story.

Lets not forget when Isaac said that it can be narrowed down to a 'group of 30-50 people' that was coincidentally also the size of film crew and cast when they started
shooting in New Mexico. see
production in nov 2006 film in NM in january 2007

The info was sensitive, but not dangerous..that he would not betray his supererors...merely substitute Producers, and you can see why it wasn't.
In fact substitute movie crews, security, NDAs and the whole things makes perfect sense.

Fox and Warners agreed to pick the script up from c2 in late 2006 c2 being makers of Terminator. With shooting starting in January 2007 and pilot completed in March 2007 with Fox officially picking the series in or about May 12, 2007
We know who popped up on the scene at that time So when I refer to Josh I refer to all all three..Fox.Warners.and c2.
This is just another peeek into not the military industry but the hollywod,TV, and Madison Ave(do they still exist?) establishment when they are in partnership.
Our missing witnesses, are no doubt in my mind part of that marketing.

In an Interview June 20, 2007, six days before Isaac, he states here he is on June 2007 stating thee will be a skynet component, which we know was that drone on steroids and plummage at the end.

“There will be Terminators. There will sometimes be pursuit. There will be Terminators in a lot of it, and there’s also a Skynet component to the show.”

And we know what that one looked like, and who popped up on the scene, after Josh spoke.
on July 9,, 2 weeks after Isaac, Sarah Conners screen panel was announced for the July 26 Comic Con..

Besides the writers strike, of November Alienware at the same time had to stop also, because of logistical problems and shortages of LCDs..
So what we percieve as something went bad..was just murpheys law coming into play at that time for all of them, including Linda. As she couldn't move if they didn't move.
But that has not stopped them..and things seem to be back on track,
Including a special Drone report from Linda sometime soon.
So If I am correct, We have the Genesis starting with C2, idea to Warners, and then Fox, in 2006 with the rest of the troops and partners , licensees, affiliates, falling in line afterwards by March 2007.
Just my thoughts.

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posted on Jan, 1 2009 @ 06:48 AM
How stupendously fortuitous for this all to just fall into Josh's... Lap!

posted on Jan, 1 2009 @ 12:12 PM
I recently watched the reverse engineering episode of the TV Show "UFO Hunters" - did anyone notice that is showed a new image of the drone aircraft? At least I should say that it is one that I haven't seen before. My question is have you? Where did the TV Show get this image?

Google Video Link

This image shows what I guess are UFO parts on a table in a lab but instead of being close up like in all the other pictures I've seen before we actually see quite a bit of the lab and its equipment in the background. Can anyone tell what this equipment is and if it is indeed from the 1980's? If any equipment is newer than that then the entire image is obviously a hoax.

The picture (or video?) occurs at the very end of the Reverse Engineering episode and lasts only about 2-3 seconds. The image rotates but I am not sure if that is just 3D manipulation of a 2D image or if its an actual video.

posted on Jan, 2 2009 @ 05:59 PM
reply to post by klatunictobarata

I work in the pipeline industry, i could help noticing the similarities to the tools we use when checking pipeline material integrity.

whatcha think about that then?

posted on Jan, 2 2009 @ 07:14 PM

Originally posted by girthmeister
eline industry, i could help noticing the similarities to the tools we use when checking pipeline material integrity.

Those similariest have been spotted before quite some time back if I remember correctly.


posted on Jan, 2 2009 @ 11:43 PM

@Zen that was awsome work and I ported it over to the Library. I don't
think anyone got that far with the illustrator as you did. Lord have mercy, it takes a lot of work to take a hoax down..I am glad the LAP got it right there.
if its a movie house, then well..maybe they aren't cracked up to what they say they are. Had they created their own font, like the fringeware people could do on the spot, then we would be in trouble.

@Wayne..You Rasca youl! where have you been lurking..hope Xmas and New years went well..

@GerthMeister , welcome aboard ! If you have any pix of stuff you work with and you can id the components you saw here or and explaining improvised attachments please post them at my profile by clicking on my name. and scrolling down down..its a long scroll..Put your experience and time in the field..thanx. Its our library and we can sort it all out later.We would love to have experienced people in that field.. comment on that objectively.
They had resembled the remote control ones small diameter pipes. that look for leaks. Gee the alien pig is really glossy.

update from Rense..More analyses shows Raj photos fake Thanx Zetar for Find and alerting us.
'Drone' Photo Analysis
Lays Issue To Rest
By Ted Twietmeyer

It's good attempt...but not quite perfect. We will use vector analysis of sunlight direction to analyze this image.

The top image was posted on the original website at mystery-brusimm-4647/

(See text below image for description of problems.)

Description of vector analysis:

1. Looking at image enlargement which shows the illuminated, circled area A, we clearly see sunlight originating from the right side of the image as indicated by vector D.

2. The telephone pole crossbar is casting a shadow (E) on the pole itself. Since this circumvents one-half of the pole, this shadow requires the sun to originate overhead from approximately the high noon direction, as shown by vector C.

3. Bottom enlargement also shows sunlight vector C could create the shadow on the back side of both white insulators which we see here.

4. In the bottom-most enlargement, we see where the "wing" of the craft passing behind the insulator. At the right edge of the insulator, we see that the angled insulator displays a vertical area (circled and notated as B.) Image resolution appears to show that this should not be present, when looking at other areas of this same enlargement. This may be an artifact of combining two seperate images. No computer graphics software is perfect.

5. Returning to small insert showing circled area E, we see that the shadow on this side of the pole is on the same side as sunlight is for area A in nearby enlargement. This is also a contradiction.

6. In all depictions of this flying object, the "wings" or stabilizers are shown parallel to the ground. This requires a shadow of the wing or stabilizer be seen on the side of the vehicle's body when sunlight originates from overhead. But enlargement A clearly shows this is not the case.

Perhaps the function of the telephone pole and power lines were used to provide the viewer with an idea of scale. Something like this is required by the graphic artist. Otherwise, against an featureless blue sky one could not determine the size of the object.

This image was posted by Issac on his website, who is also the originator of the ISCARET material. These contradictions and more cast a shadow over his entire story. Others have shown that all the video of this object was performed as CGI, and this analysis provides further confirmation.

Ted Twietmeyer

All copyright and work
Thank you Ted.

and thank you Zenup:

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posted on Jan, 3 2009 @ 06:23 PM
Because their are a handful of people trying to persuade this was a real event even in the face of everything we know already.
Trying to get legitimacy by saying its all just a point of view (POV)
and that Trigonometry will somehow prove pictures correct, or analysis bad.
May I remind these people:
@ Trigonometry works with Astrology too and is very very beautiful and Accurate, and Astrology has a Great following. It too is just just a POV, and we can "disagree "politely" and "sweetly" and be gentleman, but Astrology is still a pseudo Science, though those that follow , swear by it, and plan their whole lives around it.

On another note, a serious note, how we continue to to be bombarded by hoaxes..Lets first see how a real live fraudster responds to questions on the air just a few days ago on
The Bill Knellis interview. It is amazing how he stick to the story and can explainaway findings of fact, and create excuses as he goes along.
This guy had me going for first 15 minutes, and then the roof fell in. Same league as Reed and others and worse.
And he was just on C2C.!! They never Vette, Like Linda..Thats what happened here as well.
Like Sidd said..why? Because it was Easy!
By the way Marvin didn't you mention something about a dog selling business in Arizona on an OM thread ? This may be that guy My memory is foggy and can't recall precisely.
Anyway, this is why WE fight so hard..Its not just Pictures, its the people behind them, and its more than just sounding "sincere". Using that alone, we will believe anything and everything. Hoaxers and Scam Artists, Follow the path of least was those that want to believe and those That will give free radio play, and understand that formula and market better than the hoaxters themselves.
It works most the time, and why despite their obvious,blatant, onerous mistakes, C2c and Earthfiles are still in business. They may as well post up a giant billboard "Hoaxters Welcome"
There is no consumer protection or regulatory body in this business yet, We only have a few brave and skilled individuals and orgs here and there testing these bizarrec claims.
Even when a handful died like at heavens gate.
People still forgot, they keep on falling, and believing in the face of contrary evidence.

Its just us, against them.
If c2c had done just a simple Google for Gods sake on Bill Knellis.. They would have found from the gitgo how much of a fraud..just Google Bill Knellis and the word Fraud together..and see what I mean.
You don't need PIs..You need Common Sense!

Thats my rant for today
Thanx Dave Biedny and Gene Steinberg for your great Public Service
and Great Shows.

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