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Zombie Survival

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posted on May, 21 2007 @ 01:19 AM
I can't seem to find the search button here and I've been looking for a zombie post, so to no avail, heres what i wanted to post anyway.

I've made a zombie survival film for all you zombie nuts out there, hopefully you guys enjoy it, i've made it in the "duck and cover" style of the 1950's, its an instructional video and tries to let us citizens know what to do in case of a zombie outbreak.

Anyway please watch it and rate it, its something I think you'd all enjoy. If this is in the wrong posting area, please let me know.

Crowbarr (Farmer Joe)

Oh and tell your friends.

[edit on 21-5-2007 by Crowbarr]

posted on May, 21 2007 @ 01:54 AM
Just a heads up: The "survival" forum is one of the more serious forums. As I'm sure many people take "zombie survival" very serious, we both know this video is tongue-in-the-cheek, thus will probably be best fit for the Jokes, Puns and Pranks forum, the General Chit Chat forum or even the member art forum.

I'm sure a Moderator will be here shortly to help you find the right forum for your thread.

The search button is at the top right corner just below the "Submit News" and "LOG OUT" buttons. You can either Google search or use a boolean search.

All that said, I did enjoy the video!

[edit on 21-5-2007 by Gemwolf]

posted on May, 21 2007 @ 01:59 AM
Ah thanks for that, I missed the BOOLEAN button. Found the zombie posts too!

posted on May, 21 2007 @ 06:19 AM
Welcome to ATS, Crowbarr. As Gemwolf pointed out, there's more appropriate areas for the video. I see you did, however, find the previous thread on Surviving a Zombie Outbreak. Despite the improbable odds of such an outbreak occurring, it's still a "Theoretical" Situation X, and allowed as discussion material. However, since there's already another thread on it, and I see you've posted there as well, I'm going to go ahead and close this one.

Again, welcome to ATS, and enjoy.

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