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here's your free energy ... a good start

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posted on May, 15 2007 @ 09:18 PM
hello, just reading Teleportation Physics Study by Eric W. Davis part of Air force research Laboratory and i found this while reading it.

well here it is...

if you understand it. try it.

Casimir Effect: This is the easiest and most well known way to
generate negative energy in the lab. The energy density ρCasimir = −(π2ħc0/240)a−4 within a
Casimir capacitor cavity is negative and manifests itself by producing a force of attraction
between the capacitor plates. This has been measured in the lab .Forward
(1998) proposes a mechanism for the endless extraction of energy from the vacuum in a Casimir
cavity by cyclic manipulation of the cavity dimensions.

any one built a Casimir capacitor?

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