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My expereince at the Skin Walker Ranch

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posted on May, 30 2008 @ 10:35 AM
reply to post by Extraterrestrial Agenda

Originally posted by Extraterrestrial Agenda
Im going to beheading back out to the ranch from June 4 through the 8th, I will be staying with a buddy and have plenty of space if you want to camp on his property.

Responed here if your interested.


do you have permission to camp out on his property. this can be confirmed by a phone call so answer wisely.

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 10:50 AM
lol you really are a mod at heart, the property is owned by my best friend and yes we permission.

We dont have permission to go trasspassing on the ranch though, you can only drive up to the gate on a public road.

The home next door is operated by a black ops unit and "WILL" follow us when we leave the property.

They wont do anything except grab your license plate and run your back ground.

We get video of them next week and show you all.

posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 07:07 PM
Alright well, I'll see if 350 can cover it, if not, then I'm not sure if I can make it this time.

posted on Jul, 4 2008 @ 07:47 PM
EA can u put that video up again i missed it and was r4eally looking forward to seeing.

how else can i find this place w/o looking onto google earth? any road maps that lead to the ranch?

posted on Jul, 4 2008 @ 08:56 PM
Just a short note to point your attention that the ATSMIX team just recently interviewed Dr. Colm Kelleher that headed up NIDs and lead investigator at the Skinwalker ranch.

We have Part-1 of our interview up and it's located here for stream or podcast download;

ATS.MIX: Hunt for the Skinwalker, Colm Kellerher PT-1, Show 87, page 1

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 03:28 PM
Oh wow. I wish that the videos were still available to view. Can't wait to see something new, or old for that matter. My thoughts on the ranch are still up in the air. I think I need that tangiable proof.

posted on Aug, 8 2008 @ 01:48 PM
reply to post by AccessDenied

honestly have u ever been to the desert... have you ever been out of the city? 20 miles is a lot of land and a lot of roads. things dont have addresses out here. i live within 20 miles of it and drive by it everyday on my way to work and i dont know where it is. my recomendation is to stop picking apart every little thing and just believe someone or dont. you cant base your belief on what a person says alone anyway. otherwise we'd all believe everything we see on the media... right? by his explanation of his trip back and forth around the countryside i can honestly say that he either copied someones description or actually was there himself.

posted on Aug, 8 2008 @ 02:13 PM
I live near the ranch, drive by it daily yet not sure where it is i would be interested in visiting site. if anyone is planning a trip in the near future i would like to know. thx

posted on Aug, 8 2008 @ 02:21 PM
By the way EA's description of the area is on the money i doubt seriously that he or she is making it up. and as a further note the legend of the ranch locally is identical to the story of the Gnorman's that i read on page one of this forum. it is a well known story here in eastern utah and it is rumored to be an old site of supernatural activity from the times of the native american legends it is said that it is "cursed land" (that the early pioneers learned from the natives that it is a cursed place that is) there are other stories from around the uintah basin that are connected to the skinwalker as well.if anyone is interested in them i would be happy to endulge their curiosities. Dry fork canyon is the site of other stories that i would consider skinwalker stories. if you are in the area then you may want to check out that location as well.

posted on Dec, 7 2008 @ 02:00 PM
Any news on the videos?
The previous ones were removed. What about any recent ones or did ETA get sucked into one of those portals

posted on Dec, 27 2008 @ 04:11 PM
reply to post by shadow watcher

George Knapp made an outstanding presentation on the Bigelow Ranch to MUFON LA in June of 2008. You can get it at

Steve M.
State Section Director

posted on Dec, 30 2008 @ 11:23 PM
reply to post by Extraterrestrial Agenda

I have always wanted to experience the Skinwalker Ranch. I believe it is in Northeastern Utah. I dont know exactly where, but I would guess it is somewhere on the reservation. I dont know much about the specifics that have gone on there, but have done some research on the navajo legend regarding the skinwalker and find it fascinating.
I know the skinwalker ranch has gone through many owners in the last twenty years, but I dont know if anyone lives there now or who owns it. I would like to get any information I could on the ranch, and if possible an opportunity to visit it. I'm a very skeptical person, and have to experience things for myself before I believe in them. Any information would be helpful.

posted on Jan, 24 2009 @ 04:46 AM
Wow some video problems you are having there. Have you considered a career in Sci-Fiction writing lately ?

posted on Jan, 25 2009 @ 03:35 PM
id ont live that far from the ranch. it is located right in a place where we call deep creek. at the front gate there is a man standing guard. so i wasnt able to get in. just about my whole life i have heard stories about the place. it so weird but i have seen alot of weird things around here that dont come from that place so i believe all the stories.

posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 03:44 AM
This whole Skinwalkers thing has gotten me excited and ive been trying to find out more and more on it. I first heard about it on this link on Yahoo! main news page about the top 10 weirdest places in America and got hooked right away.

Im a listener to CoastTOCoastAM all the time and would love to have seen the videos that were posted. The whole thing seems crazy (in a good way) to me.

Ill keep checking back quite often to see if anything opens up.

Thanks for the insight everyone


posted on Jan, 26 2009 @ 08:27 AM
Didn't anyone grab the video while they were up? Someone please post back the video.

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 12:53 AM

off-topic post removed to prevent thread-drift


posted on Feb, 14 2009 @ 12:44 AM

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 06:38 AM
I can put the video back up if you like, i took it down a while back because of some stuff going on in my life.

Just let me know.

posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 07:46 AM
reply to post by Extraterrestrial Agenda

Yes - please put the video back on - I'd like to take a look - thanks...

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