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"The Killshot" - Major Ed Dames & Remote Viewing

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posted on Dec, 30 2008 @ 01:05 AM
Well, if anyone who know anything about the future, knows that predictions are not always correct because the future is constantly changing.

That's why prophecies are hidden like Nordstadamis because if u new what will happen, then u can easily change it.

Like Dan Burish says, ur looking into a possible future meaning it can be changed, so u have to constantly look back to see the new future or the new timeline.

God gave us the freedom of choice according to the bible meaning we can choose our own destiny, therefore, can change our future.

Same thing with palm reading, your dominant hand is your future, and the other is your given future. The dominant hand is somewhat different and changing as u get older because your writing a new future as to the other hand.

Predictions are not precise because of these reasons. Does anyone understand what I am saying?

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posted on Mar, 16 2009 @ 09:31 PM
Just wanted to point out... Anunnaki is a word someone used to name this "planet x"... I'm not much for this whole theory of planet x... BUT, just thought I throw a wrench into the gears here... Anunnaki is also considered by some demonologists to be another name for Anu.. which is also considered to be the offshoot of Amon, the 7th demon of the 72 goetian demons (rulers of hell). It is said that he has plagued the middle east under many names, ranging from the ones mentioned, even to amun-ra and possible anubis. Just caught my attention that the name of this "death star" as you will, shares a nickname with whom is described (by aaron)as being only less fierce than standing in front of lucifer himself.

posted on Mar, 19 2011 @ 08:27 PM
reply to post by Melbourne_Militia

elenin? mybe with remote viewing its hard to get the dates on right

posted on Apr, 19 2013 @ 05:33 PM
The killshot is in many prophecies (personally prophecies for me are vignettes (projects, events from the feature) under development, nothing to do with paranormal), everybody could predict it, by reading them... Ancient Hellenic, Babylonians, bible, etc etc etc.. And because you all know bible, I will refer myself into it, so is going to be more understandable. It is the spot that says:

A darkness will fall for 3 days or 3 months? (something like that) Then the demons (reptilians) will get command to come out from their holes (hell) and attack humans... they will eat them alive (remember that spot?).
Thats the killshot more or less. And lets analyze it a bit, because I always love to analyze things. We all know that if the killshot happens, normally there is a small period of near darkness environment (not day but not night also!!)... We wont be able to see stars, etc (and its identical with bible).

Lets speculate, why the demons (reptilians) will pop out and start killing people, the answer is very easy. If we take as a note, all these theories about reptilians, the governments are under control by them, etc etc etc... So many stuff. They love control, blablabla...

If the killshot happens, they lose everything. Governments will fall, humans will be free, they will riot, they will lose control. Humanity will find itself into a 6-7000bc state of existence. (no electricity, nothing will work) no boats, no planes, no internet, no nothing. (and lets be honnest, it takes up to 100, maybe more years for the atmosphere to be defused!!!) so no electrical devices for that period!...
It is logical, that if the demons feel they losing control. They will try to save anything they can, is it? Their matrix will fall!

And lets take the other part of the bible, that says, those who will get the mark of the beast, will get terrible sickness or die... The half part of it, is about the killshot... the other half part belongs to their secret projects (from the theoriests) of mind control. Anyway lets take the killshot part.
If the killshot happens, as far as I know, its an enormous size of particles from the sun, mostly electrical particles.. Why we wont have electricity and why everything will burn? Because in 0 seconds, all electrical devices will be hit by thousands or millions of volts.. And they will burn. The chip under the skin is an electrical device, an electrical circuit.. I think it has to do with that... If killshot happens, maybe, many will be barbequed. (I think the bible says " BURN" is it?)
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