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Donovan wants out of Magic deal

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posted on Jun, 4 2007 @ 06:57 AM

According to two sources close to the situation, the former Florida coach, who accepted the Orlando Magic job on Friday, is attempting to return to Gainesville.

Donovan agreed to a five-year, $27.5 million contract with the Magic late last week, but has approached both sides about getting out of the deal.

According to one source, Donovan was forced to make a rash decision by the Magic management — and he regretted it shortly after agreeing to the contract.

The Orlando Sentinel says a source has told them "It's over" and that unless Donovan wakes up today with a change of heart, the Magic will let him go.

However, shortly after landing in Virginia, Foley had to return due to an emergency. One source confirmed that the emergency was that Donovan contacted Foley about returning.

Other Source;

I dont know about this. I hope its true. At the press conference in Gainesville Donavon seemed not so much sad that he was leaving and excited for a new beginning but just more upset at his decision, and kept mentioning that he felt bad that he disrupted so many lives. On one hand I would hop that he fufills his dreams in the NBA if that is where he wants to be..the problem I had with him leaving is that he told us (the students, the fans, even the new recruits) that he was staying after rumors rhat he was going to Kentucky. So I hope he stays but in the end I hope he is happy.


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