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ATS: Fraudulent Doctor Dispensed Flu Shots in WA, Possibly Las Vegas

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posted on Jan, 6 2004 @ 02:37 AM
Shahid Shiekh ran medical practices in Washington State and Nevada. He dispensed flu shots in his Washington offices and at area businesses. He wore a doctor's white coat, had racks of medical equipment, and had a large supply of the vaccine when it was running low elsewhere.
There's a problem, though. He's not licensed to dispense flu shots, and he's certainly not a doctor.

Even more frightening, nobody's quite sure just what he's been injecting into the patients who came to him hoping to stave off this year's round of the flu.
Police in Washington have begun an investigation into the case, but questions remain unanswered. Shiekh also operated offices in the Las Vegas area, and he's not telling anyone if he dispensed flu shots from those offices.

KVBC-TV Las Vegas

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