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Heads to roll both sides of the water

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posted on Jan, 7 2004 @ 04:25 PM
Ok we all know about Bush getting his lawsuit over 9-11, and now on the UK side of the ocean PM Blair is about to get roasted over the Hutton enquiry.
Just a quick recap for anyone unsure of it, it's an inquiry into the death (suicide???) of Dr David Kelly last year. He was a major part of the whole WMD/Iraq thing and got his name leaked to the press shortly before he was found dead, supposdly suicide.
So now we have the final report on the inquiry looming and it seems the opposition party are rattling the sabre in a timely fashion. Whats so ammusing about it is the comments recieved from PM Blair prior to the release of the report. Bearing in mind that the government released late submission to the inquiry they're not in a good light, which doesnt't help when it's PM Blair who is accused of being the one to authorise Dr Kelly's name to be released and therby jepordising his safety and privacy, However when originally quetioned at the time of Dr Kelly's death Blair was quoted as saying "Emphatically not. I did not authorise the leaking of the name of David Kelly."
Yet when later questioned on the matter he was quoted as saying "a completely different matter once the name was out there". This will come down to his comment today about his actions and words during the inquiry where he said "I stand by the totality of what I said at that time,"
So does this mean to tak a phrase from one MP if you only lie 49 percent of the time then it's ok as the "totallity" of your statement was 51% true??? Are we back to the clinton syndrome again or do poloticians really think that no matter what your actions are, as long as what you say has a loophole then its all ok and everything is forgiven? It's no wonder I don't waste my time with voting.;jsessionid=CL1WMVFKEOQTKCRBAEKSFEY?type=topNews&storyID=434731§ion=news

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