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Serpent mythology

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posted on Feb, 27 2014 @ 06:58 PM
Bellow is one of the most ancient reports about reptiles. But for us, somehow, it represents a vehicle. An object that represents a whole population of reptiles and with a great weapon. Her eyes, everything they see, petrifies... Its a kind of weapon.

After perseus killed medusa, goddess Athena used medusas weapon in her defenses..

And if we analyse the word "gods" - Those who run fast
Also the word Nephilims - Nefeles - ancient spaceships. We speak about an ancient war, somewhere far from our solar system. Between reptiles and rebels, versus other races across the galaxy. In combination with the Pigasos of Perseus, that he traveled in the spiral of our universe, after Zeus took him with the gods and the mater that creates a kind of vortex in our universe, is the dust that the Pigasus left behind.

Only the story of Persefoni (I dont know how u spell it, Persephone maybe..) is total allegory. Persephone's story is all about the desire of the dead reptiles, to come back into the material world, after Hades took them. Persefonh = Perseus+Fonos (fonos = murder). So actually the story of Persephone + Odyssey, is what happened next, after reptiles lost the war. Thats why, they also use allot, persephone in black magic. They reffer to all the souls of the reptiles who are imprisoned in the underworld.

The ones we speak in our today conspiracies, are medusa's sisters (supportive fleets), Sthenos and Evriali (Lilith and Moon, black and white brotherhoods, etc). That they represent them as gorgons (camouflaged in our myths), those created the system we live on today. So its all about reptiles.
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