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[HOAX] Isaac CARET - Drones [HOAX]

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posted on Jan, 1 2008 @ 03:31 PM
reply to post by sean_uk

Previous page pal.
This is an old CGI vid with original CARET material, nothing new.
Still awaiting creator of Drone story............
Im reading your bits Sys

posted on Jan, 1 2008 @ 04:09 PM
reply to post by Sys_Config

Hi Sys- Listened to that radio show u posted........
The guy who was meant to reveal everything, was just lying and so never came on the show.
Is that what u picked up?

posted on Jan, 1 2008 @ 08:04 PM
Hi sys_config

What I am trying to say if Tom Hall and his friend are behind this hoax, why they don't just say so, to keep this secret this long and not collect any payback, if its not the money then at least the fame and glory, what are they waiting for??

I got a question about the CARET document on figure 14.11 there is a figure of a nuclear atom on the bottom right side. There are 3 circle on the left side. The line originates from the Nuclear Atom showing that they are part of electron orbiting the Nucleaus. I when and look at the Periodic Table and look for which one had 3 electrons, according to my understanding Lithium was the one with 3 electron.

My questions are as follow, could this drone be real, made of lithium, made of the lightes and heat resistance metal.
If Tom Hall made this hoax why do we have so many component that only a game or movie have, you know they do this because they are going to get pay.
Other then those question I don't have any more INPUT or question.

posted on Jan, 1 2008 @ 09:10 PM

Originally posted by Xiamen
1. The objects in Isaac's color photos may suggest merely plastic made from a mold, and decals for the symbols.

No opinion either way right now, however I know people who can produce images of that quality purely in photoshop.

[Edit: holy cow I didn't realize this thread was almost 200 pages long...]

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posted on Jan, 1 2008 @ 10:39 PM
I wish I knew..I am still waiting for him to return my emails..he is kown for returning emails..The superstatrs like Syd Mead, frank sternbach, and Michael Okuda certainly did ,and I am sure his friend Joe siegler at Dopefish and his CK fan club have alerted him too. If he was not connected..on something of this import..he would have said like Michael and Frank..sorry not connected. no hard feelings, and I moved on. .

So I find it peculiar..But then again Tom has a an NDA agreement too, that money at KingsIsle is not his, its investors, and he has a Boss over his head,..Mega dollars as I said before. If this were just a prank cgi/composite model hoax..we would not have all the cute puzzles, and clues in if to say find me. I remember lithium only in context of batteries ( Li Battery in a LAP top or UAV )and ...pellets used with high power lasers in early fusion experiments in the 80s. If I can suggest do an image search on web for UAV and see for yourself.( I thought they used titanium as the light metal in craft as well as composites. We may very well have UAVS and Satelittes like that .If you read an earlier post after 180 I believe..I have to check)you will note that the nodes resemble spectrometry calibraters . innherent in the diagrams is an intuitive use for sound and light measurement. Now this is not secret science, look at Escher Institute UTA and Chess program at berkley..UAV and AI warfare systems then check out on American domination of EM spectrum being put in place as we speak.
Tom, ,incorporates nanotech science principles in his Deux games..Remember,,these people hire experts in the latest science and then use the themes in the game to be as realistic as possible. He doesnt have to be a genius, just hire a couple on retainer..Like Arthur Reyes in TEXAS or Joe Schmuch, (sic) like we do lawyers, as needed. Even Titor Hoaxers had a Scientist, Simanoke from GeorgeMason help them as a consultant. You should take a gander what his good friend Alex Simsanovich.(or Simanovich). has in store for us with a recent Darpa grant.

I think what happened it caught on too real for some..but they needed to see if people would pick up on mystery and game parts as you arenow seeing with the atom, thats very critical, so it kinda backfired and they have this multimillion dollar deal in swing and too dangerous to come out and say..we did it yet. Personally I liked it it..prefer commander keen any day though. Perhaps as more take to look inside for clues and the emails (the game involves least the mmog will.) we will find more..I hope we find these people before..I was never strong in sciences.

Yes Alex that Arizona Blog broadcast was a flub..and poorly done..Have you listened to ATX mix? Sringer Sprung !The Ohare thing is the real deal..had me on pins and needles. Springer was outstanding..make sure you flag to encourage more of that. I posted at the pisces site and the guy who put up the Isaac thread a day ago is a retired PI..and is taking a new look at what I posted and he just moved to Lake Tahoe!

SeaL you will be all parts are pges 180 up when I started zeroing on the diagram and narratives, and not counting pixels..the latter was ok early but not worth 3 or four months..IMO Linda MH hindered this whole thing by not posting or releasing.the original hi res pixs and still stonewalls today..I actually dont need her pix..only any narratives she has.
It may be she has no communication with anybody..simply..because it was planned that way..set the fire fan it a little bit..spike the forums with sockpuppets..and have a story with a life of its own.

To help I will be reposting pix early on I did, to help you catch up....I am resting on this until I hear from fan club and Dopefish site..and Nola213,MoonKing and others. (God Bless You)who are researching also...They have no NDAs to keep.
Please understand..all the above can turn on a dime..but it has not yet.


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posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 04:17 PM
but all I see is a nice gizmo with vacuum cleaner wheels
which aint to say there is still something to it all

posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 04:39 PM

Originally posted by Yacov
but all I see is a nice gizmo with vacuum cleaner wheels
which aint to say there is still something to it all

Thanx yakov attempt at simile was off but if you have have something to add or subtract that would be most helpful in either moving foward..pause..or changing direction. please do so...Try to make your posts count..
instead of just I agree or disagree..

Please checkout this site and note film/game/viral/onestop all "green" company does..They just posted Caret in the mystery books category for first I am a tad confused. But the company is quite interesting.
Why are they using Caret now?

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posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 09:08 PM

Originally posted by Whiterabbit29
One thing I'm slightly confused about is the censoring on some of the documents. I wonder If this is the way they were given to him, or has he done this himself?

I'd love to find the guy who's in charge of that black marker pen and shove it where the sun don't shine grrr

On another website, he has replied to some questions, one of which was concerning the blacked out words, and he replied that he received the documents with the lines blacked out.

posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 09:35 PM
Is this a joke? people,please, you are responding to questions asked and answered aeons ago! whiterabbit..who started the thread has not been here in quite a while. but is active...Thank you for pointing the marker answer but it was answered already.Please note the what page you are disrupts the flow of whatever is going on..or, no offense please nor to make anyone feel unwelcome, ok?
But now I can suggest if we need some real classified documents we can buy them here..why just buy them from Isaac

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posted on Jan, 3 2008 @ 06:04 AM
Good to see you still working at this sys. I was unable to really look at alot of the lap picture, holidays were hectic.

But looking through some pictures of yours , something caught my eye, it was so obvious, that it was sideways, and only really meant to be seen when you turn the picture 90 degrees Cockwise. Theres a large bust of a hooded man in the red/purple section I've circled. you may have to save the picture, and zoom in on it a bit to see it clearest, but its there.

I've only begun to scratch the surface of all the small images imprinted in the PACL Linguistic Analysis Primer pictures. It's hard to imagine the scale these images were made on to be able to include images down to such a minute' level. Fine tight black lines, when zoomed in on and color settings adjusted, images just pop out, its quite the feat, it must have been mage on a huge scale then shruken down ALOT to achieve this effect.

I don't know if this is Viral marketing for a new Movie or game Series by "you know who", but I still am waiting Isaac to come forward.

I don't know what to think at this point, at first I really thought these drones, could be the one, with all the info and papers, and pictures supplied by Isaac, it was just a great story. But the reluctance of him to submit anything else (maybe something happened to him I thought), and the LMH interviews that were supposed to be done with chad and the other drone photographers, I don't believe those ever came to fruition, they may have but no new info ever came out of them.

So my hopes were dashed. Now studying the P.L.A.P's, and seeing stuff for myself as well as the stuff you've pointed out, i'm leaning towards this not being a genuine sighting of a craft. But something else altogether.

What that is....I don't know, but i'll keep searching.

Was nice they shut down your thread (basically the only thread on the Fortunecity forums that were set up to discuss this stuff). The forum is now bare, and has just a terrible interface. I really don't think they are trying to figure anything out over there, but moreso sweep it under the floor.

But keep up the good work, pace yourself, there's plenty of time. Hopefully we'll get some resolution to this whole thing in due time.

Best of Luck!

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posted on Jan, 3 2008 @ 08:32 AM
Thanx for the confirmation on the Fortune city site ..yes if it was Isaacs he should fire the the whole staff..on christmas would have been great..
They even had the nerve, the shameless audacity! to usethe names Morpheus..and Neo..thats ufological Blasphemy! ( Tom hall did a voice over for morpheus in one of his bearing here though).But...We should be flattered in a way though they axed us , to get at me..what happened..are we that warm..see the handwriting on the wall..ehh.?
an "inconvenient disclosure" ohh yes..I love it.

You are correct >>it is as we suspected..multi perspectives..which is why we have some many themes running thru here, you must have different characters..maybe even some dubbing as one, depending on up or down or even sideways. I missed that one!! thanx.

Nola. This is all the way to my core beliefs...I would not be surprised if ET genes are coursing thru our bodies right now..and thats why my friend , you and I are indisputably, so "Kewl"

Thanx and hang in there..a few things remain....yet..if only to give time for an honorable conclusion to this. I am a strong believer in that..especially..dont leave your friends behind..when in battle.

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posted on Jan, 3 2008 @ 09:25 AM
New drone-like sighting in Brazil:

posted on Jan, 3 2008 @ 11:09 AM

Originally posted by srb2001

been out over a week.. news its( the Queirozcomz flick) (MADE IN 1995-96)

resembles our drone ,other than in air and nify appendages in this case spikes.,and several problems with grey skies turning clear blue then back to gray one frame to next. I am not sure but I believe a lady named Shirley Queiroz took that..Thanx Arit and Spf33 )among other things with the video. There is already I believe thread already somewhere. do search..Sao Paolo capital of hoaxes the video even called it like a chupacabra..good grief.thanx anyway. if it was real it would be, allow me to speculate, like a experimental remote Law enforcement blimp trying to intercept the several pirate radio stations in that area. several have been already...of which NONE are reporting on this event..which happened over 10 years ago. References in post emails with another forum indicated kiteflying..when she saw it..I am going to be rich..yet nothing was ever heard. She is a nice Lady..dont get me wrong..but the circumstances do not warrant us to celebrate at the moment as a drone when she said it looked like an a spider. ergo the chupacabra label given it, not a mechanical device.

Sao Paolo recntly passed a no billboard Ad in public private Ban places forcing a lot of people to turn to the sky. Get ready for more.
Remember Advertising is the hiden tax we pay for thinking unremarkably.
So the skies the limit (no pun intended) for most..not all these things. that was awsome..listen to ATS MIX.Springer Sprung.. made better listening than some of the bestC2C show..and the real deal . This will be a classic I believe. Flag it too as this is kind of news and feedback we need to have regularly. For sure We do not have absentee Landlors at ATS, in fact Best proTenant place ever

here is a copy of emails posted at OM quoting us

and Shirleys explanation..I hope after..we can move on with Caret.

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Re: Spiky UFO Brazil
« Reply #73 on Today at 12:02pm »

An ATS member has contacted the author of the topic YouTube video, here are some of her replies (translated by another ATS member):

Hi [wigit], I am shirley de queiroz, and unfortunately I do not speak English, but as an answer to your questions: The video was made in 1995 or 1996... If I understood it well, you ask if there were any more witnesses, we were a total of five people: me and my four grand-sons, the youngest, that during the video was the most scandalous, was at the time four years old, he is now seventeen. Still regarding being seen by other people: during its transit, the unidentified object, crossing the sky, in the avenue that crosses my street, some children were flying kites, in the video one of my grand-sons, Rafael, talks about it. After the event, still under the emotion, I went to ask what they felt seeing such a strange object...nobody had seen it. Another thing: we were on a platform, almost 9 metres above ground, the kids that were flying the kites were on the ground. About the departure of the object, it did not departed, it just followed its path, crossed the sky, there is a moment in the video when the children get scared e even scream that it was going to catch us, and that is when it passed over our heads...but keeps on its calmly on its way. Another thing, the video is not complete, but I recorded until it disappeared on the horizon.

Thanks for not joking about it... it is more serious than we think. In case you want to communicate, it is a little bit difficult because we speak different languages, but with good will, everything is possible, my email is :****
a real hug from this Brazilian woman, shirley de queiroz.

Hi (), you don't speak Portuguese, and I, unfortunately, do not speak English, but if I succeeded in understanding a little of what you ask, you want details: well, the video was made between 1994 or 1995, I am not sure. About the witnessed fact, we were five on a platform*, me and my grand-sons, the youngest that was four years old at the time is now seventeen and is ashamed that he screamed so much, in fact he became hysteric...but he was not the only one, the older even thought that we would be attacked by the object, that at certain occasions looked more like an animal, I even called once a big spider. The size, I think it was large, very see, I am used to tape airplanes when they fly over my house, i considering the size...we know that the airplane has a much bigger size than that that we see, so the object, it must have been the same. See, the size of the tape is bigger, I truncated it because I thought that YouTube would not accept the full video. We followed all its journey, until the sky's edge, when it, to our great sadness, disappeared.
In case you want to communicate to know more, my email is:xxxxxx - my telephone is xxxxxxx, is going to change to xxxxxxxxx

Thank for the happy holidays wishes, to you to, despite the delay

a hug

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posted on Jan, 3 2008 @ 08:39 PM
My Bad, Guys. I found the link that was posted (didn't see it before).

I would like to hear other's opinions here on this drone.

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posted on Jan, 3 2008 @ 08:45 PM

Its not our drone guys, not even close IMO.

Interesting nonetheless...what do you all think?

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posted on Jan, 3 2008 @ 09:34 PM
shame on all of you, already debunking this video as fake or not related to drone.

if the drones are real, how do you know what kind they have or how many they have, now we have at least 4 kind of drone and this is the 5th drone.

They all different, I don't know why? to my eyes and understanding of human behavior the kid are real and they are seeing something real. call me naive but I think this video is real.

posted on Jan, 3 2008 @ 11:37 PM
How can you say that..newkid..Its not our drone with 12 spikes sticking out flapping or closing and opening....thats what was said., show me where I said fake...look at the passage of time..the lady says she thinks its an animal a spiderlike creature a chupacabra..not a mechanical device.SHE said it not we dont believe her but believe a poor quality file shot in 1995 and say its something other than she claims is diferent, than what you ,13 years later, wants to believe. Thats not right..not fair even..Theres a flaw in there somewhere...its something..and she definitely see something..we see something you want craft she says lifeform..who was there with the we cant do a darn thing with it, so cant mix it with ours, unless you wanna say fake. Because thats what ours is. So lets keep it Separate. a separate thread .Thats what I said..I think I am being MORE than generous in my comment than you are giving us credit for calling us Debunkers. We should all be ashamed when we stop using common sense, in the absence of certainty. I think you need to think again about that "quick draw mgraw"comment ..that was shameful as weve been dont know us..or the efforts that went with several thousand posts culminating where we are now,, let alone know me anyway.

This one was shot in 1992 lookfamiliar,same month December ,A dentist and wife, a reporter and 50 people there. many said balloon others didnt know what.too far away..traveled in V formation....thats like a bob on a kite..or wind dominated..not paper said you gets the same treatment from Shirleys..does...not our drone ..not even close..but deserves its own start one if you like.I encourage one else has this pic posted up yet.i still have work to do on this creature here.
Go to

good night

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posted on Jan, 4 2008 @ 12:20 AM
ok I see your point, its not related to our drones, but its far away, so image is not that sharp.

whatever, peace, goodnight.

posted on Jan, 4 2008 @ 01:30 AM
Message for Sys

I downloaded the 45mg LAP.jpg, and discovered something that has not been mentioned by anybody yet. Before I comment on what I found, I need to know: is this an original image from Isaac, and how was it acquired? I did not see this file on the official websites - is they're something that you're not telling us Sys? are you Isaac, or maybe a confidant?

posted on Jan, 4 2008 @ 09:13 AM
Now that would be truly..something..Sean..Isaac wont come assume his identity..getting to sound better each passing moment..Lord knows I smell like the documents. No I am not Isaac Sean, I am heartened more people took the time to download that..It was "created form original by Woy and the Open Minds forum during feverish efforts to decipher letters and composition..Only Woy seemed to have the "equipment to go in deep at hi res. He posted the file for everyone to help and confirm analyysis and download. I downloaded and and frankly could barely even load the file..I dont know why woy suddenly Left, perhaps he felt he was only one working..I know that feeling, ..but he stopped. He alluded to printing out curious twister characters, I will get the post..i may have already done that elsewhere. and I finally was able confirm that and then some more and posted same.
Woy did not create all these characters via just saturation, noboday can, its obvious , He was and I consider him to be a trusted member and researcher..Our personalities clashed. but his Talent and skill are undisputed and I will stand by him on that.. What he and I saw.. certainly are not "artifacts" they are like the diagrams themselves part of a theme..many themes..
Woy would never confirm my findings and I have spent several months standing on my head trying convince others to take a look..I know there is more that would give away the signature . Only Ats has been been open minded enough to consider...and encourage where I am now.
its a beautiful piece of art, hoax notwithstanding. I am delighted you found something there is no little bit or part as Shakespeare said..just little away Sean no matter what.... it may help bring this to a close.

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