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[HOAX] Isaac CARET - Drones [HOAX]

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posted on Jul, 24 2008 @ 08:49 AM

Originally posted by Siddharta
Now, there was indeed a hoaxer participating in this thread.

Remember, who said, that the whole story smells like John Titor and we should be looking for Oliver Williams? The same guy, who said, Saldfingers is the hoaxer? The one, that brought us the pipepig?

This guy now say:

I am John Titor. I got the idea from Art Bell's 'time traveler caller phone line' in 1997 and came up with the story, I have 1999 posts that can back this up, I will make a vlog about it sometime. My 1st name is John and I'm a John Travolta fan and I wanted the initals to be JT, I chose T erm I na TOR because I'm a Terminator fan. Anyway, just forget the whole story, try to focus on a story even more true to life, Back to the Future!

And at youtube he calls himself John Razimus aka John Titor:

Razimus is titor and , Oliver williams the webmaster Titor..Well then who is manning the fort at the Titor Foundation, Simanonoke of george mason or Larry Haberof destina theatres in Florida..and who will take careof Little titor, now growing up?
I remember Razimus as a debunker with his comparative charts that were quite compelling showing this was hoax too.
I wrote to him about saladfingers, by then he changed his mind.
Worth looking, at again,

posted on Jul, 24 2008 @ 09:04 AM
Three month before this "I am Titor"-post, he answered the question, why he thinks, this is a hoax like that:

Um, I don't think, I know for a fact that it is. I've been deeply involved in the subject of time-travel since I was a kid, and I've listened to Art Bell since around 1989, and the hoaxers that put together that sham also were fans of Art Bell, in fact Art inspired the hoax with his "time-traveler caller only line" he had in the 90's, I heard the titor inventor call in various times before 1999, before he perfected his script, none of the major predictions are even remotely accurate, the only accuracies were common knowledge at the time such as mad cow. I don't even want to debate it.

posted on Jul, 24 2008 @ 09:40 AM
i believe him, I read all of Razimus stuff, sounds there what may have happened here . Haber was a big time travel buff too. Razimus says he had listened to early time travel calls on c2c. So I am foggy there. But both (oliver williams?)acted in synergy with the other though not partners. Razimus had his own story, he related about a strange light hitting his computer screen. But Razimus, was debunking later, while Haber and c2c , especially George Noory, shamelessly subscribed to Habers idea, and flew with it even today. By the way, Simanonoke is a brilliant man, however, his political leanings like libertarian always come out, and a very short fuse from what I saw on posts with his students and colleagues. hmm Who here has that type of disposition in our story?
I will try to sort out some details, but I wonder if Razimus suspected or knew that same people in Titor from florida, may have been part in Isaac too.
His mistake with Kris, was just a mistake, (see early comments)but not fatal mistake to the rest idea or hypothesis, his comparative was excellent. intriguing . Lucky for Linda did not catch a ride with that one n Titors time travel car.
Yes a great example of how media like c2c help along with crap like this.
Perhaps George should move to the phillipines too, or maybe go to another year somwhere in time.

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posted on Jul, 24 2008 @ 09:56 AM
Last year, many sensible people were saying things like, "Sure, it looks like a hoax, with the vanishing witnesses, many questionable aspects of the photos, and so on, but it is too early to make a definitive statement. We just don't have enough evidence yet."

That was then. We are well beyond that stage now, and the photos and the "witness" testimony continue to fall apart. Some folks think we are wasting our time here, looking for the perpetrators. Maybe some of our critics do not understand our quest. Others may feel it is unimportant. Why they feel the need to chastise us for it is beyond me, but it is apparent that we will have such visits on a fairly regular basis. That's not what this post is about.

Even considering that the mass of a single electron is essentially zero, there is a ton of data out there concerning this hoax. Mountains of photos, opinions, lies, religious mania, psychotic rants, con games, honest investigation by sensible people, and on and on. Something interesting is happening with all this data, thanks to the continued digging into it, however. After more than a year, some patterns are emerging. Pattern recognition is one of the hallmarks of human reasoning. In other words, humans are generally very good at that game. Some shapes and a few details seem obvious to me at the moment, and the more real research is done here, the more complete the picture gets. Thank you, Springer, for not shutting this thread down. If the DRT's forum is the only place in cyberspace where the silly drones are accepted as real no matter what evidence may turn up, this is the only place where honest, intelligent people are encouraged to focus on the whodunit. Many of us here believe this is not only a worthy pursuit, but feel it is important to expose the nature and the mechanics of the ruse. If we are lucky, we may even uncover the Why? That would be cool.

So it appears to me, at this point, that we have a certain kind of team responsible for the drone nonsense. There was considerable preparation done, and bits of information were released into carefully chosen venues on a tightly drawn schedule. I think this is the product of a closely knit team, with the necessary collection of skills, and who have worked together on complex online activities before. It's not hard to imagine a veteran team from some online gaming realm realizing they have the "skilz" to perpetrate a wonderful hoax. It is also easy to imagine such a group convincing itself that there was a high purpose to their vandalism, as is often the case with the sorts of people who engage in such activity. I suspect they convinced themselves that they were brilliant enough to "force disclosure" with their hoax. Their con would be so convincing that it could not be told from reality, and in fact would virtually become reality, bulldozing all opposition and forcing the "powers that be" to admit that weird things are indeed flying around in our skies. I am not saying this makes sense; only that it is what I believe our perps used as rationale for their silly stunt.

Whenever one decides that the end justifies the means, he has turned down a dead end street. Much of 20th Century history is the record of various peoples and leaders learning this the hard way. Trying to force disclosure with pure B. S. is a fool's game. We have also seen that our perps are not quite as brilliant as they thought they were. They are not even as smart as poor old Einstein, who gets less respect by the day. It could even be that our team of geniuses was manipulated by The Man, in the person of some government agent or other. If they were not, then they have done the same job as volunteers, without any money or coercion from the "usual suspects." What heroes!

So where do we look for these perps? As we found last winter, we need to look at people with huge egos. Wow, that narrows it down! Maybe some people who fight for the "reality" of the ridiculous photos with deadly serious religious fervor? It would make more sense to me to just disappear, and let some "useful idiots" take the rap, but then I am not among the kind of geniuses who attempted this fiasco. As it turns out, we have a boat load of egomaniacs whose stories do not add up associated with this episode. I do not think the hypothetical team described above was made up of more than half a dozen people, let alone a hundred. Oh well, we'll keep digging. Dr. Dil's analysis of the timeline of Isaac's revelations and the immediate results is an excellent example of the kind of solid, useful information that is continuing to develop. Thanks, Doc! A great deal of damage has been done with this stunt, and as an amateur ufologist, I want to see the perps held accountable.

posted on Jul, 24 2008 @ 10:19 AM
Wow guys, you both woke me up with this better than a cup of coffee in the morning, Thanx!!
The two prior systemmatic hoaxes before Isaac, that got me into this, were Titor, and The Cdr Rutledge moon hoax. I ran out of personal time and never could wrap it up. Though Thierry speth , the French artist, remained suspect, and Larry Haber , once lead attorney at Viso calc , of the early 80s , then entertainment lawyer and theater entrepeneur, stay on my list for those.
Thanx Double for such an elegant and accurate despcription of what the stakes are, and just how any motive can serve as a source for a hoax, and Sid, for showing that there is a machine lsetup to accommodate the BS, yet oddly, the real infrastructure, like mufon, and Nuforc, are being slowly destroyed, by the same hoaxers and their activities, whether it was a noble cause, or just a prank. Like the vendors who sold firewood, and smiths who made tools, for the inquisitioners, the time will come when they run out of witches, but it doesnt look like too soon here for the lumberjacks C2c and Earthfiles. and others like them.
Thats what they and whitley, are selling now, The New Consciousness, that will assuredly fall on our heads like mana from heaven, as the the the great Queztecatl Bird, flys over us in 2012.

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posted on Jul, 24 2008 @ 12:37 PM

Originally posted by Sys_Config

Thats why they and whitley, are selling now, The New Consciousness, that will assuredly fall on our heads like mana from heaven, as the the the great Queztecatl Bird, flys over us in 2012.

posted on Jul, 24 2008 @ 02:46 PM

Originally posted by Double_Nought_Spy [snip]
Oh well, we'll keep digging. Dr. Dil's analysis of the timeline of Isaac's revelations and the immediate results is an excellent example of the kind of solid, useful information that is continuing to develop. Thanks, Doc! A great deal of damage has been done with this stunt, and as an amateur ufologist, I want to see the perps held accountable.

Hi Doubles, thanks so much for the kind words!!

I too want to see the perpetrators held accountable, also I thought it prudent to re-post a condensed version of the timeline here at ATS, so here it is!!

Isaac initially contacted C2C late on the 25th June, below is a direct quote from an email I received off Lex a while ago that confirms this (I enquired as to the specific time):

The Isaac correspondence came in at 6/25/2007 10:33 PM PT.

On the 27th July (a month later) LMH posted the following:

July 27, 2007 Albuquerque, New Mexico - After the Isaac letter and CARET document were released on June 26, 2007, one of the criticisms was expressed this way:


I emailed these issues to Isaac and on June 27, 2007, I received his replies in two separate emails indicated by receipt times, which Isaac gave me permission to share in an Earthfiles follow-up. My delay in reporting these emails is that I had an indication from Isaac that I might be able to interview him by phone. So, I waited, hoping the interview would occur. But to date, that has not happened.

From: Isaac
Subject: Re: "Drones"
Date: June 27, 2007 Received 1:34 PM, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Also note that this is the first & only time I’ve seen LMH reference these unannounced conversations with Isaac, but I digress…..

As you can see the email was received at 1:34 PM, Albuquerque, New Mexico

I’ve checked the world clocks and it seems that C2C is an hour behind LMH, (Albuquerque, New Mexico = Mountain Time Zone) and they didn’t receive the Isaac communication until 10:33 PM PT.

Now if someone at C2C was reading the emails at this time of night, they still had to read the email which would no doubt be queued up with others, realise what they were reading then quickly read it all to see exactly what was being claimed, make a snap judgement and alert whomever on the C2C side would need alerting about such information, and then finally inform LMH and post the information online. LMH stated in the quote above that, “After the Isaac letter and CARET document were released on June 26, 2007.

So LMH didn’t receive the documentation until at best the early hours of the 26th June, she could well have awoke to discover them on the morning of the 26th when you consider the lateness of the hour we are talking about.

Anyway she has to realise there’s an email there because again as Tomi has said that even she (Tomi) has to use special pre-agreed words in the email headers to stand a chance of being read, and even then LMH sometimes still misses them. So she (LMH) has to read the email and the Isaac documentation to assess its worth. I don’t need to remind you (but I will!!) that this is no mean task as when combined they are make for a lengthy document, she then has to decide to post the images and the text.

Due to the length of the documents LMH was forced to split the documents into two web-pages and these are still the longest two pages I’ve seen at Earthfiles, and of course they needed formatting for her site. Plus I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Part2 was actually posted first. LMH wouldn’t make a basic error like this by accident and I believe she actually done it so that people visiting the Earthfiles website would see Part1 before Part2. Anyway what I’m getting at is this means it’s more than likely she uploaded both pages at the same time, which in turn means that she had to acknowledge, read, recognise, copy, reformat and post the document in its entirety before it went, ‘live.’

So after all of this, and after it was uploaded it still has to reach the public. It’s a little while before the aggregators pick the story up and quite a while longer before the new post propagates through the internet via alerts/notifications. So I believe the first time her fans arrived was at the absolute best late-afternoon, and at worst late or during the night (26th June).

And then people visiting the LMH website have to realise there is new information available, read the Isaac documents, understand what is being said and digest the information.

They then need to decide that they are going to reply via email, think about their questions, formulate them and send them to LMH. These questions were varied and examples of these ranged from readers querying the ‘model parts’ to the formatting of the document, image sizes etc.

So what time could it be now?

In my opinion it must be nearing midnight (if not after) on the 26th June before a readers reply could be sent back to LMH. Now as we know LMH receives vast amounts of emails as it is, so vast that code-words are sometimes overlooked, so to have replies to the recently posted Isaac documentation piling in as well must have proved quite a workload.

If LMH had been at her computer almost constantly since receiving the documents you can’t expect every Earthfiles reader to have been and I don’t think it’s likely that LMH would have received any reader emails until the 27th June.

Now, the previous 24 hours have already being hectic with quite a bit of time and work involved at Earthfiles, so LMH had to read this new deluge of emails as well as the regular ones, pick out the most popular or most pertinent questions, compile these in an email and finally send it to Isaac.

Isaac has to realise he’s received it, read the questions then compose another lengthy & multi page email in reply to these accusations, he replied twice and when combined these two emails amount to well over 2,000 words!!

So, if C2C received the email at 10:33 PM PT on the 6/25/2007 then this would make it 11:33 PM in New Mexico and if C2C read the email AS SOON as they received it then forwarded it to LMH this means the earliest time LMH could possibly have been aware of the Isaac communication was the 26th June, so basically everything I have described above had to take place before 1:34 PM the day after this, which was the 27th June.

(continued below)

posted on Jul, 24 2008 @ 02:46 PM
So taking on board everything that had to happen in order for LMH to receive a reply from Isaac, a reply that directly answered the questions posed by Earthfiles readers then I struggle to see how all of these events I detail above could possibly have occurred in the timeframe stated by LMH, a timeframe which in reality is a matter of hours rather than days. I should probably point out at this juncture that:


The only reason I place so much emphasis on the times & dates is so other members can appreciate how unlikely it was that Isaac replied so quickly and exactly what it would have entailed were he to do so.

Also, the only reason that I mentioned the time LMH posted the initial documentation was because it was directly relevant to her receiving the questions from Earthfiles readers, questions which she then emailed to Isaac and as I also pointed out Isaac replied in two emails totalling over 2,000 words.

It has nothing to do with how quickly she republished the Isaac documents but rather was relevant in showing everything that had to happen before she received a reply from Isaac answering the questions.

The actual dates really are inconsequential but what is consequential is the time lapsed between when Isaac first ever contacted C2C and LMH receiving his reply to questions asked by Earthfiles readers, which was somewhere around 24 hours and I believe that’s been generous. The following may explain it better, and remember Isaac was unheard of before any of this occurred.

Isaac contacted C2C. (10:33 PM)
C2C noticed his email.
C2C read and digested his lengthy documentation.
C2C published the documents/contacted LMH.
LMH received this email and read the documents.
LMH published the documents.
Earthfiles readers located & read these documents.
Earthfiles readers formulated & wrote these questions in an email.
Questions were then emailed to LMH.
LMH noticed she had received these emails.
LMH read them and picked out what she thought were pertinent questions.
LMH emailed Isaac.
Isaac noticed he had received these emails.
Isaac penned a lengthy reply answering these questions.
Isaac emailed this reply to LMH.

There’s a couple of *bottlenecks* involved with the above timeline:

C2C didn’t receive the email until late at night, would anyone from C2C have been reading emails at this time? Also C2C receive many, many emails and as Isaac was unknown prior to this email it wouldn’t have been a priority to read his first, so it may well have went unnoticed until the next day.

The next bottleneck as I see it is Earthfiles readers contacting LMH as before this could happen, LMH had to be aware of, read, resize, format and post all of the Isaac documents. Then Earthfiles readers had to have realised there was new information, read/digest it and then articulate their questions in an email which was sent to LMH (who also receives many, many emails on a daily basis).

My point is that according to what was wrote by LMH that all of this occurred in a matter of hours which I found unrealistic and still do.

Here's the time LMH posted the Isaac documents:

Here’s a screen grab from the Earthfiles webpage in question.

1) Confirms that as I said LMH originally published the Isaac documentation on the 26th June 2007.

2) Further confirmation of this fact as well as confirming the date she is writing/wrote this which is the 27th July 2007 (1 month after she posted the Isaac documentation).

3) Confirms that Isaac replied to her questions on the 27th June 2007.

4) The time that LMH received the first email from Isaac on the 27th June 2007

Still, it’s no secret that I personally struggle with every aspect of the Drones (especially where LMH is concerned) so in the grand scheme of things then what’s one more red flag?

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posted on Jul, 24 2008 @ 04:35 PM
Great stuff Dr, as always,
Lets take it a tad further shall we Dr. DIL,

only if she had the material in advance, and discussions with Isaac prior to the 25 could she have pulled it off reasonably. Tomi and Whitley slipped and said as much. All it would take is a submission of a copy of the material to c2c for something she may already have had. All she would have to do, is wait until it was announced on c2c. THEN immediately put it on her website. It didnt take her a week to get full control, after Isaac said all communications would be thru c2c only, and changed horses immediately. Why? simply because it was known ahead of time, and THAT in my opinion, was the gameplan following the nicely sequenced ufo flap of May. Tahoe and Chad, were the trial baloons, Raj and Ty were like final tweaking, and erasing tracks, like party favors and games, and then..Isaac ...was the icing on the cake.
The Only problem was, that the DJ, Arthur, (The single most important expert She had thru Whitley) backed out, and she cut her finger slicing the cake. But still, there were standin clown experts left like Joe the shoe maker, and haha the clown Jimbo, AND WILEY whitley, and Shirley temple, on standby, and so the show continued on.
That is how I see it transpired.

Well why all the switches by whitley?, he said it was a "crock" in the beginning! Of course Lads and Lassies, he did, its called plausable deniability, and he came to change his mind "slowly", after hearing the "witnesses", and "tests", we havent heard or seen yet, to this day. Its how all scams operate, with shills in place before during and after since time immemorial.And THAT , imo, is why we won't get emails, names, addresses, pictures, from them, because it would end the hoax completely and reveal collusion.

How does that sound Doc, I hope clearer now. I'm sorry I didnt bring a party hat with me

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posted on Jul, 24 2008 @ 05:21 PM
Wonderful posts and updates, DRDIL/DOUBLES/SIDD/SYS! Megakudos.

Did you all see this 'disclosure' by astronaut Edgar Mitchell today?

For the first time PUBLICLY he admitted knowledge of alien life and EBE visits to Earth and govt. coverups."Moon-walker claims alien contact cover-up"

And here at OMF:

Topic: UFO DISCLOSURE! Apollo Astronaut Mitchell at Open Minds

Interesting timing and such for those who believe in the disinformation angle for the drones and CARET/LAP and all, eh?

Any thoughts guys?

posted on Jul, 24 2008 @ 05:55 PM
reply to post by Sys_Config

Hi Sys,

It certainly sounds more plausible than the alleged *natural* sequence of events/coincidences that I describe above…..

There are a couple of other scenarios but they are all equally damning to LMH, for example it could be as simple as, “Superficial and inaccurate reporting” which LMH is fond of projecting onto all other media outlets. And it could be no more than the fact she’s mixed her dates up. If this is the case then she could never admit to it because she claimed that the headers of the email displayed the dates she included and pasted the dates with that understanding.

Or, she could be merely displaying her prowess at landing Isaac & using it as testament to her ‘kindness’ in deciding to share his correspondence with everyone else, a correspondence that that was a direct rebuttal to Earthfiles readers accusations and as such belonged in the public domain the second she received it, much like the other 11 full size scans she is still withholding.

And let’s face it, irrespective of whether she was hoping Isaac would provide her with an interview or not, it should have absolutely no bearing on he release of information that yet again was intended for public dissemination, well, except of course she couldn’t tout it as an *Earthfiles Exclusive* which we all know takes priority over investigative journalism, a la Ricky Sorrells.

In fact there’s a variety of other scenarios but I struggle to think of one that would show LMH in a favourable light, of course that may be solely due to my cynicism…..

But to be fair my cynicism isn’t granted freely, it generally has to be earned and LMH has earned my cynicism & mistrust all by herself, this is due to her past and present actions, methodology and inherently biased elitist style of reporting.


posted on Jul, 24 2008 @ 06:08 PM
reply to post by Sys_Config

And as for Whitley, his *moment of clarity* came when he was transcending several dimensions, or dreaming as we call it (sorry Klat, I know you’re a fan).

But on 6th December 2007 when Whitley authorized the email that detailed his sighting to be sent to his “Unknown Country” subscribers list on his behalf, I believe was the turning point, I wrote this at the time:

Whitley Strieber has always said he can't prove (and as such didn't know) that the Drones were real and that perhaps the lessons learned from the full experience are more important than the nuts and bolts physical reality of the craft.

Well that all seems to have changed with this latest revelation, the first line of Whitley's recent email states:

“Well, in one sense the Drones mystery is solved because at 4:53 this morning, I saw one.”

And the last line of the email reaffirms this by stating that:

“There is no question in my mind at all but that they are real.”


Personally I do have great difficulties in believing that the entire account is simply nothing more than a fabrication, and I'm interested to see which path Whitley is planning on taking, hopefully it's not just the path that leads to his bank…..

Whitley also wrote that:

“And remember, there are a lot of people out there lying about the drones and trying to debunk them. But these people ignore ONE THING: Linda's interviews with credible eyewitnesses. Do not be deceived about this.”

He, he, I always thought that the line/s:

“Linda's interviews with credible eyewitnesses. Do not be deceived about this”

Were almost Freudian in nature with their subliminal message far outweighing that of the intended one…..

posted on Jul, 24 2008 @ 06:19 PM
HI Klatu, great story, I tried to look for interview at kerrangi and could not find it. Story went on UK daily too.
Thats the kind of people we need, look what he is putting on line. Nasa might not be coverig up , but other agencies do that for them and they coud be telling truth at same time.. Lets see what develops.
Thanx for the thumbs up.

Update, it turns out that story was a reptition of what Mitchell had said earlier on C2C. According to George Noory, Mitchell has never claimed to see anything, rather it was close friends working in the military and Contractor Dept. So, we are essentially getting hearsay. That does not mean to discount it, but rather it goes down a notch or more as far as verifiability.
In Addition, at tonights c2c Richard Hoagland was present, and he states that he thinks Mitchell is being manipulated, as based on the info he has in his forthcoming book , we already have the tech to fly and make ufo type craft. That what mitchell may be a prelude to is a false flag operation by the true PTB.
Yes Mum, Technology acquired via people like Von Braun after world war 2., that being the anti grav work done by the science division of the German ver macht.

Now having owned a Grundig stereo myself, I can tell you right now, they probably did develop something probably way ahead of the times, as It was unequivocally, THE BEST stereo I ever had, better than a Marantz or Fisher, at the time.

So, I suggest everyone stay away from this one as its aboout to get ugly between the disclosure people, Mufon, which as a class, Hoagland essentially said is worthless, implying staged sightings, and who knows, maybe the drone people. As Hoaglands theory actually fits in nicely with the paradigm of conspracies, mind control, surveillance, anti grav, etc..
Oddly George was in rare form, as he disagreed with Richard. Imagine that! and took Mitchells side.

So this should be amusing to see this "cat fight" in the making progress further.
To be honest, which is difficult for me at times, I knew something was up when I saw it in the Australian paper , where that Wshington sighting took place over The Ranch or magic mountain, or whatever its called. And also, the website of kangarra or such, is absolutely a junkyard of ads and self promotion and subscription. I need to refer them to SPf for some counseling, its an aesthetic nightmare. But back to Michell, he may well be the catalyst needed by the ufo people, for a dull ufo year, notwithstanding the massive number of bizarre and religious sightings, and all these conferences coming up.

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posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 09:47 AM
According to OntheFence, they have received email from one Walter, to the effect that 2 of their drone reports, post Isaac in Oregon and Michigan, were faked. These would be the Jesus Sermon on the mount Drone, and the Andys Fishing Hole Drone.I find the dates of the photos interesting, the first was 10/14 but the very last dated 2002. So he must be doing these a long long time.

From: Walter
Subject: "Michigan" and Oregon "drones"
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2008 00:30:33 +0000
Hello,I've tried to register at your forum, however I never heard back. I created the hideous Oregon 'drone' and the 'Michigan' drone. The Oregon drone was 2 minutes in Illustrator and 2 minutes in Photoshop...and it looks like it. The 'Michigan' drone was the same...Illustrator and Photoshop. I contacated LMH regarding said items, but never heard back. Many may have a problem 'faking' UFO sighting, I however do not. There is more than one way to skin a cat, as the old saying goes. In other words, the UFO phenomenon and national 'reporting' websites are only a tool. Use that for what it's worth. I'll attatch some of my work...


Thank you OTF for posting that at the DRT forum.
We know its not easy , and that you may even have misgivings about this email. But it is better to have misgivings at the very very onset than at the middle or end. These people waste both our times over and over again.
As flawed as Mufon and Nuforc are, and dozens of reports they get almost daily , they maintain the skeptics viewpoint like us at the onset, than the other way around. Even then, we still have a good chance of getting bit. So its nip it, before it nips you.

@Sidd Your Avatar, that is kewl!

That is one of THE most Dangerous Snarks around, the Boojum, a monopole singularity, on the surface of superhelium3 liquid that suddenly, makes super current disappear. Lewis Carol would be terrified himself along with the Jabberwocky and Bandersnatch too.

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posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 11:21 AM

And just when I started being nice, I cannot re emphasize more, on how the search for hoaxters is being Fought and resisted tooth and nail by the very people responsible for "investigating". The DRT and now OMF.

This is an announcement by Jeddyhi Today at OMF.

Apparently my stance on the drone issue has caused Nemo much pain and grief. He has been complaining to staff that I ask to many hard questions and don't play fair. I am resigning my position as an Admin or staff of this board. It is with great disappointment I do this. I was told to leave the drone case alone and offered a demotion. I refused. I would rather quit and be be a regular member. Perhaps now Nemo can be made an Admin lol.

Bren you disappoint the hell out of me. The DRT team leader had no business being made a staff member here anyway. Conflict of interest......but yet he stays and I go.

There are many forums out there. I will be around.

I would like to know who the heck is really in charge over there! Is DRT part owner of OMF now? Someone tell me something!
What kind of website has that become! This is horrendous, and just what kind of fools do they think we the public are that no one will see the obvious collusion going on?
Were people getting THAT close to the Hoaxters or are people willing to do ANYTHING to be spared embarrasment , including crushing people and their questions.? I believed as foolishly as some of the believers in other camps, that their was hope for OMF and getting some real answers . Obviously there is NONE. I should take my own advice in the future and be skeptical on ALL matters.

We wish you well Jeddyhi and we wil take the kid gloves off on this one.
Someone just winced , and in the process showed their hand.

I recommend all ARC members place a copy of that email, at the daily grail, Paracast, and every freedom loving and just Webite in our community we can think of Its obvious now whats shamelessly going on with this Cabal between DRT and OMF ...and NO ..WE will not go away gently into the night!

Good Day!

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posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 01:04 PM
At least I don't have to change even one word, of what I wrote in my Hoax-text... I nearly thought so, when things seemed to be more friendly and cooperative for a short time.

The old man from the mountains seems to have a lot of influence over there. Having lost two drones at once must have been frustrating. Now he must fight for the others with his back at the wall.

I start to wonder, who the boojum is, Sys...

posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 01:13 PM
As more people are forced to disappear, it won't be long to find out and from the sounds I hear, he must be very very close, even Bren , who already has pacts withe the Devil, is afraid what he let into the house.! So Now we hunt the Boojum and we have the hoaxter.

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posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 02:05 PM
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Good Gawd! There went a big chunk of credibility, and they didn't have any to spare. It's like they are purposely trying to sink their little boat over there. Jed was one of a precious few mods who actually lived up to the name of the place.

posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 02:34 PM
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This is really the most interesting turn of events this year in the saga...Will it turn into a One-World website..Can we call it the DROMFT....To many new threads with evidence pointing to hoax that it needs to be moderated to the extent of sacrificing Jedd to throw off everyones attention from those threads and put everyones attention on Jedd.......

This to me is equal to you find that your employer is doing something wrong so you confront them about it..Then a day later you get demoted or fired....hmmm...Suspious indeed....

posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 04:40 PM
Yes we should all stop to think..

Im tired, lets watch some E mitchell on Fox news.

I can't stand that TV narrator.

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