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[HOAX] Isaac CARET - Drones [HOAX]

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posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 06:10 PM
reply to post by Lamâshtu

Great video, great find

The vid doesnt say anything is real or not regarding the drones; just a great CGI vid with the original 'Isaac' materials.

Im still on the fence untill the identity of the CARET creator is revealed or found.

Sys buddy, sorry but I dont buy that viral fantasy nonsence one bit.

posted on Dec, 23 2007 @ 12:40 PM
My dear Alex "Good Buddy",.the first thing is .I am not "selling" anyone anything. the second thing I am past the hoax meaning to ME (and i am certain to quite a few others) it was a hoax. I am looking for the SOURCE of the hoax (title of thread is possible causes). is that very complicated for you.?
(ive said it countless times) I posted it on the viral thread the leads I found, because yes. if you read the title .it is a VIRAL thread!.You may call it whatever ,including the Flying Dutchman, and yes That cgi by kris is as "real" as caret is going to get..have you read his posts?
you wish what you wish , its not christmas yet, but your obligation would be to dismantle the lead, especially where it was posted , not brush off.".I dont buy" as an example of critical thinking. dont you think?, because saying "Idont buy"does not make it true, nor does Striebers "Dream" or Book promotion "The Key" make it true. I am surprised some are just seeing the Kris video.. this tells me some may have not read the past posts from everyone yet go on to say" I dont buy" so that makes it rather a disingenous comment..(At least Lamashtu bought in CGI for examination and discussion, Read as much as possible Lamashtu you are in good company))We have an endless supply of "umpires" in the bleachers already , we need "players" on the field. I think its established beyond a reasonable doubt now, that the letters are man made and ubiquitous since the asians started writing, and that this man Tom Hall put them to use before 2000 circa 80s and 90s ,(before Caret by more than a decade!) in several games including his rcent Deus Ex. Or that designs were already incorporated in Borg ship control panels no less!, and evn romulan language. SCFI? yes and commercial use and exploitation by not one but MANY including alienware. Ufology and fantasy are goldmines..have you not appreciated this yet? If You have found the "missing witnesses" or are in possession of new evidence..present them or it., It really wastes a lot of peoples time to dicuss" I dont buy". at some time you will have to face the inevitable.

I will continue to "pile it on" until the stars fall from the sky (jim morrison) and irrespective where the stars land, Hoaxters ,whether commercialists or pranksters or government, or the high priests and priestesses like LMH and Strieber, need to realize there are "those" that will not so easily be "wowed" and awe struck, "Those" that will keep getting off the "canvass", keep pulling "curtains apart"..see them for what they are, and keep coming..coming..coming until the hoaxters themselves must jump out the "ring"run for their lives, making it a rather risky thing to do another one. We have an make lying to one or to many, whether here in forums or in a newspaper, as "risky" and as "unprofitable" as possible. What side of the balance sheet would your statements fall for "them" Alex..profit or loss....

I do believe in Santa by the way..the "spirit of christmas"
I am not such a hard cold person without dreams as you may think.
Merry Christmas and a happy new year ! whether you believe in the same spirit or not.

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posted on Dec, 24 2007 @ 12:31 PM
Whoa! Sys_, Deus Ex? I have the CD in the draw of my desk right here, with all my other PC games, never even thought to look at it. There's 2 characters on the cover of the CD(game manual), and they are all over the primer docs posted by Isaac way back when, unreal. They are perfect matches. I mean the Klingon writing I saw posted was ehhh, kinda looks like it, but this is dead on. Haven't checked Borg (didn't know they had a writing system), or the Romulans.

BTW thanks for uploading that picture, but it took me a looong time to examine in in detail, even with a 2.8 mhz, with 2 gigs of ram and a new 256MB video card. I was able to zoom in very close into one section, but then moving around took a good 3 minute delaye after every action I took. But the whole thing is made of a kaleidescope(sp?) of colors, it was very hard to look at, and with an active imagination I was seeing things that's were most likely not there. I only wish I could zoom in to max on it, and move around freely, without all the wait between every click or zoom. But someone definitely put a ton of work into creating those images, and they have been done on a huge scale , then shrunk down to appear so perfectly geometric, and all the lines looking so tight.

One other thing, I know this was brought up a while back. It was an anomoly in one of the first few pictures released by either Chad or the other person, in the Big Basin. Just wondering what you make of this. A smudge? The hoaxers initials? The original person (forgot who it was, I hope it wasn't you, if it was have you figured out anymore on it), but the original person thought it was a smiley face, and while I do kinda see it, I don't really know...., lemme know what you think. I zoomed in a little, and cropped the image, and drew an arrow poiting to the anomoly in the photo. Check the originals, its there, I didn't put it there. Maybe a photographer can shed some light on what it might be.

It's the blue smudge I'm reffering to, but even at this minimum zoom you can see it looks like two circles(eyes), and a nose underneath them. If you save it, and zoom in even more, or if you have the original, use that zoom in even close, you can make out a tiny bit of what might be a mouth, but I dunno. When it was originally pointed out, no one really looked into it that much as far as I can remember. I came across it just before when I was scanning my saved Caret pictures, to compare the Deus Ex Symbols, so I figured I'd throw it out there. It's probably nothing.

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posted on Dec, 24 2007 @ 09:01 PM
reply to post by Sys_Config

Im on your side Sys!

posted on Dec, 24 2007 @ 11:01 PM
Greetz all..Thanx Nola Thanx Alex.
on that file..what I did was go to task manager and close all unnecessary prgs and processes (careful there or you will shut yourself down) ).. Try saturating up a notch. (work at 16bit ..we only working with a few colors anyway)

if you are at 1300 zoom view to no more than 400 percent..same thing if you are 1600

all those squigglies in green look like little critters..thre is one green criiter I am looking for..he will be by himself as in the other early games in commander keen..its call dopefish..and you find him..we nailed who Isaac is. google dopefish and familiarize yourself with him..hes a cult figure in gaming for ID and Apogee and is good as his signature . He has 2 big buck teeth..cute and goofy.


My premise is if this was intended as a precursor or trial to a mmog game there will be various levels ,, Tom T Hall loved puzzles (also a master chess player) and the player learning..thats why there is a strong learning this thing..I dont believe he intended us to have alien laptops..thouh thats what EA and others like..they partner that way.
goal is mass appeal..and Fun !not just ufo audience.thats why we have the anagrams and clues in the narrative...he loves caching..yes getting up off our butts and searching..i dont think he has caching in this one though..I hope not ..I make a bet in Kingsisle he will..and much more..thats why its top secret.. thats also why he said keep everything together in order ,,if you cut the solution threads.
I wonder if his phrase patrolling Iraq was for his son or partner (on the page ) Christopher..who he was waiting on to return from there too last year..(I will put that to side.)

I have the pics and will study that..I thought it was a scanner smudge or glass flaw..I will recheck..thanx..perhaps someone is smiling on us hahaha!

a trick might be to desaturate rename new file..THEN saturate /huueup as you go..or cut when desaturated then work on onee segment at a time. like quarter chunks...that should ease things a lot..also increase page file size to handle load. put a big x when you see something odd like cartoons on the letters themselves (usually the most red green blue areas) so you can come back to it. this is an example I got off so you know what I mean without suggesting and biasing your find..

but less intricate

..Merry Christmas!

Bought to you by the letter T and the number 5

I wish LMH released whatever pics she has left so we can check for anomalies..May Isaac can leak then to someone so we can move on this.

terrible clip but just to let you know I followed up...but i used cs2 imageready at first I only got big 1600 though I staurated to blue green ..or green blue. i saw the little pattern of it may just be artifact but when i tok it fron light to acted like it was clapping hahahaha..and a litlle tail..are these people that good? .this may be a quirk..I wsh it had the buck teeth..but was very interesting! Perhaps someone who is reading can tell us if this is the software to account for the anmation aspect as well as figure with 2 eyes ..

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posted on Dec, 26 2007 @ 02:29 AM
reply to post by Nola213

Nola that smudge like others in the lap may turn out to be a vorticonrobot It acted like one.

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posted on Dec, 26 2007 @ 12:46 PM
lets put a few interesting characters the first is the vorticon robot and the others are a handful of character whic if you look at all those odd creatures swimming and playing blue red green medium bear a striking resemblance.

no neeed for 1600 res either
there are otheres at the world class site. I have also even alerted his legion of fans about the finding his characters in the diagrams too!
why I can imagine all the hearthobbing moments they will have when they finish connecting the dots and patterns and go straight to Tom to ask him hey Tom Wassup?, cant you?
I am sure he wont let "that" group down


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posted on Dec, 26 2007 @ 05:57 PM
This is interesting. On the inside cover of deus Ex is an advertisement for an upcoming game by the same author Tom Hall, called Anachronox.

It's a sci-fi turn based rpg set way in the future. And that darn Dopefish is littered everythrought the game, whether it be in a tank, or on a neon sign. I'm only two hours into it and I'v seen at least examples of the character. The game's graphics are dated, but I never finished it when I first played it so I figured why not. I'm actually enjoying it quite a bit, as far as story and gameplay goes, it's quite good, so far.

There is also aliens that speak in non english characters (bubbles over their heads.) One of the species language just looks like a bunch of C's and reverve C'd, and O's. But I just came across another that although isn't exactly like the CARET writing, there were 2 perfect symbol matches. Pretty much the ones you see on the cover of Deus Ex. I also spotted them on Neon Signs as well.

I'm gonna have fraps running in the backround from now on when I play, it won't be recording my game play, but it's great for takeing Screenshots, puts them right into Jpeg format, instead of whatever crazy format eacg game uses, then you gotta go into photoshop to convert it ect.

But yea, I'll keep ya posted on anything else I might run into. I've seen a few drone shaped objects, but nothing near enough to get excited over, but I'll keep my eyes peeled as I play.

posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 11:05 PM
I finally was able to get the picture from The Matrix, and here are a couple of them.
they almost look the same !almost!

posted on Dec, 30 2007 @ 12:04 AM
The parts in the CARET document photograps can not be simply plastic parts just for the purpose of a hoax. The cost of producing the molds required for casting the plastic would cost many tens if not a hundred thousand dollars and more. And what would be the object of such an expensive hoax, especially when it has been allowed to languish?

If cast from laser lithographic processes, very much cheaper, they would not render such a polished look. Can anyone produce a photograph of such a CGI produced object in 3-D lithography? Again why the extreme effort and what would the payout be?

posted on Dec, 30 2007 @ 12:52 AM
Sorry Magic I am sure you can always go high on anything.. machining or injection molding.. but I have worked with molds and casting fiberglass craft and it costs nowhere what yor talking about and especially if it was a studio already involved with access to off the shelf materials (that was obvious) and subbed out services available.They did not reinvent the wheel on this.. come on ..look at the design, certainly nothing novel or difficult from an engineering standpoint requiring mass retooling of the industry..add a cgi guy to boot, a couple of sock puppets to work the grassroots crowd..15000 or 200,000 over a 12 month period is nothing if you have a multimillion (around 100 million)dollar game or movie in the works lke let us say Kingsisle . its tax deductible too.!

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posted on Dec, 30 2007 @ 12:57 AM
reply to post by whiterabbit29
As interesting as these things may be, I still can't help but wonder if they can even change a lightbulb, other than the imaginary ones above our heads. Otherwise, I can't help but get the feeling that the person who wrote this alleged disclosure is in their 20's. I had asked Paul Smith about Remote Viewing these and he said he didn't know. Maybe he couldn't say. If they do actually go in and out of cloaking we still need a video instead of these stills.

I seem to recall someone mentioning these in some interview that they had seen one of them on display temporaily on a skid at some Air Force hangar. Ask John Lear, he might know this story and if it was on Coast to Coast.

posted on Dec, 30 2007 @ 04:30 PM
reply to post by majicbar


You can get them made for a couple hundred dollars, 3-d "printers" could whip those up in minutes.

Do a google search on 3-d modeling.


posted on Dec, 30 2007 @ 07:10 PM

Be sure to keep an eye out for the upcoming ATSMIX with an episode of "Springer Sprung".


posted on Dec, 30 2007 @ 09:15 PM
Springer You are my Good Omen and Guardian. I sure look foward hearing you too on ATmix.
Just 30 minutes ago at the fortune city site I have posted 29 times out of 40 plus posts , all my posts and entire Isaac thread is gone!, but everthing else is there. if it accidental/technical they should be the site went down for a day before, then was up again..and I dont want to be accusatory or paranoid here. I am sure they have backups.My most recent post there included That I had posted at the KC site. Emailed Tom at his site twice. and Emailed today Joe siegler at the Dopefish site..yes a mini Blitzkrieg..along with some of my images that Nola 213 and myself have been researching and analyzing. Nolas smudge alone was amazing and is no artifact.

here is part of my post,
I recommend that before commenting on my colorful postings you visit the the "definitive source' on all things dopefish (just like todd schwartz says at the fortune city site of Isaac).note how it appears in a dozen games like max payne quake 1 and 2 and several others, another thing..note the use of scii symbols in a ascii dopefish..the galactic primer etc..this eccenttric use is found also in the jenna stephen letters. once doing that then look at my example and tell me whether we have probable linkage to the Tom hall our letter T. 2mails have gone to him no answer. Perhaps he will respond to his fan club which I also have contacted and submitted the material. they have no NDA ..will he ignore them as he does us.? Thank you sospicioso for the linkage of dopefish suggestion to the LAP, it was a treasuretrove.

in the meantime

Nola213,Raska, Reader, Springer,Rred,Sospicioso,Murnut, Moonking, Newkid, Klatuu, Doc, Outrageo, and many friends..
We resolve to remain resolved
minimize window after starting midi and enjoy scene
Keep our courage and dignity under fire

addendum lnks to images..just several of dozens.
Princes Astronomer[[/IMG]

and antoines little prince..the motive here was a game..and a good one..
a gamer would understand this and thats why I have just posted it at a fan site they love puzzles and mysteries as much if not more more than us..they will find a lot more than I did as they have stuff most of us dont..powerful pc's. If I get some interested..that will be a powerful ally.

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posted on Dec, 31 2007 @ 09:01 AM
got to be careful about Tom Hall, he could say he created this HOAX. Do you realy think so or he just playing us, We need 100% proof before we accept that person claims to this hoak. If we don't get proof then its going to be like the crop circle, that people claim they did to gain popularity, true or not it doesn't justifed the fact of the real creator, I want 100% proof, bottom line if he say that he did i'll be skeptical

posted on Dec, 31 2007 @ 12:36 PM
link doesnt work that way all the time ..100%..The evidence is leaning more likely than not out of many put forth..
The entire legal system doesnt use one hundred percent..just the reasonable man standard..Since we dont have a body, only suspect pictures, work signatures very probative of a particular person or group able to muster the reources to carry it out. we can argue..well perhaps someone enamored of T and his work like for demonstrative purposes,J siegel..(perhaps both) and has this as a monument to him or wantssss him to get a bad rap for a hoax. but then ..then thats all we have..its called circumstantial evidence..and as unfair as it may seem ,some people have done the "Deadmans Walk" because of it..You want scientific certainty and assurances ..when there is nothing of substance like a craft or even witness to study. but we do have a paper trail..and people have have won or lost cases on that alone and what is reasonably deduced from that. I dont think I have been unreasonable at all or should feel saddened that you are not 100% certain its not over yet.
That may not be assuring or comforting..but it beats the gut feelings or hearsay alone by a long shot..even then the best gut calls are based on a experiential history..and must use it intuitively..and judiciously it has its place. But ..we have much more than that here.

So, thats up to you Newkid what you make out of it..I post what I have and my comments..You Decide..If you are disappointed its fake..please prepare for more is full of them..God Must have have loved disappointments he made so many of them ..but he made a way out to the truth too. I Pointed out what where his "signatures" his prints..his skill, his record..his projects.his silence..and I am awaiting more data..I have been careful..I have never said case closed as some have said. (for whether its a fiction or real it has for me)..You found the matrix happened..another nail in the you know its not original..I passed that stage months ago.if someone wants an immortal cropcircle..this aint gonna make it..pure and one time early maybe..but not now.oh no no no....If you have something another direction..I will be happy to entertain that..Right now the Letter T is my man on stage..I will keep the spotlight on him until I see otherwise..That is as careful as I am going to get. you can be 100% sure of that!

I will now move on..I am not stopping.
I was delighted to relook at TY s letter he wrote to LMH as it too had eccentric plays on words, accentuation . Remember Stephens pronouncing Jerkilly (is that a word?) well Ty must suffer the same ailment..he says Trickilly instead of luckily..then goes on deliberate series of misspellings involving words that should have the letters TA,RT,TI,T, T, LU, and others. There is nothing wrong with his keys as he uses them normally elsewhere.iwill post it below..I cant say 100% but what does our experience tell us based on Jenna and Stephen..? and does anyone know what the hec V4HJ stands for call letters for I said before..these things can turn on a dime.
Enjoy having fun with it..he sure did..when he said
. So that's why I'm sending it to the one place I know will always cover stuff like this!
or.....and as a long time listener of "C3C"

Perhaps trickilly wasnt such a improper use at all. Oh Linda You are in a fix aren't you.

Isaac your too much
now for all thoses Ts
another anagram?

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posted on Dec, 31 2007 @ 10:03 PM
this may require another thread but is a possible cause all things being equal
Alleged HOAXER claims on blog radio he did it..Thanx Murnut for tip..I have not listened as I am 56k so it slow to download but will tomorrow.
the fireworks will begin early this year

addendum far no show and then recants claiming he was drunk..reference made to past creation youtube on project storm area 51..(which google informs may be associated with new trojan virus "storm' just dont link or send or comment to friends you will be ok..personally..the show so far really disappointing.

its 1142 pm,,byebye and Happy New Year!

add 120am
the fireworks here in SC were glorious..the Blog Radio cast was worse than a fizzled bottle rocket..IMO..
Thr river boat here keeps rollin..rollin..rollin on a river boat..(Ike N Tina Turner)

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posted on Jan, 1 2008 @ 12:08 PM
I think this can be finally classed as hoax, just watch this video:

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posted on Jan, 1 2008 @ 03:27 PM

Originally posted by sean_uk
I think this can be finally classed as hoax, just watch this video:

Thank you Sean..that video has been out a while and it was Salads intention to show that the process of imaging could be duplicated as so many were claiming that it could not..its was obvious that just in the analysis of photos many were not abreast of the lates CGI techniques digital optical and software techniques and equipment that are avalable and thus either accused salad of being the perp, ridiculed his workmanship, or stayed in denial. I have spoken with him many times..and he is a good guy..a struggling graphics artist who saw a great opportunity to showcase his talent and was engaged in discussion thruout the story and is above board, and a nice guy to boot. Unlike the Partizan Haiti showoff chap..Salad was up front with everyone from idea to development and field honest.
We know its a I hope we do not again redo all the discussions, again request PLEASE go back at least to about p180 onward to now pages where we have directed efforts to know at causes, uncovering the perps themselves, as well as getting insight into the diagrams and narratives as we move along.
this will avoid obvious loops and promote progress while we remain open to all New material coming in..not just ours of course.

I noted this morning about 500am a site that is posting the Isaac drama for the first time just in the last day in fact..under book mysteries ..yet it looks like a viral/publishing/tv/arg site.. Its unusual looking and intriguing ..I registered too same nick sys_config...hope someone knows what its all about as you all know how I get on occasion..
welcome aboard Sean

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