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Hollow Earth - Trip proposed to centre of Earth via Arctic hole

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posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 12:39 AM

Originally posted by charlyv
The earth cannot be hollow because if it were, then seismic waves could not be analyzed to produce the exact location of an earthquake, and even it's depth. Seismology relies on knowing the the interior structure of the earth and how sound waves refract (bend) when passing through materials of different density and temperature.

The calculations used on P and S waves work in theory and translate almost perfectly in real world analysis.

This implies that we understand the interior of the earth.

Correct me if I'm wrong, what you are trying to imply in this post is that, from the point of cause for an earthquake, the seismic waves travel up towards surface uninterrupted? Thus we are able to locate the location of the earthquake?

Could these caverns not exist beneath these points?

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 03:17 AM

Originally posted by CaptGizmo
I mean really who in their right mind would believe in the hollow earth.Just the sheer physics of the idea is ridiculous.
I have noticed that, when it comes to the Hollow Earth Theory, people either say "ridiculous, couldn't happen, against the laws of physics..." The other side say "caverns and reptilians and demons oh my". I'm kinda in the middle here, do I believe that the magnetic field (among other physics related topics) disproves earth is hollow? Yes. Is it feasable that there are massive underground complexes of natural caves and things, some of which contain lifeforms we are yet to discover? Yes! See I don't think the earth's entirely hollow but I think the tales of such things could be due to largely unexplored subterenean catacombs that formes naturally as the earth cooled down in the early years. So, isn't it possible that there's some middle ground?

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 03:23 AM
reply to post by djz3ro

Now you're thinking in porta.... conspiracy's.

No but really, if it's true that the earth is "hollow", what about the pressure from the surface? Wouldn't that cause the crust to fall apart?
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posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 03:32 AM
reply to post by MCJustJ

Correct me if I'm wrong, what you are trying to imply in this post is that, from the point of cause for an earthquake, the seismic waves travel up towards surface uninterrupted? Thus we are able to locate the location of the earthquake? Could these caverns not exist beneath these points?

No, they are interrupted, that was the point. Different layers in the earth, outer core, mantle, crust refract sound waves differently. S waves travel along the surface, P and L go through the lower layers. The calculations that let us use the delays in these waves are dependent upon the knowledge of how the lower earth must be constructed for the waves to propagate the way they do. Large voids or unexpected geology would cause the calculations to be way off, but , they are not... so we must think that we understand the geology very well for the real world to match the predictions.

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 09:39 AM
reply to post by FejkNick

A sphere is a very strong form and outer pressure to within only strengthens it.
The other way around weakens it.

Now If I understand some theories on this hollow earth then there is a part of the outer shell that is a perfect sphere.

However I have no advanced knowledge on this topic.

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 05:53 PM
very high speeds, without disastrous results to their structure or their
crew - if it exists. At least two of my friends told me
have seen flying saucers in the sky that moved at very high speeds do
bends at a right angle, instantly.
Yet another trick - they appear able to move
through the atmosphere at speeds and levels of air density clearly
incompatible with any technology known to the public. When an object
moves through the air, the friction of the molecules colliding with the surface makes
the material heats up. In our very fast jet interceptors are
necessary cooling systems. We all know how the meteors penetrating
the atmosphere and the nose cones of missiles re-entering Earth's atmosphere
heat up to such an extent that in many cases, disintegrate or burn
completely. However, moving at speeds comparable and 239
denser atmosphere, UFOs do not seem to show such effects. In fact,
frequently appears some light around them - especially the
night - and occasionally show traces of smoke, but the machine
itself appears to survive. For specialists in missile that is very
In all these maneuvers at stake is our understanding of
inflexible laws of inertia, which govern our world. Newton was the first to
formulate them clearly in his double principle that an object at rest tends to
stay at rest unless a force is applied to him, and if a force
it is applied, the object tends to move in the direction of the applied force and
proportionally to it. These laws of motion, Newton is still the basis of many
scientific views of the world. However, according to these laws
combined with the forces of molecular attraction of matter, which are also
fixed in nature - or at least we think so - it becomes very difficult
explain the behavior of the disks.
When flying saucers accelerate from zero speed to many
thousands of miles per hour in a few seconds, why is your
internal machinery is not all broken and all the members of his crew
Anyone who has done a curve at a speed too
continuing trend of high know your vehicle to continue in the direction
that was original, against the resistance of the tires and engine
Likewise, when a flying saucer makes a sudden turn,
traveling to many thousands of miles per hour, the molecules or crystals 240
of its metal structure does not leave - because of the large strain imposed by
laws of inertia?
And finally, when the discs soar through the atmosphere, why
molecules that are rubbing against the disc does not cause warming
friction burn eventually the object?
These are remarkable performances that have led many people to
believe that the disks are not real. Material objects can not behave
this way! Discs should be moving lights, optical illusions,
mirages, diffraction patterns due to lenses formed in the atmosphere, or even
for others, ghosts or spirits.
The Chief of the Secret Service warned the Air Force strongly after
seen in visions of the great Washington Airport a few years ago, the
Air Force did not have anything with infinite energy and no mass. Any
who knows non-relativistic physics believes it would be impossible for
any ponderable mass UFOs behave as they do.
However, the discussion of this difficulty seems very real indeed.
For the record there! They have been photographed! Appear in images
radar! Look very closely with ships made of metal or
as the transparent Plexiglas. Putting aside his tricks out of the ordinary
seem to have all the characteristics of dense material objects, which were
designed, fabricated, manufactured or whatever it is.
If the disks are solid and real vehicles must carry out a
revision of our ideas about nature, one or two respects. Or should we
conclude that our knowledge of the laws that holds the atoms and
molecules is incomplete or we must revolutionize our concepts of inertia. 241
If both alternatives are beyond the reach of modern science, not
is there any reason to prefer one or the other place.
However, there is indeed a perfectly good way to explain the
disks within the modern physical theory. To do so, however, we must pass to
abstract heights of physics, in particular the General Theory of Relativity, Albert
Einstein. However, before we get too scared, let us say that
the General Theory is not as complex and intricate as some people think. Its
difficult to fame comes from the fact that in order to perceive it, is necessary to examine under a
new concept in the way we experience the world.
The concept of inertia, Newton tells us that an object remains in
rest unless some force is applied to him, and when this occurs the object
moves in accordance with this force. Newton had ideas somewhat confused as to why
the existence of inertia. At one point in his Principia, it is almost part
inherent in the matter. Elsewhere, centrifugal or inertial forces are in some
thing as absolute space. The persistence of matter in its state according
with Newton, comes from its relationship to a world of absolute space, more definitive
material system than any we can conceive.
This notion of Newton was never satisfactory and at the end of the nineteenth century,
Austrian physicist and philosopher, Ernst Mach, he dedicated his criticisms of it. Mach, who
everyone knows by their Mach numbers in aerodynamics, was also a
forerunner of the Vienna Circle, logical positivism that developed. For him,
anything beyond our powers of observation - as the space
absolute - it was unreal. Then have him proposed that inertia was a reference to all
matter in the universe. For all matter in the universe he wanted to mean all
fixed stars, or these days, all the galaxies, because we know that the cosmos is 242
consists of a vast number of stars gathered in a large number of galaxies.
For Mach, an object subject to the laws of inertia was for all the stars,
or, as we would say today, all nebulae.
However, Mach's principle, as Einstein called it, had
a difficulty. Provided no physical connection between stars and the system
inertial. Mach just replaced the universe by Newton's absolute space, as
a coordinate system in which objects exist and move. He
not given us any additional information to show us what is
inertia, or why it works the way it does.
Perhaps we should say that he said very little to us, but
much to Albert Einstein. In 1916, Einstein proposed the General Theory of
Relativity. Actually it was a theory of universal gravitation and inertia.
Einstein reduced the two forces to the same thing and expressed this in his famous
Principle of equivalence: inertial and gravitational forces are equal and indistinguishable.
His illustration of this principle is a man in an elevator, in the depths of
space. The man is away from any large object. If the elevator
move uniformly any constant speed, from the very
small to very large man seem almost weightless. Do not feel
any weight or force of gravity. However, if the elevator is accelerating, if
pulled by a cable outer in the sense of man's height, at a speed that
go speeding up, begin to feel as if gravity was acting on
him. When it reaches a certain speed, in equal measures
land, to 9.75 meters per second, imagine that the man is back in
Earth and is subject to the forces of gravity exactly as it was before
leaving the Earth. Actually, of course, is not. Your impression is wrong 243
merely the result of inertia and the acceleration of the elevator. No gravitation,
or should we say more correctly, there is a large object in their vicinity.
Thus, Einstein illustrated the fact that inertia and gravity have
exactly the same effects on the observer and can not be distinguished in
based on local observations.
He went further. Sought to explain gravity and inertia in the same
physical terms. While the weight of objects on a large celestial body such as
Earth is caused by the gravitational attraction of the latter, the behavior of the inertial
object is explained by the gravitational attraction of all matter, everywhere.
To use a simple analogy, the pipe on the table in front of me
remains where it is mainly because all the stars and nebulae
the cosmos are pulling, and pulling in every direction imaginable. It is as if
millions of small wires were connected to the pipe
similarly, all around, and they were also pulling at the same
time in each direction. Likewise, if I throw my pencil across the room he
follows a straight line (the part of Earth's gravity) because it is being pulled
at right angles to the direction of their flight by the totality of matter in the universe,
all the stars and nebulae. Thus, the inertia of the familiar world is really
gravitation, but the gravitation of every particle of the universe, is the sum effect
thrust, pull, or field, depending on how you consider the mechanism
however illusory gravitation.
But ask yourself, as this will help us to explain how the disks
If the owners of the disks have been able to devise a means
revolutionary anti-gravity, such as an electromagnetic network 244
put around their ships, that would mean that, in the same way
as the Earth's gravity is mastered, the inertia gravity of the rest of the
universe also will be. If gravitation, or ultrapartículas, or fields that
account for the gravitation of the earth are barred, the gravitational effect of the rest
the universe will also be avoided. Thus, disks, with their network
antigravity will be able to fly over the earth and also ignore the laws
of inertia. They are literally floating in a small envelope,
where neither gravity nor inertia have any influence. If the creatures
constitute and man the gravity dominated disks, will, according to
Einstein also overcome inertia.
The key to the rather strange things I have just said is to consider how
an atom or a molecule or a group of them that make up an object, if
behave if the inertial influence can not reach it. The pipe on my
table will fly across the room, now, at the slightest touch of my finger. In the same
way, now throw my pencil across the room, the slightest breeze will take you on
angle toward the other side. In other words, we assume that the
atoms and matter become almost totally independent of their environment,
an area free of inertia. Can move in one direction as easily
as in another. They have a tendency to remain in a predetermined and rigid
position that normally would keep the inertia, can fly in any direction
that prevent the slightest force.
I think this explains how the disks can accelerate from zero to thousands
miles per hour and slow down at the same rate, how can
undertake the dramatic maneuvers reported. Once a force of
any kind, the boost in a direction different from its line of 245
displacement, there is no tendency for atoms and molecules continue
moving toward early. Thus, there is no tension on the structures
the ships and the forces of molecular attraction of your material are not broken.
Also its occupants can live in this world without inertia, are not
flattened in any way and even disturbed by the turns of
superstructure that is around them. Presumably, they can sit reading a book
without knowing that his unit was actually doing the
more remarkable stunts.
The concept of network antiinercial antigravity and may also explain
why do not burn discs when crossing the atmosphere at very high
speeds. Consider the molecule or atom of a gas as slamming
against other atoms in the atmosphere, subject to the laws of inertia, as anything is,
but not causing much damage or disturbance by virtue of their small
mass, is a hard and fast molecule passes into the network
antigravity. Suddenly this little molecule of air is completely
Free! She no longer has kinetic energy, can hit anything without cause
slightest friction. In other words, it enters the network as a projectile but hits
disk as a feather.
However, when the disc continues apace, this molecule of air out
behind the net in a very agitated state. It's a new world begins and inertial
beating strongly in other molecules also very busy. His little and
tiny impulses are increased as a result of friction that was not before
and this can cause a release of energy - the light seen around the
records, especially at night. 246
At this point perhaps we should undertake a review of
what was said and what was not.
In a sense we explain how the discs fly but not how it is generated
network and antigravity antiinercial. Sometimes in flying saucers
observation during the day through Polaroid glasses, as well as some of its
photographs, exhibit a kind of halo or crown around her. Of course, this well
may be an indication of the physical network or screen. However, the way it is produced
is still a mystery, at least for this writer. Almost certainly, some
way, the field involves electricity and magnetism, as the effects of both are
been noted in connection with flying saucers. It is also likely that the
nuclear energy is used in the generation of process because increases in the levels of
radioactivity have been following the flights of UFOs. However, we know nothing
about the exact mechanism that produces the network. Research in this area are
highly sensitive. The first land power to develop this technology
will have a huge military advantage. Become not only the aircraft but also the
ballistic missiles obsolete.
Consider what the rule by man of gravity and inertia
might mean for his life on earth and its progress in space - if other races
allow to make some. First of all, down here on earth, the control
gravity and inertia may well transform much of our economic system.
We immediately think of airplanes free of gravity with the advantage
additional to being able to control the inertia that governs (and gravel) as well
our lives.
If the inertia can be controlled, a five-year-old
you can wrap an elephant on its knees, the world's work could be 247
made with tiny amounts of energy - depending, of course,
as necessary to produce the screen or anti-gravitational and inertial network.
We may be able to move mountains with just the amount of energy
required to illuminate a home. The whole phenomenon of friction may be within the
our ability to manipulate it; compositions of the railway will be able
to slide along the rails, covered with a network antiinercial, powered by engines
with only a fraction of a horse.
The idea of ​​free flights inertia opens up interesting possibilities for
travel through space. With free flights of inertia, the space will no longer be a barrier
for travel within the solar system!
Some astronomers and physicists, calling attention to the enormous
amounts of energy required to accelerate even a payload
small close to the speed of light in order to make the trip to the stars
closer within a reasonable period of time, have kept the point
view that the only communication that mankind can ever have in life
intelligent, elsewhere, is the radio.
The distances between stars are measured in light years and only one
limited number of stars is within the equivalent of 90 light years. Thus, the
need to approach the speed of optical interstellar travel becomes
obvious. However, even when approaching it, under the old laws of inertia, is a
difficult subject, which some scientists believe to be impossible.
Dr. Frank Drake illustrates the problem by calculating that the way to
Encyclopedia Britannica to our nearest stellar neighbor would need a
rocket so large that its jet sprint burn the entire state of Florida.Since the latter part of the nineteenth century and especially in the second half of the twentieth century that have been made many attempts to prove the existence of the "Hollow Earth", as was shown Admiral Richard Byrd on his expeditions to the Poles (North and South) where penetrated by them, respectively 2,730 and 3,690 km in length into the earth where he saw no ice or snow, but vast areas of mountains, forests, vegetation, lakes and rivers in the "Land of Eternal Mystery" as saying. In his voyages, respectively, in the years 1947 and 1956 to the Arctic and Antarctic, Byrd would have penetrated well (or enter) a total of 6,420 km polar concavities by extending into the earth.

As for geographical reasons it is impossible to fly a length of 2750 km beyond the North Pole and 3700 km beyond the South Pole without seeing water or ice, it seems logical that Vice Admiral Byrd must have flown entering the Planet by huge poles convex cavities .

It was to prove that all this was prepared a new joint expedition to the North Pole in 2007, led by Americans but with the Russian part of the team.

The trip was set for July 4, from Murmansk in Russia, by sea, with return scheduled for the 17th day of the month, but ended up being postponed to 2008 because they were not gathered the necessary funds for this purpose or for other reasons. Moreover it can never be successful if the intentions are not a spiritual one as the two countries in question have endless ambitions, over the material order, when he had disputes over oil under those frozen regions where Canada also claims its territorial rights ...

Finally, in 2006 the trip was canceled by the sudden death of one of its organizers, the famous American expeditionary Steve Currey on 26 July this year.

Now the expeditionary team was composed of 100 people, including geologists, geophysicists, geographers and biologists, organized by the Phoenix Science Foundation in the State of Kentucky (USA), and the North Pole Inner Earth Expedition - NPIEE, which would use the ship Russian nuclear icebreakers , called Yamal, chartered for that purpose.

"We believe this may be the greatest geological expedition in the history of the World," said President Brooks Agnew, of Phoenix, when he was interviewed on the subject, adding that: "We have reached the end of all known data on the structure of the planet and yet there is still a theory that the planets are hollow ... We will be forming a team of scientists and engineers to gather and store data never seen before. "

The expedition had 100 seats in the boat distributed as follows: 33 scientists and engineers (the number is interesting because it is airtight), 15 filmmakers and photographers, five experts in communication and technical lincagem with satellite 23 instructors and Ambassadors Exopolitics ( to establish what kind of diplomatic relations and with whom), and 24 members of the original team.

All this leads to take three obvious conclusions:

1 - That the U.S. government knows about the "Hollow Earth" and the Mystery of the Poles and the truth of the underworld, even as others know (Russia, France, Iran, Israel, England, India, China, etc.). Portugal, where even in the years 1978-80 a Franco-American scientific team equipped with the best technical material then was in the Serra de Sintra (place of mystery and puzzles Portugal) trying to establish contact to enter the "Hollow Earth" knowing for certain that there was contact and the result of all this almost resulted in tragedy for participants, from night to day, suddenly abandoned the project leaving the country in a hurry. "We know what happened, but not reported here. So, not only anticipate that penetrates with impunity to your home uninvited, "says the magazine's Directory of TCC PAX (Community Theurgic Portuguese), whose authorship is most of the revelations of this article;

2 - That the interest of the Foundation Phoenix and its sponsors are (or might just be) purely commercial, so the attempt to discover the "Hollow Earth" from the North Pole has only one reason to win or usurp perhaps his wealth and resources natural. The U.S. as "owners" of the known world, it is also clear wish to have some self-control of the unknown world, if they could clear ...

3 - Dr. Brooks was not sincere in his interview when he said that "there was never collected any data source in this area of ​​our planet." Certainly know the truth but can not say it openly, it would be something like a public recognition on an issue that the U.S. government does not want to know, as indeed have other things in relation to hidden UFOs and their origins (or of them).

Otherwise, it was in 1947 that Richard Byrd himself began writing his memories in a diary he kept secret until his death (in 1958), prevented from speaking on the subject by the U.S. government that forced him to take a vow of secrecy . This diary, however, was discovered and published in 1992, and it described the meeting with the Admiral space crews, men tall, blond, blue eyes, belonging to a highly evolved people of the Inner World, known for thousands of years as the people of Agharta.

In Journal, Richard Byrd wrote it on March 11, 1947, the following:

"I have just attended a meeting at the Pentagon. Verbatim what I discovered and brought that message to the rulers of the world outside. All is duly recorded. The U.S. president was warned. I was detained for several hours (six hours and thirty-nine minutes to be exact). I am interviewed intently by Top Security Forces and a medical team. It was an ordeal! I was placed under strict surveillance by the Security Service and ordered me to remain silent about all that figured out. And reminded me that I am a military man and I must obey the orders. "

On 30/12/1956, Byrd made his final entry in the same Gazette saying the following:

"The last few years since 1947 were not good ... I now my final entry in this singular diary. In closing, I must say that, faithfully kept the matter secret as directed all these years. It was completely against my moral principles, but now I seem to sense the long night coming on and this secret will not die with me, but it should be with all that is true, should it succeed. He may be the only hope for Mankind. I saw the truth and she quickened my spirit and set me free! Done my duty toward the monstrous military industrial complex. Now, the long night begins to appear but will not be an end. When the long night of the Arctic ends, the brilliant sunshine of Truth again ... and those of darkness shall fall on your Light .. For I saw that land beyond the Pole, that center of the Great Unknown. "

In fact, many authors (see here) that speak of an advanced civilization inside the Earth since the time of the legendary Atlantis. Babylonian hero Gilgamesh himself had visited his ancestor Utnapishtim in the bowels of the earth. In Greek mythology Orpheus is said to have rescued Eurydice of the underworld and the pharaohs of Egypt communicated with the inner world, which descended through secret tunnels hidden in the pyramids. The lamas Tibetan Buddhists or Hindus still believe that millions of people live in Agharta, a subterranean paradise ruled by King World.

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 05:55 PM

Contrary to popular belief, the Earth does not just have a point where gravity is zero, but three: the official, who is in the center of the planet, which is located about 640 km below the surface, and which finds is approximately 2000 km (see Figure 6). This is due to the fact that the sheer speed of the Earth at the equator is 465 m / s (see figure below), acts in the opposite direction of gravitational attraction, something that most scientists today have simply ignored .

Figure 2: The rotation of the Earth.
The closer the axis, the lower the speed.

NOTE: in fact there is no point of zero gravity on Earth. No matter where you are, you will be suffering the effects of space-time distortion caused by the mass of the planet, which we mistakenly call this distortion power. There is rather a balance between the rotation and "pull" gravitational points at 640 and 2000 km depth. And in case the central point where the rotation is zero, only the gravitational equilibrium.


Figures 3 and 4 showing a huge openings in the poles. Click here to see a larger version.

The openings at the poles are due to the fact that the speed is very low at these sites. Without rotation, the gravity is much stronger and thus any mass placed at these points would be drawn down and sideways (see Figure 1). At 70 ° latitude the Earth starts to bend to form the huge polar openings that are about 2000 km If there was only the Earth's rotation around its axis, the openings would be located at 90 degrees, just the geographic poles. However, other movements of rotation, as the ellipse around the sun, caused them to form 20 ° farther. That is why the magnetic and geographic poles do not coincide. When explorers who are searching the north pole or south pole reach the latitude of 70 degrees and the compass points them down, he thinks they are magnetic pole, but are not. In fact, the compasses are under the influence of the magnetic ring surrounding the polar entries, see the figure below.

Figure 5: Location of magnetic poles and, consequently, the polar openings.

The curvature of the earth is much more pronounced in polar entries. But nevertheless, it is not apparent to anyone walking or flying over it due to its enormous length.


Figure 6: Scheme of the Earth showing the approximate location of three points of "zero gravity", the Sun and the internal polar openings. Notice how the gravity at the poles "reversed" in a very short compared to other places. Click here to see an animation.

Another surprising aspect of the fact that the Earth is hollow is that it has two surfaces (or three if we consider the Sun's internal): the internal and external (see figure above), that are interconnected by the polar openings. Both atmosphere, oceans, continents, forests, rivers, lakes, a direct source of light and heat (because the direct light, heat and other emanations coming from the star we call the sun influence the inner surface and vice versa), finally with an entire ecosystem of its own. Although these are interconnected and to some extent similar, have distinct differences as:

"Attraction" diminished gravity on the inner surface - which, among other things, allows a higher growth of plants and animals;

Internal position of the sun always twelve hours - which means there is no night in the intra-world;

More advanced evolutionary stage on the inner surface - this is due, among other reasons, the fact that the intra-world is more protected from cataclysmic events (such as a large meteor fall for example) than the outside world. Being more protected, the internal ecosystem has evolved somewhat more slowly, but continuously. It's slow and always popular. When the outer surface was going through one of the many events that caused major extinctions, part of its ecosystem migrated to the inner surface and was forced to adapt to survive (this migration was much easier before freezing the poles, when there were greater integration between the surfaces). Ultimately, the intra-world always got the best of both surfaces and, after the cessation of these great events, helped to repopulate our surface. This further contributed to increase the difference between the two worlds.

Now, it seems quite logical to propose the existence of a more advanced civilization on the planet, both technologically and spiritually, as an ecosystem so harmonious encourage peaceful coexistence.

NOTE: If you think that environmental conditions do not influence the behavior, then try to move from a cold climate to a warm climate or vice versa. Research shows that cold climates are less violent but are less creative. The ideal is to balance the cold with the heat balance that exists in the inner world of constant irradiation energy of their "sun" and the enormous energy generated by the evaporation.


The name may not be appropriate to the astronomical point of view, but it is quite appropriate functional point of view, since it supports the entire internal ecosystem providing light and heat. And as "the" inner and outer are connected, it also plays a key role in balancing the ecosystem of the planet. It is estimated that he owns 1 / 3 of the total mass of the planet. It is made up of heavier materials and is extremely dense, since the expulsion force caused by rotation is almost negligible compared with its enormous "pull" of gravity. The internal sun is so dense that only its surface is liquid, the rest is solid, despite the enormous temperatures inside.


Why are icebergs made of fresh water when, according to the conventional version, the only available water is salty at the poles? Where does all the vegetation that is found within these icebergs? For explorers who ventured beyond the magnetic poles found that the weather gets warmer and the seas are free of ice? Because some birds and animals of the polar region, such as musk ox, migrate north in winter? The conventional scientific theory can not answer these questions, but the hollow Earth theory can. There are rivers of fresh water to flow out of this world and intra-warm water carrying pollen vegetation and ice, forming icebergs of fresh water in an area where there is apparently only salt water.


One question I have often heard is that if the Earth is hollow our highly intelligent scientists still do not know. I can answer that with one saying the blind as those who will not see. Many centuries have passed since the presentation of the theory that the Earth is round and not flat, and yet it seems that nothing has changed. Humanity returns to exactly the same mistakes he had not learned anything from the previous ones. Yesterday was the round-earth theory, hollow Earth today and tomorrow?

Instead of being impartial, "scientific" community scoffs at any idea that diverges from the official version and accuses her of lack of seriousness or scientific methods who promote these ideas. Scientists find themselves the owners of the truth. Locked in their clubhouse, they act like real dictators of knowledge. Instead of homo sapiens sapiens (man who knows he knows), they should change the name of their "kind" to non-homo sapiens sapiens did not (do not know that man does not know).

Here is my message to those who still believe that our great scientists are correct in asserting that the earth is not hollow:

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 05:57 PM
The Earth has two inner and outer surfaces maintained by the gravitational pull of the planet, the force of gravity acts on the inside also keeping the ocean and other beings that might exist on the surface ....

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 06:13 PM
I read a while back about the story of the USS Skate (SSN-578) first submarine to ever surface at the North pole. While probing for suitable spots to surface and not having much luck and at first thinking it might even be impossible, they did bottom mapping until a break in the ice was located.

Commander James Calvert, the skipper, gave this example of his sub and the ocean under the ice:

Image your bedroom full of water and my sub as a match stick floating near the surface, now you have an idea of the sea depth below us.

They did map large mountain ranges at great depths that the sub could not physically reach but their instruments could penetrate the depths and make graphs on.

No hole was mentioned and they covered the whole icecap.

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 06:22 PM
If the people seen in flying saucers are members of our own
species (probably German since so many of them speak German, which
would be strange if they came from other solar systems or planets) employees
as pilots, were probably instructed by his superiors not to reveal the
secret of the origin of flying saucers, for the reason that the area's land
New World in the hollow interior of the Earth is greater than the surface, where we have
more areas covered by the waters of the oceans and that the military governments
know it will make a mad rush to send their planes through
polar openings, to claim these territories as their own, the same way
as the governments of Europe sent expeditions to America, soon after
Columbus discovered the new continent.
If some governments ambitious wish to appropriate surface
this new territory, which enjoys a subtropical climate ideal, by force, sending
expeditions equipped with nuclear weapons, the more people will be underground
forced to defend himself with "death rays", a weapon much more powerful
atomic energy, which can lead to complete disintegration and atomic
dematerialization and disappearance of their attackers and their weapons. They
prefer to avoid such a catastrophe, since they are pacifists and hate war.
For this reason wished to keep secret the existence of the world
underground, so that its inhabitants can not be bothered by
invaders from the outside. So the pilots were flying saucer
instructed to pretend that came from other planets and which are "spacemen" in
if they were contacted, and keep secret the fact that come from the side of
within the Earth. This way they could keep her secret. Adamski and others 194
claiming to have contacted us have been so deluded by the false idea that the
Travelers flying saucers come from other planets.
If the governments of major powers to forget their space race
armies and send icebreakers, dirigibles and airplanes to penetrate so far
as possible through the polar openings, before long the contact
could be established between the superior race that lives on the inside of the crust
Earth and the less evolved species, yet still in a state of barbarism
mechanical and engaged in constant warfare, which inhabits the earth's surface.
However, the militaristic governments do not deserve to make contact with beings so
upper and superhuman that probably would use their radiation
powerful, capable of dematerialization, to prevent the intrusion of visitors
undesirable and dangerous. Since it originated from Atlantis, who had a
civilization far greater than our more than 11,500 years ago and for many
thousands of years before, this breed is the oldest scientific development as a
greater than our
The first stop on this expedition was directed to the South Pole would be
Tierra del Fuego at the southern tip of South America, not far from the
Antarctic continent. There the gasoline supply would be extended. So the expedition
travel directly to the south and after passing the parallel of 90 degrees south latitude
proceed in the same direction, despite the vagaries of the compass. In due
time she would leave the barren wilderness of the Antarctic ice sheet and enter an area with flora
and fauna, as did Admiral Byrd when he traveled beyond the North Pole by 2730
kilometer. The expedition could then photograph the plant and animal life of this
Land Beyond the Pole, flying very low.
When the expedition's advancement in the polar opening, after the setting of the sun,
would be observed a flash in the sky, which would appear as a ring covering the
visible horizon, formed by the aurora that appears as long beams of light
ripple in fantastic designs. These lights are a reflection of the central sun in the stratum
upper atmosphere, which is a huge area illuminated by its rays
diverge. As they continue the expedition, the manifestation of the aurora
would become brighter and brighter.
As they move deeper into the expedition in the opening
polar day the sun will become closer and closer to the horizon and will rise at least
heaven than he did. Rises later and sets later as well. This is due
the rays are intercepted by the edge of the polar opening when the expedition 199
enters it. Finally a strange thing happens. It is a day when it should be
night. Only light of day that is different from what we are accustomed in
Earth's surface - the sun will be much more pale and red - it is no longer the
sun with which we are accustomed - the sun outside - but an inner sun, which
never sets and shines continuously, producing everlasting light. Meanwhile, the
temperature gets hotter and hotter, until the climate becomes tropical a climate
of perpetual summer without switching stations.
While the expedition continues, notice that now the sun is no longer visible
move is parked in the sky. Finally notice strange new forms of
tropical life, plant and animal, including prehistoric species, now extinct in
the surface. Is it a true paradise for the botanist and zoologistThe Indian epic Ramayana describes Rama as one of the emissaries of such
Agharta, air from a vehicle that was probably a flying saucer.
A Chinese tradition speaks of divine teachers coming in vehicles
air. In the same way he came Manco Copac, the founder of the Inca dynasty.
One of the greatest teachers of Agharta in America was Quetzalcoatl, the
great prophet of the Mayans and Aztecs and Indians of both Americas, North and
the south. It was indicated that he was a stranger among the Indians, being of a race
different (Atlantean) for being blonde, while they were dark, deep, when the Indians
low, bearded, unlike the Indians deprived of beards. He was revered
as the savior of the Indians of Mexico, Yucatan and Guatemala long before the
arrival of white men. The Aztecs called it "God's Abundance" and
"Morning Star". His name Quetzalcoatl means "Feathered Serpent"
meaning the teacher of wisdom (symbolized by the serpent) who flies. He was
given this name by a vehicle that came by air, which seems to have been a hard
flyer. Probably came from the underworld why, after spending 204
time with the Indians, disappeared mysteriously in the same way
had come; believed to have returned to the Underworld where he came from.
Quetzalcoatl is described as being "a man of good appearance and
face severe skin and white beard, dressed in a white dress, long and
floating ". Huemac He was also called because of his great kindness and
continence. Indians taught the path of virtue and tried to save them from addiction,
giving them laws and counsel to restrain them from lust and cause them to be chaste.
He taught pacifism and condemned violence in all its forms. Instituted a
vegetarian diet, with corn as staple food, and taught fasting and
personal hygiene. According to the South American archeologist, Harold Wilkins,
Quetzalcoatl was also the spiritual teacher of the ancient inhabitants of Brazil.
After spending some time with the Indians and seeing how little
linked to his teachings, with the exception of its recommendation for
sow and eat corn, Quetzalcoatl departed, telling them he would return one day. That
this "visitor from Heaven" went the same way it came - a flying saucer -
is indicated by the following facts. When Cortez invaded Mexico, the emperor
Montezuma believed that there had been expected "return of Quetzalcoatl," by
that then a fireball turned on to Mexico City, making the people groan
and scream, and put fire in the temple of the god of war. They believed that ball
Fire was the flying saucer on which Quetzalcoatl traveled

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 06:25 PM
Just a few things to ponder....
Im not a hollow earth believer..
however one thing strikes me as odd.

Take a round magnetic solid metal ball.. it will not have poles.

take a magnetic bar, flatten it.. bend into a tube...with poles at the ends.
then expand the middle until it becomes a hollow sphere with small holes on top and bottom.. at the poles.

sound familiar?

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 07:39 PM

Originally posted by BadNinja68

Take a round magnetic solid metal ball.. it will not have poles.

All magnets have two poles - if they don't they aren't a magnet. You can look up sphere magnets on the internet

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 07:48 PM
reply to post by dogtalesfrom2011

Very well researched post, good job. It's a shame some of your links didn't work though.

To the 'others'...
To discount the possibility based on the already, vast amounts, of available information is just plain ignorance and denounces education in the extreme.

You might be interested in the below threads too...


posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 07:54 PM

Originally posted by AussieAmandaC
reply to post by dogtalesfrom2011

Very well researched post, good job. It's a shame some of your links didn't work though.

To the 'others'...
To discount the possibility based on the already, vast amounts, of available information is just plain ignorance and denounces education in the extreme.

I prefer real information instead of made up stuff, 'vast amounts' doesn't equal quality or plausibility. Thanks for showing the old links

posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 01:37 AM
reply to post by Hanslune

Is True. All magnetic items have poles. The metal balls are really cool if you get a bunch of them. Just let them bunch all together in a group (which they will happily do, and keep your fingers out of the way!) When in that group, from any aspect observing the bunch, take a magic marker and put a dot on the sides of any ball that is on the outside facing you as you rotate the bunch.

Separate them all again, and then let them come together..... What do you see?
Take out 5 of the marked balls and put in 5 new, unmarked balls.
Think of the balls as atoms.
Observe , in a fantastic large scale demonstration , how selective molecular bonding must occur. Imagine if you could manipulate the pole of any ball. The entire structure when put back together would change to accommodate the new magnetic signature.

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