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Cliche' Life, Original Life, Live Life

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posted on May, 8 2007 @ 09:33 AM
Cliché=formula, key

We all can make it in life, it is just finding our click and it will all fall perfectly together.

This is a new age of life, and a new age of what is real in this world. Unlike any other philosophy or theology of life, this belief is real enough to make sense for few that have actually succeeded in making it this far. A basic knowledge of right from wrong is essential and a spiritual motivation is the only thing that will fuel the hardest times when you feel down at the lowest in life. But at the lowest it is only to make you stronger for the time you click in, any other way if you were to fall into this click, this cliché, you would not make it without being prepared.

Many people will strive to complete school in the thought that completion of what the world has set as profession will only give them what they desire most and can live off of that. Compared to a homeless school drop out, people look down on these people, but the sole reason homeless people do not seem to succeed is because they were never aloud to complete there cliché, they failed and miserably and truthfully they are no different than the so called successful business man. They both share a common residual truth, over time there lives might look different but inside they are torn into pieces from not being aloud to complete what they so called desired.

The basic truth is this that this belief, this way of living and thinking will be difficult at times, but it will only grow stronger with each person. For one person he might not feel it to complete high school, many people will say that he will never succeed and he is a failure, but to the most unlikely he will make it, because he knows, trusts and has faith that his faith will capture him speechless, he will fit in somewhere and make it.

For these people, they will go through life until they have had enough of trying to fit into a predestined way of thinking because everyone else does so, they will be free thinkers and free from the bondage of the canned freedom you by at a store. You walk into the life grocery store, your parents, teacher’s coaches, friends try to buy things and make into what they want and not what you, not what you are meant for. The true life is a life well lived, but if well lived it is that life which you succeed in. These people recognize that they can fail at everything, and if they do not stick with one thing they will fail all together, indeed strong and wise to not do it again, but it will be to late to ever complete anything.

They will try and fail at ever little piece of life that everyone else follows as a crowd, school work, simple things that has been set for centuries and proven possible and correct for a society. So then these men, find that one thing, chance, maybe, maybe not, it is that they never quit looking for that one thing they were good at, gifted at, meant for. They believe everyone is meant for something, it can be anything as along as you put your mind to it. It is not accepted to not put your mind to school and society is you do not put your mind to what everyone else is doing you will fail because that is the only thing to measure life to. But they recognize that there life is worth more than just ordinary mediocrity, they fight to endure the pain and hardship of what is normal to succeed 1000 times more in one cliché they find. More or less they end up not finding it, it finds them.

This is where you meet, Da Vinci, Peter and Paul, Jesus, Noah, Moses, Einstein, Newton, Galileo, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and many other men, then you and me.

Any of these men could have be regular old people, studying there life away for something they had no idea for until it hit them they either recognized it was worth nothing for what they were doing and it was time to do something worth everything to them. For Da Vinci, he knew the world turned right, but he went left in his writing and thinking, Peter and Paul, two men of the Bible, each one going there own way, Peter in fishing and Paul with knowledge and condemnation of sinners, but not until they understood life was not meant for the ordinary it was something more. Jesus, born and compared as no other man, went the way of His father His every inner being. As for Gandhi if you want to believe it, he chased the ordinary and perfected it, yea there will be many who chase the ordinary and perfect, like Dr. Seuss, poetry in its most ordinary form, famous, but not much more than forgotten in time. Noah and Moses, men of the Old Testament, went against the ordinary fought for the truth they knew they clicked into, and they succeeded and made more than a difference in this world. Einstein, Newton, Galileo, all very different in the norm, one was a great scholar, another a great thinker, and Einstein, neither of great ordinary achievement, but gifted in free thought and saw the inevitable, dreamed the impossible and made the truth happen. Even with Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, computers, something not of the norm, something people knew that would never happen until it did, men that could sell with there mouths, and could make the world of difference. And you and me, each of these men started with ordinary ignored it and went far beyond what they ever believed was possible, they found there nick, there cliché, and they created a entirely new normal reality for everyone now, from Da Vinci the Norm of artistic creation and inventions became a norm, through the men of the Bible, becoming a Christian and following the Bible became the Norm, through the men of science and physics, science and physics became the Norm, the reality, the ordinary, the computer men, created the reality of Norm for Technology, none of these things are no longer original, they have been twisted and compressed and changed to fit a pre-designed canned food buy at the grocery store life.

Being like the norm is just the same as acting like you are original to break the rules, people for ages have broken the rules just as Adam and Eve did at the beginning of time, yea, it was original that one time, but after that, it was ordinary to give into to sin to be ordinary in life and create trouble and break rules. But indeed to sit back and wait, look for a life worth living is a waste of time, live your life, do not pass it up, because it will pass up you, and yea you will surely make some mistakes, break some rules, but only to make you stronger for the next cliché you fall into. Life is all a bit of process, you will succeed in one thing that is life, the question is, will you succeed to live another day, will you succeed to continue to keep being original and not ordinary. To follow the rules is ordinary, but to accept the rules is not, accepting rules in life that will protect you is original, anything against you to hurt make you worse off will only make things harder, you will grow stronger but so much slower, just as a homeless person would and by the time you reach your cliché, its too late an you are gone. So indeed chase freedom, chase life as original as possible, but never be ordinary to sin, to be like others, be different in your own way to make your life better. But not only this, it becomes so easily possible that you will be original in being all about yourself, but you will be just like a homeless person, ordinary, only concerned for your self to succeed. By the time you recognize that you can succeed by serving, by being original in living a life worth by seizing every moment to share what you have learned; by showing love, your own original love that no one can mock, or package and sell in retail.

I am one who is not going to become this. The only reason these men were great men is because they took the Norm and created a new one, a new fresh fast food restaurant for all people to enjoy, an original idea, but soon to go bad over time. Let’s just say I am tired of getting the greasy cheap ordinary life that everyone believes is the only way in life, because I know I can create a life, I can find a life worth living for me. To ever be different or like these men would be stupid because there is no alternative to it, you would become just as the world is now, you will never be like them they already have succeeded in there life. But see these men did keep one thing original and that is the fact that the pursuit of not being ordinary and not being normal is one thing we can all fit into and become the best at, it is one thing I know I can, will, and have succeeded at.

To become a true succeeded, to make the difference to create future and make it 1000 times better than you would ever in just plain old life. Create a life worth living, look for that un-ordinary cliché, that original life, that real life by knowing there is no room for faking, no room for being a lie, be stupid, make mistakes and learn, go through hard times and grow, get stronger, but whatever you do never take the easy way out, the hard way in, the way of the world, the way of everyone’s pre-designed life, pre-destined life for you, even if meant for you, make it original. The second you hear this life read about it, see it, ignore it, even what I am telling you right now ignore all this, never forget to be original, you can take this and think about it, maybe be impacted by it, but do not be the same as everyone and never be different like someone else. Be yourself, find yourself, find that cliché with life, trust faith, fate to prepare for you in this short time of life. Never be scared to say something, do something, seize the day, and if that day is rotten then let go of it, never seize a day worth not living, so then make each day worth living, not rotten, make it worth seizing by seizing it, by making it worth it, try not to screw up, make it worth living, worth originality, worth you. A life where you not only create it, you jump into it head first, you live it and breathe it and succeed 1000% more.

posted on May, 25 2007 @ 02:27 PM
Some times it seems that there are no more Norms to break

Life seems like a closed off box that has no new avenues to break out of it. But what you said was true.

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