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Dean Kissing up to Christians now?

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posted on Jan, 7 2004 @ 04:40 PM
If Dean doesn't get the nomination I can see him going 3rd party, same for Clark. It all depends on how the states fall. Dean's going to have a lot of trouble against Clark in the southern states and if Clark takes them plus the midwest...he'll get it the nomination for president and I don't think Howard will stop. He'll blame the DNC and revolt. The dems could split down the middle which will help president Bush.. we'll have another Nader debacle and I believe a 3rd party of moderates or extreme liberals could come out of this. It makes you wonder who is fueling the attacks on Dean? And why is Liberman constantly attacking him?

This is a conspriacy site after all. I had to show my conspiracy brain eventually.

posted on Jan, 7 2004 @ 10:29 PM

Originally posted by KrazyJethro
What the hell are you talking about? Thanks for the rant about nothing.

You said it best though, WHO CARES if he's jewish. The point is, is that no one should. The point is, is that religion is not a real thing in Washington for the most part. Especially with Bush. Praying on TV quite a number of times, talking about the right thing to do for us nice Moral Majority.

What I am seeing is religion used as a part of a political platform, and Bush uses it to enhance his political theater. It's all concocted and is rediculous.

If I was Muslim or Jewish, I'd be pissed that this bogus # is even being put into play.

i think religion has something to do with it. now correct me if im wrong but every president but kennedy(who was an roman catholic) was a protestant.

posted on Jan, 8 2004 @ 11:00 AM
I am disgusted with Dean..he is a Doctor of Medicine and still will not promise to stop the Gestapo(DEA) from raiding and arresting legal cannabis patients in States where it is legal. That is sickening. Clark has said he wiull stop it..Kucinich is the best overall and will sign an Executive Order allowing medical cannabis and to stop the horrible violations of States rights and human rights that are currently being perpetuated by the Bush/Ashcroft/Walters cabal. I believe on this usue hangs everything else..if a President will allow masked, cursing, machinegun toting, jackbooted thugs from the DEA to arrest QUADRAPLEGICS and other extremely ill persons and throw them in prisons to keep the CIA's drug profits intact then they are immoral to the extreme and have no place in public service. To ignore all the scientific evidence and government funded studies and keep the insane drug war churning up bodies for the prison labor force is immoral to the max. I know that the reality is that the best people will never be allowed to win an election but until we get assurances that the most basic human rights are going to be respected then electing any of the pro-drug war morons is another step toward a total police state and the dissolving of the Constitution..a goal Bush and Co. are striving for with all their might. I can only hope that the people doing this dirty work get cancer or some disease and suffer because they cannot get the most effective ( and safe) medicine for relief of nausea and pain ever discovered for many patients. If they or a loved one were to suffer enough maybe they would change their tune when they see the evidence of efficacy so available yet so discouraged by the propagandists and liars in Washington.


posted on Jan, 8 2004 @ 01:38 PM
Hello. This announcement is brought to you by new sugar-coated frosted political bites. I remember when JFK was shot I was three years old, almost. I carried a gun. (plastic). Unlike barney fife, I had no bullet. I carried a dirt clod now and then. I was raised catholic and I'd like to share a bit of my political and religious views shaped by this nut world.
To be fair to the Catholic Church, I must tell you that I have not been to church since the 1970s. So don't blame them for what I say. This is my point of view, not theirs. I don't claim to be anyone special. I just am. I can't help it. Mom and dad were joined in Holy matrimony, and passion being what it is mom got pregnant.
I think I fell out of my crib because my neck is all screwed up. Negative curvature limited my enthusiasm for head banging sports. So I never gained a whole lot of popularity with jocks or mountain goats.
I can tell you what my ideas about Jesus are. He was an Anarchist. He felt the "church" in his day was wrong headed. he laid it on the scribes and pharisees because they thought they were "all that." + plus a bag of compressed corn products. They had money and disliked the poor. Jesus said they were too much. The only time he showed a temper was when spirituality was overcome by marketing (capitalism) in the church . Tithing was ok with Jesus, just make your money before you come to church. I guess you would call him a protestant. To the established body of Religious thought he was a dissenter. He only had a few friends, I'm surprised he was not killed. I don't remember any stories about daring bravery such as defending a woman from sexual attack or verbal abuse. I guess he could talk a horsefly off a donkeys butt. Maybe he made a few schoolyard bullies change their ways by making them look stupid. When he grew up he used this skill to attack politicians and gangsters I guess. He knew he would be killed sooner or later. He wasn't stupid. He was alot like his daddy. Once, his daddy wiped out a whole town because they were all a bunch of arrogant a-holes who were apparently gang banging anyone they didn't like. Rape and stuff. whoa, God could only take so much. God seems to wipe out most of the human race from time to time cause he can't stand them anymore. Maybe he's a terrorist. The bible uses the word hate hundreds of times in describing God's bad attitude. I bet one day a bunch of arrogant a- holes will try to ban the bible because God's computer has "delete A-holes" checked in his services directory.
This is not what Jesus taught. He said that he had not come to change God's law (change God's preferences) but to offer a way to get out of being deleted from the hard drive. God doesn't want malicious code infecting his system. Maybe if you believe in Jesus you can live on a bootable disk somewhere. As you can see my thinking about God and jesus is always open to odd interpretations.
Jesus used the parable to describe the ways of God's thinking. I think of myself as a malicious code sometimes. I think that I am one of those described as a fool in the bible. I said I don't think of myself as something special. Yet I have prayed a few times, while deluding myself into believing he is real. I was amazed to read in the next morning's paper that my prayer had come true. Several times I have prayed with an intent to have an outcome for others and it has been shockingly apparent that this works. My results when praying for myself don't seem to work real good. Maybe if someone else prayed for me I might do better.
I have that fear that I'm screwing up. I am tempted by sex web sites. Mostly when I don't have a woman. This is most of the time. I don't visit them often. I am weak so every once in a while I find myself staring at beautifully arranged pixels. Who will cast the first stone? I feel that we all need to pray for our president. Mr. George Bush maybe evil, he may be good and I just think he's evil. God knows I wish it were not so painfully necessary to ponder the question.
Those who gripe about Christians and Christianity and Religious people must be expecting humanity to just change by themselves into some great humble creatures. Evolution? Maybe they are waiting for that. Good luck.
Jesus as a protestant is a fact. early church leaders warned his followers against splitting into factions. Does anyone ever listen? We all go our own way. Was it Paul who said that what it was that he wanted to do to serve Christ that he did not do. He hated himself. The message seemed to be that you have to try. Eventually you'll get it right. But with prayer. What is prayer? Power. Tapping into tis free energy thing? I dunno.
The protestant movement. Man's protestant movement against the Catholic Church. Hmmm. I have to admit there are many good points there. But it seems the protestants are easily led astray. Jimmy Swaggart. He really embarrassed some people I know who were trying to tell me to come out of the Catholic Church. Swaggart -I really hated him for that. But then are we not all tempted ? If there are normal people out there I have not got to know any. I guess I am too strange for them; Or I feel that way and don't bother them much.
The Catholic Church confuses me . The Pope claims an unbroken line of authority all the way back to Peter but at least one Pope was "unPoped" later for corruption. So please forgive me when I say that logically the question "Who do I follow" cannot be solved. Yet I cannot forget the powerful answer to prayer which has been proven to me by my own experience. I just exist in disappointed wonder that I do not pray more often. TV or the X-files cannot compare. I prayed to the Father Son and Holy ghost.

Yet again I am puzzled by this question that so many dismiss as the just another pothead propaganda message- is marijuana evil? The Catholic Church declared that marijuana was a satanic rite. That was more than a thousand years ago.
Are Popes infallible? If so , didn't the Pope say that George Bush would be a criminal if he invaded Iraq? Yet George Bush hopes to gain votes from Mexicans of whom a large percent are Catholics?
I can understand athiests who BELIEVE there is no God must be driven quite mad by the politics and religion. Believe me I am too. Yet there were those precious few moments of my life when I put aside everything. Prayer was answered. It was like standing next to a mountain and whispering through the trees and having my words carried into a complex profusion of powers and e-mailed to Oz.

So to you athiests who think that Christians can be defined as insane and their point should be buried in a free religious speech zone, you are just as wrong as G.W. and his repression of the voices of the people of America.


posted on Jan, 8 2004 @ 09:00 PM
I plan to vote for Dean. The bad part about that is he will probably claim a mandate that everyone be like vermont. Supporting gays marriage and stuff. Ok I change my mind! I'll vote for Kucinich. Who the hell is he, anyway? It's a shame that in America we have to limit presidential debate to the two or three who have so much money. How about equal time on a channel supported by tax dollars with say, 50 top candidates who ask a lot of hard questions. Like, why is Bush making thism a dictatorial secret police state? Why not let the presidential records more than 12 years old be released? Why has candidate #2 done the same thing with his records? Why does it seem that Americas #1 and #2 choice have to be so secretive? Why was Jim Wellstone the only normal guy asking tough questions and sounding straight up honest mysteriously killed in a plane wreck? Why is it that its ok for Bush to have a secret past and .....say I've got an idea? Why not release Charles Manson, Seal his records and then let him run?

posted on Jan, 11 2004 @ 01:25 AM
dean needs to kiss up to anybody now because all hes got are nouthern democratic states and cali looks like its turning republican after electing the termanator

mary carey shoulda won she wanted to put porn clips in text books

posted on Jan, 11 2004 @ 01:29 AM
OMG!! A Politician is kissing up to people!!!!

Come on people. Politicians would sell their souls to SATAN himself to get elected. Hell how do you think Bush got in? ALL POLITICIANS KISS EVERYONES ASS THEY NEED TO KISS TO GET ELECTED. How is Dean any different?

posted on Jan, 11 2004 @ 09:08 AM
Dean kissing up to CLARK

Not really, but he's getting scared.
Dean Acknowledges Clark's Momentum

A CNN-USA Today-Gallup poll last week put Clark, a retired Army general, in a statistical tie nationally with Dean, a former Vermont governor, when the margin of error was taken into account. And Clark is the only Democratic candidate to come close to Dean's fund-raising in the last quarter - more than $14 million for Dean and more than $10 million for Clark, according to their campaigns.

"We think General Clark does have a little momentum here and I think that's understandable," Dean told reporters Friday while campaigning in New Hampshire. "He has not been for the most part in the fray of all the attacks that have gone on. But we don't find that our support, our core support, is eroding."

Is there a trend among southern gentlemen here?
Edwards - ABOVE THE FRAY (Wash Post)

Any Clark/Edwards ticket predictions? I made mine about an hour after Clark announced his candidacy.

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