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Tapping the Global Consciousness

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posted on Jan, 7 2004 @ 04:02 PM
I know that this will sound like another Bush-Hater speech, but hating bush is not the point.

Have you ever had a dream in your sleeping moments that sticks out above the rest? This is the kind of dream that only comes along among various points in your life, the kind that attempts to relay different truths to you--the ones that you seem to remember forever.

In this dream I had, I believe that I tapped into our global consciousness.

It seemed to have communicated to me, using various symbols that are relevent to today's world consciousness.

In this particular dream, there was a sort of march of different people, a great number.

This march of people was structured in different categories, in this order: In the front of the group of marchers was the 'leaders' of the world, but the one leader that stuck out the most was President Bush of today. He was with other people in the front of the pack of marchers. In the group that was behind these 'leaders', were the people that symbolized to me the anarchists. Don't forget there was a lot people marching. Further behind these anarchists, was the general population of people who abide by the laws, that 'follow' the anarchist, who then follow the 'leaders'.

And then, the most mysterious behind everybody of the marchers, were people who wore these cloaks over themselves. I could not see who they were, and I only speculate now who these people were. After this, I woke up. I had the sense that these cloak wearing people are behind the 'scenes', the true movers of our world perhaps.

This, I believe, was a tapping of the global cosciousness. Have you had a similar experience? What do you think my dream meant? Does this ring bells on our world creation?

posted on Jan, 7 2004 @ 08:30 PM
8:47 PM...some length of time passed since viewing your post, IMMORTAL.

If this happened to me...i sure would be anxious to enter a dream or lucid dream state...wherever it is, that i would be able to meet & inquire & correspond with the last group ....the cloaked figures

who really knows the symbolism,
the symbols are relevent to your own experience.
but as a generalization i would venture to say

*the enmasse group s = all (humanity) men
*division of group into 'leaders' - 'non-leaders'
(reflects the polarity of this material cosmos)
*'non-leaders'-> subdivided into lawful & lawless
(again the polarity manifests on another level)
*cloaked forms-> unrecognizable, vague, non-familiar entities.....

(as opposed to the familiar, recognizable personages & archtypes in the leader group....the anarchist group....and the law abiding group.)

it would get to be quite convoluted, IF you didn't have a system of organization...and your
recounting of the vision
suggests your thought process/organization is capable and desirous of exploring the vision & its' meanings.

Enjoy Your Journey

s/riff raff

posted on Jan, 7 2004 @ 11:15 PM
Very interesting! What made me wonder was where they were marching to.

But what really made me think was the idea that together, anarchists And abiding citizens were both marching behind the world leaders. Why, especially the anarchists, follow the government? Maybe they are leading us all down the wrong path, even those who oppose. Maybe the cloaked ones tie up all loose ends.

Very interesting indeed!

posted on Jan, 8 2004 @ 01:11 AM
Yes, I do see the polarities in this dream and I very much would like to find out who/what these cloaked beings were/are.--I believe that I will know eventually.

As for where this mass of people is heading to, the key to understanding this would be these cloaked people. They are the true 'leaders' in this dream, because they are watching everybody by staying behind the pack--they steer and create the path.

I cannot discern why the anarchist follows the government, but I think that it could be relevent to their importance on a hierarchical scale.

This dream was interesting and unusual.

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