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Clinton Assassination attempt?

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posted on Jan, 4 2004 @ 12:45 PM
A convicted bank robber has admitted threatening to kill US Senator Hillary Clinton in a bid to "spice up " his life, New Jersey court officials say.
Edward Falvey, 51, pleaded guilty to a charge of threatening an immediate family member of a former president, the Associated Press reported.

Falvey told a prison psychologist he wanted to "shoot a very famous person. My life is dull and boring."

His hit list also included Bill Clinton and federal judges, prosecutors said.

So he threatened to kill a bunch of scumbag politicians, and the problem is........????

I've never really got this whole being arrested for threatening the President e.t.c. What happens if someone threatens you on the streets, or people who KNOW that someone is trying to kill them? The police most often say there is nothing they can do about it until a crime has been committed. Of course for rich people it's different, us lowly dogs can just fight for our lives whilst the likes of the Clintons can have your ass thrown in jail just by looking at them funny.

[Edited on 4-1-2004 by John Nada]

posted on Jan, 4 2004 @ 01:03 PM
He also had a 1977 conviction for threatening Carter.

Some Hinckley comparisons here:

I'm intrigued not only by the assumption that killing just any old politician will do, but that these guys make the radar, then get released to do more damage. I think it adds credibility to the conspiracy theory surrounding the creation of Hinckley (possibly by a pro-Bush contingent) after initially being identified as unstable as early as 1980 when HE went after Carter too.

Undoubtably now this Falvey guy is on two lists: Terror/ assassign suspect, and possibly future special ops patsy.

[Edited on 4-1-2004 by RANT]

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