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[HOAX] Isaac CARET - Drones [HOAX]

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posted on Aug, 31 2008 @ 12:39 PM
reply to post by Sys_Config

Go get 'em Sys!


posted on Aug, 31 2008 @ 10:14 PM
reply to post by Sys_Config

I am very impressed as to the amazing investigative work (real investigative work, not the Pathetically Inept "investigation" that's been going on elsewhere and from where we've been spoon-fed over the last few months).

Congratulations to all who've contributed here and also on OM. Can't wait to see how the rest of this hoax house of cards comes crashing down.

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posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 08:08 PM
Thank you Springer for the vote of confidence, and being among those like 11 11 and moonking and other unsung members as the first to Call this charade by it proper name hoax, Yet for allowing an open mind and giving others a chance to come up with an answer. until painfully obvious, no hope.
This has been a collective effort, with one focus, The truth.

Drone Recap Takedown in Process

Lets recap what we have here before we get lost in Minutae
1 Manipulated pictures, verified by ATS and OMF analysts Moonking, Marvin, SQt , and MUFON and Experts, Biedny Fxmodels, Rwiggins, 11 11,Kris Avery, Torvald , Wayne et al.
2 Absentee witnesses for all May June 2007 sightings
3 False locations by all witnesses ,from where events actually took place, circa Deer Creek restaurant. los Gatos CA, next to San Jose.
4 Private Investigators who live within minutes of the events, in San Jose CA, less than 20 minutes from the aforesaid Restaurant
5 Drt member Numbers, who lives in same area , 10 minutes away from PIs, with identical "rare lamp post" in front of his house.and fail to disclose that, and the Restaurant location and has also failed to respond why the withholding of info and providing inaccurate info that area was dangerous and not good to walk thru. Aireal shows area nice and clear.
6 11A, who accompanied Drt investigator, and was aware of same. With the former DRT investigator Numbers,expressing months ago, reported by myself here he would have a problem divulging the truth, if he came upon it. Both keep silent now.
7 The Cam location (Pinocchio Drone)added afterwards, by the PIs, less than 5-6 minutes from Restaurant in Scotts valley. Cams Boyfriend wrote emailed that Cam was faking it. Never followed up and Public never shown email by DRT.. Report put as real.Sounds far away, but it wasn't. and never disclosed he saw or knew of restaurant.
7.5 Brent a prior drone witness airbrushes one exactly like a game figure ring. aka striker pic., courtesy of Rwiggins,before any drones appeared, and offers his own sons new sighting of an armada of drones. One ten feet over his head. Never came back.
8 They had to pass Restaurant on the way to Cam and to Capitola
9. Capitola Raj Drone took place the day of a concert. Nobody saw it. Chad took place in Los Gatos, not Lake Tahoe. And BB drone not in BB, but also minutes from Restaurant at BB way. Stephan shots taken at dangerous 200ft drop ridge, unsuitable for bikers, but claimed as such by Stephan.
10. The Capitola pix show a lamp not found in Capitola, but in San Jose. Even Numbers has one. Pole not in Capitola either.
11. The Pis Admit, searching all sightings locations, no pole no lamp.
No search done in San Jose.
12The leads to find Restaurant were given by Mars Ave to LMH who has witness addresses, but she never talked to them.
13, Rajinders Satayana /Rajman found by SQT at, and traced to location by ES at Elan village, San Jose and then given to DRT, and also less than 15 minutes from Numbers, of the DRT. DRT did Jack, but promise to put flyers out last month, but are still designing a flyer, as alien letters may confuse people.
13.5 They are looking for female reporter when Stephan climed he road with Male reporter who did not like being silenced.
14.LMH knows where the witnesses live and real locations , so she said. So she knows everybody in San Jose, and says nothing ., but appeals for more drone reports on radio.
15. She has fotos but will not surrender same, as she is very attached and fond of them. They are now family.
16.She ignored MarsAve, never answered. Continued to push drones. Along with Whitley Strieber.
17.She did not disclose Rev Bob, another "earlier drone witness," was an avid ufo buff since the 40's believes he was there at time of Creation. yes the Creation.
18. Witness to Real Location, Mars Ave is known personally to PIs.
19. Witness Mars ave, who knew locations forty years, reported were false and helped PIs find REAL locations suddenly goes quiet publicly and in forums.
20. we get our location, the restaurant, independently, after DRT refused to provide same and we then connected witness reports and the PIs and DRT members named above all together..
21 Over a year has gone by, The only progress by PIs was by MarsAve, who calls it hoax, and show correct locations, and the information we provided by expose on the Restaurant site, and Numbers.
22 The Pis have provided only new questionable witnesses with bogus drones.such as Brent and Cam.
23. The michigan drone was found hoax, after hoaxerwalter wrote in, and DRT showed that email, but not Cam email stating hoax.

Observations: Other thoughts.
If Warner brothers hatched this scheme for its movie it did a great Job.
I never saw a hoax that helped out its victims like LMH , Whitley, and The
DRT, more than this one. Whitley was smart to sign his contract during the month of June for TY and Steph sightings..and then have a pdf report done , and had Reyes make study group with at least one current DRT member. Then No real study vaporizes. I believe that. But somehow, PDF Draft is prepared anyway.and Linda has her interviews all lined up.with Reyes, a devout fan of Whitley., and even the Answers from Isaac too! a day after , the 27th of June after she released Isaac the 26th...amazing. She cancels Reyes, And when things not going well..Whitley dreams one up for everyone.
Too much Pizza that night perhaps.
Recently, He gave everyone a second chance, maybe one will come.

I believe I have enough to conclude for the 100th time, not only hoax, but an apparent conspiracy by the above to maintain it for pecuniary and other ulterior motives, notwithstanding it is a hoax to the extreme they can even be perceived as the Hoaxers Themselves for using the full weight of their organizations to push this matter, as an organized hoaxer would. And although Control by Linda is disavowed by DRT every drone witness has gone thru Linda. They have had extensive cooperation in coordinating witnesses, as well as Global communications, between The U.S., Canada, France, and Britain, from which decisions were made collectively to promote these non events. But Linda, The tail, is wagging the dog it seems.
I wish there was a Ricoh statute for this matter too. It too would fly, and a lot better than the drones, and it would not disappear.

by the way..
I encourage everyone to listen to Linda and Whitley in this breathtaking 30 minute mp3 with Author Bramley and the harvesting of souls by Aliens, Gods of Eden This is precisely the thematic nature of the Movie War for Souls 2012.
Spoiler..My favorite part is when Whitley talks about an Earth Martian War, and the martians had to go under ground, and as he retold what was told to him, we lost bad, and our souls have to repeat everything over and over. Didn't Hubbard say something similar with Xeno and the Theta stuff??

If I missed something or inaccurate feel free to pile it on.

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posted on Sep, 2 2008 @ 10:23 AM
Now my sights are turned on one more person, who has been an enigma to me. Mars Ave. We know he worked the area 40 years, is a pro photographer, (see youtube aircraft videos)The picture he gave DRT and LInda in September were spot on. We have seen his passionate position on this was a hoax. Thanx to him this case was over back in September, were it not for Linda, and the Drt and PIs.
We have seen his sudden Silence. To help allay some of my concern over the latter, We need to see the original photo submitted to Linda by him, as the current picture, has been cropped, missing exif data.where there should be none missing at the very beginning, for body make of camera I believe.
This would rule him out as one of the original Players, like Chad, Raj, or whoever had exif on theirs. We know he used a canon 300d..but data was incomplete, and promised to everyone by Nemo , after being asked by Fore and Arkhangels, months ago. Nemo, who told us Tom had to look for it, as it had been a while.

Indeed it has.

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posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 12:08 AM
reply to post by Sys_Config

So while we are on the subject, should we add our friend spf33 to the list? Didn't I see somewhere that he initially claimed to be interested in the drone pics because he lived "in the area" or something like that. This was long before any mention of the Chicago drone.

Or was that spf31.5? Or am I hallucinating?

posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 03:00 AM
reply to post by Sys_Config

My friend, I've been watching, applauding, from the sidelines.

I just can't seem to get away from controversy at another little area, so that takes up some good portions of my time...but I still float around here and enjoy watching you guys corner the appropriate parties....I think you are very close to the truth here...perhaps you are right upon it...but you know all of this.

The connection to AW folks, to me, is just about as solid a lead as one could imagine in my opinion. At first I was very skeptical of the connection, simply believing the concept was piggybacked, but after reading some of the things you have elaborated on, I too now believe that the LAP designs came straight from the minds of those working on the AW (and breed) projects...respectively.

Curious indeed, the proximity of many of these folks. Curiouser still the integration of the "lore" with themes of *cough* current science (dare i say) fiction projects....

Something that caught my eye, that I don't remember seeing here (but admittedly I HAVE been somewhat absent) is the enigmatic

Higgs Boson

Not really relavent of course, but a funny similarity in my mind, reminds me of the "design".

At any rate, keep up the good work my friends.

WOY hahaha that's good, yeah I knew that.

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posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 09:03 PM
Hi fort I agree its very solid because at the interview he stated he started from scratch..and weaved it into something unique in its own way, but we recognize as having origins from many places, that would influence people beyond the gaming sphere. We have seen the letters in gaming already, Deux , commander keen, but he also put in things that would catch the eye of people in this crowd. remember that gaming companies employ psychologists and script writers that can crank out a document like an LAP in a heartbeat. Their goal like any moviemaker , writer of fiction, is verasimilitude. And the go to great lengths researching. Look at the SOTA with arsenals of ressearch made to create nice reality. Reality is informatiojn, a clay that can be re-molded digitally, and be presented to an audience and influence or redirect the greater realities (information)around them. I agree, no piggy backing, because of whats involved as I mentioned before. Keep looking this area.
Just like you see gratuitous advertising on ET like the reeses pieces or M@Ms , which resulted in HUGE boost in sales after, it would be no biggie for Alienware to have its product mentioned in say, Whitleys 2 upcomining. movies the Greys, or 2012. In fact go to my Library in profile and if you copy pic onto the desktop, zoom in on what looks like skulls, they look just like alienwares logo ets. ADV works by imagery, and just look at what the imagery of the photos, though fake and the LAP did accomplish so far.
So they wont come out, or they might lose the very audience they were trying to capture. No, we have to go in or smoke them out cowboy style, and that includes the DRT ranch, whose officials remain corraled there as we speak.

Speaking of money, and tracing it. I would like to know who recommended the PIs TK davis to Tomi in UK. There is no way she would know of one all the way in UK.,, nor even Nemo, in France nor OTF in Canada.
Someone "suggested" them to her. There is no way she would pick a San Jose TK davis unless she knew of the area ahead of time, and at that time it was not in question.
Who suggested this is key here, as its a simple question and should be answered without problem.

Lets remember Tomi was not the only one in contact with Linda. who would have no reason to refer them , unless used before, unless she knew about them and where they were located ahead of time as well and was part of a scheme.
Perhaps Numbers, who did live in the area, and also was in contact with Linda suggested the Pis to Tomi.
who then called them and she as a lady from UK appeared in the papers immediately therafter.
How close did numbers live to PIs, ? 10 minutes away from both frank dixon, tkdavis, and the suspected Rajman1077 adress. here is a mapquest plot

Rajman is D, TK at C Numbers at B and Frank Dixon A.

Thats close and highly unusual, on top of being 20 minutes from restaurant
and The Cam pinnochio drone sighting. Even the TK webmaster is only 4 miles from Numbers. It must be great being a forum member and right in the middle of the action!! By the way the webmaster REALLY IS innocent in all of this, for the record.

It is claimed the DRT is paying, however individuals normally can't write off expenses like that. Linda could and Nemo could, but Nemo is in france, not knowing about the Pis. So that would leave Linda and Numbers. Numbers would not be able to write anything off, unless he was working for her, or has another op behind him that can, who might benefit from this, someone like Alienware, that curiously has, as a matter of fact.
Someone suggested them.
That person, is in the core part of the hoax operation.
Someone had better come clean, I am no longer interested in philisophical discussions of proof and non proof.

If PIs are reading this, You know what time place and opportunity are, and a good prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich. Someone had better cut a deal quick.

Thoughts are welcome.

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posted on Sep, 4 2008 @ 06:13 AM
look what i found on a PARC PDF about their DataGlyph technology

from this pdf

their "Glyph-o-scope" revealing aliens on a pyramid ??

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posted on Sep, 4 2008 @ 08:11 AM
reply to post by Barroud

I think you might want to look further...In credits....

"particularly Brian
Tramontana, Deanna Horvath, and Dan Murphy, for
graphics contributions documenting our work"

Besides we are way beyond this point of anything Parc, Sparc, Palo Alto Community Library...

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posted on Sep, 4 2008 @ 04:43 PM
Looks like Spamm to me CF He laid it all over the place . look like termites. African termites are known to build big structures. So maybe they and not Ets built the pyramids

Now, continuing our saga.
Another amazing coincidence is concerning the Rochelles location at which Numbers resides, is this.
On top of, location, lampost, withholding information, living right near his buddy PIs, and Raj, and being an absolute jerk to everyone and anyone who denied drones:
I was pondering yesterday how Isaac interjected the comparison to learning about roswell technology to his friends parents divorce. Numbers also an IT person himself, also is divorced not long ago with two sons. , and if we recall the BB sighting, Jennifer said Stephens whole name Stephen f jain we find on google that Numbers household on Rochelles st , San Jose members are Steven and Jane. Is Isaac acting out ventillating, in his narrative story.
Amazing coincidence is it not? So wassup up wit dat Numbers!?

Thanx ES for borrowing and posting over there .
Thank you ARC members for going into overdrive on this.
I am saving the other leads for endgame.

I have also posted that Hoax update recap at the isaaccaret site. Lets see how openminded they are.

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posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 12:57 PM
u guys are not seeing the BIG picture please reconsider. because I think they are real! please see my google group at caret drone report.

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 04:32 PM
That map came out terrible here it is again

Ahh Thats better. Isnt that all nice n Cozy?

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How does one explain the obvious? How does one have so much UFO activity around a Chinese Restaurant?
and all the investigators live nearby? and cant seem to find a thing?

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posted on Sep, 6 2008 @ 11:32 AM
I wonder, if anybody ever checked the closet. You can never know...

posted on Sep, 6 2008 @ 01:43 PM
Especially as those older homes were made with big big closets for big families, that can accommodate our mothership, or at least a "jet" as Ty said.

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posted on Sep, 6 2008 @ 02:10 PM
I'm not goin' in that closet!

That place freaks me out.

posted on Sep, 6 2008 @ 02:54 PM
I am reminded of a South Park episode when Tom Cruise went into one of the kids closets and wouldn't come out.....Now thats a monster....

posted on Sep, 6 2008 @ 04:45 PM
reply to post by CFandM

Closet Drones?

They Killed Kenny?

Those Bastards!

posted on Sep, 6 2008 @ 05:35 PM
Yes, I did some field research today, guys!

Flushed and watched. Circling spirals, I swear!

We got em now!

posted on Sep, 6 2008 @ 06:50 PM
Yes Sidd, That must be the Vortex Source of power,
And Jonathans and Spirals I bet, have nuch where that came from!!

Its not over!

Life imitates art!

It seems not only are we being invaded by props from parallel dimensions, and star trek movies and Whitleys Portal...
But Dracula has intervened into our reality. Not content to stay six feet under with a stake in his heart, he has by virtue of alien letters written on his coffin come back to challenge the court. Not only that he is immune to sunlight and an OilCompany behind him!

You all remember the Gary Lowrey story, where the famous whistle blower, fire Inspector, from Bakersfield, Ca was sued after telling on a Oil companies evil doings, that resulted in serious injuries in a gas explosion. Gary was a safety inspector, a good one, and a darn honest one too. The company was sued by state of CA, and had to pay lots of money. Of course the Oil company went after Gary and lost.

Gary had a problem though, he is witness to regular ET visitations, and so does his family as I understood. Even implant was removed by a podiatrist, Dr.Lei, who does appearances in this are.
Because of this in a new case against the Oil company, his credibility is challenged by the Company Vampire, Bela Lugosi, Dracula's son with a vengeance.

Here's their most important witness, and the D.A. is buying into it, saying that none of this affects his credibility," said Bela G. Lugosi, an attorney for Greka and son of the actor best known for playing Count Dracula. "We're very surprised." His co-counsel, Santa Monica attorney Jeffrey Valle, agreed. "Yes, there are people who believe in aliens," Valle said, "but we're talking about the Santa Barbara district attorney's office here! oil law suit.

I am glad they spelled out Jeffrey, and not said jus J, Valle, that would have been too much. But,
I would like to say, I am impressed with Gary, more than I am with any of the players I have encountered in this story. He is no profiteer, and turned down big money and deals, including c2c exposure. He knew he would be laughed at.
we do not laugh at you Gary, but do at these , these others..who take away from you and what you try to do.
we wish you well.

We need plenty of Crosses, Aquafina holy water, and garlic cloves for them.

Klatu , this guy is near you! Perhaps a vist there is better, and I hear the girls are prettier.

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posted on Sep, 8 2008 @ 10:34 AM
reply to post by Sys_Config

Thats incredible Sys_Config, not only have you pinpointed the detectives and that that DRT guy all together, You may have nailed down MarsAve and Gary Lowrey as worthy of closer scrutiny. Sounds like Gary may be a relative of of Latitude or Numbers, possibly the father or uncle. I read that alien crap runs in the family with Gary. And that DarkPassage blog was eerie as well. A father and son deal, both on computers and interested in alien technology, as well as games like Half-Life.
Numbers is a half-life freak too!! OMG !Something that Blog said about that. And the dad was disabled just like Gary!Bigtime ballyhoo in Sanfrancisco a couple of years back with a UFO group not far from Numbers.
OMG, these are too many coincidences, don't stop Sys_Config, I think you and ARC nailed them, thats why the Dronees won't respond. They must know too!!! Jesus, MarsAve might be Gary or Numbers, didn't Numbers have the same minolta used on the other pix, but couldn't hide it?
Not only that check out Mars hyphens, they are just like Stephens and Isaacs.!
Christ, You keep after them Man this is the Big One!
Great going!

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