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[HOAX] Isaac CARET - Drones [HOAX]

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posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 04:56 PM

Originally posted by Double_Nought_Spy
reply to post by Sys_Config

I thought it had been well established that Isaac's images shared several common details with the drone images. As in interchangeable parts. As in identical CGI bits. Or photos of identical parts, if you swallow this fantasy.

yes very earthly concepts I might add. My concern is the people gave evidence of correct locations like MarsAve and others will be forgotten, and only the people maintaining the incorrect information remembered and the questions why never answered. This effort at recycling the myth continues unabated.

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 06:35 PM
reply to post by Sys_Config

Yo, SYS and compatriots searching for the truth:

RE: the 3/31/08 Scotts Valley sighting

That whole Cam interview is SO LMH . . . extremely suspicious as you know . . .

(1.) Why didn't the professional law enforcement PI's do the Q & A, not the misleading LMH? Aren't they the experts at interrogations and getting to the truth? Where is the lie detector test, or would that cost too much money?

(2.) I lived, worked, and commuted in that area (Salinas/Watsonville/Soquel) for 10 years. It's always foggy and/or overcast as hell around that date until 12 noon or so. At Cam's sighting time at 10:30 a.m. you could see basically zip, especially if you had a skylight (skylights installed in houses in that area are usually white translucent, not clear). The weather report for that day (still in google cache at http// AM+on+Monday,+March+31,+2008&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=1&gl=us&lr=lang_en ) shows a MAX visibility of 10 miles at 3 p.m. so in the a.m. it would be much, much less if anything at all, and only partly sunny at best for the entire day.

So how could she see a very high up shape (10,000+ feet)? From inside her house looking straight up through a translucent/semi-opaque skylight? And no sound: could she really hear a high flying aircraft IN HER HOUSE (even with windows open)? Furthermore, of course, there would be no simultaneous exhaust noise if it was a conventional plane/jet as the sound of a high overhead object always arrives well behind the actual visual sighting. She was outside by then.

(3.) Cam, in her own words, contradicts herself. First, she has her sighting, and only AFTER she claims to see photos of the drones with ‘spiky appendages.' Later on, she says her boyfriend Geoff was interested in the Capitola drones and showed her a drone picture BEFORE she had her personal sighting. Get you story lines straight, folks.

That, on face value, proves a bit of deception to me. If nothing else, it plants a classic drone-shape into Cam's mind - paving the way to her sighting, and is reinforced by her boyfriend who was investigating the drones prior to her personal sighting.

Why the PI's just handed this sighting over to LMH is beyond me.

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posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 06:51 PM
Hi all -- just wanted to say hello and let you know I am still reading the CARET threads here with interest. (Hi Sys - hope you are doing great!)

Unfortunately I have nothing new to add - just the things I talked about in the other thread here some time ago. Just watching with interest.

Keep on, keep on... I am an avid fan of the whole complicated story and also of those who keep digging.

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 07:09 PM
All posts that I make are now directed at this location.

But if the scripting of this message board does not allow conscise links then thats not my problem.
Nikola Romanski

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 07:14 PM
Hi Tada wow great to see you and those colors again! I followed Outrageous advice and stayed close to LMHs hem ..ahemm..hahaha. Everything seems to gravitate there. Yes Klatu , we are on same wavelenght on the weather. I dont know anything about ceiling visibility but that day was just like you say

partly clousy and the week after same and rain! 10000 ft is roughly 2 miles up . they described the size as about an inch or inch and a half and a jet being 2 inches i believe. what does a jet look like at 2 miles . an inch would be like your thumb in the air comparatively. I tried getting some pix but could find any on caparativee sizes of known objects at varied altitudes.

Interesting on another report she had about a deer mutilation, in Longs SC. Thats 10min away from me and the most important part of my service delivery area!
I should have a very interesting week this week.

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posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 07:16 PM
reply to post by klatunictobarata

Well put, Klatu. I was wondering about some of those things myself. Skylights are usually not huge, and a fair distance away, and are hard to clean. Usually that adds up to a very small viewing angle, through less than ideal conditions, even if it is clear glass. Not that it's impossible to see something in those circumstances, but it's not like looking out an ordinary window.

So we have a story from a witness who approached the PIs, and the story and description of the object is a better match to the "horseshoe crab" sighting than the Klingon-esque drones. Not terribly relevant, and not a whole lot better than the American Shirley report. I have been waiting for word on just who knows these people, did the PIs check them out or just refer them to LMH, whether "Cam" has an uncle who was in the NSA, and so on.

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 07:20 PM

Originally posted by attovishnu
All posts that I make are now directed at this location.

But if the scripting of this message board does not allow conscise links then thats not my problem.
Nikola Romanski

ATTO you little Rascal You! welcome back, no the link wont work because the server cuts it off! But I have directed many to YOUR site anyway. You should incorporate a little blog there too. It would help a lot in helping your work and getting it known.

I will report progress here also as we have some newblood interested in that area.


posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 07:28 PM

Originally posted by Double_Nought_Spy
reply to post by klatunictobarata

Well put, Klatu. I was wondering about some of those things myself. Skylights are usually not huge, and a fair distance away, and are hard to clean. Usually that adds up to a very small viewing angle, through less than ideal conditions, even if it is clear glass. Not that it's impossible to see something in those circumstances, but it's not like looking out an ordinary window.

So we have a story from a witness who approached the PIs, and the story and description of the object is a better match to the "horseshoe crab" sighting than the Klingon-esque drones. Not terribly relevant, and not a whole lot better than the American Shirley report. I have been waiting for word on just who knows these people, did the PIs check them out or just refer them to LMH, whether "Cam" has an uncle who was in the NSA, and so on.

Double and Klatu have you been doing extra homework behind our back? You know if we get subscriptions to her site, and have access to all her stories, it should be like mice in a cheese factory.

Can you imagine if we get as Shirley, Isaac and Steph say REALLY

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posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 07:34 PM
reply to post by Sys_Config

My favorite weather site keeps giving me Watsonville data, but for the time of the sighting it says it was clear and calm.

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 07:54 PM
reply to post by Sys_Config

"Double and Klatu have you been doing extra homework behind our back? You know if we get subscriptions to her site, and have access to all her stories, it should be like mice in a cheese factory."

Heh heh! I don't want back in there! I let my subscription expire last fall, and have no intention of paying to renew it! I am pretty embarrassed to admit that I subscribed for a year or two. There is some interesting stuff in there. I do have a contact who maintains a sub, but he is such a straight arrow he would never give us his login. He is a serious amateur UFO investigator, a real nuts and bolts nerd who has a low opinion of LMH and keeps a sub just to keep an eye on her. He does that with several sites. Good thing he's loaded!

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 08:02 PM
reply to post by klatunictobarata

Since I am forced to speculate, the Europeans are DRT, and they found the new witness thru the PI's and they gave the witness to LMH as a peace offering/show of good faith, so that she will share her secret info with DRT.

How am I doing?

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 08:33 PM

Why the PI's just handed this sighting over to LMH is beyond me.

I think you more or less answered your own question

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 09:30 PM

Originally posted by chunder

I think you more or less answered your own question

@Chunder My teacher was always saying that to me
and I said one day well do I have to come to class anymore?
hahaha That was good.

@Mur That is a good possibility and we discussed that a page
or two back.
.if they have the "secret" evidence that is good..its like trading
counterfeit for a better counterfeit
If they release good..If they
don't that proves something we already suspect.
THE DRT names were revealed by Eleven already
six people, with one yank, numbers.
I wont use up space talking bout them it gets us nowhere at this point.
until they release their report.
I am waiting for the Mufon one actually."

But since you were gone Have you looked at the anomaly
Woy found
in the isaac material or pix . click the blue links for better look.
I think you were on that thread but it seemed to stop suddenly.
Heck I will repost here. Did Woy ever share his thoughts.
scratch lines going back and forth is one thing,
but a nice sceptre is something else. The alien head has eyes
one with an iris for petes sake.

Also when Reader did his blue T analysis it seemed to weigh more
in favor of manipulation than mere scanner marks. Readers
argument was never knocked down or followed up. I
will be adding that to the collection of anomalies I have

We just got some interesting posts from virgil on the science
part and and Virgil should be going over the my profile to look
at the stuff accumulated. Ireposted Engineertype and Jims (knowhow) psts from OM here which I felt were relevant. Very competent stuff.

You are doing a great job of being neutral and direct over there.

I do have some sad news for our " membership at large". (doesnt that mean escaped, on the loose or wanted?)
Per Nuforc. Ufo reports are down from last month and last year
and the year before.
Reports Count
03/2008 252
02/2008 323
01/2008 425
12/2007 331
11/2007 345
10/2007 410
09/2007 421
08/2007 434
07/2007 407
06/2007 383
05/2007 295
04/2007 297
03/2007 350
02/2007 256
01/2007 428
12/2006 369
11/2006 400
10/2006 387
09/2006 304
08/2006 402
07/2006 400
06/2006 299
05/2006 285
04/2006 313
03/2006 296

I need not remind everyone here
That this is not good for the rantings and ravings and bloodletting
as well as interest and entertainment that these events provide us,
and something needs to happen and happen quick, or there
will be dissention in the ranks. Anyone with any ideas,
flying frogs, smiling cows following you, anything unusual or beyond belief,
Please foward them asap to Earthfiles. Being the Humble person I am
no need to tell them I sent you. Thank you.

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posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 12:03 AM
reply to post by Double_Nought_Spy

I totally agree.

NASA and anti-grav
(the correct term is gravitational/gravity shielding for fetching google results)

Weighty Implications: NASA Funds Controversial Gravity Shield

Oh look! it's controversial! ..Oh ok it must not work then...

Oh the humanity... How certain scientists with authority treat the "controversial" subject.

Keep it going thread!

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Oh forgot!

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posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 02:05 AM
Loose ends for my friends:

-About the weather -Double_Nought_Spy . . . As I said, I lived in the Cam's home location for 10 years and can attest to it being not likely to be sunny and clear this time of year (3/31) at 10:30 a.m. I just googled the date and location and got several different weather site hits from the google cache snapshot taken on that day. It showed previous rain in the area as SYS reported and either partly sunny or partly cloudy as the case might be.

-Double_Nought_Spy, good observation and comments, and you as well Murnut. I really do have great suspicion of any researcher or drone pundit who has a profit motive involved. LMH and George Noory and Bill Birnes and many others see the website subscription and tv or magazine entertainment value in keeping this all in the eye of the paying public. Next in the world of suspicion is the vanity motive, of those who are in the public's eye or those who WANT to be in the public's eye. This would be the scoop of the century for the individual who can prove its basic truth; but no one yet has come forth to do so decisively.

-When I said "Why the PI's just handed this sighting over to LMH is beyond me" was meant to be rhetorical at face value, chunder. But thank you for explaining it to me in your own unique way. I always can learn from my peers.

posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 02:48 AM
Gr33tz Guyz,
That was on time as usual. Like I said befor when I read the interview comments and the exchange, there wasnt too much to say and The weather report stuff, glass if glass[ ceiling just showz every witness she has is bein takin at face value even whe she dont see them in person like all those innnnnterestin caret witness she aint NEVER talked to.. .that is SOOOOOO interwestin, and interwestin p33plz are soooooo interwestin don't you think?. I luuuuuv iinterwestin p33ple.
and the more they talk the more interwestin thingz get. When Mz Winda talkz. uuuuueeee its WEALLY interestin! 4 36 $ ayear u cant beat that.
She should charge MORE I think for all those innnnnterwestin things SHE talks about, but TALK IS CHEAP and interwestingly p333plz get what they pay for. 36 $ a yr for the SECRETS_OF_UNIVERSE is DRT cheap. And when those O memberz get the report they are waitin on, well THEY goin to getz what they paid for!
Its only WIGHT , isnt that innnnnnterwestin?

SYSCO I got the info you were talkin about , U was RIGHT thas the guy who was run out of maxplank and that Chinese American Lady doin her OWN thing therez a third usin capacitors and not bozo condenstates and rotatin super concoction discs. Podenko usin spherez.
Boeing was who u said backin Esther wasnt it? How did U know all this already Sysco. Wassup Bro? ^_^

In a second interview (1997) by Wired magazine reporter Charles Platt, Podkletnov told Platt that he was continuing to work on gravitation, claiming that with new collaborators at an un-named "chemical research center" in Moscow he has built a new device. He said:

Normally there are two spheres, and a spark jumps between them. Now imagine the spheres are flat surfaces, superconductors, one of them a coil or O-ring. Under specific conditions, applying resonating fields and composite superconducting coatings, we can organize the energy discharge in such a way that it goes through the center of the electrode, accompanied by gravitation phenomena - reflecting gravitational waves that spread through the walls and hit objects on the floors below, knocking them over...The second generation of flying machines will reflect gravity waves and will be small, light, and fast, like UFOs. I have achieved impulse reflection; now the task is to make it work continuously.[citation needed][2]
More recently, in collaboration with Italian physicist Giovanni Modanese, Podkletnov has reported on a similar device which he claims generates a coherent gravity repulsion beam. (See the citation below.) Supporters claim it has been seen to move a pendulum located 150 meters away in another building.[citation needed] Allegedly, Podkletnov has observed that the "backside" of this second device emits "radiation" (not otherwise specified) which seems to be dangerous to biological tissues.[citation needed]

[edit] Related work
Back in 1990, two physicists at the University of Alabama, Douglas Torr and Ning Li, had predicted that superconducting magnets might reduce the effect of gravity. Elated by Podkletnov's apparent confirmation of this prediction, Torr persuaded David Noever, a colleague at the nearby Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, to attempt to reproduce the gravity shielding experiment.

Torr soon moved to the University of South Carolina and commenced work on a most unusual device. According to Platt, Torr describes this device as a "gravity generator" that can create a force beam in any desired direction. Officials of the University of South Carolina, however, apparently disavowed association with this work (in an interview by reporter Charles Platt[citation needed]), and it seems that Torr is seeking private funding to continue his research.

James Woodward, an adjunct professor of physics at Cal State in Fullerton, CA, claims to have constructed a device which achieves time varied changes in mass using rather ordinary capacitors.[citation needed]

Marcus Hollingshead, a British inventor, claimed in 2002 to have invented a device with similar gravity-modifying effects, though more related to the non-superconducting spinning S.E.G. configuration proposed by John Searl.

Now everbody get plenty of West


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posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 04:41 PM
Did you people realize, that there is only a handful of people, who are pro-drone?

When I substract my long known friends and enemies (Joke! I don't have any!) - What do I have?

Who is left then?

posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 07:55 PM
T.Y. PK That is useful to us But I must address this first,

Little wonder Sidd, but we will always have groups like that..whether its genetic or environmentally acquired is debatable.
I believe in drones in the sense on UAVS and black or "grey " ops, in in the sense that Military is Government, Governments "produce" nothing. The comercial companies like Boeing and Lock do. Companies do the Black Ops like Hughes aircraft and marine tech projects as extensions of the recover Russian subs as an example , there are UAV and UMVs if you like.No One in "public" can claim they have seen EVERY shape size and propulsion ssytem know to Mankind is laughable
These same companies can at times 'wag" the Government as well as "science "in the direction they wish, by the very virtue of their interests to continue and promote those interests.. In essence,
Men make institutions and afterwards, the Institutions make men. To believe so like we do, does not make us kooks but sober and pragmatic.

To expect the DRT to produce a "neutral unbiased " report is highly Naive. As we can find statement after statement by every,except Rasca, member of the DRT , where they refused to acept findings of tampering with photographs , anything that really put the event as a manmade creation. I already posted Numbers , his position if he found evedince to contrary, he would be hesitant to say anything.They are organized to Find and prove "Real" not fake. They are under obligation to introduce what is real. (except REAL DOUBTS)They have in effect raised the bar for themselves, not us who can argue and understand the limits of witness and evidence and accept a 50 50 aargument that more research needs to be done. This is a specialized groub organized not by mambership, but the hardest of the hardes "Believers" who will not accept anything to the contrary.

This was evident early on in August when Ottoth, hardly the Pro Hoaxer we "Here" are labled as " had "serious issues" with Both 1035/Latitude and Eleven, with tampering along the chain of custody. Any reasonable "jury" would be bound throw such out. but oh no, not the DRTs Eleven and 1035 , th DRT Lead Analyst . This is After it is well known that someone attempted to Change the Exif Data in Capitola pix to make it appear it was a different Camera a minolta. This is what we can expect what the DRT report will look like , and their concern for TRUTH before, during afterwards this Circus.

10358, as you know, the situation is not "The Capitola pictures have no Exif data", which would not be too suspicious, although we might like to see the Exif stuff when we can; the situation is that the Exif data is there and has been modified to make us think the pictures originate from a camera whereas they came from Photoshop. Therefore someone in the line had a deceitful intent. How many times do I have to repeat this? aug 29 2007 omf

Either you believe on word the investigators who carried out interviews (LMH) and those which received the photographs (Ufocasebook….), if not to treat them as much liars; either you carry out your own survey to go up until them.
Me I believe what LMH with regard to the witnesses says, obviously, you, you do not believe her...... What a pity eleven

Admin and Mods sorry but no more discussion is possible here.

Now I will make like the majority among us here, will let Otthot discuss all alone with his convictions and will conclude brilliantly that all this is only a hoax, that it proved it and that is not debatable.
Though he says, the opinion of Otthot was made as of the beginning and to prove it had become an obsession. Even if it were necessary to be incorrect, haughty and even insulting towards the other researchers.

Thus will Otthot affirm high and strong that he is the man who has debunk the business of the drones and perhaps he will write a book?

Return to study with OTF, Banzaï, Spf, and others.


This is what was said to Otto, The best Cryptograph person they had, the best true "sciencentific oriented person, as well as that insult to SPF## and others , who at every turn I have seen continues to be applauded yet suasked to go back again, and again, to come out with something more acceptable to Nemo, also a DRT member.
That Ignore to their Best people, does look quite ominues, so why do we bother to be concerned about their Investigation, when it is obvious to me they will only produce what can keep their group and the davidian branch of ufology alive, but a finding of REAL.

So they take what was argued and found flawed and attempt to make it Real ..exactly like attempting to "straighten a crooked branch" They will present what any reasonable person would say wellmaybe..maybe not...and say "REAL".

if they produce a dvd, which I hope they do..we can have fun with that as it will be on the record, as welll as their past examples of what it means to be a " REAL TRUE Believer"

Talking to such a group is tantamount to Literally Talking to a "Box of Rocks" I would think. perhaps the Camera change name occurred when they changed to a his or her Levis Jeans during transport. Anything is possible, even the most improbable if you are a TRUE believer. and as Tomi eloquently stated, as a DRT renmembr, We here must give some leeway to little errors and lies. note the LMH excuse for withholding TY Pix last year.

AlienContacte at OM

I never heard from her for a day so I then sent this one.
My point here is this. Your only reason for not wanting to part with the other 11 photos is the following.
Why would I put 11 high resolution images on the net for the viral video and Photoshop hoaxers to misuse?
Ok, well the first Ty high-resolution photo is already on the Internet so your wanting viral video and Photoshop hoaxers to misuse them statement doesn't apply anymore. It's too late, they've already got the hi-res photo. They've had it almost a month now. It'll be a month on the 19th and nobody is bothering to duplicate the Big Basin drone because it cannot be done. The drone is to intricate, they cannot duplicate it and they know this already.

I've attached a copy of the picture that is available on the Internet for you to see what they already have to work with so that you have a better understanding as to why it's not necessary to hold back the other 11.

Aug 22, 2007, 1:55am, fore wrote:@ Numbers and Shads

Why don't you guys just send LMH and email and clarify these points. An honest question like "Why has Earthfiles flood of reports on the drones slowed down?"

Or more specifically why has she not sent the other dozen Hi-Res scans?

These questions should be nail bitters for anyone. The answers might make the whole Drone affair take a new twist to the story.

from 1035/latitude DRT member Emeritus...
LMH has already answered both of those questions. Her answer is what I said, all communication abruptly ceased. She said she won't released the rest of the Hi-res because she does not want them used by the Halo3 hoax crowd. Unquote..

So, Given That excuse is moot, why should we be concernced with this "Dog and Pony show", yet their membership applauds this effort as if it were the Final say on the drones.
I find that odd as they had to be asked what their mission statement was and no one put it better than tomi when she stated more or less,

To go in search of new drones and boldly go forth where no man has gone before"
ala Startrek.

"you cannot straighten out a crooked stick"


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posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 10:28 PM
Gr33tz L33tz

Yeah I saws that too and could not believe it had to read it over n over again. it was a sharp dude too.!
And the best they can do is:
"To explore strange new drones. To seek out old witnesses and new evidence. To boldly go where no man has gone before.
« Last Edit: Yesterday at 11:49am by tomi01uk » Link to Post - Back to Top Logged "

I dont see how u been took as sayin it was Tom Hall just cus you put up the evidence that the stuff came from everywheres specially the alfabet.Nobody' even here wonderin WTF that thing was you just posted with the wand .How can ANYBODY or that plenty of people even like whitly and alienwares takin a ride on dis. Like we has to be a SCIENTISTS to find the truth but not them. . Common sense tellus that. Not one of em is a scientist and they rejects the scientist, kill the carpenter, BUT borrow his hammer but don't know thing about hammerz. Dis iz crazy!
Lets see if the finish findin the OLD witneses and finish wit the Old evidence first BEFORE they adds NEW Evidence or witnesses they just finish givin away to somebody else. ^_^

Im still going over stuff I will emailz you home than u for trustin me too. so we has Plasma Physics, self organizing, ,Astronomy, Lit, Antigravity, Humor, Eco, Dag Man. No wonderz U havent Dropped dis. I can't believe Isaac aint here shakin all your hand brothers.

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posted on Apr, 7 2008 @ 01:07 AM
Thats precisely why, it will be more fruitful to continue studying these other aspects as we would a good David Brin or Ray Bradburry story.
I believe I have already heard Isaacs echoes to that effect. Our questions here have had an effect on the substance and direction of inquiry elsewhere. We dig for answers, the others, their own End.
As far as anti gravity the best place to get feet wet would be
which incldes the marcus device and also the ELF antenna device..
their is an interesting story how the inventor also affiliated with military
somehow dtoppred immediiately after sending a tape of working device to
the government.

There are of course other avenues such as the Searl effect currently being worked.
we may luck up and find a similar principle involved here as Atto labeled his device figure a tuner ie his current avatar as an example.
As theres a lot of energy around us, little wonder the Haarp people are always busy perhaps the two technologies can converge at some point.
So Isaac was pehaps not pointing to new technology but the xperimental
as above, and could easily have drawn the technical gravitic descriptoios
from sources such as these and available papers on the internet.
will you get a gravity effect building Isaacas, other than experiencing lightheadedness from concentrating on the letters and nodes, I seriously doubt it, and I include in this observation a REAL doubt. Podlenovs again would have been funded by Boeing (remember Escher Sponsor, one of many)but repors suggest they denied funding. Ithank American Gravity for Honest Reporting on the status of these projects as they come across them

Update from OM
This is Kitchen window the from CAM sighting Thank you nemo/nekitamo
nice blue sky, how high off floor and eyelel is this. Very smart pots and pans holders by the way.

Outstanding Dr. DIL
For exceptional Late Breaking TRUE TIMELINE and RIVETTING editorial on Drones YOU need go no farther than here!! UFO community Thanks you.

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