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Soldier's Angel's

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posted on Jan, 7 2004 @ 07:36 PM
Our soldiers need our help...

I found this on another thread...

I picked up from a friend in another prep room that the wounded soldiers returning to Walter Reed Hospital (and others) do not have nor get issued any basic things like:



Tee Shirts



All other personal items like mints, gum, snacks, magazines, etc. Not sure of all the facts, but the story is they are lacking this kind of stuff big time.

Seems the gumment thinks of this stuff as luxeries. When they package up these wounded folks, most if not all of their personal stuff gets left behind (prolly for good unless their buddies forward it home). No more radio's, video games, toys of any kind. They arrive here darn near naked without anything.

If you want to can call MSGT Alice Nuttall at 703-607-2062 and she will give you the information about what they need and how to get it to them. Help em prep on folks.........their S HAS HTF and many are in a personal EOTWA (THEY) KI situation.

Just the Facts!
I spoke with MSGT Alice Nuttal this AM and here is what she said.

The soldiers sent in from the field arrive with pretty much nothing as far as personal effects. She verified that their packs, etc. get left behind. The items they are asking for include mostly clothing items. She gave me the following list!

Medium Boxer Shorts
Small Medium and Large Sports Bras
Mens and Womens Underwear of all sizes
T Shirts (all sizes)
Sweat Shirts and Sweat Pants
Shower Shoes
Disposable Cameras
Phone Cards
Note Cards Pens Pencils and Stamps for writing home

The food treats are not high on the list, but you can send if you wish. The address to send these things to is:

Atth: MSGT Alice Nuttall
NGB-J3 Suite 5700
1411 Jefferson Davis Hwy
Arlington, VA 22202

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