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My life with an Alien Soul

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posted on Jul, 22 2007 @ 12:06 PM
I have to say something here I hope it is not too off topic. Our relationships are not always as they seem. What I mean to say is that my Mom and I were very close but fought an awful lot and we even attempted to 'not talk" anymore from time to time. But my Mom died last fall and when the time came I was there and would not have been anywhere else. It was not how we related it was the energy behind our connection. She was and always will be my best friend.
Observe50, getting back on track I have to tell you Mom and I have had many experiences together and I was blessed to come from an entire lineage of experiencers. I liked what you had to say about how you connect with your grand kids and how it is just natural. It erks me when I see people influence their kids to think one way or another on the esoteric. It takes something inherently spiritual and natural and creates a more religiosity, a dogma behind it. In our home and among my closest friends(few) it is treated as naturally as the sun.
Thankyou for sharing your experience and I feel as if you are meant to be a catalyst. Keep it coming as you have so much more to say and to share. I am always amazed when people have total recall like your self. I have considered dehypnotherapy, but you know I just want it to be real and I would not trust it. Humm, or would I???

posted on Jul, 22 2007 @ 06:28 PM
I hear you Antar.

It's funny I turn on my computer and on my screen is a picture of the Arch of St. Louis. I was shown this Arch when I was little sometime in the 50's. I did write about this.... but it still amazes me that I was shown this more then a decade before it was constructed.

I ask anyone that reads this thread to please start a thread here in the skunk works and tell us all about your experiences from beginning to end.

We all have pieces of information and many have questions we all need to work together.

posted on Jul, 22 2007 @ 07:20 PM
Observe50 did you mean that today you turned on your computer and there was the arch or did you mean that you have a picture of the arch on your desk top? If it is the first then hold on and watch out this ride could be getting bumpy! I am interested in your vision of the arch before its conception, that is validation. Yet it stays with me about the Casper memory. I am with you now and we will keep an eye out on that one.

posted on Jul, 22 2007 @ 09:38 PM
When they allow you to remember, you remember. When they want you to remember something on your own it's totally different.

Things like Casper and the Arch really bugged me for a long time and to this day both pop up like as to remind me. I have made up my mind I am not going to play there game of they plant the seed and watch it grow.

If they want me to know they are going to have to show and tell me plain and simple.

The way I see it I have been there and I am now here, I like here.

I don't care how the ships work and being on both sides looking in and out this society should never at this time have that technology.

I know our Solar System is being terraformed, I know there are many different species, some good, some bad. I don't care. I have been there and done that and to me I do not see the big deal.

What I have come to treasure is LIFE. What is happening has to stop we have to stop the greed we all have to help one another.

This planet has to be healed and to do so would not take much. Suffering, homelessness, hunger are all uncalled for, this is shameful.

We all need to look deeper into ourselves and change if we don't God help us all.

Maybe I should really say God help you all I'll be off of vacation and back on the job and I am in no rush to work.

posted on Jul, 22 2007 @ 10:32 PM
My apologies, observe50, I certainly did misunderstand. Sorry about that!

posted on Jul, 22 2007 @ 10:43 PM

No problem, I have read what I write and I confuse myself at times, lol.

posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 03:01 PM

Observe50 I commend you on having the courage to express the events you believe to be true. I think it takes guts to post something so unusual that most will scoff or ridicule and I know that what you state seems to be something you honestly believe. I know you are aware that I too have had some strange experiences that I have shared so let me say I have respect for you up front and I agree with some of the things you have stated.

I don't know what to make of what you’ve claimed to have happened to you. On one had I believe you’ve had these experiences you claim but on the other I take issue with some of what these being had said and the ideas they have expressed.

I know there is no way for either of us to concretely prove our experience and of course we both could be lying but for arguments sake I will write my opinion as if what you and I both have claimed in terms of alien contact is in fact as true as we believe. I may generalize in saying “they” as to include all beings but know that I am aware that there are positive forces at work, it’s just the negative ones are overshadowing the truth.

I think that you need to consider the more callous aspects of SOME of these beings and what their main goal is with us here. It seems you have a very positive outlook on these strange events in your life but there are a few issues you need to recognize.

I have a problem with any being that instructs anyone to "spread the word" of some very obscure and unexplained message, especially when it comes to something that could potentially change the current state of affairs here on planet earth for the better. I am no savior, I am no saint, and I may have a more cynical approach to my own experiences but I've never been told to spread any information yet at the same terms of my relation to the course of events and affairs here on planet earth...I recognize my own impotence and limitations. They know how ineffective an average person is when they come forward with otherworldly advice and have for quite some time so I am a little confused as to why they would decide to sprinkle little helpful possibilities to individuals that for all intents and purposes cannot act on, or implement any of them for the greater good.

I don’t understand why they would say "certain roots can cure all disease", or "the moon is the wrong size for the planet"...and they tell you this to share. What roots? What plants? You can’t just leave us hanging like that when millions are dying from diseases…it’s simply wrong. I would say this is somewhat manipulative and it seems to play to our own idea of self-importance as to say we alone can fix these things. That you can find the cure. Yet how have you or I helped? What have we done? This is after all simply a forum not a news conference for the world. This makes me a bit unnerved at their intentions.

They could cure any disease themselves if they chose to (without us even knowing it) yet I think they realize the beneficial population controlling potential of a disastrous epidemic. Surely eternal beings such as they have seen the effects of the bubonic plague or small pox or whatever else culled a large number of human beings. Imagine if some Gray appeared to one of the average citizens/villagers at the time and said “plants are the key” then left.

Originally posted by observe50
They like to give out information (the seeds) and then they (study) wait to see how long it takes for this seeds to grow and be discovered.

Keep this in mind, these beings have been around long before you and I (at least in this current life) and they have seen the extreme horrors of human existence (i.e. slavery, genocide, war, famine, pestilence) that we have only read about and probably some we don't even know. If this is the case, what makes them suddenly decide to now spring into action? It’s suddenly more urgent than before? People talk about the “good old days” but when were they? It’s a highly subjective/relative concept when our human past was and is continually marred by horrible acts of inhumanity. The world is no better or worse than it ever was at certain points in time. They know this quite well. Why have any of us observe anything for them? They’ve seen it all already.

I also have a problem with any being calling another of lower advancement "stupid". This is beyond wrong. We are all victims of circumstance to some degree. I am here as I am and what I am is to some extent beyond my control. It’s terrible for any who claim to be the “creator” to mock your creation as inferior when you help perpetuate the environment that maintains this condition. I reject that behavior as insulting and to some extent “dehumanizing” for lack of a better word. To see us as stupid is to see us as cattle so we become usable. They know how things are down here and that there are even interdimensional beings that help to cloud our minds so in part the whole world is stacked against the average person in so many ways. I do not believe we are stupid and I don’t think they believe this either.

Observe50, the fact that they have taken you somewhere shows that they interfere. I believe they interfere here all the time, some more than others. They are not telling you the entire picture if they are claiming that all they are is harmless observers. Some may be but others interfere at the lowest and highest levels in ways we cannot perceive. There is little in terms of major Earth changing events that they aren’t aware of.

Here’s my theory in short and it’s not pretty:

They (and others like them) put us down here so there is nothing to take over…they run the show. They use us for spiritual purposes (even advancement) as well as for resources. They let (create) natural disasters, diseases and such to thin out our ranks when the time is right (God creates flood…etc). They perpetuate a system here that keeps us in the dark and under control while we inundate ourselves with nonsensical issues that glut our minds to the point of zombification. They are splintered into groups and each has their own collections of souls (some they consider “special”) that they do with as they see fit. They are in conflict with each other and we are in the middle of it. They will just collect the souls they have and restart the whole human project when needed.

posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 03:02 PM
The idea that they are trying to breed a superior human is nothing but Hollywood sci-fi. I think "some" have taken our DNA and mixed it with theirs but it was for their benefit not ours. You have to understand we are older than we realize. Our true history is hidden from us. Take for example the “tower of Babel”. I do believe it was a ship and that we planned to go after our “Gods”. What did they do, though? Confused us to hinder that progress. They could have easily helped evolve to the state of full understanding but that is not what they want. For them to say its all in our hands is to for them to lie. They do not want us on equal status because this world (as crazy as it sounds) has a purpose being in the state it is.

They don’t want a superior human race because we are more useful to them in the condition we are in.

They can solve ANY of the more serious issues we have down here that’s tearing us apart but choose to let them continue because it makes THEIR work much easier. Keep everyone at each others throats over race, sex, religion and they are too blind to see the bigger picture.

Although I don’t think this applies to all beings and I know there are some with good intentions but have little control over things, this is more the rule than the exception. I think the people they contact are part of their future plans for sure but it has nothing to do with saving the earth. The earth’s fate is already sealed and even if it ends up uninhabitable for what we consider a “long time” it’s no big deal to them since they exist outside of time.

Tempus fugit.

Knowing this I ask myself… are we chess pieces on a board game?
Why come to us and tell us anything then? So we can feel so special being in their presence that we don’t ask the bigger questions?

If I don’t have any power over the destiny of my soul then so be it, but I REFUSE to play these kinds of games.
I need something more direct than perplexing statements and puzzles.

I need respect.

posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 04:06 PM
lee anoma, i have to say that was a magnificent post. Honesty i think you put into words what many of us have been thinking. It does anger me, when ever i hear about ufos and stuff like this. I often think, just come down, come down and help. I mean you see these things and you think, wow and advanced race beyond our year is here why don't they help us. I mean what would you do, i know that if i has part of an advanced culture and i came upon a planet that was killing itself, i would come down tell them to stop that they are brothers and sister and shouldn't kill. But no we don't see that, to be fair i dont no if i am right, but i feel that i am to an extent. THeir are probably races trying to help us, but i honesty dont no. But we do know that our government does have alien artifacts, i mean dont play stupid, its fact the things that have been going on are not weather balloons or swamp gas, they have alien artifacts and they are our own people. I mean just think what would happen if they weren't greedy and shared their findings to the world. But then again there is that whole control skeem. We are sheeple, i bet your we are nothing but cattle to them with amazing potential for something great, which i think they fear.

posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 07:25 PM
I can agree with many things you say but Earth is one of many Planets that have intelligence. When they use the word stupid it wasn't meant to be an insult... it was a word I would understand when they explained how we as a species only know how to use little of our brain.

As for the Grey's they are made out to be the evil ones but all in all they are not "all" evil. Are all humans evil, "no. Are all humans, "good."

We are the way we are and they are the way they are, doesn't mean we have to like each others ways.

""""All diseases can be cured from the roots of plants."""" I told everyone where to find the cures if they want them they will study the roots of plants and test to see which cure what. Humans do have to do there part it is part of there evolution.

I just GAVE YOU ten words to cure DISEASES. One day in our history it will be written that the cures for all diseases have been discovered to come from the roots of plants and my name won't be mentioned because that is the way it is to be. Tell you what when the day comes you will know a little birdie by the name of Lorraine told you.

[edit on 23-7-2007 by observe50]

posted on Jul, 24 2007 @ 11:29 AM

Originally posted by observe50
When they use the word stupid it wasn't meant to be an insult... it was a word I would understand when they explained how we as a species only know how to use little of our brain.

Yes I am aware of that point but I was trying to say that I believe they designed us to be this way so it's absurd to blame us for our average mental condition in relationship to theirs. To say we're "stupid but intelligent so we make for a good study" is not flattering in any way. I'll take simply being stupid if it'll help me avoid being a lab rat.

They (and others) aren't simply travelers that stumbled across our planet they were here from our sudden genetic "advancement" till now. They (and others) are the "missing link". That's why they (as you have said) see the earth as more theirs than ours.

As for the Grey's they are made out to be the evil ones but all in all they are not "all" evil. Are all humans evil, "no. Are all humans, "good."

I hope you will take the time to read some of my posts on the subject because you will find that I too share that belief. I have never once said they were all evil and I also know this to be a fact. At least from my own experiences. However I think they ALL have an agenda and SOME are liars and will play "saint/savior" to people they plan to manipulate for their own purposes.

If any Gray ever told me I was here to save the world with my message I would honestly be very worried. I know that this world is about to change and there is nothing any human can do about it at this point.

"All diseases can be cured from the roots of plants." I told everyone where to find the cures...Humans do have to do there part it is part of there evolution.

Yes I know. In my opinion though these diseases also have a designed purpose and function and that those beings are aware of (and utilize?) this. I feel that all of this is being controlled to maintain our lifestyle by "higher forces".

Regardless though, the fact that they told you what could save us all and the fact that nothing has been done shows that they are either telling abductees bits of information to make them feel that they can play a key role in earths salvation or they are simply telling the wrong people these messages.

That sort of advice needs to be directed at the people that can put those measures into affect. As you can see, you or I clearly cannot.

They know this.

One day in our history it will be written that the cures for all diseases have been discovered to come from the roots of plants...when the day comes you will know a little birdie by the name of Lorraine told you.

Well sure, medical discovers and advancements are made all the time that much we can be sure of Lorraine. It would be very wonderful if someone took your advice, found it to be true, and created cures for our diseases. I just don't believe these beings want that to happen.

You come from a long line of "experiencers" you claim, so let me ask you a relevant question...if these beings are directing you and everyone else they contact to make positive changes in the world why is it in the shape it's in right now?

In this long line of "experiencers" have they also shared the same sage pieces of advice to your mother, grandmother, great-grandmother...etc? If so, how has this made any significant impact on human existence?

I 'll tell you one thing and you can believe me or not, but the world is in for some MAJOR changes real soon. Our whole lifestyle is going to be uprooted and this planet will never be the same. They know what's about to happen so why waste time pretending?

I hope you seriously take a look at these beings and their goals before volunteering to undergo their studies. Get some serious answers as to what they want from you and your family. It can't be to share a few "seeds" then drop you off home. There is more going on here than meets they eye and if I were you I'd try and get to the real story.

These are AGE OLD studies, Lorraine. This sort of thing is not new and the world is still the same as it ever was. They aren't here to help make us change it because that would have been done long ago.

I don't want to beat a dead horse so I'll just say this and be done. I wish you the best in your journey and I hope and pray for a positive change on this planet...if these beings can help in that, then more power to them. I just hope my great-great-grandson won't be writing about his alien encounters and expressing a similar feeling in the future.

I'll be waiting.

- Lee

posted on Jul, 24 2007 @ 11:55 AM
Ok i found this story very interesting and yet you pointed out you weren't a writer, but you've told it very close to the way someone who is a writer would...I do believe some of your story i think our souls can be transfered into other vessels, but to recall it with such detail seems unlikely... I have to throw my skeptical sense in here and ask for something else like their language? If you can interpret these events from alien to english then why can't you recall it backwards and give us a glimpse into their speech? Although it would be hard to depict the language I'm sure it could be done i would be much more interested if that was factored in...

posted on Jul, 24 2007 @ 11:59 AM
Sorry I forgot please don't throw telepathy in their because i said speech. Even when we think of what we're going to say to someone we do it in our language....

posted on Jul, 24 2007 @ 12:33 PM

I don't believe I ever said that I came from a long line of experiencers.
My soul was sent here so everything would have to start from me down.

I respect your views but you must realize we have different teachings. I can see you don't accept what I share and that is fine. The only point I want to make is this is the way it is and unfortunately it doesn't matter if you or I like it.

I would really like for you to write of the things you know. Sometimes just being straight forward and throwing out the knowledge is much more appreciated.

I know people are just awakening and they have to get over the fact that people might not agree or make light of what they have to share.

I was also asked about speech. I have never been with a Grey that opened there mouth and spoke, sorry. They do use Telepathy and that's the way it is. They can communicate by Telepathy in any language that is spoken here on Earth.

[edit on 24-7-2007 by observe50]

posted on Jul, 24 2007 @ 12:56 PM
I'm a firm believer in reincarnation because when i was younger i did have my own experience and with this i happened to name things in a different language i had no knowledge about at this time..... So if in your previous state you were also a grey yourself why would they speak to you in english? I'm sure at some point in time you'd have to hear them utter some gibberish type of speech....I don't know i would just have been a lot more interested in having an insight as to what it could possibly sound like i don't know......

posted on Jul, 24 2007 @ 02:36 PM

Originally posted by observe50

I don't believe I ever said that I came from a long line of experiencers.
My soul was sent here so everything would have to start from me down.

My mistake I must have confused you with another poster. Sorry.

In any case my point was this whole experience is old and hasn't changed a thing here. Let's say your theory of an alien soul is correct, surely you don't believe your the first person with one? They have been conducting these sort of procedures for quite some time. It's for their benefit and goals and the purpose is for you to discover since you're involved whether you chose to be or not.

I respect your views but you must realize we have different teachings. I can see you don't accept what I share and that is fine. The only point I want to make is this is the way it is and unfortunately it doesn't matter if you or I like it.

If anything you've had nothing but positive things to say so really what's there not to like? Think about what I am saying and you'll see It's not due to what you've expressed being uncomfortable for me.

I do believe that it's possible for someone to have an alien soul. It's not that point I had an issue with if you read my posts.

To say that your way of understanding is the only way is extremely narrow considering your details and instructions are vague and you aren't fully sure or haven't fully expressed who they are, where they even come from, what there goal is or why you're here as an alien soul. We do all have different teachings some are ready for the harsher truth and others are ready for the "diet" version.

In this case I'll drink my coffee black.

Ask them yourself for the truth or at least as much as they choose to tell you. If we are to be subjected to unusual forces with little recollection or control we do deserve that much.

If you expect me to accept your view as law without being open to the possibility that you could be off on some of your assumptions then it's possible that you aren't ready for that level of teaching.

I would really like for you to write of the things you know. Sometimes just being straight forward and throwing out the knowledge is much more appreciated.

I would like to but I'm afraid I can't fully do that.

I know people are just awakening and they have to get over the fact that people might not agree or make light of what they have to share.

There's nothing for me to get over, you don't have to agree with me nor I you and it's fine. In terms of people's not so easy to gauge how long any of us have known what we know.

I have seen a lot more than I have shared so please don't assume this is new for me.

I have never been with a Grey that opened there mouth and spoke, sorry. They do use Telepathy and that's the way it is.

Yes that is true. They also communicate in a series of what sound like "clicking" noises that apparently they can understand. If you have heard this then you will know I am not making up my experience and I have respect for the beings that I believe I met. They were not monsters and they were very polite.

Observe50, I believe in reincarnation as well as the possibility of someone (including you) having an alien soul. What I want to ask now what?

Lets say that since we both have had experiences we both could have alien souls. If alien souls are cycled down here off and on then the purpose is not for the Earths benefit as much as for the benefit of the recyclers unless those souls perform Earth changing functions and tasks. Otherwise we're just humans with alien encounters since I don't think I'm here to change the world.

Again as fascinating as this all seems to the experiencer they can sometimes overlook the commonality of the event and if this an old practice you have to ask yourself "why".

Better yet, ask them.
I did.

posted on Jul, 24 2007 @ 07:21 PM
Hi Lee,

No problem it's easy to confuse what one says with another, this site is fluid so it's easy to get people mixed up.

When you wrote something to the effect that it's old and hasn't changed a thing all I can say is maybe it has and we aren't aware of it or if it hasn't yet today then maybe tomorrow.

No doubt I'm not the first sent here and I'm sure I won't be the last.

There are things that I have been completely shown and told about and I understand every single thing. There have been things that I only know so much of but I know if I am to know I will know, I don't worry myself over this anymore because I know whatever is to be will be.

I can't tell you where I came from, when I was a Grey with 100% acknowledgment. What I can tell you is I recall only the time on the ships.

I know they consider us a good study, they think we are evolving to slowly and they are trying to create the SHB. (superior human being)

I know I am here to heal. Lee, I do not expect you nor do I even ask you or anyone here to accept my view. I could misinterrupt something I'm not perfect. I try to put the things I have been shown and told to me by them together. The things I know, I know the things I don't understand I also say I'm not exactly sure but I think it is.....

You said you can't share, is there a reason? You said, you have a lot you haven't shared, may I ask why? You mentioned that I should not assume this was new to you.... I don't think I assumed any such thing.

I have mentioned here at ATS that we that have experiences need an area so we can discuss our experiences.

edit to add; jheated I honestly can say from all I know and remember the only language we have used when together is English. I do know they can communicate in any language used on Earth.

[edit on 24-7-2007 by observe50]

posted on Jul, 25 2007 @ 12:46 PM

Originally posted by observe50
I know I am here to heal. Lee, I do not expect you nor do I even ask you or anyone here to accept my view.

There are plenty of people in the world that need healing and if this is your mission then more power to you and anyone that wants to help. I don't know how or in what capacity you are healing people but considering what is coming we will need a lot of it.

Healers are real, it's not something I reject or cannot accept its something I would support. I wish there were more healers than dealers in this world.

Originally posted by observe50
I know they consider us a good study, they think we are evolving to slowly and they are trying to create the SHB. (superior human being)

I know they consider us to be part of their studies too but that isn't something particularly honorable. We study they feel blessed about being chosen to be put through it? It's not's just the misleading lies as to why that I had an issue with. They are NOT trying to create a superior human being. The superior human being theory is simply a part of Hollywood alien hype/hypothesis and has become increasing popular.

Typical Hollywood Alien SHB Formula usually goes as follows:

At the end of the film the superior humanoid child (usually white, blond and/or blue-eyed not unlike Hitler's own dream of perfection) stands up and exerts it's superior mental/spiritual abilities in a last ditch effort to finally save all of mankind. Eureka! The aliens have succeeded in their eternal goal of creating the perfect human. Finally...after all this time they get it right! See people...they weren't the bad guys they were doing all of this for us simple human-folk.

You cannot believe this. You must not believe this. To do so is to not fully understand the intelligence and capabilities of these superior beings and the reasonings behind having us here in the first place.

They don't want us or this world perfect. You'll have to appreciate the concept of this world being in the condition it is in for a specific purpose before you can see the falsities in the super-human theory. You also have to acknowledge who they are and what they have done before. They've made the mistakes of giving too much too fast and the result is something that has grown beyond even their own control. Beyond death itself. They won't make that mistake again. That is why we are in the current mental condition.

They are the masters of souls. They can control them, allow them to remember their pasts or program them for future ideas. You don't believe that a Gray is actually raised from infancy to learn what it knows, do you? If so then I'll leave for you to eventually find out what they really are.

I am aware though that they do train and teach humans for higher purposes here and beyond. This too they have done for quite some time. However those people always have limits. They will remain the teacher and we the student. The purpose isn't to create a human on equal terms as least not at this point anyway.

If they wanted a superior human (and please believe me) the ability to create one is NOT beyond them. It never has been. These aren't bumbling Einsteins that hope to stumble across the answer to a perplexing dilemma. They have done this before many times over. This is an old business.

There are many players in the game and they all have their own agenda.

When this thing shuts down they will start it all over again. They always do. Maybe not right away, maybe not even here. There will always be a place like this and if you can't understand my point then you are right in saying there are some things you really don't want to know.

I know I have a choice. I can either be the simple villager that is amazed and overwhelmed by the fact the the "Gods" have chosen me to impregnate with their star child and although they will take the baby I have contributed to the universe immensely...or...I can simply say cut the crap...if you are using me then I want to know what for and why.

There's no point in me saying anymore on this subject I can see, but I realize we just have our own paths in terms of our experiences. I hope I have not insulted your beliefs with my own understandings and I wish you the best in discovering what is happening to us all here.

Good luck.

- Lee

posted on Jul, 25 2007 @ 01:45 PM
You sound as if you want to shoot the messenger, please calm down.

You don't have to stop sharing. You can disagree with me and I with you but we should be able to talk about this.

You are right that they do things that we as humans don't like but we humans do the same exact thing. I know it's different when it happens to someone you don't know and how it is when it happens to you.

You can hate them all you want but the facts of life are this is the way it is, doesn't matter who likes it.

I really would love for you to start a new thread, sit down and calmly write all that has happened to you.

There are many beings in the Universe and with the millions of humans that have had experiences there will be differences.

The ones I go to don't do the human testing they told me of the others and what they are trying to accomplish. There are different Grey's with different pigmentation knowing who are good and who are not good is you need to beware of them all.

It does sound as if you have not had the best with them and I understand that and my heart is with you and all the others.

Mixing species is what makes the Universe go round and round and round and...........zzzzzzzzzzz

posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 12:03 PM
Hello Observer. I'm a big fan of your posts. you are very convincing. Just on quick question. Earlier today i was reading a thread on ATS that was talking about whether or not the Alien have emotions and maybe the secret to thier success and intelligence is that they do not(but thats a whole different topic). What I wanted to know was, during your encounters with these beings have you ever witnessed one express any sort of human-like emotion such as: anger, sadness, irritability, or even happiness. Do they have any sense of humor or a form of laughter perhaps?

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