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Rant About a Bunch of Stuff

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posted on May, 25 2007 @ 10:27 AM
Hmm…where to start…

Well yesterday and a few times before that I was driving along, listening to the Classic Rock radio station. Zeppelin, KISS, Motley Crue, they were all playing, and then it goes to a commercial. It was a Pepsi commercial, where some guy was rapping about Pepsi. Come on, I don’t want to hear that garbage on the rock station. If I did I’d listen to the rap station. Leave it off the other stations. KISS did that one Pepsi commercial on TV a few years back – play that. (No offence if you like rap though, don’t want to start that again. I just don’t want to hear it on the classic rock station


Yeah so…does God control Mother Nature? Are Mother Nature and God related?

And those damn TV commercials. “Berries and cream berries and cream” Shut the hell up! Why does everything have to be so god damn annoying??

Hmm…How come I keep having this problem…

I always think I leave things on, even when I know I turned them off. Like a TV. I turn it off, and walk away, but then I’d walk back and think I left it on. I do this a bunch of times and can’t stop. If I don’t walk back and make sure it would bother me until I do. Any electronics I have the same problem with. I always think they are on. And if I have something small put somewhere, I always check and make sure it is still there. I know it’s not going to fly away, but I always need to make sure it is still in the same spot, and it’s really bothering me. Does anyone else have the same problems? Enjoies = dumbass?

Do you have a source for this? NO! I just know it!

“2 + 2 = 4”


I could think of some others but I’ll leave it for next time.


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posted on May, 25 2007 @ 11:38 AM
Now that's some fancy rantin'!

I can't stand when you're in a store parkin' lot, and they have those stands where you put your shoppin' carts when you're done. WTF!? Why should I put my cart in that stand when I can just leave it in the middle of the parkin' lot? It is called a convenience store isn't it?

I also hate when you're shoppin' and you go to the checkout. Like you can go into the express lane and stuff. I can tell you that I don't get my 87 items checked out any quicker in the express lane than any other lane.

I really hate when I'm walkin' my dog Yabaastad, and he does number 2 on someones lawn. The township says to pick up that poop. How rude! Everyone knows you can get E-coli if you touch poop. I'm not touchin' that poop! I think it's a big government cover up. They're tryin' to reduce the population by givin' us all E-coli. I'm not fallin' for it!

Now I really, really hate when you're sittin' doin' some thinkin' and stuff, and you want to make a sandwich but you're out of bread. So you go to the store, and the stupid people in the store won't let me buy just 2 slices of bread. They make me buy the whole loaf! Yep, just one more way for the man to stick it to the little guy!

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posted on May, 26 2007 @ 09:32 PM
You know what I hate? Bill f****** Cosby! There, I said it.. And noone can supress me.. Not even ATS... (I'm sorry... This makes for good dramatization.)

You know what I hate? When that damn car strolls up into your driveway, sneakishly, and then turns around.. Damn you's..

You know what I hate? When someone calls my damn phone number and asks for a bob, and suddenly realizes that this isn't bob' number, and hangs up before I even get to respond..

You know what I hate? Seagulls, I can't move an inch around them where they may crap on me..

You know what I hate? When people decide that they want McD's in the middle of f****** summer, when they should be out grilling up a wonderful steak at the city park...

You know what I hate? Those stupid ads on any website, find love in 30 days or your money back..

And last but not least.. Do you know what I hate? I hate when you stub your damn toe... That s*** hurts like hell, and the pain doesn't subside for atleast 3 and a half minutes... And then you cry in the fetal position in the bathroom with the faucet on... Or, is that just me?

posted on May, 27 2007 @ 12:05 AM

Originally posted by enjoies05

I always think I leave things on, even when I know I turned them off. Like a TV. I turn it off, and walk away, but then I’d walk back and think I left it on. I do this a bunch of times and can’t stop.

Obsessive - compulsive - disorder

Just kidding on the OCD.
I think we all suffer from small bouts of this at times. What I always hated the most was getting to work... or... almost to work, and thinking I left the iron on
After a few return trips home to find the iron OFF :shk: I started checking, and making mental notes that I have already done that...and the problem stopped. Try that...take a note pad, write it down...when you've already checked that can't return to check again.

I'm always glad to come to your aide my good friend Enjoies


Edit* fixing link

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posted on May, 27 2007 @ 10:52 AM
I absolutely hate it when my kid brings home some virus from school as if it was a long-lost show & tell item she just HAS to share with me, and it settles in my chest and I have to lug the two kids around all weekend with a crop of lung oysters the like of which no one has ever seen and lived.

Gah I'm sick today.

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