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Secret Group Manipulates Vote Machines

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posted on Nov, 28 2002 @ 01:28 PM
The widespread use of electronic voting machines has severely undermined the integrity of elections in the United States. Behind the companies that make the voting machines is a small and secretive group of men, including a well-known U.S. senator.

Exclusive to American Free Press
By Christopher Bollyn

The mid-term elections have been described as ěrevolutionaryî due to the unusual success of Republican candidates while a president from the same party occupied the White House.

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[Edited on 28-11-2002 by William]

posted on Nov, 28 2002 @ 04:42 PM
This is the original link to the article.

But most people who have try to read it already have given up because you have provided a dead link. plus it's not even the proper link.
Next time William if you could just ask me to change it then I will do the change. ok
I don't like it when people just take things over with out consulting those involved. I know that you have lots to do watching over the ATS forum so ease your load next time by sending me a u2u instant message and I will change any of my post if they breake the rules of the ATS message board.

[Edited on 28-11-2002 by clive]

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