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limited by Nature's gifts

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posted on Jan, 3 2004 @ 11:05 AM
I was watching an "Unexplained Mysteries" show that featured
psychic healings. The show didn't give specific references, but said
that these baffled and fascinated modern medical institutions like
Harvard and Johns Hopkins.

One witness was the former actress Cindy Williams ("Shirley" of
'Laverne and Shirley'). She said her back was in such terrible shape
that even after a visit to the chiropracter, she would be in tears
from the pain only several gours later. Some psychic named "Dean
-somebody-" started "treatments" on her and she was eventually healed
... forever, she claimed. I should add that "Dean" said his success rate was below .500 .

Another woman suffered from Lou Gehrig's disease and was given
only 6 months to live. She was getting rid of her clothes and even
picked out the dress she wanted to be buried in. Then she heard of
this Dean-guy in Hollywood and sought him out. 3 months of treatments
produced no results. Then on the next day she was suddenly moving
her toes again. Body mobility increased and she was filmed in a
snowball fight with her family. Her son said it was great having a
mother again.

I know of no bonified tv show -- I'm talking PBS-NOVA here and
not Fox -- that had been able to document psychic feats (such as
bending of spoons or reading of minds) that can stand up to
scientific scrutiny. But can psychic healings actually occur?
I'm not doubting the honesty of the sufferers. Nor the claims of the
practioners at this point. It could be that they are creating a
state-of-mind where the body is healing itself; sort of a back-door
approach. I think medical researchers are determing that rather than
doing something directly to minimize pain, accupuncture causes the
body to temporarily manufacture certain chemicals which perform this
function. Perhaps the same thing is happening in psychic healings
... and perhaps not.

I'm really going to go out on a limb here and conceptualizing WAY
OUTSIDE the box. Dolphins are very intelligent. But Nature gave
them no nimble dexterities like our hands etc. and confined them to n
environment which is not conducive to the building of machines.
Otherwise, they might rival some our accomplishments. Perhaps, the
alien ETs were endowed with mental powers that only a few of our
specieis -- like the psychic healers and remote-viewers -- seem to
display. It is this added consciousness-manipulation capability --
like our hands and thumbs compared to the dolphins -- which let
'them' do things which appear as *magic* to us. Also, as others have
suggested, 'they' may live in a multiple-star region of increased matter-energy density where more exotic elements exist naturally (like Lazar's fabled Element-115). Combine the former with the latter and you have an advanced space-craft which our technology could never duplicate using Earth-based resources nor could we control -- due to the lack of cerebral "gifts" -- even if we could. Our best hope would be to back-engineer whatever we could and try to shoe-horn it into our existing technology. Build simulators (aka Bill Uhouse alias "Jarod-2") to test this hodge-podge mix. It would be a challenge for 'them' -- reported supervisers in these ET-government technology exchange programs --as well as us.

General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics are all "battle-tested" and can faithfully reproduce experimental and observational results. Even the Standard Model of particle physics can reproduce results up to a trillion electron-volts. But it has many arbitrary parameters that will have to be "curve-fitted" over the next decades. Just because these theoretical models reproduce results -- and that is GOOD because we need them to test our designs against before we commit funding! -- doesn't mean they are the "final word". One thing the psychic healing does for me is make me want to look even closer at Tom Bearden's Tesla-based, Maxwellian-scalarized scalar wave theories which have an ability to manipulate DNA ( , ). These models appear to be more robust and comprehensive. The challenge remains to get a mathematical/experimentally-fitted handle around them. (Even though most mainstreamers dismiss Einstein's Unified Field Theory approach, I wonder if Dr. Kaku's recent experiments into fundamental magnetism suggests a second-look at gravity as not being a fundamental force of Nature?)

Just food for thought ...

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