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Is It Just Me...

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posted on Jul, 23 2004 @ 11:37 PM
The thing I dont like about the whole interview with the alien thing is the whole copper thing. saying that aliens would be interested in earth for copper. If any alien race needed a resource like copper there is so many better places to get it then on earth just in our solar system. There are many m-type asteroids in the asteroid belt in are system these are great sources for just about any metal if you had the tech to get there it would be much easier to mine them

posted on Jul, 25 2004 @ 03:56 PM
First of all, I am an abductee/walk-in ET soul/ and a genetic experiment. That having been said, the way I make sense of it all is:
1. I know from life on THIS planet that there are GOOD and BAD of all types...humans, dogs, cats, whatever.
2.Since the aliens deal with paranormal phenomena (walking through walls, alternate realities, mind control, etc.), we must also do the same in order to understand things. Just studying "nuts and bolts" isn't going to work.
3. There are several KINDS OF GREYS! Which "kind" works with our Government? There are also different kinds of "aliens" living on the SAME planets! (Whatever star system...Sirius, Zeta Reticuli, etc.)
4. Don't transfer the OLD racial hatred humans had by RACE to each other to a new form of prejudice....toward all ETs of a certain kind!
I hope this helps some.

posted on Jul, 26 2004 @ 01:21 PM
Right bear with me I posted this topic about 7 months ago. Ok I took a break from all this Alien stuff and my little research I found myself doing a month ago so I could come back with a fresh head and hopefully be more logical towards all this it might be sad but I'm addicited to all this stuff. I have read many different books from my college library, many different articles on the Internet and seen many different pictures but seven months on still no further forward. Many people claim that when they study more and more into the subject they notice being followed, computers being hacked or more sightings and experiences. Well I'm deep in my "obsession" I have experienced nothing apart from two little sightings that were nothing and a strange helicopter I saw at 5am the other morning. But still no further forward and since I ain't getting chased by agents yet or getting abducted in the night
brings me to the conclusion I'm no where near the truth
. So basically back to square one.

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posted on Sep, 21 2004 @ 04:43 AM
Well, what can I say? I have just read the Lacerta file, part 1 I hasten to add. I cannot bring myself to read the rest. It is obvious that it is pure fiction. There are so many flaws within the so called "Interview". Why on earth would two advanced civilisations want to fight a terrible war for resources on a planet when these resources exist elsewhere in greater amounts. For goodness sake. Hydrogen??? This is the most common element in the universe. It has the lowest atomic number and weight. It can be found in its natural state almost anywhere in the cosmos, so why try to extract it from water, although of course water has an extremly high concentrate of hydrogen. Copper. Another common element. There are numerous bodies within our solar system that contain this metal. Why fight over one single planet??

There are numerous other topics within this interview that I would love to discuss but it would take pages and pages to cover them.

One more short point. Why would a superiour race of beings, that love the natural sunlight so much, want to live in exile undergound where they have to create artificial uv light sources. They could either kick us aroound and claim the surface for themselves or simply co-exist alongside us.

Please take time to read the Lacerta files and judge for yourself. Perhaps, as an experience and mature engineer, I am viewing this from a blinkered perspective. Somehow, I do not think so. There seem to be too many faults within the dialouge to validate the text.

posted on Sep, 21 2004 @ 10:18 AM
Thought I'd just sum up some things I believe....and why.

The following are culled from many sources, many spanning decades (an account here, paperwork there 10 years later, testimony 30 years later, and so on)

1. At least one race of beings is visiting us, commonly called Grays.
(too many sources to count)

2. At least some of these Grays appear to be from the 4th planet of the Zeti-Reticuli star system.
(Betty Hill starmap and abduction account, numerous alleged govt documents, Lazar's testimony-whether you believe Lazar or not, the Betty Hill map is the most compelling part of this).

3. A craft of the Grays crashed near Roswell in 1947.
(numerous sources, including the town newspaper, US Army press release, dozens of eyewitnesses, including senior officers, the subsequent revamping of the US intelligence services and creation of the Air Force and CIA in the same month after all of this, and of course, the USAF's own feeble attempt at a coverup with Mogul, Ramey Memo)

4. There was some kind of cooperation between the surviving Gray of Roswell, and the US government.
(numerous sources, alleged documents, insider's testimony, etc.)

5. The 80's shows UFO CoverUp Live I and II hit on some truths about their existence.
(in my market, these shows were hyped up by the local news. the shows were cut off halfway through and replaced with infomercials, and even though reaction stories were planned in the news, no such stories aired, and no further mention was ever made of the shows. The producers and others involved are further documented as being tapped for a gradual release of info program, according to some documents. Other alleged documents corraborate some of the claims made in the shows (I have since been able to see the whole shows, as not every market was interrupted), the Aviary is also connected, with the true identies of Falcon and Condor being known disinformation agents. As with much such disinfo, there is always an ounce of truth within.)

6. Whatever their end goals, it is not to be beneficial to mankind.
(simple logic, by examining their apparent actions. Flyovers of sensitive defense installations, fatal encounters with our pilots, abductions, desire for secrecy, etc. do not point to friendly beings)

posted on Sep, 21 2004 @ 10:56 AM
Gazrock great comments fully supported by myself.

Where do you stand with Stanley friedman? disinformationist or genuine?



posted on Sep, 21 2004 @ 01:14 PM

Where do you stand with Stanley friedman? disinformationist or genuine?

Unwitting disinfo agent. I think he means well, but he's been spoonfed some disinfo. I don't think he is actively part of it, just that at times, he is fed false info that is then regurgitated out. I think he's sincere in his convictions, and in what he's trying to do.

Like all of us though, it's difficult for him to ferret out the truth from all the garbage.

posted on Sep, 21 2004 @ 03:28 PM

Same here! I don't know what or who to believe anymore. Everytime I read an interesting article or story I think I've finally discovered the truth or at least a part of the truth. For instance I've read this fascinating story a couple of days ago called the Lacerta file.
Thanks to Olafski for this.

Well that made for an hours intresting reading-mega full on! but i have to say i think its fake !
It proves the initial point though of just what to understand or believe as the truth?

I sometimes wonder if the truth is made unbelievble by the people making it seem unbelievble,because none of us wishes to seem like we were too stupid to see the floors in the "true" stories and reports weve read.Persons try and discredit some information by saying the reports are to "jumbled"or play on the fact that the writer has used known scientific jargon and mixed it in with ufo folklore to make it sound more realistic to the "want to be believer" but wouldnt it be that anyway?

posted on Jan, 2 2005 @ 03:04 PM
"Please take time to read the Lacerta files and judge for yourself. Perhaps, as an experience and mature engineer, I am viewing this from a blinkered perspective. Somehow, I do not think so. There seem to be too many faults within the dialouge to validate the text."

I'd have to cosign with that - except for the part about being an experienced engineer.

There were too many places that weren't "right", for example,

"(Lacerta says...) I dared to take the step (to reveal her true form to her original contact), but then I had serious doubt about the propriety of my act, especially when he reacted...very...violently. He got control of himself again after a time and we could finally talk concretely about definite matters. Now he had no choice but to believe me. This was the beginning of a series of meetings which initially took place there in the woods, but later took place in his remote residence." (Taken from part 2)

Speaking purely for myself here, if I were to be chatting to lacerta, delighted that I'd met an attractive girl with the intellect and open-mindedness to at least talk about subjects such as aliens and conspiracy theory in a rational manner, and she were to suddenly appear to my eyes as a human/reptile abomination, no matter how much I might freak out and subsequently calm down there is no way on earth that she'd be invited over for coffee to my "remote residence". Living in a remote residence would be scary enough as it is without inviting a talking reptile over whose mere existence requires such a drastic reframing that most people's minds would simply shut down and leave them with no choice but to re-assume the fetal position and spend the rest of their days dribbling - let alone her alternative world history theories that, when delivered in context, might just seal the deal and cause a person's head to literally explode.

Pardon the bad grammar.

Another part, among many, that didn't sound right,

"Whenever you people take a look at an ant hill, and another person comes along and steps on the ant hill, what do you do? You go on your way, or you search for another ant hill or you observe the ants in their crisis condition. But would one of you—even though he were larger and more powerful than the one who stepped on the ant hill in the first place—defend the meaningless ants? No." - again from part 2

I know plenty of people who wouldn't stand for someone desicrating nature in such a blatant way. I wouldn't stand for it and, as this jurassic park extra kept courteously reminding me, I'm nothing but an ignorant, stupid, spiteful and petty human - the lowest of intergalactic lifeforms purposefully bred by god-like zookeepers as nothing more than a pet monkey (what was our purpose again?). And she's telling me these other lifeforms - one of which is supposedly so advanced that it exists only on a "plane" so different from ours that we couldn't comprahend it's greatness - are so spiritually and morally retarded that they wouldn't stick up for us against a bunch of mere grey aliens from our own pathetic plane? Hardly what my feeble mind would call "advanced", but then again I can't "mimic" can I?

Everything about it seems too convenient - "you can't photo me cos it's against my religion - I'll let you make a twenty-third rate drawing though!" and "You could come looking for us, but A: You'd never find us cos I won't give you the locations, B: If you ever did find a door it would be concealed from your view by psychic powers, C: If you ever did get in we'd kill you so don't bother".


Lots of other stuff that doesn't ring true either.

Like someone already said, the author must have gone to some lengths to prepare such a series of documents (apparently from tapes i haven't heard) and is obviously reasonably well versed in various relevent subject matter, but however fascinating the transcripts are and however much some of the ideas presented might - just might - be founded originally in some sort of truth, I'd have to say that the lacerta interviews are, to quote david icke, a load of old bollocks.

My 2p.


posted on Jan, 4 2005 @ 11:40 PM
One thing about believing in these things,not just believing but seeing,
is you cant controdict it with religion.Also there are many "truths"
you just have to decide wich one you can believe in, wich one makes sense.
Wich one you can support under heavy controdiction.
Sincerely yours, Smertfire

posted on Jan, 5 2005 @ 12:29 AM

Originally posted by PuPP
Who could be behind the Mind Control that IS taking place.
Note: TV and radio are powerful mind controlling devices.

Doesn't take aliens to affect Mind Control on the population.

Think about it. Everybody more or less believes that which they are presented with, however a certain number of people have utilized mediums of information to arrive at a "more informed" view on reality. But they still are faced with their own daily lives, i.e. job, family, friends, etc. whose activities and pursuits are(in our culture) par the course or everyday involvement. I would guess that anyone researching conspiracy in general does this only a fraction of the time because of life. T.v. and radioare definitely utilized to perpetuate routine and distraction.

I argue that aliens/humans don't control humans, but rather its humans distracting humans. Aliens are just part of the distraction.

posted on Jan, 5 2005 @ 12:47 AM
Welcome to ATS mekomi,i hope you`ll enjoy the variety of debates and stories featured in this forum.By the way what website did you log onto to read about the guy from the future.It sounds very interesting.

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