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Are Others Sharing Your Dreams? It CAN Happen.

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posted on Jun, 25 2007 @ 12:07 PM
Went to sleep very late last night: 5 a.m. or slightly after. Should have slept like a log. Instead, had what felt like either a series of related dreams -- or one long dream that continued despite numerous interruptions. It just went on and ON !

The content isn't important: briefly, I was involved in rescuing several tiny kittens, at considerable risk to life and limb, including being almost squashed between two reversing cars and having to fight my way through a pack of savage rats driven from a building by vermin-controllers. A couple of times I was afflicted by that weird semi-paralysis that sometimes occurs in dreams, when despite your efforts to hurry, it feels as if you're wading agonisingly slowly through treacle.

It was a long, tortured dream or series of dreams. I remember waking when someone in the house took a shower. Then I was awakened again when someone went to the bathroom and again by the sound of a door closing. I must have returned almost immediately to the dream however and back to the rescue attempts.

I was exhausted when I got up. Staggered down to the kitchen to find everyone had left for the day. Later in the morning, I recounted my dream/s in detail to a neighbour.

This evening, a member of the household returned home. We chatted about the weather as she made coffee. She said how tired she was and intended to have an early night. Said she'd been upset all day about a dream she'd had the night before.

She said she'd dreamed about cats.

" Cats ? " I asked.

" Well, they were kittens really. Tiny ones. " she replied. " I spent the night trying to rescue them. I took one of them to the vet. They did some tests and said it had a fused back. Have you ever heard of that before -- a fused back? "

I hadn't. But in my own dream, one of the kittens had panicked and leapt off a balcony before I could reach it. When I'd looked down, I'd seen the poor thing way below on the grass and from the way it moved, I worried that its back had been broken by the fall. In my dream, I'd hurtled down through the building to try to get to it in time, because a large dog had also been down there on the grass, not far from the kitten. But I'd been forced to detour around some other buildings. Unfamiliar with the area, I went a block too far and had to double back. And it was then that I'd been slowed down by the 'wading through treacle' thing. I eventually rescued the kitten, which was hiding down a stairwell. (I have no idea where the dream location was. I've never been to the area in real life.)

The weird part is, when I rescued that kitten (and several of the others) I'd handed it for safekeeping to the very person now standing before me drinking coffee --- a person who had apparently ALSO been dreaming about rescuing injured kittens at the same time as I was having a very similar dream.

So I asked: " Was I in your dream? "

She nodded: " Yes. In parts of it. Why? "

I said: " Because I wore myself out dreaming about saving tiny kittens too. And I passed the ones I'd saved to you. You were in my dream. Did you have rats in your dream? "

She replied: " No, no rats. But there was a dog I was worried about, in case he got one of the kittens. "

" What did your kittens look like ? " I asked her.

She replied: " There were tiny, as if they were newborn. They could hardly open their eyes. Tiny little ears. So cute. "

" Mine too." I replied.

We spoke a bit more about it and then someone else came into the room. She left then to go upstairs to get changed. She wasn't as surprised as might be expected by the 'dream coincidence', because we've shared a few dreams before and they're nearly always exhausting and about recuing animals.

I haven't had a chance to discuss it with her again because she went to bed early and I won't see her again most probably until tomorrow. But a few hours ago, when I mentioned my shared-dream to the neighbour in whom I'd confided my own dream this morning, the neighbour gave me a weird look -- I still can't put a label on it. It was a bit hostile with an overlay of 'boredom' that seemed affected. A squinty-eyed look, I suppose. Not friendly, not 'interested'. Either she didn't believe me, or didn't want to. Or whatever ... I've no idea, to be honest.

If someone told me they'd shared a dream with someone, and those separate dreams had so many common features -- well, even though I've experienced the phenomenon myself --- I'd be interested, very. The odds of two people in separate rooms, both dreaming of basically the same thing, must be in the order of tens of thousands to one.

Or maybe I'm wrong about that ? Maybe people have shared dreams quite often, but no-one mentions it? Or perhaps people don't know they're sharing dreams, for the simple reason they don't discuss their dreams with each other?

When two other members of the household arrived home a few hours ago, I asked them if they'd dreamed last night (I wanted to see if they might have been dreaming about kittens too.)

But in answer to my question, one of them replied: " I don't know".

And the other one said: " I never dream."

Anyway, if the topic interests you, why not write down your dreams (those you can remember) beforehand, and then ask flatmates, family, close friends, etc. what they've dreamed about lately. It may be that you're sharing dreams with those close to you, without even realising it. If so, you could offer them your dream diary as proof that you'd recorded your own dream prior to asking them about theirs.

Anyone else have a shared dream experience ?

(as an after-note, will add that there was a grisly ending to my kitten-dream/s, involving two semi-stray cats we've semi-adopted. I hope my dream doesn't turn out to be precognitive, as some have in the past. But just in case, I've made reference to it here, before the fact. Strawberry flavoured milk played a role in part of my dream too. I know it sounds ridiculous, but you never know. So I'm mentioning it now in case I hear something in the news about it in coming days or weeks.)

posted on Jun, 25 2007 @ 01:29 PM
I know what you mean.

I have had a few dreams of other people in different towns and when i asked them if they had a dream with me in they have said yes the same night i had the dream.

Dreams are wierd there is so much to learn about dreams its amazing.

Its also strange how we dream of other people and they dreamt of you the same night etc.

posted on Jun, 25 2007 @ 01:33 PM
I've had this a couple of times too. I got quite interested and found it's called dream walking. I tried sending dreams, and had a couple of nice (positive) results. I never tried to percieve someones dream, but I've got some questions for you:
1. Do you feel a lot of sympathy for this person?
2. Can you open your third eye?
3. Are you a lucid dreamer?
4. Do you do any kind of meditation before sleeping?

Either one of these questions could have something to do with your experiece. When I send dreams I open my third eye visualzise the target person, and see a link forming to the location I think he/she is, then I concentrate on what I want the dream to be about, but I do it in different contexts. Lets say I want to send dreams about flowers, I'd concentrate on the sunflowers at my grandma's house, then flowers surrounding the target person, then a seed growing out into a beautiful flower etc.

Try sending her a dream, maybe you are easilly connected at a mental level.
Keep us updated

- Chris

posted on Jun, 25 2007 @ 04:21 PM
Wow encountering people in your dreams that have encountered you in their dreams sounds nuts! especially when you guys dreamed about basically the same thing..

maybe theres some sort of collective mood in the house and you guys both picked up on it and it was reflective in your dreams.. maybe some of the same stuff is on both of your minds and thats why your dreams were so similar. im thinkin that might be kinda what is goin on, though i cant say for sure, im not a dream expert by any means. just very interested

anyways, awesome post i enjoyed it alot

posted on Jun, 25 2007 @ 06:29 PM
A family member told me about a dream she had. She has always had a devotion to animals (a regular St. Francis of Assisi). One night when her dog was sleeping on the floor next to her bed, she had a dream that was unlike any human dream.
The way she described it was a dream about fear, but not a human dream about fear, more as if an animal had a dream about being afraid. An intense darkness and a feeling of being afraid. She really believes she was sharing her dog's dream.

posted on Jun, 26 2007 @ 01:53 AM
Markjaxon: Well, you know what I'm talking about ! Good to see that others have experienced/are experiencing the sort of thing detailed in my OP.

The fact it happens spontaneously, quite often, indicates it's natural for at least some of us, some of the time, to connect in what appears to be an artless manner. Shared dreams = shared Mind and hopefully means we also share with and are part of .......... the Big Mind

How much further could it be taken and how much progress could/would be made if we deliberately and with purpose decided to connect ! Guess this is all leading to the Universal Consciousness theories which have been out there for a very long time.

Which leads to conjecture regarding the literally life-changing inventions of the past 100 - 150 years : electicity, telephone, radio, radar, tv, internet, mobile phones, etc. All are convenient, have provided entertainment, mass communication, progress, comfort, etc.

But what have these done --- perhaps --- to the natural, Mind-sourced communications systems we used, prior ? Are our natural communications-systems atrophying (sp?) ? Are they dormant --- but perhaps to be revitalised if/when 'agmageddon' occurs ?

These are the thoughts that spurred me to post my shared-dream experience. I wanted to learn if others were experiencing the same thing or if they ever had. Because if you can do something once, the odds are you can do it again. Like riding a bike. And if the world's communications systems are destroyed (deliberately or as part of a NWO or other agenda) we may need to develop telepathic skills to a far greater degree for survival and strategic purposes.

Many indigenous people were/are able to communicate with each other over immense distances, either in case of emergency or to call people to a certain place at a certain time ... or, apparently, just to chat about family, etc. Indigenous people use telepathy or shared-dreaming or dream-walking (I'd never heard that term until ChrisDeemian alerted me to it) in the same way as we use the phone or internet. Lot less expensive too.

The fact 'shared-dreaming'/dream communications can occur (and they can, as evidenced by other's and my own testimony) indicates we are far *less* separate and far *more* attuned with each other than we may usually stop to consider.

For every person who posts, there are usually an equal or greater number who simply read without comment. I'm hoping the comments and experiences detailed in this thread (and I'm sure there are others around) will inspire people to keep an open mind or even to attempt to make contact with others via dreams. Personally, I believe it to be a positive natural ability, for the most part, and life-affirming. It provides assurance that we are never really alone, no matter how alone we may sometimes feel.

No-where, as far as I'm aware, is 'dream-communication' being fostered in the young. Instead, they're being encouraged to rely on mechanical, technological methods of communication in the same way people have grown dependent on tv/dvd/internet etc. for entertainment. Or in the same way people have grown to become reliant on doctors, hospitals and 'medicine' --- rather than remembering they have the power to heal themselves, as people did for thousands of years.

posted on Jun, 26 2007 @ 02:21 AM

originally posted by ChrisDeemian "Lets say I want to send dreams about flowers, I'd concentrate on the sunflowers at my grandma's house, then flowers surrounding the target person, then a seed growing out into a beautiful flower etc " .

Excellent, ChrisDeemian ! And thank you for making it known

1. Do you feel a lot of sympathy for this person?
2. Can you open your third eye?
3. Are you a lucid dreamer?
4. Do you do any kind of meditation before sleeping?

Re: your points above:

* (1) yes, am highly attuned to the person with whom I shared the dream -- we are related. I have also shared dreams with her sibling when he was younger

* (2) I've never 'formally' attempted to do so, despite reading about it when younger. Have had numerous and varied paranormal experiences, quite spontaneously, life-long

* (3) only occasionally have I been aware of lucid-dreaming. Have quite a few accurate precognitive dreams. The person with whom I shared the dream in the OP is a natural lucid-dreamer however.

Your 3rd question actually caused me a eureka-moment, lol. The other person *is* a lucid dreamer ! The possibility is therefore quite high that what I've referred to as *my* shared dream may very well have been hers !

* (4) I actually do engage in a form of meditation just prior to sleep (literally moments before I go to sleep). In the normal parlance, it would be termed 'praying', but it's not the same kind of praying I did as a child or even ten years ago, for instance. It's evolved in line with various experiences and knowledge that have accumulated over the years, so it's become far deeper and less formalised/structured. I 'tune in' to that in which I believe and trust. Occasionally I do a bit of silent chanting and sometimes I listen to the 'music' of the spheres' as I'm drifting off (it's in my mind, only. It's what I imagine God, the world and planets and 'whole damn thing' sounds like). Despite having some bad 'human' tantrums during waking hours on occasion, they never last for long. A lot of the time, I'm in and out of a natural semi-meditative state, I would think. I suspect most of us are the same, even people involved in hand-to-hand fighting or men on a field playing football -- chefs, painters, poets, gardeners, window-cleaners, etc. I have a suspicion it's our natural state of being.

Thanks for your valuable input

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