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Child snatched on holiday( new sightings and CCTV)

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posted on May, 7 2007 @ 08:16 AM
They said today bbc news 24 that witnesses told authorities that an unwilling girl was taken to the port area, by an english person.

I didn't see the story 'first hand', so can anyone confirm this?

She will be found alive and well, soon, unless she has been taken off the island.

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The information above is an idea of a retired high raking police officer from Portugal.

BBC News 24 are expecting an announcement by police in a couple of hours as at 14:20 GMT...

Her mother has made a plea, saying "Please don't hurt her" and "Please give our little girl back"

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posted on May, 7 2007 @ 10:25 AM
The lastest develpment from portuguese news are:

The suspect is a tall, short hair male and probably a british citizen, who knew the parents habits. And the suspect could be someone who the children knew.

The police are also looking for a possible "body" in caves in the sea shore.

Source: in portuguese

Source: in portuguese

posted on May, 7 2007 @ 11:35 AM
I don't speak Portugese, so I will take your word for it. It is very bad news, and even if the culprit isnt caught, if he kills her, all those involved will not be geiven mercy when they depart this earth.

I would hate to be them when they die.


posted on May, 7 2007 @ 12:21 PM
Has there been any mention of CCTV cameras located around the hotel or local area?

Surely there must be a few around a holiday resort?


posted on May, 7 2007 @ 12:30 PM
I think due to the type of area CX, there may not have been cameras, as some places don't need them and Portugal is less propogated with cameras

posted on May, 7 2007 @ 12:40 PM

Originally posted by CX
Has there been any mention of CCTV cameras located around the hotel or local area?

Surely there must be a few around a holiday resort?


There are no CCTV on that resort.

In Portugal most of the cameras are only in roads (highways) and in big urban center like cities and suburbia.

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posted on May, 7 2007 @ 06:54 PM
There was a press-conference but without any really new informations.

Here is a news piece about it (in Portuguese) and here one of those terrible automatic translations, by Google in this case.

They say that it is still a disappearance and not a kidnapp.

They did not confirm if they have a suspect that is British.

They confirmed that they have a sketch of the suspect, but it is only for the authorities, not for the public.

posted on May, 7 2007 @ 06:58 PM
Oh this is been too long now.

This don't look good. I would be going nuts if it was one of mine. Gosh, I hope they find her.

I'm sorry but I'm still angry at the parents for leaving her alone. Had they not left her alone she would not be missing today.


posted on May, 8 2007 @ 01:20 AM
Thanks for the explanation on the CCTV cameras.

I know what you mean Shar, i'd be going frantic too. I lost my 8 year old for all of about two minutes in a big shop at the weekend and i was almost tearing the place apart with panic, so God knows what i'd do in a situation like this one.

There seems to be a lot of suggestion of kidnap from the |Portugese police, or the word has at least been banded aroung a fair bit. Surely a kidnapper would have contacted the police or parents by now?

It was interesting to see Sky News last night, whilst there were all the locals and the police saying that this sort of crime just does'nt happen in that area, there was a guy interviewed who is an expert on child abduction/abuse prevention and he said he had been to Portugal many times over the past few years to liase with police regarding the paedophile rings and there. It was apparently a large part of those worldwide paedo rings that they busted a while back.

Hopefully little Maddie will still be found safe and well. It's heartbreaking to see her mum walking around with that teddie of hers.


posted on May, 8 2007 @ 04:07 AM
first off....this is terrible, and i dont think the parents had anything to do with it, but i agree with some on here that they shouldnt have left them alone.
What was odd, was that when i first read this story, they said they were checking on the children every HALF HOUR.....yet in this report :

bbc news

it clearly says that the father checked on her at 9pm and when her mother went back at 10pm, she was gone.

Thats an HOUR, not half hour. Small thing, but maybe not

edit to add this.....there are some discrepancies here :

bbc news 2

here they first say they check on her at 9.45pm, later in the story they say they checked on her at 10pm

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posted on May, 8 2007 @ 04:26 AM
Just finished listening to an interesting story on the Gerry Ryan show on 2FM in Ireland. They were chatting about the abduction and many people shared the view of the posts on this thread so far, i.e. it's a terrible thing but the parents were stupid to let it happen.

However a father then rang up with a very chilling story. He had rung the station 5 years previously about how when he was staying in a resort in Lanzorote that someone had tried to abduct his blone haired, blue-eyed little girl. Having seen this story on the news it had brought it all back for him.

Basically the 4 year old daughter had come into him in the middle of the night and said 'Daddy, a noise woke me and the light is on'. He went to check and found the light, which they had previously turned off, was now on and the front door was wide open. He ran out, thinking the other kids may have wandered out, but couldn't see anyone.

When he came back in his wife was up and called him into the room to show him something very scary. Whoever had come in had taken down a suitcase and filled it with the 4 year old daughter's clothes and belongings. They had changed into his clothes, leaving their own. They had taken his passport and left all the others. (The daughter would have been on that passport as well) They had taken his wallet and credit card, but left everyone elses. The only reason they ever woke up was he must have bumped into the phone in the dark causing it to clatter and wake the child up.

According to him, the police were similarily lethargic about investigating it, just treating it as an ordinary robbery. Apparently a young boy had been taken using a similar M.O. a couple of years previously from the same resort. Guess what. Blone hair and blue eyes again.

He spent the next two weeks sleeping against the front door with a knife in each hand and was incredibly relieved, as you can imagine, to get back to Ireland.

So a couple of pints from this story:
1. The parents didn't drink and were in the apartment. So, bashing the parents of the current missing little girl for being 50m away is a total waste of time. The people who do this sort of thing are not too bothered where the parents are.
2. The kids are targeted from the moment of getting off the plane. The people who do this are not some random perv acting on an opportunity. The thinking and planning that went into getting the clothes and credit cards, never mind finding someone of the same build as the father to wear his clothes. That is an organisation, not a solitary predator.
3. Targeting blonde hair and blue eyes. At best this means white slavery, at worst.....well let's not go there.

I hope to God I am wrong about this but I think we may never see this little girl ever again. It is too late, they are long gone already.

The saddest thing is once something that sells more papers happens this will all be forgotten about. So, it is more than likely to happen again and again and again....

posted on May, 8 2007 @ 07:54 AM
Hi All,

I hate to hear that Madeleine has not been found, but I believe firmly that she will not be dead, because unfortunately, there is no value in a lifeless 'commodity'.

By this I mean that she has been absorbed into the international ring of child snatchers and sex slaves.

To understand my comments, please look at this site, which I plucked to demonstrate the depth of these networks.

As for what I read about the guy who called in to the radio show in Ireland, I am so sorry to hear that this has happened, either today or before.

There is also an incident in Aruba, of a young woman that went missing, never found again, which means that this is happening all over the world.

I gave the last link, because even though these people have gone, they will never be forgotten, and those who have taken them, will pay.

I don't pray, but I'll be thinking about Madeleine along with others around the world.

I suspect that there was an organised snatch involving workers who are paid to target, abduct and sell their victims. It has a similar MO to Natalee's case - she was in her cabin, dissapeared without trace, and in a location that has marine access to a number of destinations.

Maybe this could also be orchestrated to make parents accept outright, the RFID chips that will soon be mainstream, which are implanted, to 'track' their children...'

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posted on May, 8 2007 @ 11:24 AM
Sky News are reporting breaking news that the Portugese police have blocked off the town of Nelas in northern Portugal after reports of a man with a child resembling little Maddie.

Links to come when they post it on the website.

I do hope something comes of this.


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posted on May, 8 2007 @ 12:11 PM
Good job CX, let's hope that she is recovered. I had a feeling that it was someone the family knows, then they said it might be a british man.

Anyway, here's a quote from

There have been reports on Portuguese state television that a man and a child matching Madeleine's description were seen driving off in a car from the town of Nelas, about 300 miles (483km) north of Praia da Luz.

full story:

I just hope this ends in a positive result for the family, and I hope soon

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posted on May, 8 2007 @ 12:30 PM

Originally posted by howmuchisthedoggy
...So, bashing the parents of the current missing little girl for being 50m away is a total waste of time...

After what you described, all the more reason NOT to be 50m away.

I hope she is found and ok.


posted on May, 8 2007 @ 12:31 PM
Thanks for the link deaman

Reports are saying that a the guy in question here was seen at a supermarket "pushing or pulling" a little girl matching Maddies decription.

The reporter said that she apparently was'nt screaming but seemed "reluctant".

I've heard a few people mention the "screaming" thing, including a policeman who was on Sky News just now.

Fact is, a kid may not always sream or even cry if they are in distress.

My eldest was real timid growing up, and even if she had been in bad situations at school like being hit or even bitten, she was almost in shock and just stood there speechless. No-one knew until she got home and i found the bite marks all up her arm.

A kid as small as Maddy would be so frightened that they may not dare scream or cry out to alert someone.

BREAKING NEWS on Sky, latest possible sighting in northern Spain was a false alarm!

Very sad.


posted on May, 8 2007 @ 03:34 PM
I am very sceptical about this one, there are many similarities to the Aruba case - authorities being very slow to act, various stories that media pounces on, only to come to a dead end, just read it, the families must be utterly devastated.

The fact that the port is nearby would suggest to me that she may not even be on this island, and that authorities have let a criminal slip through the net due to their own agenda.

Why was the initial search so close? why didn't the police lock down the entire island? why did it take so long before forensics did their analysis? why were there so called road blocks if no child was found? WHy would someone say there is a man and a reluctant girl, and then it is found that there is a neat story to resolve that? WHat are the authorities actually doing there???

posted on May, 8 2007 @ 03:37 PM
I must admit, i am flabbergasted and frustrated at the lack of information and the seemingly slow, sluggish response by the Police.

If this was in the UK, we would have had hundreds of Police involved immediately, helicopters, dogs, even the Armed Forces would have been out searching! On top of that, there would have been a huge media effort to collect as much info as possible.

I do not understand why portugal has such a silly Law that prevents the Police from releasing info, such as the description. In the UK, the police would have used the media to get anyone and everyone to tell them everything they knew.
Without the media, how on earth do you expect anyone to be able to provide you with any decent information?

posted on May, 8 2007 @ 04:24 PM

Originally posted by deaman88
The fact that the port is nearby would suggest to me that she may not even be on this island, and that authorities have let a criminal slip through the net due to their own agenda.
That place is not an Island.

It's a small town near Lagos, on the south of Portugal. I hope you know where Portugal is.

Here you can see a map and directions to reach that resort from where little Madeleine disapeared.

posted on May, 8 2007 @ 04:43 PM

Originally posted by ArMaP

It's a small town near Lagos, on the south of Portugal. I hope you know where Portugal is.

Here you can see a map and directions to reach that resort from where little Madeleine disapeared.

OK, I understand that I used the word 'island', but my point was that it is very close to a stretch of water - as in Aruba, - where the victim can be taken quickly and transported in a private sea faring vessel, outside the search area for Madeleine. Let's not get sidetracked by semantics.

Come on people, its five days, wake up, the family are being led up the garden path, with faint (and cruel) glimmers of hope, only to be dashed again and holding on to the vain hope she will suddenly reappear.

This will never be resolved. Even if the police released the images late, do you think that anyone would have forgotten seeing Madeleine's face? why has nobody come forward or even seen her? Why is there not a single clear sighting? Its because Madeleine is not there, thats why.

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