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Scientists cure cancer, but no one takes notice

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posted on May, 21 2007 @ 04:53 PM
Get your facts right before making accusations pal. I'm not on anybodys side, I dont work for anybody, and that aint useless psudoscientific BS it's stuff from my research notes that I thought I'd post in case it's of use to anyone here. I tried to simplify it a bit so people can understand it but still get accusations thrown at me.

I'll tell you where I got this info from, 2 years of almost non-stop research after a friend nearly died. The highly toxic treatments seemed to have cured her and no trace of it was detected. Unfortunately years later it came back and I didnt know she was ill untill I heard she'd died a couple of weeks ago. So all the info was of no use. So dont accuse me of being part of any conspiracy, I'm just posting what I know.

Strange how the first drug mentioned, developed by scientists, is claimed to be a miracle cure (I haven't researched that specific drug so I can't comment) but anything else thats mentioned the scientists are evil conspiritors. These are not highly toxic drugs like chemo or radiotheraphy which attack the body in the hope that more cancer cells die than normal cells, these are specificlly targeted treatments to destroy cancer by various means, either by cutting off its ability to get new blood supply or targeted toxins that leave healthy cells alone or enable the immune system to detect and destroy.

Oh, and all the treatments I was talking about yes they are ways of killing it, not just managing it. Dont know much about america's FDA, I imagine theyre the same as the UK equivelant. Yes, they could make money from drugs companies but what I'm saying is the USA government may not let them if the economy as a whole would suffer unless they get some benefit out of it too, which is why I asked about value added tax.

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posted on May, 22 2007 @ 09:14 AM
I also believe as already stated that cures for cancer have been in existence for many years but because cancer is a BIG money making business, these cures are kept from the public intentionally. I believe that we as humans, if you have the right mind set, can cure ourselves from any ailment by using the proper nutrition. Our brains are the tools we need to overcome ailments but because most people are convinced that doctors and the drug industry have the knowledge and cure for the many ailments that afflict us, we believe them when we are told we have some terminal or debilitating illness. I say use the diagnosis from a health professional, but do not believe any of them if they tell you it is incurable or terminal. If you believe this, you will indeed surcome to the illness. Each of us has the ability to heal our bodies using only the right nutrition to combat the illness and of course the biggest thing is the believe that we can heal our own bodies.

posted on May, 24 2007 @ 02:07 AM

"Each of us is a multi-dimensional being of unique experiences connected to a greater force known as global energy consciousness. Understanding this relationship–and specifically how we are all tethered to each other–helps us to comprehend the impact each person can have on our world." -Dreamhealer


For what its worth, I ran across this website, and some of the concepts presented are rather interesting. It is about a young 19 year old teenage 'healer' that seems to have a unique take and methodology. He's just a young man, who remains anonymous, who is going to college studying medicine and aspiring to be a holistic naturopath, while doing healings on the side.

There is also an article Mysterious Miracle Worker on about some of his exploits.

Of couse, he's also selling books. I haven't read any of them so I can't say much more about this 'Wiz Kid'. (Other than to paraphrase Shakespeare and say, "There is more in the Heavens and Earth than what has been dreamed up so far in our current-day science and philosophies.")

Thanks again.

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posted on Jun, 1 2007 @ 08:47 AM

Originally posted by KeithD

Basically different cancer types will react to different methods, but the strategy for fighting all types of cancer is the same. Increase immunity, detox, Oxygenate, raise pH levels eat purely and have a will to live.

Sorry but that's one thing that I have to disagree with, in some cancers our immune system actually helps it. Scientists found that injecting a cytokine called interleukin-2 (IL-2) actually causes death sooner with some type of cancers. IL-2 is one of the cytokines produces when a helper T-cell tells the immune system "Attack!". In seperate tests somewhere else scientists stated that some tumours appear to produce TGF-beta (trasforming growth factor beta), another chemical signaler used by the immune system. Why do cancer cells product substances used by the immune system? The conclusion I've come to is that they dont. If somebody has the type of cancer that progresses quicker with IL-2 then their cancer cells have IL-2 receptors on them that are somehow triggering cell division. Not only does this mean that the more the immune system shouts attack the quicker it will progress, it also means that the "attack!" signal doesnt get to the cells who need to hear it as the tumour uses up the IL-2 itself. IL-2 is also needed for production of another cytokine, IL-9. If IL-9 is too low then the body produces TGF-b which explains the scientists observations.

Interesting point of view, I haven't got the scientific knowledge to argue the intracacies of the immune system. So I'll put forth my laymans point of view.
If our bodies create cancer cells daily then those of us that wake up each morning cancer free could be considered to be carrying a cure for cancer inside of us already.
Cancer is able to develop because of an inbalance in the immune system. As IL-9 is one only one of the chemicals in the immune system, a signaling method, I think that may constitute as an inbalance.
Cytokines as I understand it do play a major role in the immune system but while one part of the sytsem is enhanced the other(s) may still be defective.

"It is not correct to regard the problem of tumors simply as a problem of too much growth and thereby to instigate all manners and means of growth inhibiting treatments…."

A quote from the German biochemist, Dr Johanna Budwig, in response to the cancer industry

I'm hardly a scholar in this area just my point of view.
I only started looking in to alternative and suppresed cancer cures to save the life of my pet. He's cancer free by the way, problem is I tried so many things I can't say which was most effective.

The main reason I bumped this was to share some links on the great Dr. Johanna Budwig, curing cancer over 50 years ago. She has been nominated for the nobel prize six times and has been vindicated in court several times.
What she proposes is a relatively simple diet that goes much deeper than nutrition to deal with the electrical properties of the cells.

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posted on Jun, 26 2007 @ 11:56 PM
Hey friends,
You know what? Swami Ramdev of India has got all cures for any kind of cancer. He has treated a lot of people. Through yoga and some herbs, he can treat AIDS, asthma and whatever diseases that are present today. The Multinational pharmaceutical companies are trying hard to ruin his research.
Recently he has released his book on Yoga, proved through scientific method, and a lot of evidences and thousands of names of people who were cured.

Its a breathing technique called Pranayam. There are many forms of it told in the vedas and ancient Indian scripts. (Hyperventilation is another incomplete and stupid term for it). His results have shut the mouth of the physicians here, and they no more step forward to argue and oppose this all.
good wishes.

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posted on Jul, 3 2007 @ 10:41 AM
Here is another website that discusses a cure for cancer with apricot seeds (B17). This link is posted in other ATS threads so some may have seen it already but here is a bit of information from the site:

Vitamin B-17, also know as Laetrile and Amygdalin is found in most fruit seeds... namely apricot seeds. The apricot seed was claimed as the cure for all cancers over 35 years ago.

It was even more strongly claimed that when one eats about 7 apricot seeds per day they can never develop cancer, just as one can never get scurvy if they have an orange every day, or pellagra if they have some B vitamins every day.

The pharmaceuticals companies together with the medical establishment pushed the FDA into making it illegal to sell "raw" apricot seeds or vitamin B17 with information about its effects on cancer. Even to this day, you can't get raw apricot seeds in your health food store, only the sun dried ones which have all the important enzymes killed off.


posted on Jul, 3 2007 @ 03:19 PM
Dichloroacetic acid (or DCA) has been through the rounds before, that is, mainstream news has covered it to a certain extent. DCA, as the original posters article claims, is not something that can be used to “easily” treat anything…let alone cancer. Most current DCA is made from Trichloroacetic acid, which has been known to induce liver cancer in humans. People who use, or will potentially use DCA outside of a physicians care risk the possibility of actually causing more damage to their body than what proponents of DCA claim it helps. Some potential side effects that have been noticed previously are: nerve damage, increased awareness of pain, liver damage, etc.

Another thing to understand about DCA is that in its pure form it cannot be used to treat these conditions. Only specific salt molecules called Dichloroacetates that are released by DCA can be used effectively in the human body; specifically sodium and potassium. DCA is a by-product of the effect of water chlorination and is also considered an environmental hazard. Results with the drug in the treatment of cancer in lab rats did show some preliminary improvement, but the toxicity of the drug itself has many side effects that people don’t seem to take into consideration, and the doses given to the rats were far below the doses that would be needed to treat cancer in humans.

From the National Library of Medicine: NIH Document 1

On top of that see the following study where children with a condition known as Lactic Acidosis were subjected to different levels of DCA, and although reading through the study it appears that that the children had no adverse side effects, there was no noticeable difference in their condition either:

NIH Document 2

Now, there is also the issue of funding research into DCA. Pharmaceutical companies are not particularly interested because there is no way to patent it. However, and contrary to what many believe their has been adequate funding into the research of it’s potential uses as a Cancer medication…these primarily being by private donations, non-profit organizations, the NIH, and even the FDA but to name a few. Sales of DCA are also prohibited within the United States, and it is illegal for a resident of the United States to purchase it without special permission. It is also illegal to purchase it though any internet websites.

So, although there is the potential for use as an effective cancer medication, it is still in the early phases of being tested. One thing is for sure, use of Dichloroacetic acid in the human body need to be administered by a professional and any uncontrolled use of it may result in irreparable damage in humans. Destroying cancer cells or potential cancer cells in a controlled laboratory by means of test tubes or lab rats is a long shot away from being proved effective in humans. DCA sounds a bit more promising than most supposed “cures” out there, but it is also very far away from being called a “cure” for anything.

posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 07:57 AM
For a long time I had stomach acid and it buged my night sleep...
Reading this thread I've come to conclusion that apricot and peach seeds would help me lower my PH stomach values to base levels.
Also have read here that sodium bicarbonate helps a lot...
It ussualy gets me before sleep or in the early mornings.
Fof 2 months now I'm using that seeds and some others too, and my PH level is much lower. There are no any stomach acid whatsoever ...

Proudly can say here that You ppl helped me cure stomach acid, which none pills or alike ever solved...

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posted on Jul, 31 2007 @ 10:57 PM
Your right...Drug Companies and FDA will not come forward with anything that does not make them Richer. Its all about money, not a cure. Can't have a cure that you can buy over the counter...Cancer is the biggest money maker for everyone except the ones that have cancer.
Canada has many things in the works to cure many things right now, FDA will do everything they can to keep you from getting it.

posted on Aug, 6 2007 @ 11:54 AM
Thanks for the web sites...after watching friends and relatives go through chemo etc for cancer, the one thing I did notice was, it does not work most of the time and kills everything good as well as bad. I'll never have it myself.
My husband was at the VA last week for a run of tests and the doctor wanted him to get a flu shot, he said this year they expect a huge break out with the flu and he best get his shot now. We don't believe in flu shots, nor trust the FDA, so we donot get them. We have not had a cold in about 9 years since changing what we eat. We have never had the flu to begin with.
There are plenty of ways to protect oneself from illness and watching what one eats is a good start..never eat junk food of any kind, never eat out, drink clean water, no sodas ever...this will help a great deal.

posted on Dec, 7 2007 @ 08:58 AM
It's been several weeks now since this was first announced & the Human trials are about to begin.

Keeping a close watch on this "And on the FDA"!!

As soon as these trials start to show positive human results, I believe the FDA & Company Researchers will make their move to debunk it!!!

Then it will be banned to stop people who still believe, from using it privately.

Mark my Words, DCA will get squashed!!!

Hell, I'm surprised that the Company Researchers havn't announced that "research has shown that Some Vegitables, such as Asparagus, Bok-Choi & Capsicum, have ben found to be slightly toxic & will thus be banned by the FDA"

They seem to be getting more & more brazen in their ways.

Pretty soon we'll be eating only FDA approved "safe", products that have been specially made by the Chem companies to replace food altogeather...hehehe

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posted on Dec, 23 2007 @ 08:00 PM
reply to post by squiz

i am wondering how is your dog? i have an incurable non-hodgkins lymphoma and someone recently recommended DCA and as i was researching it i came across your post... thinking maybe you are onto something more reasonable...


posted on Dec, 23 2007 @ 09:20 PM
reply to post by oneheartshope

He's doing well thanks, no sign of relapse.
I am hesitant to offer any one particular method because of the seriousness of the subject. As I mentioned, I used and experimented with many remedies both natural and pharmaceutical. So it's difficult to know what really helped. However I think the best approach is to incorporate both traditional and holistic remedies under medical supervision. And above all keeping good overall dietary habits, A positive frame of mind and emotional well being. I know how difficult that can be under the circumstances, but I do believe they are vital for recovery. I would even suggest meditation, and visualization as another tactic for attaining balance.
Once again I emphasize not to rely solely on one method, and to always get your doctors advice before experimenting with a mix of remedies. There's not much more I can offer that hasn't already been discussed in this thread, I wish I could be more helpful. All the best in your search and recovery, be positive my friend.

posted on Dec, 25 2007 @ 05:02 AM
reply to post by Ironclad

DCA is being developed in Canada, right?

That’s a good thing. The long arm of the FDA doesn’t quite reach that far.

posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 04:31 PM
My name is Luis Sosa, I am Spanish and discovered a remedy that improves the quality of life of sick oncology, and in many cases cure cancer.
There are very serious studies sonre the medicine, called Green Sap and information can be found in

posted on Apr, 2 2008 @ 03:14 PM

Originally posted by mazzroth
If the Government wants you to die slowly of cancer then whats with all the Anti-Smoking they are pushing hard right now ? it flies in the face of all this government want to kill us.

It's because it's just another tool of mind control.
Think about it:

- These campaigns (any of them really) do nothing to stop the problem.

- The entire concept is based on: We the people are responsible for the abuse of, in this case, toxic cigarettes.

You can study reality, the human mind, etc. to understand the obvious problem here but really you have the ability to confirm this through observation and life experience (life, not artificial waves). It's being pumped into us (but not to the level of control food, and air toxins have).

They are allowing extremely dangerous and ADDICTIVE toxins to enter our bodies. Not only that, it began as a normal, "cool" and not-so-dangerous act before the obvious effects were too hard to hide. Once you get a generation or two to embrace something as addicting (mentally and physically btw) as this - it's insane to try and stop it by regulating it with these campaigns or area restrictions. You stop it by... stopping it, or at least puting a more natural solution that wouldn't be so harmful.

The system provides the problem, makes billions off of it and does everything it can to stop it without stopping it.
It's not easy to see how the masses are getting tranced into it and how they are full of #. There's more I can go into, but the obvious is enough.

If a large group is in my room, and I blast ear-piercing music can do all you want to try and plug your ears, try and dance to it, ignore it, talk over it, etc. - if I don't hit the 'Stop' button, it's going to be an ongoing problem.

posted on Apr, 10 2008 @ 03:36 AM
cancer is simple, and the simple cure is a massive, F**koff introduction of antioxidants into the body. and presto! bye bye cancer!

anyone who says otherwise is a greedy money hungry doctor/brainwashed idiot

posted on Apr, 10 2008 @ 02:57 PM

Originally posted by Herbal Oli
cancer is simple, and the simple cure is a massive, F**koff introduction of antioxidants into the body. and presto! bye bye cancer!

anyone who says otherwise is a greedy money hungry doctor/brainwashed idiot

You idiot, do you even know anything about cancer? No, that doesn't magically make cancer disappear. Jesus Christ.

posted on Apr, 10 2008 @ 03:05 PM
Not to mention Vitamin B17, Laetrile, Hoxey Clinic... I think the numbers of "cures" now are around two dozen. Some more effective than others, of course...

But I ask you....

Would the pharmaceutical industry, whose sole purpose for existence is profit, ever create a drug that cured cancer outright if the best they could do is make a few dollars per treatment, and only one treatment per patient?

Corporations exist for profit... they do not exist for the common good.

Our civilization must learn that organizations entrusted to work for the common good CANNOT be permitted to operate as businesses run for profit.

It's that simple.

posted on Apr, 10 2008 @ 09:20 PM

Originally posted by Johnmike

Originally posted by Herbal Oli
cancer is simple, and the simple cure is a massive, F**koff introduction of antioxidants into the body. and presto! bye bye cancer!

anyone who says otherwise is a greedy money hungry doctor/brainwashed idiot

You idiot, do you even know anything about cancer? No, that doesn't magically make cancer disappear. Jesus Christ.

ahh yes it does, if you knew anything about cancer you would know that its due to a weakened immune system/ oxidation of blood cells.

and surprise! antioxidants fight that hahaha...keep learning amigo

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