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Is It time to revive the Briggs Plan ?

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posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 10:42 PM
I don't want to go off topic but I do want want to respond to Dons assessment that he made in his above post. Relying on coalition forces for security and being a puppet government are two differnt things.
If Don was correct why would the people support the Afghan government ?
And why would they welcome provisional reconstruction teams in there backyard ?

posted on Oct, 25 2012 @ 08:08 AM

Originally posted by xpert11

There were Chinese who disagreed with the Communists, but they along with other Malayans were forced to cooperate with the Communists. The program involved the forced relocation of Chinese immigrants and others who were located in or near the Malayan jungle to new settlements. The new settlements were given around the clock police supervision and were partially fortified. The British also tried to win the hearts of the new settlers by providing them with education, health services and homes with water and electricity.


Ok we know that in order to win a counter insurgency you have to separate the insurgents from the local population as well as win the hearts and mind battle.

So I put forward adopting the Briggs Plan and implementing it in Southern Afghanistan. The plan isnt perfect people are forced to move to other areas but it is a much lesser evil then the current state of affairs. Once people have been relocated they will have better access to education and health care e.t.c

After the local population has been separated from the enemy the hearts and minds battle can be won. The Briggs plan would only form a part of the plan that leads to the war being won in Afghanistan. The coalition needs to expand the war into the tribal areas of Pakistan to ensure that the enemy has no haven.

Hi everyone, interesting discussion going on here. A short intro: I'm an 18-year-old male from Singapore, which was part of Malaya until 1965 when the Malayan Emergency against the Communists ended and we gained independence. That being said, I am a direct beneficiary of a successful counter-insurgency policy. Just made an account. So what brought me here? God's will? That and because I'm deeply concerned for the War in Afghanistan (it's been five years since the last post and it is still going strong). Let's all agree first of all that we do not want another Vietnam because unlike nationalistic Communists, terrorism will not end with a withdrawal. In my opinion, the Briggs Plan may not work because of short-term problems in a different context but if it were modified and supplemented with other strategies, it shall turn the tide in Afghanistan within a Presidential term.

First, some context. Malaya was quite a different place. Unlike Afghanistan, almost no one suffered from PTSD and the bloodiest history would be a two-week Japanese invasion that routed the British during WW2. When Britain returned to reclaim their colony after the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings (thank you), they faced the threat of rising Communism. Much like Afghanistan, before Briggs was implemented, the British were protecting key economic and military installations while surgically eliminating Communist strongholds and arresting Communist sympathisers. It did not work and civilian and police casualties mounted.

The Briggs Plan reversed the situation through resettlement of majority-Chinese (Communist-prone) villages. In practice, that would mean removing majority-Sunni Muslim (al-Qaeda-prone) or Pashtun tribesmen (Taleban-prone) into 'New Villages' that would, let me stress, provide education, health services and homes with water and electricity - something that most Afghans lack. A third of Afghans live below the poverty line, half of them are at risk of doing so and all would appreciate a better standard of living. Unlike you and I, they even fear walking out at night.

The Briggs Plan served a dual purpose: Keep Communists out and villagers in, thus effectively cutting Communist supply lines. If implemented, the insurgents would lose their source of food, water, fuel and illegal weapons from a local support base. They could still obtain it via other internationalised means but US drone operations and CIA intelligence ought to effectively deal with that. At the same time, support against terrorism would grow as hearts and minds are won.

Finally, the Briggs Plan included new identity cards. Sounds simple does it not? All Afghan civilians would have to make one and at the same time go through intense but harmless process of background checks, photographs taken, etc. In fear of appraisal, many insurgents would not register, thus making arrests easier when conducting day-time checks (as opposed to night-time raids). Furthermore, green-on-blue killings could be avoided by heavily engaging the Afghan police and military for such tasks.

Know note that neither xpert11 or I feel that this is the perfect plan but let us all agree that current methods are not working in Afghanistan and we need a strong America once again. ASEAN needs you to maintain a balance of power in Asia with a rising China and as a valuable trading partner. Under the Briggs Plan, the Malayan Emergency ended in 12 years with fierce fighting down in 7. There is hope yet for Afghanistan not just in rockets but in relationships.


posted on Oct, 26 2012 @ 01:56 AM
I agree with the overall strategy of hearts and minds but when you cannot overwhelmingly crush an insurgeny on top of enforcing security than what is the option if you do no have the god like powers of crushing a deadly insurgency on your planet big or small.

Technology is the answer to so many problems and in fact most human problems and that leads me to believe that we simply do not have the technology adavanced to a safe enough level to truly stop an afghan insurgency or any other in its tracks.

If you have the ability to erect nanotecnologically based gun turrets through every possible valley entrance onto or out of pakistan or other bordering countries that were unmanned but monitored but USA you could theoretically stop all entry and exit to the country minus allowed check points.

Resuplly them with air drops or whatever.
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oops forgot to mention that with the vast underground wealth of minerals just program the network of turrets to tap into the veins for resources hehe.
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posted on Oct, 27 2012 @ 06:28 AM
I got back to the op as I was intoxicated by certain things when I got onto this train.

Lots of sand and rock...hmmm glass projectiles nanon oven fire with droppable turrets all along the the hell they gonn stop it when it is protecting the people we claim to give a # about. They can keep inter trafific.

Intelligent controls are an obvious part of that human or otherwise.

We dont aim to treat the populace in an ill manner but untill the morons are weeded out why not take a drastic step.

I guess if China saw us do that were it possible we would have a problem.
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Not saying shoot at anything that neanders through the valley pass areas but one could techically figure our through satellites and ground based who is packing what.

I will be made out to be a cruel person not but I say 100 years more advanced toward what besides #ing up in public world domain where every other #up just happened to do it in afghanistan.
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