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[HOAX] Isaac CARET - Drones [HOAX]

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posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 11:29 PM
"During my time there, I worked with a lot of the technology that is clearly at work in the recent drone/strange craft sightings, most notably the "language" and diagrams seen on the underside of each craft. - "Isaac", ref. url

What was that definition of Linguistics, again?

Originally posted by BugZyZuncle
lol... nowhere in his letter does Isaac claim to be a linguist! He simply stated that he was a civilian with various degrees in electronics that worked with other civilians with exact, or better credentials, in a secret millitary project which tried to decipher ET technology! He stated that he, in the past, had worked for the DoD and this helped him reach a posiion in management.

Some of you need to improve your reading comprehension!

This is a legit situation that some people will not recognise because they are too caught up trying to impress each other with their ability to seriate information which they have totally misinterpreted. I guess you are just trying to make internet friends or something, or make yourselves feel better!

Most of you would not recognize disclosure if it slapped you in the face!

Isaac is the real deal!

Most everyone (a couple have picked up on it) here totally missed the real clues as to Isaacs truthfullness and will continue to label him with whatever generaliztion that they can think of to try to make themselves look smarter!

It's hilarious really!!

Text White

posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 11:37 PM
I think we can go ahead and strike this as not being connected to Halo 3 viral marketing except for that the viral marketing people behind Halo 3 were smart enough to use the pictures and such for there ARG.

My reasoning is that this has spread to a whole new level than just pictures and I really don't think Microsoft would be very happy if they were the master minds behind a hoax of this magnitude.

Also this is heavily connected to Coast to Coast am radio and Premiere owns Coast to Coast and Clear Channel owns Premiere radio so if this whole time the Isaac thing is part of a Halo 3 marketing, well they basically duped Clear Channel into getting free pub and I think Clear Channel would be pretty ticked off and may even sue over something like that.

Any one else agree with that assessment that we can go ahead and say this is NOT part of the Halo 3 marketing or for that matter really any other marketing campaign?

Even so this does not mean it is not a hoax in my opinion.

posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 12:09 AM
Which One of These is Not Like the Other One!

Originally posted by an0maly33
i've got it. CGI.
the symbols on the center of the piece are mirrored at the half-way point. they should be rotated if they were supposed to be the same symbol!

in case you don't see it, pretend you were looking at the module from the side and cut it in half from top to bottom: the symbols on the left side are mirrored across that "cut" to the other side. this tells me that the texture was just mirrored across that point and not actualle redone from scratch for the other half.

I found the same thing in the LAP diagrams, coincidental... maybe, but methinks otherwise. Careless imagery, well it seems that way.
I've said it before, it must have taken alot of time and effort to produce something like this, so I am still unsure. I would like to believe it is just viral marketing and the new ARG for nin.


posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 12:10 AM


The diagrams, to say the very least, are a mindjob. Who knows what they could possibly represent? Did they transfer these from the alien technology, or did they create these to work on their own reverse engineered substrates? Based on what Isaac said, they don't know how these things work. So it wouldn't make sense that they could fashion such a complex diagram, unless it was a hoax. Are the circles and lines representing some sort of circuit board? Are the main circles representing actual components? This much has not been revealed to us in his letter or the CARET quarterly report.

One thing I will say is that in my years in the graphics and printing industry, I have never seen anything quite like them. They are complex to such an amazing degree, I can't think of any artist that could envision something so magnificent, although I'm sure they could. The work of line art is astounding. Look at the bar code shapes around the circles and you will see that they aren't all equal height or thickness, yet they blend together so organically. If this diagram contains data, could you imagine what it would do or say? The imagination runs wild on this.

There is one thing that was mentioned about the diagram which I would like to touch upon. It was a very good catch, and even had me questioning it for a moment, until I really thought about. And I was only able to do so because of my industry background. A person here mentioned that when all the individual enlargements were laid on top of the full diagram, one of the enlargements, diagram 122, were mirrored and inversed. Now of course this must mean it's a hoax, right? Wrong. In fact, if anything, it lends credence to the authenticity and age of the documents.

First, let's examine why one would think it is a hoax. When working with page layout programs such as QuarkXpress or Adobe InDesign, you drop in a picture box. Once you place your image in the box, there are buttons, left and right arrows, to flip your X&Y coordinates. Could this be done in 1984 - 1987? No. The layout programs of that time were limited to very basic operations. However it could have been done in a CAD program, but that isn't what happened.

Back in those days, everything was done by means of a big camera, which was used to shoot images, and could output film, stats or polyesther plates for offset lithography. Many of these cameras are still used today. If an original color or B&W photo was taken and developed on photographic paper, and someone wanted to use it for a layout, it would have to be re-shot with a big camera which was capable of reducing it and outputting a black and white stat, which is a fancy word for a print on smooth photographic paper. That stat would then be pasted up onto the layout, such as the CARET report, then re-shot with the camera. They would then output film which had a halftone in it, and then burn the
film to a plate for offset printing. This is how they used those color photos in the report. However, if they didn't need to make a stat because they had the film negative, they could use that too, which leads me to the diagram.

(continued in next post)

posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 12:12 AM

What was also used were 35mm and 4" x 5" cameras for up-close product photography or reproduction of an image, and they would have used slide film for this. They still do today, but not as much since digital cameras have come so far. If they had this large blueprint of the diagram, and wanted to use a small part of it (as shown on the report pages), they would have photographed the document in several sections, and used slide film or even regular film. Once they had developed the film, the
individual frames would have to be exposed to light above a piece of photographic paper. They could enlarge it easily to an 8" x 10".

But since the slides or negatives are manually inserted (I know because I did this in school), at least they were back in those days, the person could have easily turned them upside down and printed the mirrored, inversed image. The photographic paper was then pasted up on the original report, shot with the big camera, and output film with halftones for burning to a plate.

And there you have your document, dated to that decade. For a hoaxer to come up with such a beautiful piece of work and not catch an error such as inverting it in a page layout program is just not at all probable.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Some of you have criticized the technical aspect, or lack thereof, of the report. Well think about this for a second. Did I just go into great detail about the makes and models and manufacturers of the film or cameras of that era? No. Why? Because it wouldn't mean anything to the person who couldn't understand it. That's why I used phrases like "big camera" instead of telling you the manufacturer was Ikon. So do you really think in a quarterly report to managers and general staff at this facility that they would have used technical jargon? I don't think so, not at all.

posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 12:17 AM
Here's an idea for some of you die-hard believers. Why don't you get a sharpie pen and a pig and start drawing some of those diagrams on it. Maybe the pig will start levitating and you can fly around on it like Harry Potter does on a broom. You know Harry Potter is real, don't you? I mean, who in the world could possibly come up with all those "props"? Who could possibly come up with an idea like that?

And for those of you who think magic words are a new idea, think again. Of course, it's in a book which you might have to read. I know how loathe it is for some of you to actually do something, rather than blindly believing and defending.

Anyway, let us know how that flying pig thing works out for you, okay? Harry probably gets tired of getting splinters in his behind!

posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 12:33 AM
well, it seems like my attatchments are either too big, or I don't know how to operate this mac yet.

here is my .02 cents,
alot of people have said that this is way too much data to refute, and it must be either real or a very elaborate hoax, also someone said that the puzzle may lie in the scans of the LAP themselves. I agree wholeheartedly and your research combined with what I have seen myself is doing nothing but openinig up a pandoras box of questions that I am not on the level of answering... let alone understanding in the least bit.

I found that the character/diagrams match eachother consistently in the LAP, with some simple transforming (scaling and rotating) excluding one... I forgot which page but it is the one with the circled question marks... that one is inverted from the rest. In order for it to fit on the main page it must be flipped horizontally and vertically. Why? That seems illogical if someone is taking the utmost care for the sake of accuracy.

Assuming that 119 is the main page, then one would logically believe that all of the latter docs would be cohesive. I'm not here to state that you need photoshop to see what I am seeing, just take a closer look. The characters in the center of the circle are inverted.

posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 12:43 AM

Originally posted by pjslug


The diagrams, to say the very least, are a mindjob.

There is one thing that was mentioned about the diagram which I would like to touch upon. It was a very good catch, and even had me questioning it for a moment, until I really thought about. And I was only able to do so because of my industry background. A person here mentioned that when all the individual enlargements were laid on top of the full diagram, one of the enlargements, diagram 122, were mirrored and inversed. Now of course this must mean it's a hoax, right? Wrong. In fact, if anything, it lends credence to the authenticity and age of the documents.

thank you for your input on this matter PJ, your theory does make sense on the image reversal of 122, and I see that after I had divulged more into this you had posted this.

good to see that there are some of us that look at the big picture and read all the posts before jumping on here and stating CGI hoax just to do it. I'm no expert man, I just have a high attention to detail disorder...
and the level of detail that went into this project is amazing to me even, it still feels real.

posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 12:52 AM


In the CARET report, we find blurbs of blacked out text, crossed out text. Who did this, and why?

Well, obvious assumptions can say it wasn't any of the people on the premises. What good would it do to show a report to someone with elements blacked out? And why would they do this after the meeting. They would still want copies for their records. Someone that worked there, other than Isaac could have done it, but if it was that secret to even the people inside the facility, then the documents would have been recreated and the originals shredded from existence. This is not the case.

Isaac blacked out these sections himself, on copies of the copies, before he scanned them. He told us that there were parts that he would omit if it was just too unsafe to say, facts that could lead the authorities back to him. But he made a mistake.

Isaac is, after all, human -- yes it's true, he's not an alien. He hinted to us in his letter that the drones would only be visible if the people operating them either did it on purpose, or someone else interfered with them. So that says these drones can become invisible. This is one thing he should not have even mentioned, and if it was what was mentioned in the report, he made a very human error.

What possible commercial applications would be useful, aside from anti-gravity, that was relevant to the report and omitted? Could it have been energy? No, I don't think the major power and water corporations would want people creating their own power. They would be put out of business. Could it have been medical technology? Personal medical machines without the use of a trained physician could be dangerous, especially with language that a human couldn't read. It would also destroy the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Personal cooking devices? I think not. Transportation? Well that ties into the anti-gravity. So what is left? Invisibility. And I'm sure there could be many others,
such as translation devices.

Although I can't think of many commercial applications for invisibility, I'm sure there is are. One comes to mind though, such as making your automobile invisible when you are inside your house so a person cannot steal it.


One thing I have wondered about is how the military would benefit from the sale of commercial items with alien technology? Well, they wouldn't. And I don't think the military ever planned on letting the items become commercial. If anything it was a front.

Isaac did say that the environment was made to be more comfortable for the sake of the people that worked there, and so they performed better. This makes complete sense. I hate working in stressful environments and having done so many times (the printing industry is very stressful), I will never do it again. So why did PACL eventually get shut down?

Ah... Well if the engineers couldn't figure out how to make these machines work, what would be the point in keeping the doors open and spending that much money to do so? It's not like the military was going to hand over alien artifacts to Maytag, or even Microsoft. The military cares about one thing, itself. It wants weapons, defense technology, reconaisance, space exploration even (for weapons, of course). Once they realized that the engineers couldn't get very far, the project ended, and back to the underground installations they went.

(continued in next post)

posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 12:53 AM
Linda Multon Howe is on Coast to Coast right now discussing Isaac, the documents, and the drones.

Some info so far.

She has not spoken to Isaac or Chad (the original person who sent photos to the coast to coast website) except thru email.

She has spoken to numerous eye witnesses but none who have provided photographs.

posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 12:53 AM

Originally posted by pjslug


The work of line art is astounding. Look at the bar code shapes around the circles and you will see that they aren't all equal height or thickness, yet they blend together so organically. If this diagram contains data, could you imagine what it would do or say? The imagination runs wild on this.

(continued in next post)

That got me thinkin' does anyone on here have one of those neato scanners that can read barcodes and output it to HEX or Binary handy? I was involved heavily with an unnamed ARG lately and barcodes were part of it. They could prove to be nothing at all, just gibberish but it could possibly open up a new area of work. Maybe? I'm out on limbs here trying to debunk this one, and I think I'm gonna call it a night but I'm going to see if I can flatten those barcodes out to something non-circular tomorrow morning. Time to do some homework ladies and gents

posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 12:58 AM

Originally posted by rwiggins
And for those of you who think magic words are a new idea, think again. Of course, it's in a book which you might have to read.

Not just in a book. I don't know if anyone mentioned this already, but in an episode of X-Files, Mulder is disoriented and becomes ill from exposure to a piece of paper containing the mere rubbings of characters taken from an alien ship.

posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 01:00 AM
Also of note it appears Whitley Strieber is not completely convinced Isaac and the documents are the real deal....but he writes from the perspective that the whole thing is real...odd.

posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 01:00 AM
For all the believers out there still (even though thats not a bad thing, so long as they let logic and not belief dictate), here is something to think about.

Many posts say that the ISAAC *disclosure* is so elaborate, and so detailed etc that this CANNOT be a hoax. Again don't underestimate the ease, the expertise and the amount of time and effort hoaxers would be willing to spend on a hoax creation. Also the seeming professionalism should not be a sign of authenticity.

To illustrate, here's a NOT VERY ELABORATE HOAX, but much time and effort does seem to have gone into it, to an outsider, this would seem way too professional, the Google TV website too real, and hey, those TV shows are playing on that website! Over 650,00 page view later...Hoax. There's still some that believe in it.

The hoaxer created:
  • Fake websites, complete and very believable, login, access, very well done.
  • Creation of screen captures and step by step tutorial creation
  • Creation of multiple professional videos (with an amateur feel' to them as well)
  • Enlistment of other supposed 'outside' users to verify his claims.
  • Comments and history, chat sessions, video of the TV shows etc
  • Supporting documents, webpages, promotion blogs, forum promotion etc...

    Heres the video(s):

    Views: 393,344 Comments: 1027 Favorited: 748 times

    Views: 240,048 Comments: 744 Favorited: 173 times

    Outside User, IT WORKS confirmed video...on the 114th try LOL

    Google Video Link

    Why do it, put so much time into it? Look at the views on those two videos, combined views of around 650,000 views. Imagine the schoolgirl giggles of these hoaxers at the thought that there may be HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people out there that are trying this Google TV LOGIN process, some hundreds of times, without success. But alas, this is a whole other thread topic...

    Quote from the video: I'm more concerned by the allegation that this (google TV) is all a hoax and that infinite solutions is some kind of a joke"

    How does our c2c ISAAC hoax compare, similar amount of effort and time, different skillset(s), but most likely 2-3 people involved together, each taking a portion of generating the fakeness, and each evolving the hoax as they ran into particular obstacles or skeptics calling them out.

    Some majors picked it up:

    Edit: OMG I got it work after trying 1337 times!

    [edit on 6/29/2007 by greatlakes]

  • posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 01:08 AM
    PJ, you have some truly great insight.

    As for your question of whether the large schematic was designed by the PACL employees or whether they were trying to decipher a schematic that had pre-existed them, I believe you can pretty convincingly say that if this were real, then this schematic was not designed by them. Mostly I say this because the top left "section" has an "??" with an arrow pointing to it. Other areas have what seems to be page numbers or reference numbers, meaning they figured out these areas.

    Also I completely agree with you on the "front" aspect of PACL. No way in hell is the military trying to figure out commercial applications of ET tech, if it existed.

    posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 01:14 AM
    greatlakes, sorry but I remember this hoax from a few months back, and that one is a walk in the park to create when compared to this one. Making that "fake site" that they show in the video is very simple because noone but them has to interact with it. For all you know it is a flash application or even a C# application, both of which you could make within a few hours (especially a flash application as it already has built in video playback functionality).

    Forgot about everything else in this story, just the Linguistics schematic pictures ALONE would take days and days of thought, design, and implementation. This is not to mention everything else.

    Again, I am not saying this is not a hoax. I could definitely see it being one. But it's not fair to compare this to the ridiculous Google TV hoax.

    posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 01:14 AM
    PART 8


    The formation of a letter "T" (with a gap) has been seen in these documents. Yes, they are most certainly there, but they are not watermarks. At first I thought maybe they were stickers or stamps placed on the backside of the original documents. When photocopied, the image would bleed through. But after two generations of photocopying (the first one which he did at PACL, the second one is the one with crossed out segments) they would have been much more prominent.

    And then someone here made the very observant catch of noting that they were all perfectly vertical, while the rest of the page was tilted. This sealed it for me. Now I knew definatively that they weren't stamps, or stickers, or even rolling marks from a printing press (which I knew they weren't but someone here thought they were). So why was the "T" straight, when the page was crooked? Easy.

    This "T" did not take place on the first copy, it was added to the second copy from the machine it was made on. It could be a problem with the fuser rollers, drum cartridge, or even a deliberate imprint on the sheet which is used for tracking down forgeries such as counterfeit money or passports. Inside the faint image on the background, which is usually comprised of yellow toner if made on a color copy machine (which I believe it was), the serial number of the machine is imprinted via tiny toner dots. The "T" shape could be on a Toshiba copy machine perhaps, who knows. When making copies of his copies, he didn't lay them down straight on the glass. But the "T" that the machine generated was printed on the sheet straight as it was fed through the rollers.

    The reason I think it was done on a color copy machine the second time (and maybe even the first time, too) was because the moire pattern on the black and white photos should be much worse than it is if it was done on a black & white machine. The imaging processes are different. But it could have been done on a black & white machine, albeit a very good and highly detailed one, with the exception of the "T" in the background which would have been caused by faulty parts. A black & white machine doesn't
    need to generate a serial number on the page because you can't counterfeit money in black and white.

    (continued in next post)

    [edit on 29-6-2007 by pjslug]

    posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 01:28 AM
    IMO, I think this entire thing is left over pieces of a movie or video game that didn't make it to the final cut. Video game companys, and even film producers go into great detail into a back story, and history of what they are creating. The information on the isaaccaret website is probably just pieces of their storyline. Heck, I even think this is all being done by 1 guy. All he he really has is a 3D model and a story line. Thats it.

    posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 01:47 AM
    PART 9

    JAPANALIEN (jap-uh-nay-lee-ehn)

    Disclaimer: The following comments should not be portrayed stereotypical or racist in any way whatsoever. Notes on facial features are made for comparitive purposes only and should be interpreted as such.

    It has been mentioned that there is a notable relation in character typography between Japanese and this strange alien code. I find this to be very intriguing and would like to mention a few things.

    There could be some sort of genetic link between the Japanese and an alien race. Strange objects with writing were found in caves in Japan. There was a History channel UFO special on this. While I don't remember all of it, I do recall that some of these objects were once on display at a museum somewhere in Japan, or somewhere on the continent of Asia. Coincidentally, they have been removed.

    I'd like to note the almond shaped eyes and the known high intelligence of the Japanese people. How far can the Japanese trace back their culture or genetic roots? I'd like to know more about this.

    Another thing worth mention, and I don't know the roots of the words, if they are both Latin or not, are the similarities in the pronunciation of the words "Asian" and "Alien". I think this one is a little bit of a stretch, but if anyone can tell me the etymology of those words I'd certainly like to know.


    It has been asked, "Why would we use their language on devices we reverse engineered?" Well this is not a very hard one to answer. How many earthly substances or inventions are you presently aware of that will react in a magical manner to English or any other language on the planet? None? You don't say.

    Assuming the scientists and engineers, linguists AND para-alchemists have figured out a way to reverse engineer alien technology, they obviously don't know how it works or why. Isaac said this. The only thing they could do was play around with the language in different patterns on the substrate and see what it does. Of course, this seems like a very dangerous way to conduct scientific studies. They didn't know what would happen either when they tested Trinity, and they soon found out. Oppenheimer himself wasn't sure and thought that the reaction could possibly spread to all the other air molecules and engulf the entire planet. But they still went ahead with it. Humans are so smart, aren't we?

    (continued in next post)

    [edit on 29-6-2007 by pjslug]

    posted on Jun, 29 2007 @ 01:56 AM
    Having been interested in this story since the first pics and having read through all of the posts I was on the verge of registering in order to try and post some kind of response akin to PJ's.

    Thank you PJ, your post inspired me to register anyway.

    With regard to the huge amount of is it / isn't it CGI posts maybe a rule of sorts should be used.

    If you can't provide concrete proof that the only way a picture can have been created is through CGI then don't bother posting.

    Otherwise realise your opinion is just that and no more valid than anyone else's explanation, no matter how far fetched it sounds to you.

    Apologies, I didn't mean to come across as preaching.

    [edit on 29-6-2007 by chunder]

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