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[HOAX] Isaac CARET - Drones [HOAX]

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posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 07:58 PM
Bless Arkhangels, he really is trying hard, I hope he doesnt't bring them this one, that will REALLY cheer them up I just dont know where to stick the smiles for them though

I dont even see OM, and the lines are so flat, I can use them as a level, maybe a fin on a drone.But..
Whats noteworthy here is that it USED to be that the hills and valleys used to mimic across all these graphs. Its as if they have been cut off from this dimension. This Reality even. Perhaps Whitleys stuff worked too good. At least they cant get lower than they are now, it can only get better. So lets all pull together and give it a positive spin shall we?
Thats the spirit!

What killed the drones in my opinion, was Numbers and Linda. Didier and OTF at least gave it polish and even a bit of ponash but those other two, my God, they poisoned the waters. For the record without SPF, the Drones would have been several ft under ,popping up daisies a long time ago.

Like Isaac said, I'll bet my life savings on that..But I digress.

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posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 08:12 PM
I am sure, there is a fertile mind somewhere with some mischief saying, like Arnold Schwartzenagger I'll be back!

I really wanted to meet Sarah Diamond of the Zebra company..I will never ever live that down.

CF..I hear you .

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posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 08:15 PM

Originally posted by Sys_Config
Bless Arkhangels, he really is trying hard, I hope he doesnt't bring them this one, that will REALLY cheer them up I just dont know where to stick the smiles for them though
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Where they can stick the smiles?

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 08:43 PM

Originally posted by Sys_Config
But if you are under an NDA , it would be unfair to continue questions, which legally you would not be able to answer.

i am currently under an nda as chance would have it. but not with the drones now, or ever for that matter.

But on the Salad oilpig render , when did you actually get that and how did he get that done so quickly for you to have and how you got it.

well, the only place i would have gotten saladfingers', he wasn't kris yet, render would have been at omf. i don't remember how quickly he did it. i though it came quite a while after isaac.

Is it that easy to do that? It looks like all these analyses as I said were unreasonably close to Isaacs release almost same day.

easy? i think secretweb said it best; "So just because one person can't do it or finds it hard does not mean others cannot. " i think this is a jaw-dropping nice piece of work if it's 3d. have i personally achieved that level of photorealism in my own work ever? maybe, but i don't see it. do i see that level of photorealism often in others work? not often.

do i think salad's render of the a1 device pales in comparison the isaac's jpg? heck yes. no offense, kris. i saw a render recently of isaac's curved i-beams on a blog that look pretty nice too.

Were You and Kristian and RW really working together on this , as I understood in an earlier post?

in what sense? as a group of hoaxers, no. as a few people wondering just what the f thing was and working together in that sense, then yes.

and is there somewhere we can reference that collective effort.?

i have no idea where kris keeps his files online, or rwiggins.
all my stuff is on imageshack and divshare for when imageshack was slow.

It looks like your collection is preparation for either a dvd, or an illustration for a book.

no. i've been posting my the link to imageshack\divshare accounts at omf since a little while after i started using it for the drone investigations. i think everyone has been aware of it and can see exactly what and when i upload.

Is that in effect what you are working on for others or the DRT?

no. i've never heard anyone from the drt mention any possibility of a book.

on an aside again have you entered any of the may1 reboot

sweet memories of, i never rebooted.

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 11:41 PM
That information was accurate, when Kris posted his views at the beginning, it was nemo who stepped in and alluded to him being a gov op, as he did us Debonneurs, what I loved going down memory lane was Numbers who started the thread at OM and at UCB, one after the other
here at ATS it was by Whitrabbit from UK, a current member.
But I just had to repeat some of the comments.
At UCB ..the first thing started up was..Numbers:
Hey good job MarkM on the crop circle connection.

It is true..It is all true.
Folks are just in shock because it takes time to set in.
Even when we suspected it all along.
Still wondering exactly what the drones mission is?
What is the mission??
One guess is they use the 3d recorder to get holographic images of our planet's landscape and then play them back in a holodeck type thing.

Then at His Thread at OMF:

The mystery of the drones has almost certainly been solved, and in the most hopeful and wonderful way it is possible to imagine. This is perhaps the most astonishing story that I have ever been party to, and I think we all owe Linda Moulton Howe a tremendous vote of thanks for making it happen. Had it not been for her reporting, we would not be where we are with this now, which might be a very extraordinary place indeed. To read her latest information on, click here. We must also thank all of the people who sent photographs to her and gave her interviews, who contacted Coast-to-Coast and, above all, "Isaac," for the information he has given us today about Project Caret.
We all owe LMH a debt of gratitude. She kept this thing moving

Then Fore the moderator asks Him
Where did you find the link to that website Numbers?

Where and how?

Nemo posted the LMH link first. I got the link to Isaac's website off of LMH earthfiles. Then I downloaded all of the text and pictures.[/]

Then Fore Asks him

Where did Linda find it? It was posted on EF just as quickly.

It would be nice for you to share numbers. [/i]

Anyway, I looked but found no answer, but it so reassuring that we had the right people in the right places like Nemo and Linda looking back, it is really funny as all heck and as you say..sweet too. We really do owe them both a debt of gratitude and I assure you we will repay them.

Thanx SP for answering my immediate questions, but please ..don't leave town anytime soon..... (I kid of course , jk

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posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 11:57 PM
Hey Sys,

Found that info you requested. Info and url follows:

Sorcaf striker

author: love bear
software: maya+3d-brush+PS

Urgent note: When someone accuses someone of something and then makes a demand and shows them a picture of a knife, well, in this day and age, it concerns me. Whether or not that was intended or not doesn't matter. That was definitely not cool. If he wanted to ask if something was real or not, why not a car or something? ATS mods, I ask for your attention in this matter, please. I, for one, am extremely concerned.

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 12:09 AM
Thanx RW ! I tried navigating that chinese site and it was a trip hahaha, I guess I will have to live with what we have, it did the job
I just wanted make sure no one said we made that up.

Well its friday night, I need to get some air!

Cheers all

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 12:13 AM

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posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 01:16 AM

Originally posted by Sys_Config
For the record without SPF, the Drones would have been several ft under ,popping up daisies a long time ago.

sure, i'll step in and take the fall for that.

you know, sys. this sentence really kind of hit it's mark with me.

i think i'm going to take a drone vacation for a while and watch what happens from the sidelines. it'll be just like capra's it's a wonderful life...kinda.
i think it will do everyone some good...especially my currently sick cat and my ready for summer fun lady.

i'm not going anywhere, my site's not going anywhere, i'll probably still read everything everyday on the boards, but i'm just gonna be silent for a while...

rwiggins, thanks for mentioning that. that's kinda the impression i got too. thought i was just being paranoid.

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 01:42 AM
Take care, spf. I think I'm going to run silent as well. This is getting kind of scary. When people start making demands and flashing knives, virtual or not, I get really concerned. No offense fellow members, but I'm with spf on this one. It's become a little too real, if you know what I mean.

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 02:42 AM
I missed that whole knife deal, whats up with that? Oh snap, Thanks a heap All. SP and RW I know most of us did not see that or somebody would have would have jumped on that quickly. I am sure that will betaken care of. I will u2u if I need more help from you on any more questions. We all need a break.
Peace Out

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 06:56 AM

Originally posted by spf33
i mean photo-f'ing-real, not some nice default product shot, but photoreal. something created to make the viewer believe they are looking at a photograph? meaning camera perspective matching, ca\blooming\blur, lens barreling\pincushioning, matching lens, ccd size, exif - you name it, all the details raj and stevens photos gots it.

For those wondering, the knife image was in response to SPF33's post. It is work in progress for a DirectX 10 engine. I like bump mapping.

Also, I used the program EXIF Pilot to copy the EXIF from a rajman image and put it in my image. Showing how easy it is to fake EXIF.

But of course, mine is better because it doesn't show ANY external programs in the EXIF like "Adobe Album" or "Photoshop CS". Unlike rajman's images.

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posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 09:28 AM
Oh please! And spf calls *us* paranoid! The image of the knife was obviously a response to spf's accusatory rant. The "threat" idea never crossed my little paranoid retarded hillbilly mind. Yep, this really is getting stupid.

As someone who is very familiar with tools and equipment made of many different materials (particularly steels and aluminum alloys), and familiar with their various characteristics and particularly wear and damage, I find that knife render amazing.

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 10:02 AM
reply to post by ALLis0NE

Oh, come on... that is not a render, and you left half of your camera's EXIF fields inside (not to mention its noise signature).

Ask him to prove it, people...

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 11:19 AM
Seen this post and had to post it here...
Here is the original site where it is located...

I was also thinking that this whole drone thing will not bring one closer to disclosure but will also hurt that as well.....

"CGI-diot" SPORT
(Copyright 2008, Vince White - All Rights Reserved)

The game of wrecking reputations for fun and profit?

The associated revelry of "bloggetry," a sophist's orgy.

The honest expression of a genuine skull-aching perplexity, with admission of "I don't know," instead, replaced with empty oracular glittering prose, and other pretty distractions.

What is needed and will inevitably happen, is that this real world beyond their minds, encrusted with ennui, bored, jaded, and tired, will finally collide with reality.

With a swiftness that will have the "CGI-diots" muddying the waters, video game fun-folk , reeling with vertigo , stricken and stunned (and many for the very first time), saying:

"O, M' God! This is real--real as a cosmic freight train that is loaded with much of our future choices and possibility.'

"CGI-diot" counterfeit players (until that day comes) can do penance now by using their skill and expertise, assembling instrumented video pods with pairs of time-correlated high-definition camcorders, into flap areas where real aircraft are being ordered to intercept real unknown objects, and real recon pods are recording this --- kept from public view by what is still a largely a policy of turning on its head from the ethos of Jeffersonian government foundations (to maintain and manipulate an uninformed electorate).

Let CGI counterfeit games end and a genuine era of good sense and responsibility begin, and a new keen appreciation for doing something useful and productive, a legacy of honor, instead of a wake of confusion and damage to the study of UFOlogy, the real mysteries before us.
Vince White
June 6, 2008
Kansas City

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 12:34 PM
I kept lurking for some time, waiting, if there would be something essential.

There was nothing, that would convince me - as someone who is totally lost with those CGI arguments, unless some experts clearly agree and tell me the same.

This was not the case here.

So all is left, is my impression, that SPF rather speaks, as if he thinks, this is "made" - saying somebody was inspired by his work, copied it, or even tried to make him look suspect - but still is supporting the "it is real" side.

And yes, there is a lot of paranoia in this game. Although I never was convinced in the accusation, he spoke of a "witchhunt" answering me, and I had to tell him twice, that I was in doubt. Seems there never is any difference between "asking questions" and "accusing". Nemo even saw me spreading some hate, as he reported in his queer manner once again.

The Rajman-hacker story is still interesting, because there are only a few possible scenarios.

Another funny developement is, that Nemo linked to SPF's site now, saying, since it was published here, it would not make any damage anymore... He cannibalizes each and every thing... I am lucky, that he never had a good word for me. Could be embarassing some time.

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 01:54 PM
reply to post by tomiuk

You could tell it was CGi for certain because the poster made it obvious. We are all aware of your 'expertise' in establishing what's real!

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 02:19 PM
reply to post by tomiuk

You believe in the drones being real but can not give evidence as to why...and yet you come here to the place for those that already know the truth and try to convince us that you can tell the difference between real and cgi......its laughable!

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posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 02:40 PM

I think tomi must be an agent, who undermines the DRT. As soon as we look a little stupid, she returns, to show us, that our irritations are nothing against the expertise of the DRT.

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 02:41 PM
Thank you Fellow Arc ers and ATS, that certainly put my fear to rest, and again this thing goes back to the the same people, LMH in the beginning, aswell as based on the first people, Numbers and the Nemo, left and right of center, in this episode,. One would think they know who the ultra believers are already. the same ones in the beginning, all members of the DRT, Damage Response Team forLMH and Ovnis. This is good and fortuitous. Science obtains answers many many by the indirect evidence, of the visible forces at work, to pinpoint the invisible.,which we see here today.

As Numbers asked why wasn't it posted here?, which is odd, as he could have himself, doing so at 800 and 9pm est, and Rabbit posted after.about 5pm.from UK. (someone break that down I dont know all that GMT stuff) The reason being ATS had just Kicked out GhostRaven ARse out of ATS for the Hoaxing on that August flag op, finding also that that GR had posted from a library. I would like to know where that Library is at geographically..
October had found some comparatives with this and that episode, for which he took some heavy and vicious attack by Pokey Oats concerning Octobers Logic, just as OTF likes to do with low IQ people as myself.
Feel free to Jump in October whenever it suits. I just discovered that yesterday.

I was hoping SP would tell us the childhood story, and we are ears for hearing that and it sounded very interesting.and certainly would explain his behavoiur supporting the absurd position of the DRT, as even OMF is slowly coming clean, with the curtains falling rather ungracefully on the actors, with only themselves now as their own audience.

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