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ENTERTAINMENT: Kinks singer Ray Davies wounded

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posted on Jan, 5 2004 @ 01:32 PM
The Kinks singer Ray Davies is recovering after being shot in the thigh while on holiday in New Orleans. The singer-songwriter, 59, was wounded on Sunday after trying to run after two men who allegedly stole his female companion's purse at gunpoint. He was admitted to the Medical Center of Louisiana but his injuries were not considered serious.

A New Orleans police spokesman said one person had been arrested, and police were still searching for the second.

Davies was walking in New Orleans' French Quarter at 2030 local time on Sunday (0230 Monday GMT) when two men approached, police said.

"He was walking east of the French Quarter with a female friend," said New Orleans police spokesman Captain Marlon Defillo.

"Two men walked up. They apparently took the female friend's purse. He chased them.

"One of those persons turned and shot him in the leg and we have arrested one person," Mr Defillo said.

Davies' manager Deke Arlon said: "He's in hospital but it is not really serious. He should be up and about in a day or so.

"The message that came back to me was that he is in good spirits."


It isn't too serious so thank God he's alright. Ray Davies is a musical genius, and we've been losing too many of those lately. Yet the no-talent pop whores hang around for years gladly. Is there no justice in the world?

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posted on Jan, 5 2004 @ 03:34 PM
The Kinks were an amazing band, very under-rated. I put them in the same league as the Who. They singlehandedly invented Punk rock with the opening chords of "All day and all of the night" and "You really got me". The lyrics to "Lola" are hilarious!

Very sad to hear about the shooting, I wish him a speedy recovery.

posted on Jan, 6 2004 @ 09:01 AM
They got their man. One of the ass clowns responsible for the robbery and shooting has been charged with armed robbery and aggravated battery. The police are still pursuing the second suspect.



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