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[HOAX] Isaac CARET - Drones [HOAX]

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posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 12:10 PM
reply to post by Springer

There was no shortage of confusion on the Unknown Country site last year, with misidentified photos, garbled reports, and statements that made no sense at all. One would certainly get the impression from that site that photo witnesses had come forward. That goes beyond distortion.

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 12:41 PM
And his secretary still does not know what it is all about, writing "Carat", because she thinks for "Diamonds are a girl's best friend"...

I guess, Whitley now waits, if somebody will present his nice "drawing" as a piece of artwork, or better, in a special field...

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 02:23 PM
If you thought it was bad in the 50s with the contactees it's even worse now with the likes of C2C. and LMH. Add to it CGI coupled with the Internet and you will never find out who the "real hoaxers" are.

What's that fairytale about the boy putting his thumb in the Dyke? This praiseworthy effort by (ATS) is but a handful (of well-meaning and interested people) at most, like the boy trying to hold off the tide with his thumb, the efforts of the ACR are admirable but overshadowed by the sheer numbers of idiots (not just droneies but UFOs in general).

My own personal theory is that back in the heyday of the hippie generation when they where all on '___' and pot and had children who had children with compounding genetic abnormalities these were introduced (into the genetic pool) at a far greater rate than any normal exposure to natural gamma radiation could ever produce. An accelerated mutation rate separating still further degrees of intelligence. Unfortunately the masses dominate and you know what end of the scale they are on.

The stupidity found on the Internet especially with regard to UFOs and in particular the drones is but a reflection of this. If you doubt this, go to the Mufon board where, over time it has become (or dwindled as sane people were outnumbered) to a collection of crazies posting their equivalent '___' dreams/fantasies, and other psychotic episodes with encouragement from the moderators and even the director. 20 years ago I read that one out of five people in the United States is certifiable crazy. What would that statistic be now especially after reading the Mufon bulletin board? You might as well, try to reverse the Gulfstream to curb or stop this trend. It grows stronger every day. The drones are just a milli-equivalent of the greater UFO heresy.

On the Mufon board there are now about a dozen people in direct contact with either God or aliens (including moderators) who post regularly, and for them any blotch on a photograph is a bona fide UFO let alone a drone.

This is a sad representation for Mufon and the scientific study UFOs in general but paradoxically is condoned and sanction by the Mufon directorate. An unfortunate situation for what was once considered to be a reputable organization.

At this rate the entire UFO field will be populated with certifiables. No wonder no political candidate would touch this with a 10 foot pole. If you don't believe me logon to the Mufon site (a supposedly credible organization). And for 10 bucks I can get you a ride on a saucer. Sorry for the rant but just wanted to add some sad perspective here.

Continue by all means but one thumb in the Dyke not a lot of encouragement.

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 02:43 PM
that's funny i didn't even know about his 6/13 journal entry when i posted that...hilarious.

yep, they really aren't ever gonna leave this alone....guarantee it!

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 02:52 PM
I agree with the most you say, gorgo,

but I don't think, '___' is needed here at all. The loss of credibility of the old religions - mainly because of the behaviour of their representatives - makes people look for alternatives.

That's okay.

But here they see something looking like a toyish gyroscope and they start to pray. As long as it is someone like special members of the DRT, is is not astounding, but if they are supported by talented, reasonable people, it is more than odd.

Why should talented, intelligent people put their name and weight into that game? Maybe you are right with the '___' part for them... It's too crazy...

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 02:55 PM
reply to post by fortwynt

Fort, you could feel it in your bones! You know Whitley is right. Just step into the light...

Sidd, you just hit on the reason Whitley shot past spf on my list of suspects. He is way too smart to believe all this crapola.

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 03:33 PM
Wish I had something intelligent to add to this forum. I am not a
member. The objects look "real", the inscriptions human in origin
but bizarre reports have been made which makes a person wonder
if these are kooks or players or enthusiasts or if something akin to
our being spied upon or our land used is happening.
If you want this and want to get crazy with the subject matter of
drones maybe they should have a drone reporting website..
I know, I know, there will always
be fakers among us and fun loving clowns but if sightings posted
on a map could be viewed we might get some idea where this
is all coming from..or the old maps of ufo sightings
in popular books. You may be able to tell that I am real serious
about this..but I cannot create websites !!!
If I thought I saw one etc..I'd be reporting it to my local Mufon
instead of coasttocoast less I had some real good photos or
some kind of physical evidence that I felt should be shared right away.
Then EVERYBODY would be hearing about it most likely.
reply to post by pjslug

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 04:09 PM
Just thought, I bet a lot of the DRT post on MUFON, but will not comment about the drones since the official Mufon position was fake all along but the logic of their comments/obsession, exactly like tomi/nemo/dtr etc., dominates that MUFON board, hmmm interesting, maybe its contagious or (I know, Invaders From Mars, its true you know). '___' a Martian liquor.

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 04:30 PM
I don’t think Whitley is responsible for hoaxing the Drones, if anything he’s hitching his trailer to them, but the originator? Personally I don’t think so, especially as he’s been quiet about them for almost six months now. He did mention his film though, perhaps a Drone cameo (Droneo?
) is on the cards?

(Blog post on Whitley’s recent announcement.....)

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 04:42 PM
I missed you, dil!

No, I don't think, Whitley is involved other than he tries to profit from this either.

The joker is somebody like me, a kind of satirist, playing jokes. But unlike me, he has the people around him, to make this satire look true for some gullible people.

He does not believe in UFOlogy and knows the way of thinking of people like the DRT... And enjoys it.

He either participates with unbelievable interpretations, or he stays qiet most of the times. I guess both. But he stays away from ATS lately, because he would not risk, to be visible at all.

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 05:00 PM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

I haven't been following this thread much anymore, however there are parts of this story and puzzle that still don't sit right with me, arguably some of the CGI'd photos (and I still maintain the position of "if they are CGI'd" only because no one has yet to reproduce them with the same level of detail, as far as I know). But more importantly, it is of my honest feeling that there is way too much of this story and elements within that feel like they are true, and it is quite sad that we may never uncover what those truths are. It seems like too many people are trying to bury it under the rug, including ATS, and I don't know why. Just because some of the elements may be hoaxes, it does not mean the whole story is a hoax, and until proven that Isaac's documents are verifiable hoaxes, the "Hoax" label on this thread is premature and akin to disinfo.

That is my opinion, and you're all welcome to burn me at the stake for it if you feel otherwise. But don't you dare label me as a "hoax contributor", which it sounds like some previously banned members are going to be quick to do.

P.S. Wouldn't it be nice to find out the reason Kobe (and his team) were so disgraceful in game 3 were because they saw a drone?
I wonder what their excuse will be tonight if (and when) they lose.

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posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 05:03 PM
reply to post by DrDil

Thanks Doc, excellent work as usual. I was thinking of Strieber as Moneybags, and not the actual hoaxer. Sort of a sponsorship kind of thing, but it does appear he is just using the things. I thought for a while that he was only paying lip service to the Drones R Real camp out of loyalty to LMH, but I guess he knows a good fishhook when he sees one. I recall the changing news story on UC just as it is presented in your blog. That is nothing unusual for that site. I have seen stories just vanish, never to be mentioned again, never to be found in a search of the site. Changing details and changing headlines are common.

I'm sure we are all aware now that we are doing the work of the dark side and that if we don't repent, we'll lose our souls. I'm glad to see I'll have some good company in that hot place reserved for us doublinners.

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 05:24 PM
reply to post by pjslug

I never would label you anything, pj.

You present youself as it should be. All reasonable, as far as it is reasonable. Or totally lost, as far as somebody can be lost.

You added a lot to this tale, and you did more, than you probably know. Thanks from my part. But the drones are past and won't come back anymore, because they cannot risk to be poorer than their CGI recreations. And they would be, after all those talents jumped in.

No more "real" drones. Just belief.

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 05:28 PM
reply to post by pjslug

One more time:

Wild stories from anonymous sources are not "true until proven otherwise."

Many people get this backwards. If there is no proof for a wild claim, then no one with any sense will just believe it because they like the story.

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 05:46 PM
We seem to be all in agreement that all the neighborhood cats keep converging on the Big 3's door.
We have a set of priorites at this point: Catch the Hoaxter and or dismantyle the apparatus they use. They made high gains in 2007, eclipsed only by the dramatic drop in interest ,simply because, as the dust settled, we showed there was nothing unique about the drones, the same people kept popping up , the big three, and the remaining stragglers, DRT.
funded by a mysterious benefactor.
We being on the Darkside as a member of the stragglers groups said, would never fund any operation with such forseeably non existent results, unless of course there was a longer range objective.

The cropcircles continue to be as in MOTKs (master of the Key)in the PDF of Whitley, a signature from the the ETs. That document in my opinion links them and the objective all together. If Whitley now states he "verified" them as real, then lets see the "analysis. Mankind would be greatful, and the iscussions could restart. But he has not. Simply because IMO he knows as we know. they are all in his Head.

Make no mistake, the short gains in 2007 have been offset by a large if not Huge margin in the decline in attendance at all their sites. My previous alexa Graphs show that conclusively. C2c can survive, because it can vary its menu, and Linda cannot..thay have pinned themselves to a Tofu diet in perpetuity. Whitley of course has Warners and Sony studios doing his movies, as well as his own books past and present. He will be ok.
Of course, That will depend on his current credibility, which frankly, is now scraping the bottom of the barrel as a result of this incident, who knows what further adverse effect that would have on viewership.

If they knew from early on it was a fake, they could have done a pivot, and turned it into a ralley..showing how sinister disinfo forces are working against them, but then they would have to show the goods and answer some questions and of course release:
The pictures.
They did not.
Because imo, further followup would require why did not they vet the witnesses , Raj,Ty,Step, earlier.
Because imo,they knew it was fake from early on.
Thus silence then, silence now, and forever.
Imo oppinion, its theirs, they own it. thats why.
if they picked this as a " hitch a ride on a hay wagon" tryst, they gave life to something that should have been shown fake, long before, by the simple release of the 12 pix as well as Interview with open lines with Arthur.THEY did not, chose to continue the farce. Not caring one iota for our welfare. This is their stepchild.
Like the old days when the local sheriffs smashed up th moonshine equipment, thats about all we can do now. They are they Equipment, the mountain stills that produce the mash for their witches brews, or just how we destroy the coc aine and marijuana fields of today. A lie is no different than an intoxicant.
What do YOU think we should do?

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posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 06:13 PM
Pjslug is a good example,

that we don't chase for witches, but accept every opinion here.

He was a strong believer from the very first moment and we accepted this as part of the ATS-discussion. He still is a respected member.

It is neither true, that we don't accept different opinions, nor that we ridicule them. We always respected Pjslug and will in the future.

Phil, you are always welcomed, and your participation was of high value to all of us. Hope, you stay here, even if the consense will be different from your inital views.

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 06:37 PM
reply to post by pjslug

Good to see you again pj, and let me say that I do respect you for your analytical skills and abilities. I want to ask you for some further info if you would be so kind.

You wrote, somewhat profoundly:

"Just because some of the elements may be hoaxes, it does not mean the whole story is a hoax."

I am not quite sure what you mean, pj . . . could you give us some examples where this occurred in the past and where you believe the drones/isaac/caret scenarios show a positive case for non-hoax?

After all of this time and drone/isaac/caret analysis I do wonder what elements you think are a hoax and what is still a viable area of truthfulness and reality. Perhaps I (we) have missed something that you keyed in on.

You also say:

"it is of my honest feeling that there is way too much of this story and elements within that feel like they are true . . . "

Again, pj, which specific elements of isaac/caret or the drone photos do you have confidence in as to them being truthful?

This sounds very similar to the purely subjective comments of, say, Tomi, who feels that the drone photos are real because of their "character."

If all we had to go on are gut feelings and beliefs to prove certain realities exist, then this would make for a healthy fantasy world for us all. In my small opinion, this is exactly what Whitley is doing now - more that ever. And he does have a profit motive as does LMH, correct?

Thanks, pj.

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 06:47 PM

Originally posted by Siddharta
Pjslug is a good example,

that we don't chase for witches, but accept every opinion here.

He was a strong believer from the very first moment and we accepted this as part of the ATS-discussion. He still is a respected member.

It is neither true, that we don't accept different opinions, nor that we ridicule them. We always respected Pjslug and will in the future.

Phil, you are always welcomed, and your participation was of high value to all of us. Hope, you stay here, even if the consense will be different from your inital views.

I join you in that Sidd, ARC is not a debunkers club, just about every member here, has seen something incredible, including Pj, as I have as well, and despite many of us living in different parts of the world, have come to recognize this for what it was, a well planned yet ironically, poorly executed hoax. That will remain more a graphics artists curiosity as this artist who is at OM also likes to dabble in for the visual impact, to make things more real than real, from a 3d perspective. Yet, it does not make it real except as in the minds eye, whitleys head, spfs childhood memories, like wisconson Shirley, he to is a believer.
Art is Art in the eye of a beholder. The ufo filmographer Chris in AU also is an artist, he calls his hoaxes, immersive art.
So this meme art, we can expect to see more, will go farther when the writers like Isaac, try not to explain to us what it is we are seeing, and where it came from. Because we need look no farther than his head.

Another artist and scientists attovishnu also said this was stolen from him, the signs and symbols. he said so here and questioned droneonline and kris too where they got theirs from.
But I dont hear atto saying anythin anymore about that. If it was his, we see no explanation how that resembled his, yet we know aspects do.
He referenced a news article, but it is not there anymore.

Specific elements used in the promotion conducted by Alienware computers contains designs which are copyright Nikola Romanski. This was brought to my attention when the video "Strange Craft" was released. I am not upset with Kris or Saladfingers or any of those guys. They do good work and I wish they would consider working on this project as a way to get REAL again. I'll be damned if 30 years of work slides into oblivion for someone elses quick buck scheme.

what ever happened to that? I happen to like Atto, but he seems so mercurial sometimes. He says it is copyrighted but I cannot findwhere in the US Copyright office where" it icontains designs which are copyright Nikola Romanskis under Nikolas Romanski"

You remember Thierry speth, also another immersive artist and the CDR rutledge moon story..That was very good and very funny, along with the spaceheroes website.

It is not cgi I worry about, it is the artist, who if ethics is the right word, seem to have gone to the level of splattering chicken blood on the wall, and calling it real art.

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posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 07:00 PM
reply to post by Siddharta

Thank you, Sid. I have always enjoyed participating in this quest with all of you. Every one of you has had such great words to share, even if we disagree on many of them.

I do think that Whitley has made a strong connection between the crop circles and the drones, but this is nothing we didn't think of here, and first. I particularly like his viewpoint of the grays being a "triad." But I don't think the drones have anything to do with the grays. Maybe that's where the design came from initially, but the ones in the photographs were manufactured here on Earth, by humans.

I just have an inner feeling that the drones will be resurfacing again very soon, which is why I am choosing to rejoin participation in the thread. And if they do show up again in new photographs or we hear eyewitness accounts of new sightings, it will require all of our efforts to examine the evidence -- we can't just bury it under the rug.

This is one of the most elaborately presented cases of government top-secret work that I've ever seen, whether it's partially real, mostly real, or not at all. I'm sure many of you agree on that point. I don't need to again list why, for there are hundreds of pages in this thread that cover that. So continue to keep your eyes and ears open.
I've enjoyed reading all of your posts periodically, even though I haven't often posted a response.

I think it's interesting how I just got a feeling that this issue would be resurfacing at apparently the same time Whitley decided to also post a blog about it, for whatever it's worth.

Edit: Klat, good to hear from you. I will respond to your post when I get home later. I'm just walking out the door.

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posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 07:06 PM
I think it's interesting how I just got a feeling that this issue would be resurfacing at apparently the same time Whitley decided to also post a blog about it, for whatever it's worth.

That goes for me too, pj.

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