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[HOAX] Isaac CARET - Drones [HOAX]

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posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 01:42 AM
Hey It seems Enlightened Seeker did a quick take on that last new clued dropped at the site, and and drew an interesting connection to some numbers gleaned by a member. the Member Magic read "andy fake"and a series of numbers. at first it looked all BS, then ES took it upon himself/herself to google and made 2 connections, one to nasa, and another a human -animal genome project. Amazing !The numbers were identical to a dogschromosome numbers. The speculation is by ES that whoever the poster is wants to point to alien dna, and yes seti and cropcircles! sound familiar and convenient? ES made it clear he/she is only speculating The nasa connection is just some october 2004 output from the SOHO-HELIOS observatory. This is gonna be a long and strange ride.
I am posting what transpired as its a good illustration of one thing triggering another with positive results. Plus it may further confirm the crop circle connections. Than you ES

[quote author=infotech board=cali1 thread=2071 post=88511 time=1208222412]looking at the 1960 schematic large picture words start to pop out - I'm sure it's my imagination but some of the things I see:

+ 15882828 +1

It looks like a weird font with some of the letter backwards or upside down

Infotech, Thats interesting, I hope we dont get many of these or it will slow us all down yet we have to look at it. Fortunately most of us have spent enough time with Isaacs narrative and these few pictures, even longer than the witnesses themselves,we can at least sense something wrong, as we would in a misspelled word at first glance.
anyway, I may be inclined to the H side, but I certainly will not engage in using something like that as my proof.
in this instance the sequence of numbers may, I say may, correspond to a genome sequence belonging to a dog after googling. you must hit cached to see the full comparative human -dog alignment as the main website is down.
there is a nasa reference, I will post as I get more

Human Chr.7 137601338-137604337,+ Dog Chr.16 15882828-15885996,- 137601338 AAAAATGTGCGTAACTTCTG-----ATATCAGCGTagagaggtgag 137601378 ...
is this telling us our drone is an Alien Dogcatcher ?
no lets not go there. perhaps this poster wants us to look at Setis alleged alien DNA that is circulating around even in one cropcircle I believe.
same number 15882828
corresponds to data outpout from SOHO -HELIOS Satellite used for studing solar weather and magnetostorms and related . specific date our number
08-Oct-2004 12:30:00.000 2004 282
0511197 -0.2269656 0.0201414 1632322.10700 -334681.68340 65970.64936 -0.0511197 -0.5704416 -1.8341160 -144008968.27276 -36636579.01616 -15882828.39696

what use is this? totally clueless, someone else may see something else, or trigger something you may have run across..,
therefore making this useful.

The image file pix one intrigues me, as no specific data, but wants us to look at the fin, note also that the letters are conveniently laid out in a pattern described by Knowhow, large,subline,another smaller "address" line I hope the smallest one doesnt say made in Korea

I ported this here from ats an anomaly Sys (ck sp) at the ATS seemed totally baffled by that Woy and Nekitamo had been discussing about scanner scratches etc. Honestly, I am baffled too as to whether scratches can organize themselves in this manner.
Given Nekitamos work, stellar to say the least, I am wondering why Woy stopped attending and what conclusion if any was reached. Its like to me someone is laughing at us. This is a rather unsettling feeling.

What the blazes is it waving there? Did Woy create that artifact himself? He did have a great sense of humor.

That question at least was answered by Nekitamo, who posted how Woy arrived at that figure. it was an animation resulting by runing the odd marks on the lap together somewhat like the papers with stick figure analogy used in my earlier posts. I dont think anyone knows what it means. but it has meaning or a reason for being there fior sure. Thanx nekitamo for posting that. I know Woy understands and if he reads I yield unabashedly to the Monkey King. ok here are where that sceptre comes from

Is there anything else that can be run in sequence like that on the Lap is the next question, and hopefully someone addresses. I know Nola will be happy to see that. Perhaps our old friends now lost like Sean_uk and Alex_uk can give it a wack. good luck

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posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 12:37 PM
As a senior member and one of the founding fathers of the ACRC
an Internationally recognized group devoted to truth , the vanquishment of darkness, ignorance, and having an all around good time. And as a concurrent member of ATS, THE premier website and proactive thinking forum on Earth, I thought it best we continue the search for if not truth then some semblance of credibility. I need not remind everyone the burden was on them, not us.
1.Not one shred of evidence has been presented to any accredited body for analysis. Just amateur opinions and experimentations, and even those were not conclusive to their own select audiences. They just refuse to put it in the sun for the light to shine by professionals.
2.evidence that was analyzed by MuFON, who one would at first blush rally to a real finding, was found to bogus.
3.Initial principles, including witnesses were found to have provided false and misleading information as to locations and tampered photgraphs.
4. The remaining evidence remains under lock and key by one of the Principles.
5. this is not a maybe yes mayb no. its no.
because however we wish to contort logic you cannot separate the logic from the humans and their behavior that are indirect proof material to the case. Yes indirect, Scientists use it all the in black holes..has anyone seen one? the symptoms are there for one, or a doctor, can narrow down a disease by indirect symptons. its done all the time! But here the symptoms were totally Behavior that has been deceptive, and operated under a banner of secrecy and subtrafuge . I find it horrific, that living trees may be felled to print such a collection of disgraceful untruths, IMO. Even poor Knowhow, is being challenged because he had some trouble with the LAP phtos well, this is THEIR Boy! a REAL engineer. How dare he disagree with REAL AMATEURS finding. I hope he comes here because we could at least discuss other things I thought were very interesting.

Now to our autopsy..

I mentioned and gave evidence of where some of the so called
" science "came from to inspire one of the disciplines, that being anti gravity. Now compare with this :
Spacebot posted a delightful link which if examined closely will reveal startling similarities and make one wonder if the Isaac did not pattern both design of craft and LAP , which would then connect him with all the photographs, to the following.

We have seen this schematic
being provided with no further explanation as to what it really represents except some fancy descriptions. It bares similarity with the CARET schematics.

This is a resemblance of a real schematic of electronic signatures, shown graphically by computers, it is showing signatures of particles that are being produced by collisions, this is how they are being identified.

Scroll down to "search for new phenomena" topic
Tri lepton signatures
one of cleanest signatures of SUSY
for example from chargino+neutralino production

and there you have it.

Ok why on earth is someone is showing this to us?
I could buy or understand that the CARET schematics might be hinting to a process showing a relative signature of a production of particles at each node a similar operation is described happening in the LAP, although I find it very difficult to swallow, but how can an individual with probably minimal resources wishes to present to the public a schematic as this as a proof of their work unless they own a particle accelerator worth of billions of dollars in their basement

And it must be, as Stephan said HUGE!.

Thank you spacebot, I could not have said it better myself and you know how foward I look to your presence on ACRC, so we have what Imentioned another level borrowed from particle physics, which includes our plasma physics. Isaac covered the known universe to the micro building blocks of nature.What else can we place on our "menacing" scaffold.

Senior Advocate

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posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 05:50 PM
Couldn't catch up yet, sys.

But as I saw, they are taking over some threads over there at OMS.

Don't know, if it is even worth to read it. Maybe it is easier to wait for DRT's summary.

posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 05:56 PM
I could barely follow any of their threads its exasperating, one for the left ear one for the right. another for the belly button and another for the butt.
I like jake and Jeddihi..I dont know whats going on but its horrible, like a live dissection.

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posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 06:59 PM
reply to post by Sys_Config

Thats kewl Sysco! this is getting to be like peeling an orange after all. That accelerator looks just like the node with the portals. NICE going spacebot, and I can see where they got ideas from that other post on antigravity. That was a sweet site. The plasma thing egrd Atto did looks like that but he did his first, unless other designs are out there.Thanks for the revisions on the letter and inserting missin points.They is WELL taken. I respect your wish on timing and will hold off tll you say go. it tells me a lot how you cares bout people. UFO s is about us in the end. Workin doubleshifts lately but got a little time now.. Shouts to Klatuuuuu Sidharta Double and all ^_^

Truth dont sound real dont look real Truth just Is

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posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 08:56 PM
Senior Advocate

Bless you Sys, and all of the rest.

Continue to shine your light, in an otherwise dark world.

We must counter the effects of the Space Madness

posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 10:53 PM
ARC sounds better, isn't armchair one word ?

Can I join, if time spent in one is any qualification I feel I have the right attributes !

Keep up the great work, signing off for a month as have to travel and probably won't have net access.

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 12:14 AM
Chunder you are so quiet and lethal in your logic.
I saw your posts at the other forum and was very
impressed the trials and tribulations qualify us in this
epic drama. (Yes Sys Armchair goes together)
Does not Edgar Cayce have ARC already? would'nt he
roll over in his grave. I make a good secretary,
and make great coffee in the morning. One lumps or two?
Boys are those guns in your pockets or
are you all happy to see me?

Well to the topics, I am stunned at whats been
posted already, the science, esoterica, I will give
this Isaac credit he is brilliant,
but had the misfortune of hiring terrible people
to execute. Missy Linda and those little sweet nothings
from DRT. Good heavens, I had to pinch myself to see
if I was awake! (ouch) Absolutely demolished everything!
Like a dog if one doent eat wont let the rest of the pac eat .
I hope she has a good self retirement plan.And the last attempt
at putting in clues was insane to say the least by whoever.
It only pointed to more cropcircles. As Linda really needs
that right now.
In the end I think it was that GIANT among mental dwarfs NUMBERS, who killed this entire story, and very possibly, ruined several forums across the net, single handedly . Horrid man, just horrid.
Its like you said my dear sweet sys, he rolled "snake eyes" one time too many.

If they intended it as fun, you collectively did that.
Represented the best of what they sought, even looked
at his work for deeper meanings. In the end I am sure
he will see that. You always gave credit where credit was due.

Pk please do save that thing. That poor man at Rutgers was a string theorist, and they did run him off. Rutgers is good for that, the cowards.
Can I peek at it? just a weeee little peek? D

Mur that link was too funny!

Arc, hmmm. we need to work on that, Armchair..hmmm I am partial to loveseats

Keep up the fabulous work!

Be bad boys! REAL bad

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posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 03:27 AM
Hi everybody!

I just finished reading knowhow’s „analysis“ and I am excited!

After nearly one year the debate is still on, if it is CGI or real, what we see in the photos.
Even Kris, who has proved his expertise more than anyone else in this case, still does not say, they are CGI, but they could be.
This obviously is the strongest point in this hoax.

On the other hand the Isaac story was neat, but obviously had too many holes. Everybody with a rest of common sense could see, that the whole story is fake. To avoid a domino effect, it would be necessary to separate the weak story from the strong photos.

This is exactly, what knowhow did over there: Telling us, how true everything is, but dissecting the Isaac story, exposing that Isaac is not, who he pretended to be. So how does he fit in this true story? Maybe he is just a front man, a dummy to protect the real Isaac.

This explains away – Heard that before? – the lack of technical information. But still the primer is a weak point. If this one falls, the Big Basin drone crashes down in Bakersfield.
And didn’t some people object, that if this is real, the government would bring out a counter fake? Good idea! So let’s not destroy the whole Isaac story yet, but indicate, that this could be a trial to discredit the „original“ photos.

Thanks to knowhow! The drones now can live on independantly from papa! Knowhow has separated the chaff from the wheat. A great man like him does not post his thoughts himself, but sends them to OTF to do this, „because he generally did not like what he saw.“

@PK: Thanks for shouting and the clear writing!

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 09:42 AM
reply to post by Siddharta
The ARC now in session
New membership applications Chunder: :approved
ChalottesWeb :approved:
PhrozenKrew :approved
Members present Mur Siddharta Sysconfig DoubleNaught Fortwynt , Dr.Dil et al.
Meeting called to order

Welcome new members,
first some news , as you know an odd connection was made to the recent clues left behind and it was discovered that the numbers corresponded to both Nasa and Human Dog dna. One of our members puts forth the proposition, that there is a third possibility. That this may have been left as a calling card by DOGHEAD

(tremendous stir in the meeting room)
order order order in the room!
What think ye?

SyS; Our old nemesis Doghead, I thought that scoundrel was finished. But possible. He is quite fiendish, no conscious or scruples whatsoever and almost as smart as we are and a heart black as coal.!, almost like Linda..

(more fearful stirring , murmurring, and nodding of the room)

a megalomaniac who can impersonate a small army, and knows his meta science and write a script , faster than you can say woof woof.As the LAP also contained sirius the dogstar. I will do some rechecking.

SiddHarta : Sys! his graphics are lousy! nothing like what we have here.
I advise strongly against dividing our precious resources,

Double: Sids right Sys, its too tennuous a connection.

Fortwynt : I believe we should not ignore this matter but keep him in
mind, He is out there somewhere but I dont want us barking
up the wrong tree Remember Dani is in California too like
that "poodle poop" numbers. could be related.

(Laughter in the meeting oom)

Charlotte :sure Spirals turned out a flake. But the connections with alex,
shirley, and rabbit hole are indisputable and there and they
are closest geographically to the movie makers.

Mur: There is also that Seattle mimzi connection..I dont know about this

Dr.Dil: How hard should we get with linda, Have I been hard enough, its
hard you know, I dont want anyone saying I was soft

Sys: hmmm..Good point , I move we setup a special ad hoc commitee,
and let it report back next meeting, we should have further
developments can I have some more coffee Charlotte? that last cup
was great thank you

general discussion

Hi Sidd that is exactly what they are doing..Isaac is finished and they are salvaging what they can. shame, so thats what they do to their friends. But thats the business. More evidence of manipulation posted at om, with the old members deperatly trying to salvage what they can. I dont see how they have the nerve. They could have sumbmitted to a independent agency or las and afterwards claimed the cracked and prevented a hoax from spreading!

Motion to condemn: Sys : unethical behavior and point blank lying by Tomi, and chicanery by LMH approved : unanimous
Motion to create an annual Most Unethical Behavior of the year Award :Sidd
motion approved ;pending name change.

Other news: Tom Hall just changed 4/14 updated his website please visit and leave your warm regards. Mindy, his daughter just returned from new Zealand, and Chris his son returning from Iraq. great new graphics and Dopefish news.

motion to close meeting :meeting adjourned

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posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 10:26 AM
reply to post by Sys_Config

I know I've been apparently not "around much" because I haven't been posting as often in this thread (I've been busier than a one armed man in a paper hanging contest working on all the cool stuff we have planned for 2008) but I assure you I've been paying attention.

I want to join ARC too, what do you say Sys_Config? Will you have me?


posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 10:35 AM
I second the motion, currently awaiting my next assignment.

I don't even ahve a clue to what it should far as I am concerned, it is over.

There are just too many inconsistencies for me.

We should not have to prove this false.

All I want to have a better understand of the why.

To further damage ufology?


Test reactions?

It could be the case will never have a concensus resolution, by design.

I don't think there will ever be enough proof for the believers of this.

They will always have excuses

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 10:53 AM
Emergency session reconvened
Sys :Motion to accept Springer as an ARC Distinguished member and all around Top Gun .
All say Aye
Motion approved: unanimouslly!
welcome aboard!
Motion to adjourn: approved
Lets go home

[edit on 16-4-2008 by Sys_Config]

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 12:07 PM
reply to post by Sys_Config

Sys and gang I too would love to be a member. Unfortunately i am afraid there may be a conflict of interest between your group and my responsibilties as the resident President of the DOA (Disinformation Operatives of America) Although an honorary membership would be awesome!

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 04:25 PM
Yo, SYS:

Could I be the ombudsman for the group, much like TV's Andy Levy?

And can I nominate PK to be the Sargent-at-Arms?

He really iz 22 kewl 2!

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 04:42 PM
You guys are crazy..!!
You guys are grandfathered in already, Springer can be our very own MOTK like whitley has, Master of the Key.sort of
just make sure you own an actual armchair. No officers, more like knights of the roundtable. hmmm Knights of the Armchair...championing the cause of poor befuddled confused and bamboozled fans of ufology everywhere.

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 04:53 PM
So many members and still coming more?!

Sys, you soon must look for a bigger room for the sessions. Nice to see, that I didn't miss the first one. Did I behave well?

@shads: I don't think, there would be any problem, if you lurk under Charlottes armchair.

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 05:36 PM
Jeez, sorry I'm late! I spilled coffee in my LAP, which was damned annoying, but it soaked through the seat and shorted out some navigation wiring, and I thought I'd never get back on course. I was halfway to Sirius before I got it straightened out! I just *knew* I was missing some good stuff...

I kind of like ARC. Cayce's outfit is the ARE, IIRC.

How about Knights of the Armchair Circle?

Knights of the Comfy Chair?

[edit on 4/16/08 by Double_Nought_Spy]

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 07:58 PM
My lord we do need more room. I was canvassing where I could find more information about the drones as close to the initial sigtings as I could.
Thought you might find it interesting just how far back Lindas deception was spotted.
oli666 at ufc
On May 18th, forum member WatchingWaiting posted a comment stating that Linda Moulton-Howe had been in contact with Chad. From there I went into Earthfiles myself and found a statement of Linda Mouton-Howes. Oops, gotta read it twice because directly after she mentions both Chad and Rajman, the following was stated. "Further, the two individuals quoted in 5/16/07 Earthfiles Engineer Comments provided me names and contact information and are not anonymous to me, but I protected their confidentiality. In doing so directly after her Chad and Rajman comment, it was made to look like she was speaking of Chad and/or Rajman however she was not. "

I did discover also that bison06 may08 was the one dropping chad info and laterf course adv his french based website that promotes ufo videos.
My interest was just noting how LMH lies.

I find returning to the beginning quite refreshing and interesting.

posted on Apr, 17 2008 @ 12:50 PM
reply to post by Sys_Config

He, he, Sys, that’s exactly what was missing, a little fun!!

What about Cooperative Armchair Researchers Enterprise Team?

No, wait a minute…..

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