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Iraqis Accuse U.S. Of Bombing Shrine

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posted on Jun, 14 2007 @ 06:09 AM


Both Sunni and Shias Iraqis have accused the U.S. of being behind the bombing the al-Askari shrine in Samarra, one of the holiest Shia religious sites, in order to further incite sectarian violence between the two rival Islamic groups and provide a justification for the American surge.

Sunni Muslim leaders belonging to the Association of Muslim Scholars of Iraq have questioned how terrorists could get access to the site which has been heavily guarded by about 60 Federal Protection Service forces and 25 local Iraqi police and closed to the public since it was attacked last year in a bombing which many also believed to be the work of US forces.

In a statement on their website the group comments:

After the government forces surrounded the area, the explosion of al-Hadi Mosque performed in Samarra as using the method done last year. One of the highlights of this terrorist act, many government snipers positioned on the surrounding roofs of buildings in the place from all directions. The doors of the shrine also closed and nobody was allowed to enter. The explosion took place this morning under two minarets in a very similar way like what happened to the golden dome more than a year ago, which implies the involvement of apparatus and forces of the Iraqi Government in this new crime.

Well it looks like that even the Iraqis think, that something is VERY fishy going on in Iraq and that there are certain "Al-Qaeda terrorists", which really do not want to have peace in Iraq, and that they are kind of very close to the U.S. sponsored Black Ops, designed to keep Iraqi in pieces. And this attack on the holy Shrine is almost the SAME as the one which happened last year - for which CIA analyists said, it is a Product of WESTERN Intelligence agencies.

posted on Jun, 14 2007 @ 09:56 AM
All of that is pretty much speculation and opinion than on facts. I don't see how any American troops even get near that area anyways.

posted on Jun, 14 2007 @ 10:01 AM
And then on the opposite end of the spectrum perhaps this was an inside job set up by the Shiites?

While driving to work I heard a CNN report stating that it was believed that this had to have been an inside job. The thought occurred to me, what better way to make fighting worse than to blow up your own place of worship. A few seconds later I heard the end of the report which mentioned something about numerous Sunni mosques being damaged in retaliation.

Now, of course there is no evidence for this, and it's simply nothing more than a thought, but I would consider it just as likely as it being perpetrated by the US.

posted on Jun, 14 2007 @ 11:45 AM
This could be interesting:

Former British Ambassador Suspects Government Stoking Iraqi Civil War

Former British Ambassador to the Central Asian Republic of Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, writes today that he suspects the ongoing sectarian violence in Iraq has been intentionally provoked and continued by US and UK special forces in occupation of the country.

"As the catastrophe in Iraq continues to unfold, an unresolved question remains on the role of Bush, Blair, and the US/UK military. To what extent were they passively incompetent in facilitating the decline into civil war, and to what extent were they actively pursuing policies that promoted that outcome?"

Murray suspects that as part of a "divide and conquer" strategy, the same strategy used by British forces in Iraq 85 years ago, Special forces are being used to intentionally foment civil war by training and equipping Kurdish Peshmerga fighters and Shiite militiamen, to target Sunni insurgents and their sympathizers.

The adoption of the 'Salvador Option' by the US in Iraq was reported and discussed from the beginning of 2005 onwards.


"Let's Divide Iraq as We Did in Yugoslavia!"

The New York Times published an editorial on November 25, 2003 carrying Leslie Gelb's by-line. He's an influential man who, until recently, presided over the very important Council of Foreign Affairs, a think tank that brings together the CIA, the secretary of state and big shots from U.S. multinational corporations.

Gelb's plan? Replace Iraq with three mini-states: "Kurds in the north, Sunnis in the center and Shiites in the south." The objective? "To put most of its money and troops where they would do the most good quickly -- with the Kurds and Shiites. The United States could extricate most of its forces from the so-called Sunni Triangle, north and west of Baghdad.... American officials could then wait for the troublesome and domineering Sunnis, without oil or oil revenues, to moderate their ambitions or suffer the consequences." In short, starve the central state around Baghdad because the Sunnis have always spearheaded the resistance to U.S. imperialism.


`P2OG' allows Pentagon to fight dirty

Its Defense Science Board (DSB) conducted a 2002 "Summer Study on Special Operations and Joint Forces in Support of Countering Terrorism". Excerpts from that study, dated August 16, were leaked and obtained by the Federation of American Scientists, which posted them on their website. The report was produced by a 10-member panel of military experts that included Vice Admiral William O Studeman, former director of the National Security Agency.

According to the leak, the United States is engaged in a global war on terrorism that is "a real war" in case anyone doubts it. This means, among other things, a "committed, resourceful and globally dispersed adversary with strategic reach" against whom the US will wage "a long, at times violent, and borderless war" which "requires new strategies, postures and organization".

That explains why the United States has, so to speak, decided to fight fire with fire. Although the study is filled with lots of the usual buzzwords and phrases that Pentagon planners love, such as "robust connectivity, agile ground forces, adaptive joint command and control and discriminant use of force", one thing that does stand out is its call for "preemption/proaction/interdiction/disruption/quick-response capabilities".

So why is Civil War in Iraq GOOD for the West?

Civil War in Iraq?

  • Invite Syrian and Iranian participation, hastening the possibility of an American confrontation with those two states, with which tensions are already high.

  • Terminate the dream of Iraq serving as a model for other Middle Eastern countries, thus delaying the push toward elections. This will have the effect of keeping Islamists from being legitimated by the popular vote, as Hamas was just a month ago.

  • Reduce coalition casualties in Iraq. As noted by the Philadelphia Inquirer, "Rather than killing American soldiers, the insurgents and foreign fighters are more focused on creating civil strife that could destabilize Iraq's political process and possibly lead to outright ethnic and religious war."

  • Reduce Western casualties outside Iraq. A professor at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, Vali Nasr, notes: "Just when it looked as if Muslims across the region were putting aside their differences to unite in protest against the Danish cartoons, the attack showed that Islamic sectarianism remains the greatest challenge to peace." Put differently, when Sunni terrorists target Shiites and vice-versa, non-Muslims are less likely to be hurt.

Sounds pretty logical to me and accusations like this, coming from the People of Iraq are not so far fetched at all. SOMEBODY wants Sunni's and Shia's to fight among each other for a long, long time. And if you have noticed same thing is going on in several states in Middle East; in Lebanon, in Palestine and in Iraq. Looks like the plan to divide and rule Middle East is working very well, because the Muslims are killing each other and the Western soldiers are kind of safer. Kind of similar to a situation in poor parts of American cities, where African American, Latino American and other gangs are killing each other. Works everytime.

posted on Jun, 14 2007 @ 12:23 PM
Souljah you cannot compare to gangs in America where they are fighting each other because of political gain or that the U.S. govt. had a hand in forcing Mexicans, Asians, Africans to kill each other. In fact the only comparison I would use is that they are fighting for territory and pride like bloods and crips. Shiites and Sunnis fighting each other for dominance is one such example. Not to mention centuries of conflict between the two sects cannot be denied.

posted on Jun, 20 2007 @ 05:26 AM
Oh it can be denied, the fact is, before this war started, the divide between the Shiites and the Sunnis was no more stronger that of the catholics and protestants in our christian society. They intermarried, interbred, they generally lived in peace with each other, albeit they all lived in fear of Saddam, and his biological weapons which Donald Rumsfeld and the Bush-Reagan administration sold to him.

This falls right in line with the agenda, one of the Illuminatis main mottos is Divide and Conquer, its classic, they do it all the time everywhere, even in America with the chicken plucking political arena, and they are doing it in Iraq.

Why would muslims bomb their own mosques?? So they have an excuse to fight each other? That makes no sense at all.

What makes more sense, and word on the street as well as fact seem to prove it, that these attacks are carried out by dark black operations carried about by military special forces.

Most of these IEDs and other bombs used to destroy vehicles and buildings, are high grade military explosives. The media will tell you they are improvised devices, made in basements or whatever. No, look at some of the footage, these bombs made by amateurs in basements could rip apart a armoured humvee, designed to withstand a blast like that, it is crystal clear high grade military explosives are being used in all these attacks, explosives only possessed by our military.

Its hard to accept I know, the military-industrial-political complex is lying to you with its propaganda news networks, they are killing innocent Iraqi people by the thousands, they are creating conflict in the region in any way they can, by bombing Shiite and Sunni mosques and blaming it on each other, causing secterian violence via deathsquads controlled by the Iraqi police, that the US military controls.

Could it be? That they are lying to you? I will tell you right now, yes they are, constantly, and they do it because you believe it.

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