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My life with an Alien Soul

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posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 02:21 PM
Actually you ask as very good question.

On all of my experiences "except one" I did not sense any real emotions etc. what-so-ever, we were focused on what we were doing.

I think I wrote about the time when I was taken back and allowed to see my Grey parents. My soul me could feel the love and proudness they had in them for me agreeing to come here and help the human race when the time comes.

This is an honor and privilege to do a job for the Elders.

Remember all Grey's are not all bad.

edit to add: I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow so if you write and I don't answer please don't think I am just rude.

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posted on Jul, 28 2007 @ 05:46 PM
Very interesting. Thanks for the reply.

posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 02:06 AM
Where to start? That is the question.

1. Theoretically speaking, each and every "soul" is alien to this world when you really think about it. If in fact we have a soul it did not orginate on this planet or this dimension

2. Casper Wyoming - My guess would be that this would have something to do with the Yellowstone caldera volcano that sits under that park. It's believed that if that erupts much of the western united states will be decimated.

3. In reference to Lee Anoma's post - I have a problem with any being that instructs anyone to "spread the word" of some very obscure and unexplained message, especially when it comes to something that could potentially change the current state of affairs here

Look back in our own human history. This is how it has always been time and time again when when humans came upon a new civilization of people. Nothing was ever straight forward or at least in what we have come to think of as "to the point." Everything was a puzzle that was slowly put together over time.

I also have a problem with any being calling another of lower advancement "stupid". This is beyond wrong. We are all victims of circumstance to some degree. I am here as I am and what I am is to some extent beyond my control. It’s terrible for any who claim to be the “creator” to mock your creation as inferior when you help perpetuate the environment that maintains this condition. I reject that behavior as insulting and to some extent “dehumanizing” for lack of a better word. To see us as stupid is to see us as cattle so we become usable.

Once again another thing we "human beings" have done time and time again. We come upon another civilization of people who are not as advanced as we are and they are automatically denegrated to a lower class be it by actions or words. Stupid is simply a word nothing more. That does not mean they or we "depending on how you look at it" have nothing to offer to the more advanced class. Look thru history again at everything that was gained from these "stupid" civilations. Let me ask you this Lee. What do you think when you look on the ground and see an ant racing past your feet? I'm guessing your not thinking of all the fantastic abilitys both civil/social/tech that could be gained from such a being if it was studied and not simply squished beneath your feet.

Lee in your mind what is the bigger picture? Surely if they have been observing us since the begining of recorded history the credits would have rolled a long time ago. Yet, here we are still how many of thousands or millions of years later you and I each of us going about our lifes.

You suppose they have the ability to solve all are wordly problems with the flick of a wrist. Have your thought about the possibilty that maybe they don't possess this power? We are the reason of all our problems. No one else, that being said it is up to the human race to fix what we have broken. I would think of it as a little kid sticking something in a light socket, sooner or later he is going to learn that it's not a good idea to do. Why should someone else who had nothing to do with our creation swoop in fix our mistakes?

Lee you also go on to state that this story is old news and nothing has changed. Just about everything within our human lineage is "old news and nothing has changed" How long have people believed in christ and thru this rock solid belief he would one day reappear from heaven and right the wrongs of this earth? How many years? How long have you yourselve believed that something big is gonna happen to this earth? Shall you continue with that if year after year nothing happens everthing continues status quo?

4. Observe50, your story is impossibly hard to read without going down a religous line of thinking. As a previous poster stated our current religious world is a mis-match of ideals and beliefs that have severaly screwed everyone up.

posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 02:37 AM
Going off of Lee's post I find it extremely hard to believe that we are simply a lab experiment, bacteria in a petri dish no more. You cannot compare humans to lab rats. We as a species have accomplished amazing feats both what the general populace knows about and the things they don't. I've yet too see or hear of a labrat decoding their genomes or sending one of their own to the moon. They are in a tightly controlled enviroment. So I ask you this how is it if we are labrats to these beings that we have the ability to freely roam our planet, send probes to the far reaches of the solar sytem and beyond. Eventually at some point in our time we will be on par with these beings and then the whole student - teacher criteria goes out the window. If they are truly nefarious beings logic would state that we would locked down nice and tight. Yet, we are not. How exactly from your belief do you explain that. If would seem to me that throws a very large monkey wrentch into it.

Observe50 - So far this is a very interesting and unique story. As I stated in my previous post its very hard to not read between the lines and see religous undertones thruout it. Here are somethings that came to mind.

1. An alien soul put into a human body for the betterment of mankind. That in a nutshell without all the BS is the story of christ.

2. An elder or elders trying to right a wrong in humankind, another striking resemblance to the bible and God righting a wrong trying to eradicate sin and restore faith and purity to humankind.

3. All these little drops of wisdom that are bestowed upon you which really make no sense to anyone else. That sounds a lot like Christ and his parables.

I could continue on but I'm sure you get the point. I'm more interested of their awarence to the general human populace. I think you would be hardpressed to find someone who does not know of the infamous "greys". Have they ever conveyed this too you? That we are aware of their presence and have been for years? Here are a few other questions for you.

A. Are they or any of their species responcible for cattle mutilations or crop circles?

B. Are they the "gods" that are spoken of in the egyptian religion or for that matter any religion of old?

C. You speak as though you are but one of many transferred souls here on earth somehow working in conjunction with the others to better our future. IF this is the case why then are there abductions that some how alwasy involve brutal medical experiments. That does not speak of a savior so much as it does a conquer.

D. Have you ever considered hypnotic regression to see if you could further jog forth these memories of yours

E. Do you ever feel incomplete as in a sense when you look in a mirror the person you see looking back at you is not you but a mostly blank piece of paper?

posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 04:12 AM
Hi Observe,

Thanks for sharing your story. I have found no holes in your story and seems to be put together in a way that doesnt scream hoax. I'm intrigued and really do hope that what you are saying is true.

There will always be an element of doubt in these kind of claims but your story is very interesting and believable.

I will continue to read your thread after work! Keep posting...

posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 04:18 AM
Jagerbomb.. i see where you get that from but maybe.. just maybe, the bible does have some truth in it but not in the way it has been taken. Maybe the bible has been written with a lot of truth about our origins but in a metaphorical way or a way that humans can understand without knowing that we are being observed. Maybe the bible is a seed and they are waiting to see hw long it will take us to understand. I'm not religious and am not really familia with what is in the bible apart from the well known stories.. adam and eve, noahs ark etc. Does the Qu'ran have any similar stories that could relate to this or any other holy literature?

I have said before that maybe Noahs ark was a vessel that collected species from over the planet to take somewhere else.. maybe another planet.

Just reading between the lines.

posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 08:18 AM

Originally posted by Jager_Bomb
D. Have you ever considered hypnotic regression to see if you could further jog forth these memories of yours

That might actually be a good idea to. some things that were foggy to you might become a bit clearer. hypnosis could unlock the unattainable parts of your mind. maybe you could even start to see the parts of your previous life that you forgot.

posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 02:07 PM

Originally posted by observe50Y
You sound as if you want to shoot the messenger, please calm down. You don't have to stop sharing. I really would love for you to start a new thread, sit down and calmly write all that has happened to you.

I am calm.

I don’t know what made you think otherwise but I am not angry at all. I have always expressed myself here in a calm and articulate manner, if I hadn’t I’m sure the MODs would have noted it by now. Maybe you confuse my philosophical disagreement with anger…in that sense it’s just as easy for me to tell you to "calm down". For the record I am and have always been calm on these boards and I have already explained my experience in a calm manner.

It does sound as if you have not had the best with them and I understand that and my heart is with you and all the others.

Sigh…Observe50 you have not fully been reading or understanding my posts because I keep explaining to you that I had a POSITIVE experience with them. This is why I didn’t want to continue because you still miss my point and even worse make claims and assumptions attributed to me that I have not stated. Are you sure you're fully reading what I am writing?

I will say this once more, I have had a very positive experience with what I believe was an alien encounter.

My criticism is with certain people that condone even the negative actions of these beings. Just because I’ve had a positive experience does not make me unaware of the negative ones. Certainly I will not ascribe a solely positive agenda to all beings that contact or abduct humans and I refuse to paint the entire group in such a positive light. It should be clearly stated that there are times when these beings have an agenda that has nothing to do with the advancement of the human subject they choose to experiment with.

They even mislead them with the idea that they are "chosen" and have a message to deliver. Like I said, this is old and quite a few people that have gone through it have eventually realized the con-job being played on them.

It is wise to be critical and foolish to give these beings “carte blanche” with all of humanity.

You can hate them all you want but the facts of life are this is the way it is, doesn't matter who likes it. Mixing species is what makes the Universe go round.....

Where are you getting these ideas about me from?

First, these are the facts of life as you understand them. From your own personal perspective. This is your personal philosophy and is not anything you can prove so its easy to make a definitive statement like that when no proof is required.

Secondly, I never stated that I hated anyone (I agreed with you on the "studies") or believe that mixing between different races(species?) is a terrible thing. I myself come from a family that has historically mixed with many different peoples from Europe to Africa and have relatives all across the globe so such a bigoted idea is not one I would dare make. Please don’t attribute such statements to me unless you can quote me on them.

My example of a human being impregnated by an alien being is drawn from those who have made such claims. In those cases the female is made pregnant in secret and against their will, and have claimed that those babies are taken from them. They claim that this has caused extreme emotional trauma to them and in spite of some of them being told they were "chosen" they end up feeling used and manipulated.

There is a difference in consciously and maturely deciding to mix with someone of a different race(species?) as opposed to having someone force you to without your knowledge or against your will. Down here on Earth that is considered rape.

Surely even when a human does something like that it is seen as wrong, and If I were a woman I would not want or condone such behavior.

That was my point and I seriously hope you can understand this. I am not angry or upset with your views I merely disagreed with some of them, especially what you claim is universal law. It's fine we really don't have to agree on the intent but what we both agree on is something is happening and for the most part we are all kept in the dark about it.

I am hopeful and positive that we will all understand this eventually in the meantime I'll just keep trying to understand through what little I've seen and know.

posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 02:29 PM

Originally posted by Jager_Bomb
3. In reference to Lee Anoma's post -Look back in our own human history. This is how it has always been time and time again when when humans came upon a new civilization of people...

First off, Welcome to ATS Jager!
I’m partially honored that something I wrote has inspired you to sign up even if it’s to debate me right off the bat.
Regarding your statement, I am familiar with human history, yet I believe you are comparing apples and oranges when speaking of claimed alien encounters.

These beings are not simply travelers that stumbled upon a group of individuals that have cultural barriers. Early explorers had to face and overcome those complicated issues which were required in order to communicate with the natives of other lands. It was cultural differences that both sides overcame “equally” and with that an understanding was achieved. The point is that the two cultures met and were usually completely ignorant of each other so both were at a cultural disadvantage.

In terms of an individual that claims to have had an alien encounter it is quite clear from their statements that we are not equally at a disadvantage in terms of understanding or reasoning. It is claimed that these beings comprehend every language and every culture (even Observer50 understands this) so they can explain and define whatever concepts they wish in a clear and concise manner to any human being regardless of where they are geographically from. They “choose” to communicate in puzzles and it’s not due to a language barrier.

Early explores did not have that benefit.

I also have a problem with any being calling another of lower advancement "stupid".

Once again another thing we "human beings" have done time and time again.

Yes, but what exactly is your point? That this is acceptable from higher beings that abduct us (usually) against our will?

When dealing with an obviously superior and intelligent group of individuals I would hope they would behave much better than the average man in terms of the simple bigotry you believe is acceptable in an ascended being because “we do it”. For arguments sake though, if they arrogantly look at humans as simply stupid then they too need to spiritually evolve.

I’m hoping they have evolved beyond our base prejudices and I believe some beings have.

Originally posted by Jager_Bomb
You suppose they have the ability to solve all are wordly problems with the flick of a wrist...We are the reason of all our problems. No one else…

That’s not entirely true.

First, I never stated they could solve ALL of our problems and I’d advise you to read my posts more thoroughly in the future if you wish to pick them apart and debate them.

They do posses the power to solve some of our larger issues (some of which they themselves have caused directly and indirectly) and much more even if by simply filling in the blanks of our beginnings and their role in such. Each culture has plugged those holes with religious theories and they often contrast each other violently in the form of crusades, jihads, inquisitions or what have you. They know where we come from and who we base our Gods on. They have been a part of human culture since its inception.

I never said it was a simple process and the negative “flick of the wrist” quip is yours alone, not mine.

Originally posted by Jager_Bomb
Going off of Lee's post I find it extremely hard to believe that we are simply a lab experiment, bacteria in a petri dish no more. You cannot compare humans to lab rats. We as a species have accomplished amazing feats...I've yet too see or hear of a labrat decoding their genomes or sending one of their own to the moon.

...that throws a very large monkey wrentch into it.

You really seem to be “going off” on my post.

I have to say again that you misunderstood my post and I believe misdirected your own.

It was Observe50 that said “we make for a good study” for superior beings and my response to that theory was that it is true however when a human studies a lab rat it isn’t exactly an honor for the rat, let alone entirely to it’s benefit. My point was that I would not enjoy being a part of a medical/scientific experiment that I didn’t fully understand and had little control over…let alone volunteered to be a part of. You apparently have not read some of the experimental horror stories that those claiming to have been abducted have shared. If I am to believe Observe50’s story as possibly true without any proof then I can’t dismiss those who claim to have been abused by these beings outright either.

I have never once said human beings were the mental/genetic/spiritual/ equivalent of lab rats or no better than a Petri dish that is not MY theory, so I am afraid I have no idea what your talking about. Again read my posts more thoroughly in the future if you wish to debate them.

In your broader point, you seem to be stating that an intelligent and sentient being cannot be used for experimental purposes because of their relative advancements. That creating a space shuttle puts human beings out of the realm of unwanted experimental procedures from equal or higher forces. That is simply a false idea and one that human beings themselves do not ascribe to.

If you want a monkey wrench in THAT theory I’ll ask you to do what you’ve requested I do, look back at human history. Humans have been used as lab-rats here before.

Plutonium Experiments

During these experiments operatives injected people with plutonium without their knowledge at medical facilities across the country. In some cases, children were fed radioactive food.

Tuskegee Syphilis Study

From 1932-1972 The U.S Public Health Service conducted an experiment in the area of Tuskegee, Alabama. Over 400 black sharecroppers were deliberately infected with syphilis and monitored over decades including invasive medical tests.

Atomic Bomb Testing on U.S. Soldiers

From 1951-1963 thousands of U.S. soldiers were purposefully exposed to radiation during atomic bomb and H-bomb testing in Nevada and the Pacific. Atomic veterans have an exremely high cancer rate but it took the U.S. Government over 40 years to even acknowledge the experiments took place.

posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 10:59 PM
Thank you for your warm welcome Lee. Let me state that I do wish to debate your posts, however I will do it with out any snide, or sarcastic remarks contrary to most debates here at ATS. I, periodically thumb thru the posts here at ATS to see whats new. So once again thank you for the welcome now let's dance!

You feel that I am comparing apples to oranges in view of these alien encounters. I, however do not see it as such. At one point in time these beings were travelers who stumbled upon us. I, personally do not subscribe to the belief that we were seeded from them or any other "master race". My point in my first salvo was this. You are upset over the supposed treatment of humans in these beings hands right? I did ask you to look back in history at how man has handled encounters with new "alien" civilzations of people. We did the exact same thing to new groups of people that were discovered. Pretty much every civilization exploring man came upon was eradicated. Inca's, American Indians, etc, etc. The exploreres were mostly a superior inteligent group, thus you would have expected the explorers to treat these people with a humane sense yet they did not. So really I see no difference between the two. By no means do I find it acceptable to treat others that way. It is what it is. It would seem that they nor ourselves have evolved much in that way.

I have read and reread your posts. It does seem that you imply that these beings have an almost god like ability to solve most any issue we has humans have. Did you not refer to them as almost god like to began with anyways?

I would be very interested to know what of our bigger issues they have the ability to resolve? Why is it you feel they can fill in the blanks in our begining? I'm well aware that religion is the opium of the mass's and in saying thus it is used in name for the most henious actions of mankind.

They know where we come from and who we base our Gods on. They have been a part of human culture since its inception.

Please enlighten me on these facts.

I was not meaning the "flick of the wrist" as anything but a humorous statement for a topic that holds such a massive weight if it is indeed true. So if you were offended my apologies.

Please do not assume what I have nor have not read about. I'm well versed in the horrors that some abductee's have experienced.

I'm not saying man could not be used as an experiment because of our tech/social accomplishments. I'm well aware of the horrors that man has inflicted upon one another in the name of "science".

Lee I did ask you a few questions perhaps you missed them so I will repost them here and hope that you take the time to answer them.

1. Lee in your mind what is the bigger picture? Surely if they have been observing us since the begining of recorded history the credits would have rolled a long time ago. Yet, here we are still how many of thousands or millions of years later you and I each of us going about our lifes.

2. Have your thought about the possibilty that maybe they don't possess this power?

3. How long have you yourselve believed that something big is gonna happen to this earth? Shall you continue with that if year after year nothing happens everthing continues status quo?

4. From reading your posts you seem to imply that you know for more then the average joe or even observe50. I ask once again if you know something then speak about it. What is the point in knowing if you refuse to share your knowledge?

posted on Jul, 31 2007 @ 05:57 PM
Hi O50, just stopping by to say hello and read a few new posts here. Be well, Antar

posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 01:51 PM
One great vacation over but one left to enjoy in one week and counting.

First I want to say I am sorry Lee if I misunderstood you.

I still have no idea about Casper but I have no doubt that one day I will recall. As far as hypnotic regression... I had thought of it but to be honest I do feel as if they allow me to remember what I have shared with all of you. The time when the reason I am to remember Casper will come to light I have no doubt, it just isn't now.

I personally have never been shown or told about animal mutilations or crop circles. I only know of humans and plants being collected.

From my understanding when Aliens came in our past history humans gave them the name Gods, who came from the heavens, (heaven in those days meant the skies)

My understanding is there are good beings and BAD beings. With the Grey's they are considered bad but all the Grey's are not bad... just as all humans are not bad even though there are many bad humans.

My biggest concern is knowing that SOMETHING happened here on Earth that was NOT meant to happen. I was asked to come here and help with the New Beginning I do not know when this New Beginning is but I was told I would know when it happened and I would know what I was to do. I know this could happen from the moment I type this word and will be before March 17, 2046

I have been given this life to observe everything really but in pieces, it's hard to explain.

When whatever happens I know it wasn't the destruction of the Planet only the peoples. This was not to have happened and they are going to try and correct this. I am not the only one here to help my job is going to restore health to all with the Cures for all known Viruses.

Some say history is fluid and every discision humans make leads Earth down it's path hence the path can't be changed but as with everything this isn't exactly correct.

Something did happen here the Elders came back sent souls here to live and learn and as knowledge was refreshed within us we are to share with you what we know.

When I look in the mirror Jager I know who I am.

I am a human being with an Alien soul that was sent here by the Elders (our Creator's) to help you the human race when something very bad occurs and something very bad is going to occur. Myself and other like myself will help you....... and your families in the skies and from within this planet are going to do everything to get as many as they can through this.

All I can say is a New Beginning will happen sometime before March 17, 2046

[edit on 5-8-2007 by observe50]

posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 05:42 PM
For what reason would they collect humans and plants? Are you aware of any agreement with the US goverment?

posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 06:05 PM
O50, did you ever meet one called "Doc"? Also the shift can be felt on a regular basis these days, for years it would happen in big shifts and now it is coming in waves. How long do you see it taking before most humans are able to detect these polar changes if ever?

posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 07:27 PM
Antar hello,

No I haven't meant anyone with the name Doc, sorry.

I can't even begin to know what happened that shouldn't have, this they did not tell me.

All I recall is something happened on Earth that was not meant to happen and they sent me here to help. They are going to try and help with what they can and others are here to help also.

I wrote earlier about being on the ship and being little and being shown and told things. At the end there was this very wrinkled old women and I wrote while brushing my teeth one day I looked up to myself in the mirror and realized when I was very old I was going to be that very wrinkled old woman. I was wearing black with a black kerchief tied under my chin.

I asked when I was here to do what I was to do and the answer was March 17, 2046.. I will be 97

What I can tell you isn't pretty for I was walking with nothing but dirt around me, there was nothing. I was searching for people to help.

I don't know if it is to late to turn things around or if there is still time. People have to take control of there destiny and repair Earth. Everyone needs to """"""""""""plant in mass""""""""""" to disperse the CO2 and replenish the oxygen suppply for example.

[edit on 5-8-2007 by observe50]

posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 07:36 PM
O50, I have read that you will be 97 in several posts and each time I wonder if you will actually be in a new body by that time. You know the continuity of this situation. I can recall seeing myself also old but you know when you are young what you see as old is from a different prospective. What are your views on death and dying?

posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 07:51 PM
Death and dying is interesting to me. How can I even explain this for I both do and do not fear death.

I know that when death occurs the soul within you goes elsewhere it is just your human body you shed so I do not fear this


what I do fear is the fact that I will leave the family I love and I will not see them again.

I love this planet, I love my family but my destiny is in all of your hands for I am not to interfere either. I have said I observe here and there and I don't see here going in the right direction fast enough.

As I said people are becoming aware and know that something has to change soon but can they wake and do something before it is to late.

In my heart I want to say yes but in my vision I don't see it.

posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 08:04 PM
I understand. The nature of the golden future is becoming dimmer. At least for the current occupants. As for your family you know we are all connected at the ultimate level. That will never change. "You won't believe whats next!" That is what my Mom said to me after she passed and one thing is certain we are so connected in this path and she was as alien to this planet as any one catalyst has ever been. Grock?

posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 08:50 PM
I understand Antar.

Life is something that is beyond exact explanation at least to me

Your mom knew didn't she.

I really would love to hear about the experiences everyone has had.

posted on Aug, 7 2007 @ 01:57 AM
Thanks O50, you got it! Shakura, my Mom was a very special person and she even looked a bit alien. Of course she carried healing abilities and was very no nonsense and could smell a hoaxer a mile away. She was the first I ever heard years ago to say in reference to past life regression, "Didn't anybody live a normal life? Is everybody some one famous?" She had a dry sense of humor and from what I have read of your story, would have enjoyed connecting with you. We used to have the most incredible experiences together when we would hit the road and end up in places that were as close to the twilight zone as you could get.

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