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[HOAX] Isaac CARET - Drones [HOAX]

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posted on Nov, 19 2008 @ 11:33 AM
Hi chuck, I think what you called "supposed"experts, were people with expertise in their field, like Biedny in his judgment and experience, as well as FX models, and Wayne, another Expert and author on the subject., also with decades professional experience, that the pictures were fake. Hardly a bunch of guys playing pool and chewing tobacco on a Saturday night.
I tend to think, that these same "supposed" experts qualify in any court of law and competent jurisdiction, as very real experts as well. In fact, a professional model maker HPO from Holland, created a model and duplicated the Raj Telephone scene..Validating the CGI "hypothesis" and revealing even more flaws with the lights and shadows.How much confirmation do we need? I have not included the other "amateur" opinions of eight analyst ..that corroborated the Experts here.
More than compelling, convincing in fact.
In addition, the intent to pass off as real, was coupled with the fact, that the events did not take place where they were claimed to have taken place, confirmed also by the PIs hired to the Believers, with the assistance of another photographer with several years of experience in aviation photography and video production, as well as news reporting, ie, Tom Vance, who directed them to the actual location, behind the famous Dear Creek Restaurant in Lost Gatos Ca, not Lake Tahoe or the other places this same little rascals said it took place.
So by any reasonable stretch of the imagination, by any definition, an attempt to pass off fake pictures, misdirect to location, conceal identities, contradictory statements and narratives, disappear, is an attempt to deceive and in affect a "hoax"
To date not one "expert" has gone on the line, putting their credentials as these did, publicly, to state real. Including LMH, a pohtographer, production person, and with means to present an opposite conclusion, in fact the only person with evidence, that would even tell you one way or another 12 high rez pix, conversations with the principles, emails and adresses. Go Figure that. In fact..ask her why she , with the keenest eye in the industry for opportunity, who pushed the case in the beginning, so hard, suddenly is silent. CIA? of course not, or she would not have been busy drumming up other bogus witnesses from near that very restaurant to Camas WA, throwing a set of twins even, ..Simply she knows we know the whole scenario is contaminated and faked, if not..unreliable.

We met our burden quite nicely ,Chuck..The other side has the burden, and had opportunity considering the resources and thousands of dollars they threw into this, to counter the opinions and analysis done..and raise a reasonable doubt, or even send it to a real Forensic Professional, which I myself provided them a name of best in country... They have not.
So the call of Hoax, especially when one factors in the public interest, was a judicious call well made by the CEO of this website, who has seen them come and seen them go. In fact, I believe he had a duty to protect the public, this forum and its members.


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posted on Nov, 19 2008 @ 11:42 AM
I will fill this with my recent post on as it is important.
For those curious as to the manufacturing and assembly of laps and desktops and whats entailed here is a tour given at the gigabyte plant in Taiwan.
Ask yourselves whether given the time constraints mentioned and planning and design required before it even got to the above phase whether it was reasonably or remotely possible they could pull it off between June 26 and October 16 2007, when the manual was done.

In addition, StarDock in correspondence with me .has politely requested that all legal questions regarding the designs and intellectual ownership be referred not to its own attorneys but to Alienwares. Meaning they merely incorporated from Alienwares already pre existing possession.

Much like one giving a picture of your wife, and having an artist airbrush it on your car. His work, yes, but its YOUR wife...till death do both of you part.

Thanx to Robert for sharing his story , and claims to have seen a drone and once held a little one in his hand..Fascinating story . Certainly a lot more fun than speaking about lawyers.

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posted on Nov, 19 2008 @ 05:22 PM
reply to post by Sys_Config

As offical ARC Ombudsman, I hereby certify the contents of Sys_Config's last two posts.

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posted on Nov, 19 2008 @ 06:08 PM
reply to post by klatunictobarata

Here, Here I second that..

posted on Nov, 19 2008 @ 06:42 PM
very true man, and a company such as alienware couldn't risk a rushed project or it would be damaging to there reputation and future sales, come on now, we all know how brutal those product review critics can be they will pick up on the slightest error and make a whole article about why you don’t want the product, and there is no evidence what so ever that would suggest a rushed approach in the mx area51s, and overall the manufacturing and design of the laptop seem top notch, and don’t you pay for it aswell.

Alienware knew this would be a big money making project, and we can easily assume all the detail and work gone into it would not last 4 months.

I’m wondering which department makes the name imprints, are they contractors or do they come from an independent company or somewhere inside of alienware, sys I think this is worth checking into.

posted on Nov, 20 2008 @ 08:43 AM
Hey ARC members,

Did anyone see the Sci-Fi Noory 30 min show with LMH on it last noc?

I didn't watch it and my DVR went dyslexic on me when I scheduled the record.

Anyone care to update us on what she and Whitley, the Man himself, discussed? Any airbrushed artwork or spinning rockcircles on display?

Also, is there a site where we can watch it online? Hulu, You Tube, etc?

Thanks all.

And a big special thanks to "Robert" over at OMF for not posting here!

Yet, that is...

posted on Nov, 20 2008 @ 10:03 AM
Yes I wonder too Klatu , I doubt seriously whether they or that Shmuk Noory mentioned Poor Isaac or the Drones, or Mariotti or Shirley, aka Sylvia, Brent, Walter or anyone, even OMF, or Drt OR PIs..No plugs for them..
..But the perpetual motion rock, as Allisone coined so aptly, may have been. , and as there IQs out there as high as a box of rocks, there may be some takers.

Fil you have Gmail,

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posted on Nov, 21 2008 @ 06:27 AM
I saw it, nothing new. I couldn't help but think what a dynamic trio. Whitley does sound sincere, but so did Dr. Reed, Bob Lazar, even some of the amateurs, take for example timetraveler96, who appears on video on ATS. Just because they sound sincere doesn't make it so, or even if they are, doesn't make it true.

I thought there was a lot of editing; even the call-in portion seemed staged and rehearsed.

LMH did say that the so-called UN meeting was a hoax. No mention of the drone hoax however. Would've been interesting had someone called in about that, maybe Chad could've called in, right.

You didn't miss much.

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posted on Nov, 21 2008 @ 07:34 AM
reply to post by gorgo

Hi Gorgo !! Thanx for the are most right, have noticed some saying.."he sounded so sincere"so did that lady who drowned her kids and blamed it on a person of color on national TV several years ago, or the girl who claimed abduction over the phone and and started a manhunt, later to be found that she did not want to get married, so she ran away....entertainers are no less skilled for the occasion. if the goal is there, and the scruples absent, the lie is easily spun. And their silence really does speak volumes to this.
And the Big Three have had so much practice weaving, they will merely replace one with long as they believe they can get people thru their circus tent and charge them to see the Egress...

I had mentioned earlier about that Quanta Bios of 3/2007..after doing some checking on the UL number underneath .
I found they do more than bios..they also do notebook design. and quite a few other things...and are a Taiwan outfit with according to wall street an 850 billion dollar a year enterprise.
Yes These quite giants are making the toys we have come to love and
repackaged as Asus, Alienware, Voodoo etc..etc.
In the Underwriters labs correspondence to me this morning..
Thank you for your inquiry for information regarding the UL certification of a laptop computer.
Please refer to the following address for our On-Line Certification Directory.
The Address:

Look for the UL File Number option, enter E142692 and search. All of the information that we can share is listed on this page. All other information is considered to be proprietary.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any additional information.


Customer Service Professional

Thats what I call REAL customer service..


Notebook, Model(s) m15x-R1****** !.
Notebook Computer, Model(s) 0660, 2511, 2512, 2513, 2514, 2529, 2530, 2531, 2532, 8747, E510, ED510, LG151.... (b), EDXX(f20), HSTNN-Q08C, HSTNN-Q09C, HSTNN-Q15C, HSTNN-Q22C, HSTNN-Q30C, Lenovo 3000 Y300X(f31), LGR41, R410, RD410, RB410, RV410, LGR51, R510, RD510, RB510, RV510, N411, NEC TCM 160 (NEC), NLXX (~), PC-GL10MAN*1, PC-GL12F*N*1, PC-LA**0DD**, PC-V*****F*X(f30), PC-V*****Z*1(f32), PC-V*****Z*2(f34), PC-V****RF*W(*), PC-V****WZ*4 (a1), PC-V****WZ*5(a2), PC-V***MFC*****(f33), PC-V***MFD*****(f33), PC-V***MFR*****, PC-V***MFS*****(f33), PC-V*17*XF*3, PC-V*16*XF*4 (a), PC-VJ10M***W, PC-VJ12FHB*W, PC-VY10MHB*W, PC-VY12FHB*W, PC-VY2**E******, PC-VJ2**E****** , PC-VY2**F******, PC-VJ2**F****** !, PP2180 series, QUA_K2MXX(f31), RWXX, TIANYI F3XXX(f31).

patience..slowly we get there..

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posted on Nov, 25 2008 @ 05:51 AM


ARC members, I just now finished watching the 2 a.m. Pacific Time feed of the "Mass Sightings in Mexico" episode of UFO'S OVER EARTH on the Discovery Channel and was shocked.

During the first 2 to 4 minutes of the program it was announced that the drone photos - which they showed on screen and while being analyzed by MUFON researchers - were a "hoax" and had been "proved to be a hoax on the Internet." Other drone photo details were depicted with a brief commentary as to some of the features that made them not real photographs.

James Carrion and a crew of MUFON investigators and independent experts then conduct three professional onsite UFO investigations that put any similar efforts and wannabe UFO investigation programs to shame. Also a neat surprise ending experiment you don't want to miss.

If anyone has DVR'd this program or know if it's online elsewhere please let us know.

UFO's Over Earth - Mass Sightings in Mexico
Nov 24, 10:00 pm/Nov 25, 2:00 am
(60 minutes) TV-14

MUFON struggles to separate fact from fiction as they travel to three cities in Mexico. Analysis of UFO photos and videos brings them face-to-face with potential fraud, half-truths and cover-ups.


Let me know what you all think.

ARC Ombudsman

posted on Nov, 25 2008 @ 07:09 AM
I thought it was pretty interesting, how they played a sting on the Mexican UFO researcher who has a TV program and his favorite cameraman by launching the balloons and seeing the reaction.

And then the other guy with the pictures, even when Mufon showed them the glaring mistakes in the photos with the square pixelation, and the exif data with the registered times being an hour apart instead of a few minutes. The Mexicans just dismissed it.

The implication here is that the famed Mexican UFO personality (don't recall his exact name) is in cahoots with these other people going so far as to even doctor photos. Their photo expert was also in cahoots as well. I thought there is kind of an interesting analogy to the drones with C2C and LMH pushing their own self-serving agendas.

I call it drone syndrome, DS where someone either fabricates or perpetuates a hoax for their own self-serving interest, usually for monetary gain.

I also thought it hypocritical how Carrion, talks about seeking the truth. He should take a look at his own bulletin board which is full of some of the most fantastic gibberish you can imagine where a handful to a dozen (and it's growing) of tinfoil's lives.

posted on Nov, 25 2008 @ 07:33 AM
reply to post by gorgo

Thanx for your prompt reply gorgo.

I thought that MUFON was one of the more reliable UFO reporting agencies around but you believe otherwise or am I wrong?

Do you have any other reliable sources of UFO analysis - save for ATS and the ARC of course - that you can recommend for a 'must go to?'

- Klat

posted on Nov, 25 2008 @ 08:46 AM
I think Mufon is basically a good organization and they have the right intent. However, I think their bulletin board was a mistake. Even though they have a caveat or disclaimer separating the organization from the bulletin board, people nonetheless associate the board with Mufon and of course think the board reflects Mufon, despite its disclaimer.

What is discouraging is that I see more and more of these loonies signing up and posting on the board. I think the public's impression of Mufon is sorely tainted by this bulletin board. Some of the moderators on that board are plain loony.

When the board first started there was a good group of people who have all since left or no longer post, but there was some real interesting and stimulating discussion. At first there were a few tinfoil types but they were pretty much recognized as such and tolerated.

It wasn't until one or two of them became moderators and then the other tinfoil types started to come out of the woodwork. They collectively worked together to get anyone disagreeing with their tinfoil philosophy banned.

Some tried to preserve the integrity of the board but eventually the tinfoil crowd with one or several of the moderators as their own prevailed and the rational people eventually dropped out. What's left is mostly dribble and if you have a story about your trip to Venus or to the planet only populated with women where you are asked to donate, they would probably welcome you with open arms. The more outlandish and ridiculous the more they seem to be absorbed to your story. Much like a confirmation of their own distorted realities. Like seems to attract like.

What I think is also happening is that Mufon may actually be aware of this but if it generates new members they consider that an overriding good for the organization, but I think in the long run that's a misperception and a mistake.

IMHO, Mufon as an organization would be better off dropping the bulletin board. What's disheartening is that more and more of these tinfoil types are wanting to become field investigators. This seems hypocritical and a contradiction to Carrion's stated goals for the organization. So the board now has become laughable entertainment. It's like having numbers and Nemo as moderators, the board has become drone like.

As to finding a public bulletin board exclusively with reliable and rational comment and discussion I don't think it's possible because of the nature of this topic, like a magnet, attracting a disproportionate number of people who seem to want to commiserate or seek attention where there are plenty willing and able to encourage and follow.

So on these various boards I just try to avoid those topics and hope those people stay in their own little areas.

posted on Nov, 25 2008 @ 12:35 PM
holy cow Thanx Klatu!!!! and Gorgo..!!!
starred and white gloves

I missed that program while following Quantas tail.
Hey that must be the Jaime Mussan guy, the Mexican Clownfish,
He was still pushing the fake PHD Reed aka Rutter in the Gutter himself trying to revive the frozen alien case after it was debunked by ufo watchdog . That was classic research ..
Yes , sadly I know based on the sockpuppets and stooges still around pushing this that there must be another phase to this..
That Mufon program could not have come at a better time.
I will post your post at UFO casebook .
There will come a time when more and more people will see the the sudden releases of old stuff like at ccn yesterday and their ufo poll..and convenient af pilot story around the same time Noory has his series, movies coming up..and see the marketing really involved..During depressed times ufo interest wanes understandably, as folx put their focus on real issues of concern, attempts by msm media to stimulate, not merely report events occurr..anything that helps keep the eyes on the tube or pc screen, and away from the real underlying reality .

Kudos to Mufon and Carrion..(I really am trying hard here, he never has come on our board here, and I take that as a slight slight)
and too..darn it, if we have not fought the good fight against deception and called this particular events thing what it really was and exposed LMH for what she and and Noory are as well, showmen and incorrigible Liars, that don't care how lies and hoaxers affect our community, and don't mind partnering with them in the least. In our case here imo here there was no mistake..this is as close to collusion as you can get.To blazes with all of them

Don't miss another pulse pounding, blood curdling episode of the Bold and the Beautiful as Sys raiders come face to face with the Mandarin Triads from Quanta , the Cuban Mafia from AW, , Whitleys Mindcontrolled drones, Lindas mutillated crop circles, and other denizens from the bottom of the barrel.

Will Sys and the Raiders of the Arc survive this insidious Army of Darkness?
Tune in and find out

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posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 06:16 AM

I posted on om

Hannity's America Nov 27th

Hannity's America
Many think we are not alone� are they right? We separate fact from science fiction!

Apparently he is going to cover UFOs. I hope it will be fair and balanced. In any case a chance to see how main stream media is progressing (?) on the topic. I don’t know if there is an opportunity to email or call in? But if there is we should respond, especially when its msm.

posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 09:10 AM
hmm Hannity, the Fox news Ultra Arch Conservative..The Derail the Obama Express Man, this will be interesting Gorgo! I am sure he has orders from upstairs to keep it " open minded"with all those neat movies in the wings. My sensenses tell me if there is going to be a resurgence of anything caret related it will be around this period..Christmas..
If anyone recorded that mexican sting prg.. Please make it available for download..

I had to cut back on my cable TV to shore up my finances during these lean times.
Oh Goodness..I forgot..that means no Sean either..

well I trust the sysnopsis you boys do..Thats good enough for me.

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving to all..

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posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 09:43 AM

off-topic post removed to prevent thread-drift


posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 11:36 AM

Originally posted by Sys_Config
hmm Hannity, the Fox news Ultra Arch Conservative..The Derail the Obama Express Man, this will be interesting Gorgo! I am sure he has orders from upstairs to keep it " open minded"with all those neat movies in the wings. My sensenses tell me if there is going to be a resurgence of anything caret related it will be around this period..Christmas..
If anyone recorded that mexican sting prg.. Please make it available for download..

I had to cut back on my cable TV to shore up my finances during these lean times.
Oh Goodness..I forgot..that means no Sean either..

well I trust the sysnopsis you boys do..Thats good enough for me.

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving to all..

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I may still have a tape, if someone hasn't already taped over. If so I'll edit out the commercials and record on dvd. Easy to make copies then, I'll let you know.

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posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 12:21 PM
this is still a bunch of crap. Anyone with CGI experience can tell those pictures of the parts was rendered in Mental Ray in Maya, its so obvious not even funny.

posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 02:41 PM

Originally posted by gorgo

I may still have a tape, if someone hasn't already taped over. If so I'll edit out the commercials and record on dvd. Easy to make copies then, I'll let you know.

[edit on 27-11-2008 by gorgo]
Thank you Gorgo!
I went for a coffee break at a local gas station where an acquaintance of mine works. I mentioned the Hannity story. I was curious as to the timing, and fortuitously he worked as a station manager for a local radio station at one time.

"Two words" ..he said "Sweeps Week"..
the time of when all these media outlets rush to garner ratings by pulling in tried and true audience grabbers, the bizarre and controversial, etc.

Yes..Thats it..I chimed in agreement,spilling coffee over his counter at the same time.
So, after quickly wiping the counter , I rushed home and googled this wiki and sure enough..the timing was perfect.
Curiously, in terms of what we watch and all these ratings wars..
look who owns part of the Nielson Company

The company is part of the Nielsen Company, formerly known as VNU and owned by a consortium of private equity firms including Blackstone Group, KKR and Carlyle Group. Its US production operations are located in its Brooker Creek Global Technology and Information Center in Oldsmar, Florida. Its UK operations are based in Oxford
Enuff for the conspiracy buffs right there.,89607906

The term "sweeps" has two meanings. One refers to how the diaries were handled by Nielsen Media when the ratings were first produced: They are mailed to the households and processed by starting on the East Coast and "sweeping" across the nation. The other refers to television programming during the months of November, February, May and (of lesser importance) July, in which eagerly anticipated programs are deliberately scheduled in order to boost television ratings. Television networks and other programmers make unusual efforts to attract additional viewers during these periods, including broadcasting mostly original programming as opposed to repeats, showing more special broadcasts, and including special content in programming such as guest stars, controversial and unexpected plots or topics, extended episodes, finales, and increased competition in advertising. Even news programs are often involved, broadcasting especially controversial or titillating investigative reports and promotions. For this reason, the "sweeps" system of national ratings has been criticized as not representative of typical programming, and encouraging an increase in content of concern such as violence and explicit sexuality. Outside of these peak periods it is more common to see reruns of television programs.

Nielsen 2008 Sweeps Dates:

February 2008 31 January – 27 February, 2008
May 2008 24 April – 21 May, 2008
July 2008 3 July – 30 July, 2008
November 2008 30 October – 26 November, 2008

That would explain that timewarner aol ufo poll the other day, along with the cnn video with that retired AF pilot. and of course why our mysterious friends seem to like making their appearances around then as well like rajs release in April, the PIs television coverage in May..
This bolsters the premise of orchestration in Caret, imo.


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