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Bruce Lee Family Curse

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posted on Jun, 5 2007 @ 05:58 PM
Does anybody have any info on The Bruce Lee Family Curse.. or on the real way that he died cuzz i all this info on the net is kinda weired

posted on Jun, 5 2007 @ 06:13 PM
I f just look into google that your best way there so many storys maybe if you tried the offical site to bruce lee of even his son brandon you'll find somthing. peace se7

posted on Jun, 5 2007 @ 06:30 PM
yea man i did my research there's alot of crazy theories out there i just really want to get down to the source here's one of them #
Once when Bruce was young, he recalled:

A ghost appeared as a black shadow and Bruce told of being held down for several minutes, drenched in sweat by the time he was finally released. This is probably one of the few times Bruce had been physically defeated.

# When Bruce's father died, at age 64, Bruce had a premonition that he would only live to be half his father's age. Sure enough, Bruce died when he was 32. Brandon Lee, Bruce's son, also died at a very young age. In fact, he died just three and a half months prior to his father's death. Brandon died when a prop gun fired a bullet; the same way that Bruce's character faked his death in Game of Death. Coincidence or Curse?
Some even go as far to link Bruce's death to Christ, yeah, Jesus Christ. Bruce died only one year younger than Christ, who crusified himself at the age of 33. Kareem-Abdul Jabbar, Bruce's student wore the number 33, Bruce's age when he died, throughout his basketball career.

# A bad Feng Shui deflector, placed on the roof of Bruce's Cumberland Road home in Hong Kong is blown off the roof by heavy rain and winds. The deflector had been placed on the house to protect Bruce and family from bad Feng Shui; previous owners had all been plagued by financial disaster and it was believed that this was because of the incorrect positioning of the house. The deflector was to ward off evil spirits.
# In Hong Kong, the mafia controled most of the famous actors, usually by force. When they confronted Bruce, Bruce obviously refused to work for the mafia. Some believe that the Chinese mafia might have arranged for Bruce's death.

So if anbody has any other info please share...

posted on Jun, 5 2007 @ 11:26 PM
Bruce Lee actually posessed "the Touch of Death". He ultimately died in a freak masturbation accident!

Sorry, I just couldn't resist!

Anyway... I have always been fascinated by Bruce & Brandon Lee's deaths. But I think this may just be attributed to bad luck. They both died young and in unusual circumstances. They're certainly not the first father/son combo to do so, and weren't the last. I just think their fame brings attention to it, rather than to Joe Smith Sr. and Joe Smith Jr. who lived down the street and both died in their 30's (I made this up as an example).

I also think that since these two men were greatly admired people, we just find it hard to believe that their deaths were just happenstance. It's the same with the deaths of other great people: JFK, RFK, MLK, etc. I'm not saying the Lee's were on the same level as those folks, I'm simply using famous people who's deaths are surrounded in mystery, according to many. I think that it's just hard for some of us to believe that the simple answer is the true answer. We find it impossible that a lone "loser" like Oswald could have single-handedly killed a great man like JFK. The same goes for S.S. killing RFK, and JER killing MLK. And it may be no different with a simple prop gun loaded with live ammunition being the reason for a "great" man like Brandon Lee dying. Or his father dying of "natural causes", despite his incredibly tough image and the great shape he was in and the incredible strength he displayed.

Now I'm not discounting the fact that there may legitimately be conspiracies regarding the deaths of any and all listed above. I'm just giving a popular reason for many conspiracy theories out there regarding the deaths of those we admired or those we despised (Hitler, Saddam, etc).

posted on Jun, 5 2007 @ 11:33 PM

Originally posted by othehitmans
Does anybody have any info on The Bruce Lee Family Curse.. or on the real way that he died cuzz i all this info on the net is kinda weired

Ah the Bruce Lee curse.
I remember reading a conspiracy book which, for each conspiracy, posed several 'entities/organisations' that would have created the conspiracies.
Under the 'Lee family tragedies' was:
* The aforementioned curse.
* Ancient Chinese demons - Can't remember reason...
* Triads - The Lee's owed the Triads money, either as a share of the family success or to help get the movies started. Either way they refused to pay them back and...well...connect the dots.
* Ancient Chinese Martial Arts Masters - After years of tutelage at their hands Bruce Lee revealed 'dimmakk', a martial art skill involving death through mere glances, to the worldwide media via movies. With their secrets revealed they weren't very happy.

That's all of the theories I can remember.

posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 06:19 PM
I have been an admirer of both Bruce & Brandon Lee for many years & I am not sure about a "curse". I think that it is unfortunate for anyone, whether they are an actor, athelete regardless to be cut down in the prime of their lives but it should serve as a reminder for us all to live our lives each day to the fullest for tomorrow is not promised to any of us. I will admit that I have'nt been beyond wondering if foul play or some evil forces were not at work with both of their deaths however this is something that none of us will probably ever know. I simply would rather go on enjoying their movies and celebrating the lives of two brilliant young men instead of trying to make sense of why because I feel that I will never know why
. RIP Bruce & Brandon...may your spirits continue to soar...

posted on Feb, 5 2009 @ 10:19 AM
The curse is thought to have started when Bruce's infant brother died.

posted on Aug, 8 2011 @ 10:23 PM
Check this out. According to this independent investigative report by R.E. Gus Payne into Brandon Lee's mysterious death, Bruce Lee's widow, Linda Cadwell Lee, has never been interested in any real investigations into her husband Bruce Lee's death, nor her son Brandon Lee's death. Both times, she was eager to collect the insurance money (Bruce Lee) or civil lawsuit settlement (Brandon Lee) and quickly close the case, despite the fact that the official police report's explanation for how Brandon Lee died was scientifically impossible. It would seem that Linda was never interested in the truth, but in collecting large compensation money and closing the case.

A few days after Bruce Lee mysteriously died from a headache tablet, she was quick to say that no foul play was involved, before any investigation was even conducted. Why was she so sure? And when Brandon Lee became the first man in movie making history to die from the tip of a bullet lodged in a gun firing blanks, she never pushed for a real investigation. Instead, she accepted a huge private settlement compensation and closed the case. Apparently, she is not a truth seeker or critical thinker. She isn't even bothered by the fact that the official explanation for what happened to Brandon was scientifically impossible.

Here is what weapons experts had to say about the official explanation for Brandon Lee's death.

Hollywood – One weapons expert named Richard Mazzochi considered the
theory put forth by the police, suggesting that a “dummy” slug, without gun powder, was
accidentally lodged in the chamber and was discharged by a blank that was loaded in
later as improbable. “I would say that it’s a one in one million chance that that would
happen. Until somebody tests that theory and proves it can happen, it is my experience of
22 years of handling weapons, I’ve never see that happen. A dummy bullet would fall out
or, if it was lodged, it wouldn’t come out at all,” he said.

Webb Birdsong, one of the nation’s leading experts on weapons, told this writer
that the “official theory” does not work. “It makes assumptions that can’t hold up. You
have a better chance of winning the Irish Sweepstakes than of the firing of a blank
forcing out a projectile left in a barrel with such force as to cause that kind of damage."

Still not sure, we located another firearms expert who tested the theory. He took a
.44 Magnum like the one used by Michael Massee. He lodged a dummy bullet in the
barrel and then loaded a full load blank. Firing into a sack of sand placed 20 feet away
(the approximate distance between Brandon Lee and Massee), the bullet traveled only
four feet before falling harmlessly to the ground. “Anyway,” he said, “even if it did work,
there’s no way it happened. Even if there was only one take with the firing of the weapon
by Massee. There was no way to get the force needed to propel that projectile into Lee
with the power that resulted in the internal damage done to him. If the projectile
propelled out, it would have either fallen down before it got to Lee or bounced right off
of him.”

The two-gun theory

As we told earlier, an unidentified special effects expert had told Det. Simmons
that there was a possibility of two guns and they got mixed up the night Brandon Lee was
killed. Although Simmons refused to identify the person, our sources told us it was Bruce
Merlin. It was Merlin who apparently said that the “shooting could have resulted from a
mix-up of two prop guns.” If there were two guns identical in appearance on the set, the
theory is viable. An astounding fact uncovered during our investigation adds measurably
to this possibility.

So, like the JFK Assassination, the official version of what happened cannot be replicated by anyone under the same conditions. Very strange.

posted on Sep, 3 2012 @ 11:00 AM
reply to post by othehitmans

Actually I know alot-I will even give information so you can do your own investigation. Bruce Lee was murdered besides all the Hollywood money there was a family inheritance to be had priceless and worth more than movie rights-Mareana Helene Perez-Walden was taken into a forced marriage in Lynnwood, Wa to Harry Walden of the Seattle Heights trailer court she was directly related to Bruce Lee while in the marriage she was forced to sign everything over to Harry Walden and his family (relatives of Linda Cadwell) Mareana's family members used as collateral-Harry said Mareana had drug and alcohol issues and fell down the stairs except there was an eye witness and Marea's head was beaten in with a hammer then pills pushed down her throat and alcohol dumped on her her heart times and when there was no chance of survival thats when the ambulance was called. Police corruption has always been involved. Mareana made police reports in many jurisdictions even got a divorce in Tucson, Arizona before being forced back at gun point just prior to her murder-Agnes thats right the real Agnes was held in Lakestevens, Wa it was said for her protection and her name changed-she was kept against her will beaten and forced to sign everything over to Harry Walden and affiliates-(family of Linda Cadwell) Agnes also reported crimes to no avail-until all legal heirs were murdered and the killers like to make the murders look like accidents therefore, no investigation. Bruce Lee had glass put into his drink mixed with the ice-came from Linda
and then that went to the heart and brain -got her the money tho since Bruce wanted a divorce-Brandon took a magnetic sewing needle to the spine-this is a technique called 'you reap what you sew' comes from overseas martial arts deadly. most of the people involved have been pinned. Angie Picalo from the Puyallup indian tribe planned to lay claim as heir -yes, they are all the maphia-there were alot of forced pictures of Angie and Mareana
you just didnt see the guns or the victims used for collateral. turkey basters and fertility drugs were used on Mareana the children taken used for collateral and 'owning of the bloodline'
Brandon Lee was molested by David Carradine-Brandon spent alot of time at Carradine's who would tie Brandon up and if he could not get loose he got *&&((& Linda knew that was going on but Hollywood is just that (fake)
Heres the good news. Mareana and Agnes foiled the documents-once analyzed properly it says right under their signitures that they were forced. Also Mareana and Agnes replaced everything with forgeries-thats what was held in storage until the last of the murders of the legal heirs even those born not on record having been claimed by others who wished to own the bloodline-children used for medical experiments and sexual toys until their murders
I only know this because Mareana had a daugher who was supposed to have died and life insurance was obtained -name changed but she's still alive and eye witness to countless unsolved crimes-unsolved because they stood to profit. so they thought. american fbi were involved since they planned to become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams and have all the children they wanted-many children (homebirths) are toys until payday thats life insurance and then theres body parts. Yeah, its atrocities. The truth will come out since persons plan to lay claim as inheritors and what they got is forced documents and forgeries. Inside the forgeries Mareana and Agnes left the story-the truth. Bruce Lee had slavery in his family that means they sold family members for slaves thats why they got cursed-and the whole family went to hell and lost everything. That goes for all the family of Cadwell and everyone involved in all those crimes-except those who kept their souls.
Have fun investigating-it can be done. ofcourse theres alot of cover up and most of the crimes happened right here in America-it makes God puke.

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