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Nation Consolidation?

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posted on Jan, 5 2004 @ 11:38 AM
I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Since I see the war in Iraq to be a regional destabilizing mission, I began to ask why. Here’s my result (just a theory).

The European nations more and more are considered a single element, as I can see a single government is inevitable. It may seem like we don’t want that, but I am sure we do as long as we can get England to have major sway in the new government.

But how could we get the middle east into something like that? Well, first they would need a single focal point, i.e. America.

We need a way in and one that would not only cause controversy in the region, but enrage many of the fighters there as well. Iraq worked very conveniently considering we set him up while Iran was the worse of two evils. New goals have been talked about, Jordan, Iran, etc.
Israel is already a major player in the region, again set up by us. They have their fingers in the whole region. Since they have the best intelligence in the world, they must also have active players in each country as well as eyes and ears.

With the “War on Terror” we have successfully been able to countermand governments and political powers without them initiating any true aggression. That way we can meet each opposition in our newly popular “pre-emptive” fashion.

Perhaps this truly is what CIA head George the first’s New World Order really was.

If we can create conglomerate countries like in Europe, then we have less to worry about, especially if they are U.S. approved governments to begin with.

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