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A New Record!!

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posted on Jun, 26 2007 @ 04:03 PM
Who's On - There are a total of 287 registered members and 5453 visitors on domains right now.


Maybe because of the controversial Headline thread, RE False Flag.....

Time to update:

Most total registered members online all at once: 284 on Mar, 23 @ 20:05 GMT

[edit on 6/26/2007 by Mechanic 32]

posted on Jun, 26 2007 @ 04:33 PM
*shameless bump and UPDATE!!*

Who's On - There are a total of 306 registered members and 4896 visitors on domains right now.


This is a very busy day here at ATS!


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posted on Jun, 26 2007 @ 05:13 PM
317 members right now........

11Bravo, AcesInTheHole, aecreate, Alien42, Ambient Sound, ambigram, Anjin, another_lurker, anxietydisorder, Argos, asala, awake, Azazelus, b0ub0u, Balboa, BASSPLYR, Becker44, Benevolent Heretic, bergle, BlackProjects, Blaine91555, blue bird, Brother Stormhammer, brotherforchrist, budski, BugZyZuncle, Burgess, Byrd, c3hamby, CameronWV, camieb, CaptainLazy, carewemust, catlantis, Caustic Logic, Chico88, ChrisJr03, Clandestino, Clarky, coastlinekid, codylawyer99, cometa, Corum, Cory and Trevor, Count, Crakeur, Creedo, Cuhail, Cybernative, Damned_Zombie, dangermouse, DarkCyrus, DarkStormCrow, daviroo, decypher, deltaboy, Digital_Reality, Dionysian, disownedsky, dolphinguy2004, DraconianKing, Duby78, eaglewingz, earth2, Ectoterrestrial, ejsaunders, ellroy, enjoies05, Essedarius, etrnllght, Excitable_Boy, ExquisitExamplE, Extraterrestrial Agenda, favouriteslave, Firehawk50, Flyer, FlyersFan, Fowl Play, Frank_Rizzo, g210b, gallopinghordes, galwww, GammaStorm, geemony, generaldisarray, GeneralT., Ghost01, Glyph_D, god_of_wine, Gools, greatlakes, GreatTech, greenfruit, Grimoire017, grover, HarlemHottie, Hellmutt, HighDefinitionFilms, highfreq, horrorbiz, hotpinkurinalmint, housegroove23, howmuchisthedoggy, IAttackPeople, iggster, IgnoranceIsntBlisss, Implosion, ImShrike, infinite8, Infra_red, intrepid, InTrueFiction, irishguy, IronDogg, IrvingTheExplainer, itguysrule, itmg, Jabbah, JackHill, Jazzerman, Jbird, jhanks28cold, johnlear, jprophet420, JSR, jtma508, Jumpei, Junichiro, Kappo, ketamine99, kickoutthejams, Kiddergold, KilgoreTrout, kimlp, kinglizard, Kitsunegari, Kosgrov, Kr0n0s, Kurokage, Kwyjibo, Kyonshi, ledo4, LethalDose, Lexion, Leyla, LibBLVRdoc, lizylouland, LogansRun, Long Lance, LooseLipsSinkShips, LostNemesis, Lost_Mind, Mabus, MachXX, MadSeason313, Mainer, malganis, Mammoth, Marduk, marker3221, masqua, maxseamus, mbkennel, Meatclown, Mechanic 32, Mekanic, menguard, MinHawk, Mirthful Me, Moserious, MrMedic, Muaddib, munson, Mushroom Fields Forever, mystr, nevathinkalone, NGC2736, nico, Now_Then, numb99, observe50, October, omelette, one_small_step, Oni-Kage, optimus primal, Origin Unknown, papajake, PatriotGames2, Phil J. Fry, Pinkus2323, Pokey Oats, polomontana, PORCUPINEPIE, Postal76, ProfTom, pshkwamy, PsykoOps, pweagle, qonone, Quazi176, quber, quick, Raist, Rasobasi420, RedGolem, redmage, Retla Oge, Rev_Godslapper, rickjamesia, RKaji, roadgravel, rocksolidbrain, Rogue Shadows, Rotoplooker, S1LV3R4D0, Sakif, Sanctum1972, Saucerful_of_Secrets, Sauron, sb2012, schuyler, scooler1, seagull, Secret Shadow, secret titan, semperfortis, sevenkev, SGT Phalanx, shadow watcher, shadowblade, shai hulud, shots, silverking, Simulacra, siridogs, SkepticOverlord, skjalddis, Skunky, slayerfan, sleeper, Sleps, slidebyem, SmokeyTheBear, Snap, solgood, SpaceBits, Spacedeck, spacedoubt, Sparky63, Spec01, spines, Springer, Starscream, Ste2652, SteveR, Stockburn, subject x, sudden, SuicideVirus, Sunalei, surfinguru, swordsaint, tandino, tao82, Telos, Terrapop, tezzajw, tgidkp, ThaDewd, Thain Esh Kelch, The Little Penguin, the1wolverine, TheBaldEagle, TheGreySwordsman, ThePieMaN, thepostman, TheSonOfMan, thesun, The_Truth_Seeker, thirddensity, Thodeph, Tiloke, tjack, TrappedSoul, trek315, truttseeker, tunin, twitchy, tyranny22, UiNeill, UK Wizard, ukmicky1980, Umbrax, UnknownAngel, Uplifted, uv777bk, Vinadetta, Voidmaster, VType, watch_the_rocks, WeAreOne, WhatIsWhat, whatukno, Where2Hide2006, Whiterabbit29, win 52, witch_isis, wrangell76, Xanfalcon, XL5, xmaskx, Yandros, yeti101, YoBrandonRaps, ZhenShanRen, zorgon,

The servers must be smokin'.......

posted on Jun, 26 2007 @ 05:56 PM
Hey better update that again.You missed me!

posted on Jun, 26 2007 @ 06:06 PM
Wow, better check chat!

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 06:06 AM
This is overnight in North America, the area with the most members.

In the previous 6 hours there have been 1326 members on

It's just a bit before 7 AM on the East Coast, we're on EST where I live.

If you add in the guests that have also visited the boards in the past 6 hour, it really adds up.

I don't know the numbers, but I've seen a lot of new members join ATS in the last few months.

posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 07:09 AM
I too have noticed a lot of new members.Some of them seem to dive right in and others are never heard from after their introduction.Let's hope it's not all teens messing around because school's out.Apparently we need to be more skeptical for a couple of months.

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