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The Big Bang and a Liquid Sea of Quarks and Glueons

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posted on May, 28 2007 @ 08:25 PM
test with gold nuclei stripped of their electrons and collided have shown that the beginning of the universe was a strongly interacting liquid sea of Quarks and Glueons leading to a new fluid-dynamical cosmology.

I believe its important to remember that sound was a critical component of the big bang and now to recognize it moved in a liquid enviorment.

I have a new post here on Ultrasound Past the Speed of Light which to me raises some interesting questions about the groupwave speed of that sound wave in the quark glueon liquid and it might therefore have been faster then light.

given its limited distance and its power it may have carried information, matter and energy past light speed in the groupwave property, unlike the application described in my thread which due to attenuation will not carry information, energy or matter. Maybe the immense power and limited space did not attenuate the groupwave property enough to limit faster then light travel of information, matter and energy within that enviorment, but thats just a thought. I am not sure if that would violate the principles of causality or not. Any Thoughts?

This is a departure from the original thought of a sea of weakly interacting gas of quarks and glueons and rightly so as it was a incorrect model.

The ability to recreate the pressures and temperature just after the bigbang are amazing and exciting.

To summarize, the main stories here are (1) that based on the evidence of the RHIC data, the universe in the microsecond era would seem to consist of a novel liquid of quarks and gluons; (2) that RHIC has reproduced small fragments of this early phase of the universe for detailed study; and (3) that these results are vouched for by all four RHIC groups. If there had been delays in making an announcement of the results or if the exact nomenclature for the novel nuclear matter had been left unsettled, the RHIC physicists at the press conference seemed more interested in pursuing their new kind of experimental science---a sort of fluid-dynamical cosmology.

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