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TERRORISM: France 'Confirms' Fighter Escorts

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posted on Jan, 3 2004 @ 07:20 AM
A French minister confirmed that both the French and the US air force have been tracking passenger planes due to recent intel information about possible terrorist attacks during Christmas.

Junior Transport Minister Dominique Bussereau confirmed reports that US fighter jets escorted two Air France flights into Los Angeles earlier this week.
"In periods of maximum security, this kind of procedure is common"


"Currently, the air bases of the countries concerned are on a high state of alert, and it's not unthinkable for civilian aircraft to be followed at a distance by military jets," Mr Bussereau told French radio.

"That has been the case in the United States."

Using military escorts was "part of a raft of security measures that can be implemented at any moment, even if there is no specific threat to a particular flight", he said.

Newspaper reports, quoting witnesses, said the jets escorted the planes on Tuesday and Wednesday.


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