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Miracle Glue

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posted on Jun, 15 2007 @ 08:37 PM
(ok, my attempt to make a funny....)

Miracle Glue, brought to you by NASA and the makers of Miracle thread....

Ever stuck in a less than sticky situation where your heat shield has a 4 by 6 inch tear? Ever stranded up in the international space station while the computers are on the blink, and your only transportation back to earth is a screaming metal death trap? Well NASA has the thing for you!!!!

Miracle Glue.

Yes, that's right... Miracle Glue. Not only is it able to bond the metal of the thermal blanket to the granite surface of the space shuttle, but it's able to withstand temps over 2000 degree's C, and attaches at zero gravity and in the vacuum of space.

But not only that... It's great for repairing toys, furnishings, and other odds and ends around the house....

Cleaning the bathroom, gets out that mildew stains in the tile like magic...

Makes a wonderful massage oil for the one you love...

Is an amazing hairspray and gel...

Keeps your pets from peeing in the house....

Cures a hangover...

And much, much more.

Worried if you use to much, you will be glued to whatever you touch forever? Well don't fret... Just use some soap and hot water and the bond will break... like a miracle.

Miracle Glue... only 29.99....

And if you act now... we will cut the price in half, yes Miracle Glue is now 14.98. Not only that, but we will send you two tubes of Miracle Glue, and a spool of Miracle Thread. NOW THAT'S A DEAL!!!!!!

Miracle Glue...

*not a real product, never actually existed... just more bs fed to the population*

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