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My life with an Alien Soul

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posted on Jun, 22 2007 @ 07:42 PM
I thought that I had written of my experiences in one thread back in "04" when I first started here. I don't see it anywhere so I have to assume I wrote about my experiences in other people's post so I do apologize.... I just assumed if you read everything here you knew what I was talking about.

I said before I wouldn't rewrite (that it would be a waste of my time) because I was called every name that could be gotten away with here at ATS.

I am willing to take the time to explain things from my age going back.

If there are at least a few interested I will talk to you but please don't insult me and call me names for what I share is what another life form has given me to share.

I am NOT a writer and sometimes I confuse myself trying to explain something but I will try my best to get everything across to you.

I'm not playing games here and if you want to know what I know about the Grey's I will do my best to share with you.

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posted on Jun, 22 2007 @ 08:08 PM
Please share your story. I am interested and ,of course, will not judge you or call you any names.

posted on Jun, 22 2007 @ 09:59 PM
Hey observe, here is a list of your the threads started by you:

I couldn't find your post from 2004 because it only lets you do the 250 most recent which happens to be up to March of this year.

Take a look there and see if you can revive it.

Anyway, I am interested to hear your story as well.

Being a contactee myself, I would like to know how you feel about the matter.

I can't say I've kept in contact over the years, at least not consciously.

However, subconsciously I can almost always feel a presence. Could be God, could be ETs, could be delusion.

I can't really say for sure

posted on Jun, 22 2007 @ 11:52 PM
please tell us about the major things of your life and what the future of mankind will have to face

posted on Jun, 24 2007 @ 09:25 PM
I'm back. my computer has been destroyed by a little mouse so I will have to try and work with this one. Please remember, I am NOT a writer.

I was born in "48" back in my days things were very different then they are these days. When things, (let's say) happened I didn't know that this was not the way life was. It never occured to me to say anything and no one ever talked about this stuff. I must admit it never occurred to me to talk about this even as I got older.

What occured wasn't an everynight experience for me. I might not have had contact for a decade then it might happen one or two times a year. At times it might happen at intervals closer together or even further apart. It has only been in the past several years that I looked at everything that I had experienced as a whole.

I will probably be all over the place because of the way I put everything together so please try and be patient.

I don't even really know where to start so maybe the best is what you probably already read by me and that is about being a Grey. My memory is short in this area and what I share is what I was allowed to remember about this.

I'm just going to start and give the shortest right now because it's getting late and the boys gotta go to bed and I'm using there computer.

I was on one of the ships and I was in a dimly lit area, there are a couple of us in a circle here. Across from us is another group and they are extremely tall, I had never seen them before and I am being told they are the Elder's. The small group I am with moves to the other group and the ones with me turn and leave. I am now with the small group of Elder's. One communicates by asking me if I would go to Earth and help the human race when it was time, I asked if it for the "good", the response was... yes, it was for the good and I then agreed to come here.

I was told that when I became human I would become stupid and they would come to me when they could throughout my human life.

I will do my best to continue tomorrow but I do have to get the kids heading to bed.

posted on Jun, 25 2007 @ 11:39 AM
When I was "little" my very first experience as I will call it happened as follows:

Let me set this up here for you, I was sent to bed as usual and I had fallen asleep.

I wake up within.... my eyes are still closed I feel like I am floating in the air. I open my eyes and lift my head, my body is in a lying position with my hands to my sides I can't move anything from my shoulder's down. I turn my head to the left and look down and there I am in bed sleeping. I think to myself I am out of my body.... now I rest my head down and close my eyes I feel myself slowly move forward, when I stopped I again opened my eyes and lifted my head.

It seems I had moved forward and turned slightly and I am now facing the window that was to the left of me before. I just knew for some reason that I was going to go through the window and up to the ship but right at this point I got scared (really scared) I starting thinking I am on the second floor what happens when I go through the window.... I might fall in the bushes below the window then I would get hurt or be killed and I would never see my family again so I am now repeating: no, no, no, I don't want to go. I now (again) put my head down and close my eyes and as before I feel myself slowly move again when I stop I lift my head and open my eyes. I am now where I first started looking down on myself I am very scared and thinking as soon as I get back into my body I am going to hold onto my bed as hard as I can and never let go. I wake up my breathing fast and heavy my heart is beating furiously and I am holding onto my bed with all my strength.

I now sense a presense next to me on the left side of my bed and I hear a soft voice say, concentrate on your heartbeat and take long slow deep breaths this will help calm you.... always remember this.

Now you have to remember I was little here, I don't believe I even knew the word float let alone what floating felt like.

I saw that I was out of my body and knew what out of body was when it came to light decades later.

I figure if I knew I was going to go through the window and up to the ship that even though I was little I must of had recall that something happened at even an earlier age that I don't remember.

posted on Jun, 25 2007 @ 01:38 PM
Had to get my cup of coffee before I continued.

What I write deals with the Grey's. I have seen other species and I have been with other species for a very short experience/period which I will get to sometime on this thread.

For a long time I had thought there was only two sizes to the Grey's short and tall until it hit me I forgot about the most important ones the extremely tall ones that sent me here in the first place. For myself I consider these Elder's our Creator's.

I share what I have been shown and told and all I can really say is... in time it will or will not come to light and whatever is to be will be.

Let me start here by telling you of the ones I have seen and what I have as knowledge about them:

The shorties as I call them: These beings I will call the Gatherer's and Protector's. """I""" only know them to Gather humans and plants, (not animals) and as for Protector's my understanding is that they monitor the entire Earth and everything on it and I will get into this a little bit further down the road so to say.

The tall ones are known as the Doctor's, Teachers, Scientist

The extremely tall ones I call the Elder's are the ones I consider our Creator's they also are Surgeons, Scientist and the Main Monitor's.

Please understand this.... there are different groups of Grey's (different slight appearance) and I am only talking about the ones I have been with. I am sure you know the typical Grey there are good drawings out there of them and the foam sculpture I showed in another thread from C2C is excellent and would be better with the two corrections I suggested.

There arms are longer then ours and they have four fingers. There skin is greyish/white almost translucent. They can not breathe our air there is to much oxygen in it however, they can breath thin air. I will get to how I was told this at some point.

Let me tell you of this and if you recall me writing this before just skip:

I was little here also and I would think you might find this of interest. With all my experiences I was never called by my name and I was never given the name of the one I go to so I will just say he or the one I go to or my Teacher and so on.

Let me explain this ship, it is one of the OLDER Gathering ships. The color is very dark greenish/grey-black.... when just inside there is a walkway that goes around this circular ship and sections are closed off by doors that slid open when the one I am with raises his hand to it. The rooms are on the inside and I will describe what I saw, please remember I am little here.

We are in the walkway he is to the right of me and we are just standing there. He tells me that he needs to put what is called a breathing apparatus to my nose and not to be afraid it will not hurt me. He tells me I need to wear this because where we are going I can not breathe the air. He moves back slightly to the wall behind us and he takes something from the wall then moves back....he now puts his hand to my nose but I don't really see or feel anything.

We start to move forward and I ask him how come when he talks his mouth doesn't move. We stop and he tells me that he communicates by what is known as Telepathy and he told me that I would have to try very hard for a very long time and one day I might be able to do it myself.

We continue on the walkway and I notice he isn't walking he is floating or gliding just above the flooring and his skin is Greyish/white almost translucent I don't say anything. We now pass a doorway to his right and I stop as does he. He tells me I am not to worry that I wasn't to go in that room (the room looked like a small Doctor's examination room.) He tells me that I was there for a more important reason and I asked what? He said that one day I would heal people and I asked why? He said that "THEY" knew that my soul was innocent and pure and I would always want to do what was right.

We again continue on and come to a wall that appeared to be glass ALMOST from floor to ceiling, we stop. Inside is a fairly large room that is very brightly lit. There is one of the shorties back there that has his back to us and appears to be gliding up one aisle and leaving the area. There are rows of beautiful green plants on tables and small trees are along the walls I ask the one I am with where all the plants come from and he says they collect them from all over the Earth, this is when he turns to me and looks down into my eyes and says remember this:


I repeat these ten words to myself a few times and tell myself I am remember these words.

We now move on in the walkway and we come to a wall, we stop. He raises his hand I see he has four fingers the door slides inward and we enter into a fairly large room. When we are inside we stop and I look to my right and there is an extremely tall Grey facing a wall that seems to be full of buttons and lights, I get the sense these are the controls to the rooms on the ship and he is making sure everything is working properly. The one I am with motions for me to cross the room---- there is a large chair here, he motions for me to sit. The chair is very comfortable. He now communicates that he has to put what are called headphones over my head and they will cover my ears, he said again not to be afraid these will not hurt me. After he does this he says that I am to look forward a screen is going to come up and pictures are going to start to flash very quickly and I would understand. I think to myself I am just a little kid how am I going to understand pictures that flash really fast.

At this time a screen comes up and pictures start slowly to flash on the screen in different locations all over the screen then they get faster and faster, I remember feeling very proud of myself because I understood.

It is at this point I remember nothing further. I can tell you this:

I remember now of seeing people, places things and events from all over the Earth. I remember seeing an airplane flying in the blue sky. I remember something to do with Chicago I remember a STRUCTURE only to find later in life it was the Arc of St. Louis (hadn't been built yet.) I remember lots of people in colorful costume's and at the end I remember this very old, ugly, wrinkled woman dressed in black with a black kerchief tied under her chin.

One time several years ago just after brushing my teeth I looked up into the mirror and it hit me that the ugly old wrinkled women, "was going to be me."

posted on Jun, 25 2007 @ 02:43 PM
I can only assume that when they were in my area doing whatever they were doing they stopped by and took me for a learning experience that either I was allowed to remember or NOT.

On some of these travels I was told that they are not here to interfere and that they would only confer one time to interfere and that is if we were about to destroy Earth for if we destroyed Earth we would destroy there Laboratory.
He told me that they monitor the entire Earth and everything that is on it and that what we have for weapons are as tinker toys to them however, they can destroy.
When we were together one time he showed me a model of the human brain. He said, humans are a stupid species they use little of there brain they don't know how to use it but we do have intelligence and this makes for a good study.
I was told that we try to hard through Science to prove things we must use logic and common sense. He said the answers are the simplest the ones we always overlook.

With experiencing what I have the best I can say is this:

The word interfere is interesting word to me. This is a word that can be taken in different ways. The human that is taken can say well they are interfereing in my life and they would be correct. These particular Grey's consider Earth theres so to them how are they interfering with what they think is there's.

Since the beginning of time everything had been recorded and I was told that a wrong had been done and they are here to try and correct this wrong when the time comes. I have no doubt there are others here to help also.
I wrote that I am here to heal so I will get to that soon.

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posted on Jun, 25 2007 @ 05:59 PM
Hi observe50, I really like reading about your experiences. You sound like a very intelligent and honest person, one of the few here I feel I can trust. I found a interest in you some days ago and started reading through your first threads, and it's very interesting and not so different from my own thoughts on the subject... I still haven't started reading in this thread yet, but I will soon, thank you for sharing your experiences!

And if the moderators move this thread to "skunk works" I think they should move sleepers thread too...

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posted on Jun, 25 2007 @ 06:17 PM
accidental post sorry

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posted on Jun, 25 2007 @ 09:17 PM

IMO I think information has to be shared.

I want to change here for a few to get into the implants.

I do want to go over the tracking device and how I was told about this:

I am in a room with the one I go to, the only thing I see is a table with what appears to look like a regular looking microscope on it. It's over on the other side of the room against the right wall.

He motions for me to cross the room then to look into the microscope, what I see is black and square. He says to me..... We had to greatly magnify this for you to see. I did see a number in my mind and I still remember it seemed to be a large number unfortunately this is the one number I do not remember. (they seemed to block it and I can only assume so it wouldn't be found until it was supposed to be found.) He said that it was smaller then anything any human could ever imagine. I got the impresson that when we had something that was so small it would fit on a pin tip that this would still be much bigger then the tracking device. We moved back somewhat and enter into a doorway that I hadn't seen earlier. This area is very small I am facing a wall halfway up then the rest is glass..... as I look through the glass I see a pretty large room back there and it is lit well.

I catch movement from the corner of my eye and I look slightly left and a human male walks into the room holding a long pointer stick in his right hand. This man looks Italian to me and is tall---- he is wearing a long white lab jacket to just below his knees. He is wearing black pants and has shiny black shoes on. His hair is black and a slight bit of Grey on the side toward the front of his ear.

There are two pictures hanging up on the wall he moves to the one on the left and points with the pointerstick to a certain area on the picture. The one I am with tells me that this is where the tracking device is located. He told me we would have to use our most sophisicated equipment and we would have to look long and hard in this area and we still wouldn't be sure but he said it can be located.

The location I was allowed to know is as follows:

In the back of the head in the middle of the lower left lobe.

I'm gonna stop right here my grandson just went up to hook up my computer hopefully I will have my own computer up and running this one the other boys have that I am using has cookie crumbs under the keys and you know how that is to work with, hmmm they aren't supposed to be eating in there room......

posted on Jun, 26 2007 @ 12:36 PM
It takes me awhile to write this out and I don't mind sharing at all. I believe you all know this however, this thread isn't going anywhere and with having five kids here at my age it's to much to write long post for naught.

Maybe this jusst isn't the time again for this to come forward.

posted on Jun, 26 2007 @ 02:04 PM

Originally posted by observe50

Maybe this jusst isn't the time again for this to come forward.

Just curious if you've told your family about this notion that you're actually a grey alien. If so, what do they think about it?

posted on Jun, 26 2007 @ 03:01 PM
I have three grown daughters. My oldest is the type that could in no way even begin to understand this, she is one that lives in her caccoon and even at 35 is not ready for this.

My middle daughter was much more open and the way things came about she had no problem with it, she was interested and brought it up to my youngest and she was also open and was able to accept this.

I have seven grandkids, two are my oldest daughters and I haven't talked with them---- five are with me and I have custody of 4 of them. Since they were itsy-bitsy I have talked and said things so to them it is natural and accepted.

I guess you would have to know me and know about me and how I am... to understand.

I know in these times it is hard to take a person at there words it's not like it was decades ago where your word was your bond, what a shame.

I know sharing this makes it easy for people that aren't open with this to make there ugly remarks and years ago I would just shut up and go away. With age I have concluded that the older generation has to start coming forward and sharing what they know.

With this thread I was going to try and explain about me and share with all of you what I have been shown and told.... but I feel right at this moment it is a waste of my time, if there are people here that really do want to move back in time and take me at my word (for it is my bond) I will continue.

I am willing and always have been willing to share with all here what I know. I'm not into games when it comes to this and what I write is exactly what I know and all I can say is if or when any of this is to come to light then that is when it was meant to come to light....

posted on Jun, 26 2007 @ 03:25 PM
Hi, observe50!!

I've felt you credible enough to quote your posts here in the thread I opened entitled, "If you could ask a time traveler a question what would you ask?" Of course, given the title and subject matter of that thread, there are skeptics that aren't surprised haha

I quoted you on the current last page of this thread, page 54. Here is a LINK to that page.

I feel what you're sharing is important, and I am not alone. I have been endeavoring to combine revelations and experiences such as yours to help put together the puzzle pieces. Every contactee and experiencer is contributing in their own important way.

I've felt you were credible and sincere since I read your first posts months ago - and I still feel this. Individuals who share our outlook need to be supportive.

The people coming forward to share these things need more support than the folks attacking them for what is perceived as a grab for attention. By now, in 2007, it should be clear that millions of people are not suffering from delusions, or complexes that compel them to fabricate ET stories. This is a real phenomenon.

I speak for many others when I say you are not wasting your time. Your experiences and insights are invaluable, and will help put this picture together.

There appears to be a vocal majority with regard to disclosures such as this, but don't let that put you off. I believe the majority may actually be more openminded about this subject matter. The majority, however, definitely are not as tactless and inconsiderate as some you may see on these boards. I hope you can press on despite these folks.

So, if you have time and the inclination, please continue posting. I look forward to reading them. And I know I'm not alone...

posted on Jun, 26 2007 @ 07:14 PM

If you are interested I will continue I just didn't want to continue if no one was reading for it takes me awhile to type this.

Earlier I wrote about the tracking device so now I will write what I have experienced with the audio/visual device.

I would like to say I am quite happy right now because I found some old papers I had written things down on long ago and I can put two things together which I took as seperate before. This has to do with the POD and this trip for the Audio/Visual and I even wrote the date and return time down, not that it matters. This happened on 1/4/96 and return time 11:20 pm EST

Let me again describe this Pod cause this was the most beautiful and thrilling thing that I have ever experienced dealing with these beings.

This Pod is a one seater, a being can be inside or they can just send it down to you and take you in this.

This is egg shaped it is not large at all cause once you are inside there isn't much front or back maybe few feet either way.

The POD is made of what appears to be a "shiny black glass" like material sorta like the windowns people put in there cars where you can't see in but they can see out.

Okay, this POD as I said would look like a egg on it's side...The narrow end is where you are facing and the fat end is where your back is. The best I can describe how this opens is as follows:

If you have the egg on it's side then draw a line in the middle from one end to the other then the top part all would open upward.

When you are inside your back is slanted up at about a 45 degree angle. When you are inside the higher and faster it rises the louder and higher the pitch gets. The higher I was going the more it started to hurt my ears and bother me then the noise stopped.

The next thing I was up in space in the Pod not moving. I can see a ship far ahead crossing in front of the area I would be passing. That ship zipped by really fast going from right to left and I remember thinking they work in grids to,-- just like our airports. After the ship had passed the Pod moved so fast all I remember is seeing specks on either side going by really really fast I didn't even feel as if I was moving.

The next thing I remember is I am sitting in what looks like a Dentist chair but not quite. I am looking around and this room isn't neat and together as I would have expected...things weren't perfect like that usually are. I remember seeing a metal table to my left and I swear it looked like a few pair of large rubber feet were thrown on the bottom shelf, I thought do they wear these like men wear rubber boots over there shoes.

I sense there are two beings behind the chair but I can't see them I feel a little hazy. I start saying no, no , no, don't hurt me please just don't hurt me. I must be moving around to much because the one on the right behind me says, she is giving us a hard time, then I hear what sounds like the voice of the one I usually go to say, she is one of the better ones. I now felt safe and immediately calmed down hearing this voice because I didn't feel as if he would let them hurt me. I see something coming down from the ceiling and it has a light on the end of it. When it gets down far enough I see a hand reach up and take a hold of it and pull it down. The being says to me to stay still because he wants to do this right, I wanted him to do it right to so I didn't move but I did say, please just don't let it hurt.

He now takes this piece of equipment into my right ear, as it is going in I'm thinking okay this only feels like a q-tip it doesn't hurt--- I got worked up for nothing. When he was done with that the piece of equipment went back up into the ceiling.

Now this brilliant white light shines down on me and I lift both my arms into the air toward it, I felt so powerful, warm and good.

Now the one on the left behind me comes around to the side of the chair and the two of them help me up. I am very hazy and can't really make them out but I know they aren't the Grey's all I can say is beige/brownish and wrinkled not tall. The one took my arm and slowly rotated my shoulder and after he did that a few times he did the same with the other one. I'm thinking why are they rotating my shoulders when they put something in my ear. Now they turn me and a bright light comes on and I can see the room is larger then I thought.

In front of me in this other area are three metal tables that each have what appear to be three sets of straps. One for the shoulder area, one for the abdomen area and one for th ankle area. I'm thinking if they have to strap you down this is gonna hurt so I started all over again, please don't hurt me. The two help me over to the table then turn me to help me up on the closest table and at this point the voice that sounded like the one I go to say "NO" she doesn't go there she goes back now. The two beings stepped back from me and that's all I know.

So now we have the Tracking Device located in the back of the head in the middle of the lower left lobe and the Audio/Visual that is put in through the right ear.

I'm believe anything up in you Sinuses is a breathing apparatus that they can activate when they take you where you can not breathe the air.

More later.........

posted on Jun, 26 2007 @ 07:21 PM

If you are interested I will continue I just didn't want to continue if no one was reading for it takes me awhile to type this.

Ach! Don't let the nay-sayers slow you down! You keep posting, I'll keep reading.
If I don't understand something, I'll ask. Politely. That's the kind of guy I am.

Rock on, Observe50!


posted on Jun, 26 2007 @ 08:40 PM
The post right before I started about the implants I was talking about why I was sent here, I was sent here to help heal.

I wanted you to know about the audio/visual implant because after this time my being taken -- experiences could now be done through this audio visual if need be.

I'm sleeping then I am woken within I see what would look like a ticker tape going by, the words were going by fast but from right to left and I couldn't pick up any words, I knew instantly I was being programmed because I have memory of this happening one other time. When this stopped I saw a small, thin booklet and pages were flipped somewhat I was told this was the booklet with the Cures for "all known" Viruses. The cover was with the orange and red swirls and at the bottom was on word:
Next I see a symbol come forward and I will try to describe this:

Black background then a circle about the size of quarter colored in with orange and red swirls, in the middle is a small black circle. Now I hear the word---Cancer a few times. Next another symbol comes up to the left of that, it's the same way but instead of the black dot it was more like a longer, enclosed less then < colored in black and I hear the word Aids a few times. After that it begins to happen again and all I get is the third sybmol it is like the second one Aids the less then sign closed off at the end and black but it's shorter then the Aids one < I don't know what this is the symbol for because at that moment I heard this:

End of transmission someone is coming.

At that moment I flick awake and sit up and listen and I can hear someone coming up the basement steps I hear them walking through the livingroom then coming up the steps down the hall and into the next room it was my grandson he had stayed up a little later and watched TV with his Grandpop.

On another occasion I was woken and told only three words:

I know there was a Wyoming but I didn't know there was a Casper so I thought one day if I see a map I will look it up. Wee, in short in four days I opened up a book and when I looked in I was looking at a the map of the state of Wyoming and my finger was right under the word Casper. I believe this was n January of 97. Since then it seems like I for some reason am not allowed to forget this, something always comes up that I hear or see Casper, Wyoming and I live on the East Coast. I have no clue but I use there words when it is time to be known I will know.

I picked up visual and audio the visual was two militery men in an underground area. One man standing and one man sitting behind a desk. The man sitting seemed very upset and was telling the other man they would have a major disaster on there hands if the volcano went because they would be dealing with a radio active volcanic eruption.

Things settled down after that maybe the frequencies were changed who knows.

posted on Jun, 26 2007 @ 09:50 PM
One time for pick up I was woken to see the little bugger standing in a cute little space suit at the bottom of my bed. I was married at that time and had three little girls.

My hubby had his back to me and I tried to wake him to see this but he wouldn't wake up. I looked at the being and I said sorry I can't go I have three little girls now and I can't leave them here he won't wake up so I can tell him I'm leaving now and to listen for the girls.

The being communicated that I was not to worry that whenever I was taken there were watched over by the Angels of God.

Don't know what happened after that.

On this one I am on the ship with the one I go to and we are looking in a doorway into a large room. On the other side of the room is a table and one of the Elder's. There is a human male on the table and it appears the Elder has just finished operating on the mans right side. The Elder now puts his hand just above the area he just operated on and held it there for several seconds... when he removed his hand there was no longer an incision you would never have known this man was operated on. The Elder moves to the right side of the room now.

Now I see something coming down from the ceiling it looks like the top section to the table. It comes down and stops just above the body then this brilliant white light encases the entire table for another several seconds. When the light goes out the top of the table goes back up to the ceiling.

The one I am with says, We don't use this piece of equipment very often only if someone very important to us dies unexpectively and we still need them, then we will bring them here.

My thoughts were if they don't use that piece of equipment very often then not to many of us are important to them.

The one thing I am getting is that they use this brilliant pure white light and it seems to heal too.

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posted on Jun, 26 2007 @ 10:20 PM
I am young here we are in a ship one of the smaller ones we are under the water and we go up a ramp into an area where there are several other ships. We get out and walk up another ramp and into a very large area. I walk right through a wall into an area where there are many humans working. I don't see children but there are younger and older adults. They are very busy moving boxes and containers to different areas the next thing I know I am on a ship and there are many on this one but I am further over from them and with the one I go to. He tells me to look through the window and up and what I see is a submarine going by from right to left. The ship is stopped and we are waiting for this to pass, he says to me as you can see we are safe and secure there is no equipment made on Earth that can reach us, we are in your waters in the "deepest" of you water

Just wanted to add here and as crazy as this sounds but I have been within planets and Moons that are in differnet stages of being made Earthlike. I have seen animals that are mixtures and the most amazing/shocking was some can talk.

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