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[HOAX] Isaac CARET - Drones [HOAX]

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posted on Mar, 20 2008 @ 03:23 PM
reply to post by tomiuk

Someone else already posted the video...did you not see it?

Clearly tomi...I think you are confusing my position.

We must be having a communication breakdown some where.

The purpose of the post was to see if sys had seen it.

It had nothing to do with you.

I do not endorse it, however sys is more knowledgeable wrt this than myself.

It has nothing to do with me and you.

So we are crystal clear...since the Fox video has already been posted...I will not repost it.

Again kudos to you, tomi, for pushing the case into the msm.

You have almost matched sys's determination

posted on Mar, 20 2008 @ 03:26 PM

Originally posted by murnut
I saw this some place else.

Have you seen this sys?



Rajinder Satyanarayana


is actually

Lakshmana rao Rayala

An unemployed special effects artist from India.

his email is

his fathers name is Rajinder Satyanarayana


Some coincidences for you

They both have yahoo accounts, both use the term (man) in their email address and both use a 4 digit number.

Lakshmana rao Rayala is a special effects artist who's father happens to be called Rajinder Satyanarayana, he is also Indian.

So how do you know that Lakshmana rao Rayala is real.

well just go to yah* and type in and see for yourself, the website seems to be down at the moment but just click on cache and all will be revealed.

This is your culprit...

Keep looking for telephone poles if you like but the answers you need are above.

I bid you farewell...

To be clear...everthing below the line "have you seen this sys"

Are not my words...cut and paste job....was this part of the confusion?

posted on Mar, 20 2008 @ 03:31 PM
As I was saying earlier yes I was checking, and it is an india based person. I believe OMF inerviewed a satayaanna back some time..the movie maker I believe I will have to go and copy that email or post from him. He submitted 2 resumes to companies, rain something gamemaker and also a another that toymaker. He is also registered as age 26 at a dating service mate4all

Thats all so far.

I love my little bandwagon, disregard the fence sitters and diehards, from any camp, we will do just fine, the problem is we have too many chiefs and not enough "indians" pun intended. And they are quite good at what they do. so anyone has hangups about india, please leave them at home.
I just remembered ..Mur, that tip on the telephone..industrial are or commercial ..that could be a studio...if the pole exists.what movie production studios exist in capitola or immediate are. Cal has strict zoning laws so I imagine it may not be as hard as I thought to find it.

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posted on Mar, 20 2008 @ 03:32 PM
Just a reminder...

Please focus the responses on the topic of discussion and NOT fellow members' character and or person!

Thank you.

» Aliens & UFOs » Isaac CARET - C2C Drone possible explanation » Post Reply

posted on Mar, 20 2008 @ 03:57 PM
So I guess since no one has posted about it yet, none of you saw UFO Hunters on History Channel last night?? Most of the episode, called "Reverse Engineering" was about the drones. They should be replaying it periodically throughout the week so I hope you guys catch it so we can have a discussion about it.

posted on Mar, 20 2008 @ 03:59 PM
reply to post by pjslug

I saw it...I thought they did a nice job

posted on Mar, 20 2008 @ 04:15 PM
reply to post by pjslug

saw it myself as well.

I see the show dropped salads, and drones cgi compilation. Odd that they chose to do that, especially, when "this" episode was all about it, well mostly. The new intro/opening isn't as good ,imo.

I was dissapointed ATS wasn't mentioned :p I was hoping it would be. But there's plenty of other more well known sites (dedicated to just UFO's) and people cough* LMH cough*, that aren't nearly as dedicated or tenacious as this one at debunking, and looking for the real deal. They'd rather just believe everything, and try to "Sell It" as real.

But I thought the show was good anyways.

I'm glad to see your still at it Sys, but also sorry that it hasn't come to a satisfying end for you,and everyone else yet. But I believe it will.

Sorry I'm not a good indiaN anymore, heh. Been busy irl, and in some other forums.

But I still check here often, and if you ever need a hand or some eyes to double check anything, feel free to u2u me anytime, or email me.

good luck!

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posted on Mar, 20 2008 @ 05:25 PM
Its good you all saw that and can give input on it.
Mosst interesting salads Kaptiva was not mentioned..was LMH or anyone else ? as for forums, rest assured there are a host of forums still peeking here and there and it was best they did not pick out any in particular. Remember we are working not only against the alien hype book- dvd ppublishing complex, that Bill Birnes as well as LMH and C2C (all acquainteces) are a part of, but viral mktrs , military study groups, and the like.We are happy its being covered. Certainly the newcomers will have the same and new questions, which is why I have been collecting pix across tthe board that might help answer quickly. I dont want all that good work done by everyone to disappear into oblivion. As we search, we can only get smarter and stronger, not disenchanted as the PTB wish it.
If there is something you remember from the past, put it in your comments section, or a folder on your desktop. We will need that. its much faster than looking for a post. Get screenhunter, a free prg at to do quick snapshots as you search.(thank you Nola) Somethings like sites can stay up one day, and then are gone. a snapshot will help. Make use of image seach when searching names too, they may have galleries or displays. above all..Read read read.
There are some obvious things we missed ,I am sure in the beginning.
It is as Sidd said, go back to the beginning. That always scares hoaxters. it should. Be leary of sightings posted recently at mufon that were from eons ago. I have always considered those suspect, especially at this time of the year.

As for other sightings elsewher, tell me if exposure to this one has not given you an edge on analyzing the others.

Caution! several links containing the laksshman raj name were viral/active x spyware infected, a rather pesistent one at that that loads iteself on your tool bar . If using xp I suggest using system restore to get back to an earlier pointan earlier point like a week before. All will be well after.

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posted on Mar, 20 2008 @ 09:53 PM

Originally posted by Sys_Config

As for other sightings elsewher, tell me if exposure to this one has not given you an edge on analyzing the others.

Sys.. it seems you might be the one doing the ceilingcat hoax.. Your avatar is too similiar !! Must mean something ! Have to investigate this..
I've got a number of questions for you..

Originally posted by Sys_Config

Caution! several links containing the laksshman raj name were viral/active x spyware infected, a rather pesistent one at that that loads iteself on your tool bar . If using xp I suggest using system restore to get back to an earlier pointan earlier point like a week before. All will be well after.

I'd be happy to offer my services to resolve these issues with your computer. We can do a remote

posted on Mar, 20 2008 @ 10:54 PM
Thank you Tomi,
I took care of it quickly, I was concerned for those who might not know what to do right off. The avatar, is quite similar, please take good care of it, plenty of mice and milk.

Aside from the Lakshmann lead an emailer aka Jim" wrote OM that the matter is a hoax based on his knowledge of props that went on sale at christies the year before. It is allegedly on a startrek ( not the first time we have run across them as far as art went) special lmtd edition of its 40th anniversery catalogue. hard to get.
But Sp33 found something. Thank you Sp33 on your locating this.

This is no clincher..there is a similarity..but what made the caret unique is not..the fins and symbols, hmm are those finsor are those on the wall.. Okuda denied connection with caret, but never denied the artwork, Sternbach denied connection to caret, but acknowledged the use of his artwork.
I cant comment on this until I locate the limited edition catalogue. But I would not be surprised. If I had the wrong movie or game, it nevertheless, is a prime candidate byproduct of a studio technology, or trained hands.

As for the Fox report it has been getting good reviews, as fair and balanced, there was an odd commentary to the effect by one reporter claiming ithe craft resembled something from an "Indian Wedding"
. Odd Gift, or cake decoration for one I would say.
Good Hunting all.

I am posting as seperate post Jims (2) to ElevenAugust in response to the article
"I'm glad you've taken interest in these "drone" storys that continue to live on the Internet:
Now, I know for a fact that these drones are one big elaborate hoax, and a laughable one at that.
I've tried twice to expose this hoax in the past, but and Linda Moulton Howe did not respond to my email.

OK then, here is how I know it's all a hoax:
On Oct. 7, 2006 there was a Star Trek auction held by Christie's auction house.
Many Star Trek props, ship models, and scenery were put up for auction.
There was additional (hard to find) behind the scene footage of the selection process for deciding which ship models would be listed in the auction. One ship model not selected for the auction list:
A never used "futuristic Klingon timeship" or what is now being called "Chad's drone."
Since then, Chad's drone and other similar evolving "drones" have been fraudulently perpetrated all over the Internet.

I watched a Star Trek documentary on TV Feb. 2007 as an auction worker in the Paramount warehouse held that very physical ship model in his hands and gave the viewers background info on that particular ship model and said it was one of the physical ship models
(not computer generated) made for an episode for the next, last season of the last Star Trek series "Enterprise."

That season never aired and was canceled.

The man described that the 2 ft. long ship model (that he was holding in his very hands) would have been a "Klingon time ship" that went back in time to chase down Enterprise crew members on the ground, but because of plot holes and incongruities in the script they could never work the "Klinglon ship from the future" into the next season's episodes that ended up never going into production.

The wire cage in the center of the ship was supposed to be a time vortex, or portal (It looks like a wire whisk.)

ALSO: notice in the drone photos the cheesy, conspicuous looking Klingon writing on the underside arms of the ship!

I'm sure that, that ship model was the one superimposed on "Chad's drone" photos.
The Chad drone story coincidentally came out on around May 2007.

There may have been a couple of more planned ship models:
hence, more elaborate "drones" appeared superimposed on more photos, even backdated ones.

Exactly who are these phantom "eyewitnesses" to these drones?

Could they even be out of work science fiction writers and graphics designers? (I'm just speculating)

Apparently, that never used "Klingon ship from the future" wasn't selected or chosen for the auction, as I couldn't find it in the online auction catalog listing for the Christie's Star Trek auction.

I tried to locate the additional bonus video footage of this scene (of the guy holding the ship model)
I believe it only aired once in February 2007 and then wasn't shown on the "Star Trek Beyond the Final Frontier" DVD that filmed the Christie's Star Trek Auction.

I think some people who purchased the limited edition Christie's Auction catalogs might have that 10 minute or so bonus footage included.

OK, I don't want to put much more effort into trying to prove this is a hoax, but if you want to get to the bottom of it then you might possibly contact Mike Okuda, or Dave Rossi, or some of those sci-fi writers and graphic designers who worked on that last Star Trek series "Enterprise."

I wouldn't be surprised if someone connected with that TV series might have been involved somehow in this ever growing hoax, whether directly or indirectly.

If you're interested, I'll email back any questions you might have:
but I'm hardly a "Trekker" or expert in Star Trek.


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posted on Mar, 20 2008 @ 11:40 PM
Second Email From Jim To OM ElevenAugust

Thanks Tonio for your response,
Whether "drone" Browning effect craft exist I couldn't rule out one way or another, and whether or not past eyewitnesses are genuine I don't know: but I have a near photographic visual memory and I am 99% certain that the Star Trek ship model shown on TV on Feb. 2007 (A&E channel or History channel) was in fact the VERY SAME ship as the images shown in Chad's photos.

I'd bet Chad's Photos are hoaxed based on their overwhelming similarity to that Star Trek Klingon pre-production ship model.

I remember the wire whisk looking egg beater at the center of the ship model especially, and the storyline of it being a time portal (not a static electricity generator etc.)

The Klingon looking writing on the ship's underarms are not the same as past Klingon script or symbols, because the writers must have specified that it was to be a "Klingon timeship from an alternative future," and hence the script or symbols would look Klingonish, or similar, but not exactly like past Klingon writing.
Anyone with some linguistic skill should discern that the writing on the ship's underside appears contrived and not as a distinct language.

"Chad" himself never came forward publicly because his story wouldn't hold up if video or photos of the pre-production Star Trek model were directly compared to the images in those photos!

They had to be superimposed from various camera angles of different positions of that Star Trek Klingon ship model.
That's how they did it before computers, so I bet someone with photography skills took some good photos of that ship model.

Now, he may have just purchased the model from the auction,
or acquired it from someone who worked on the show or the Christie's auction.
Any Star Trek memorabilia collector who purchased the deluxe ltd. edition catalog (not standard edition) from the Christie's Star Trek Auction has that 10 minute bonus footage and could send you a video capture image of the guy holding Chad's drone in his hands right there for all to see.

I don't have a couple of hundred dollars? to go out and buy that limited edition catalog, nor would I want one that badly enough.
If anyone wants to know the source of Chad's photos, then they should "seek out and find" some Star Trekker who attended the Christie's auction and purchased the Ltd. Edition Catalog with the 10 minutes of bonus video."
I have located 3 volume, as opposed to 2 volume catalogue which contains CBS prop Lots. I am still searching for the bonus video thru alternate sources. Similarities are good, we already know from early on it was all borrowed material. AS from Okuda and Sternbach

Previusly posted here An an almost precise match would be better. But we work with what we can find .especially if as the mail says, somebody held the chad type one in his hands. But these leads will be popping all over the place, and like anything else, people who will want to sell you something, or see you scatter.
If Star treKs JJ abrahams were involved he wont say anything anymore than a Tom Hall both have those projects.

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posted on Mar, 21 2008 @ 02:22 AM
I haven't been in this site for a while, I notice that finally this hoax is been revealed, actually that was my first thought that this pictures were real and the only one that could make such a device was hollywood, once again I feel like so close to believing that all this is fake but still Issac report is mystery, I still feel 50/50, I really don't care about who makes money, money is made there are a lots of thing that I could say money is thrown out of pure waste and silly things for example, Disney, IRS, Casino, got go see ya later bye

posted on Mar, 21 2008 @ 02:57 AM
reply to post by newkid

now that is in the open things should proceed faster. If you remember the graphs I posted, and whats happening now,...evreyone is on schedule for the springfest of drones.
Why even LMH may come out of the "woodwork" with some more! What we have here brewing folx is the "Grandaddy of Block Parities". I always liked those.

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posted on Mar, 21 2008 @ 07:55 AM
Argghh, as good as those emails sound, and seem to put this one to bed, i will have to see it first.

Plus, there's gotta be ALOT of hard core trekkies on this site, and all over the internet, who would have recognized the "Chad Drone", from a limited edition dvd. So if this thing was on display at a trekkie auction, and memorialized on a DVD, I believe it woulda been posted on You Tube, and Buried long ago. Everyone want's to be the one who solves something like this.

With that said, I'm not sure if I'm "buying" (pun intended) this Christies auction 200$ to "find out" nonsense. How about a direct link to the item for us to purchase, that this guy doesn't have a couple hundred worthless U.S dollars to put an end to this once and for all. I'm very suprised, THAT wasn't also included in the emails SYS.

almost ALL trekkies are into UFO's, but not all people into UFO's are trekkies.

I dunno about this, seems like another easter egg hunt.

I've seen at least a half dozen different Drone types, and configurations. and all cannot be earlier "tests" for the final "Chad drone prop. Some dateing back to pre-chad photos? Or were those definitely debunked?
If's evident this has been something that has been years in the makeing. Although He reminds me of the same people that are makeing this alot harder on everyone by telling half truths, and withholding information *wink*

If I had my druthers, I'd guess all will be revealed about the Drones this April's 1st. Haha, big laugh, could be huge disinfo put forth by a gov group; but I'm leaning towards a meme, ever since we first started talking Sys.

As for the UFO hunters, no, LMH, or OMF, or C2C, or any specific forum person, or groups were mentioned on the show. they just said internet forums , a few times. I saw the show again on History channel last night. So as someone said earlier, they'll be re-running it probably at least to Sunday night. You should definitely check you listings Sys, and try and view the episode.

The show is also split half hour about drones, and another half hour about some very cheesy implant footage that I didn't buy one bit, and I've always been a believer in those. But this forum has made me skeptical, but in a good way. Just like in the courtroom, you can get an "expert" to say anything if the money is right, and thats what I believe happens on alot of these shows, and UFO cases, where they bring in experts. Good thing we have our own unpaid, therefore unbiased experts right here on ATS.

But as for the episode the first half if i remember right was mainly all about the drones. If you can't catch it on the HC, as others said, it'll be up on google in a month or so, surely.

Take care.

If you could work on a name of the exact limited edition DVD, or item this drone model is supposed to appear on Sys, please post it. Hell I'll buy the thing, and rip it, and put up what I find. Again a couple hundred dollars to put this to rest once and for all, would be money well spent, and I hate to see people wasting thier time chasing a hoax.

But again i doubt this footage is out there, or it would have been posted already.

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posted on Mar, 21 2008 @ 09:02 AM

Originally posted by Nola213If you can't catch it on the HC, as others said, it'll be up on google in a month or so, surely.

posted on Mar, 21 2008 @ 10:22 AM

Learn the latest about the drones on this week's Dreamland! As the mystery of the drones reaches the front page of the Los Angeles Times, a sharp-eyed reader has found a possible explanation for the technology that keeps the craft aloft. This comes from a Popular Mechanics article from 1964 about an ion propulsion device that was then under development by famed engineer Major Alexander P. de Seversky.

Drone case hardening?

posted on Mar, 21 2008 @ 01:01 PM
reply to post by Sys_Config

When making Jerry Goldsmith "Star Trek" comparisons, keep something in mind: Star Trek always had elements of science fact. Today we have lithium batteries, etc. Jerry was a very interesting man, and I remember reading an interview of his once. He had many meetings with channellers. I would not be surprised if his knowledge was given to him by other entities or if perhaps he was a time traveller. So if many things you see in Star Trek share a resemblance with things that are popping up now (such as the drones) it wouldn't surprise me one bit.

posted on Mar, 21 2008 @ 01:15 PM
reply to post by Terrapop

No way. Ion propulsion devices cause physical lift by generating an "ion wind effect" and they are quite noisy. The high voltages require massive transformers and AC power and you can hear the charged particles igniting the air.

The drones have been said to shift in and out of physical space, blurred as they move along, appearing at two places at once and then they disappear.

But sure, the ion propulsion is a great cover story and most of the American people will probably buy into it, just like everything else. And that's because people, for the most part, are ignorant. Just look at the housing market right now. People will believe anything.

posted on Mar, 21 2008 @ 01:17 PM
reply to post by pjslug

The drones don't exist, it's clearly bad CGI, get over it and stop making ATS look bad by falling for this crap!

posted on Mar, 21 2008 @ 01:21 PM

Originally posted by pjslug
reply to post by Sys_Config

When making Jerry Goldsmith "Star Trek" comparisons, keep something in mind: Star Trek always had elements of science fact. Today we have lithium batteries, etc. Jerry was a very interesting man, and I remember reading an interview of his once. He had many meetings with channellers. I would not be surprised if his knowledge was given to him by other entities or if perhaps he was a time traveller. So if many things you see in Star Trek share a resemblance with things that are popping up now (such as the drones) it wouldn't surprise me one bit.

PJ I dont know who Jerry Goldsmith is, but its always been a given to me that Startrek and other sci Fi are based on sound scientific perinces, and theories, and reserch of latest ideas and concepts.. and taking creative liscense with others that are not prioven, parallel universe, just hypethesized. Its for entertainment and learning , Ion drive or anti matter drive, as ideas that preceded actual containment of anti matter particles in physics. Di Lithium in reality lithium hydride atomized by lazer to produce plasma, a sixties concept in physics already. But certainly all this things did somehow pop out of our heads, but whether inspiration, or epiphany, its still starts like sex , in our heads and the body follows. All praise to the head on this one.

@Terraop we posted on that already either this page or that. They ae also thru our Illustrious LMH doing a podcast at unknown country..They are pumped up for the party. Now with all the smoke coming up now, it behooves me to tell you LMH and Whitley are doing a pod cast on march 22 on New Drone material, I hope you all email UC and amake sure she reveals her analysis of the 12 TYB Hi RES pics she is keeping from the world, thats us, Democrats Republicans, libertarians, Labour Party, the lehkud, and and even the Vegans and Pagans.

Perhaps we can name the new series of Drone
Escape from Escape from the Drones, or Grand Theft Drone Part II, cross platform of course.

@Nola excellent point , ( on a cynical note nice way to help get rid of excess catalogues)and the posture to take we should take is find one or lets see how it this point, and yes, april is on us, and more rabbitholes are being made for us to jump in. Do you think this years will be a "bob lazar" type model ?
Like Levitation Lev does with his drawings..

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