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Strangest dream of my life - please read

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posted on May, 3 2007 @ 07:17 PM
Those who know me know I tend to shy away from religious discussions. I don't consider myself atheist, but I consider myself closer to that than anything else. I don't know anything about the Saints or about cathedrals or anything else, so I have no idea what this dream would mean or how it could be so accurate (at certain aspects).

OK the dream started out with me talking to this beautiful girl (who I believe I was dating in the dream) at some circular desk within a cafeteria. The desk was dead in the center of the cafeteria. Her job was to sign people into the caf, similar to college dining halls. She was also supposed to monitor the cafeteria.

Well, a kid throws up in the corner, and throws up again (black vomit). The girl (whose name I cannot remember) didn't respond to it very fast and administration and some nuns showed up and got angry with her. They told her to "follow them" and took her to these golden elevators with a sort of bluish trim.

They get on the elevator and the doors close. Suddenly, light comes from behind the door and the middle of the door forms a crack of like lava/fire before imploding (more of a wave/hand of fire reaching out, curling back, and crushing the elevator).

This happened to both sets of elevators simultaneously (elevator on the left and the right with the buttons in the middle). There was also a face statue thing near the buttons but I can't remember what it was. I almost want to say a lion, but I could be wrong.

The ground in front of the elevators then opened up into like a 6x6 mouth looking thing of quicksand, except it wasn't sand it was lava. Very Hellish. Some people got sucked into it. I escaped.

Then I run to the front doors to try to get out only to find 100s of people trying to get out and causing a traffic jam and no one could move. I see 2 nuns running up a staircase and I go to them and they whisper to me, "we've seen a way out during our work here" and I follow them. They take me to these beautiful white doors. Glass paneled. Was more of a window actually. They open it saying its the "door for the holy." They jump out (about a 15 foot drop). I jump out and land on top of a statue of what I assume is a saint with a pigeon or dove on his shoulder (I knock its head off on accident).

Some small tidbits before I get to the really interesting part:

- It took place on a big field

- It had a distinctive middle ages english feel to it. The statues were worn and whiting from age.

-There was also some sort of inscription wall. Sort of like one of those war memorial walls with the names of people engraved on it. The nun said something about now that shes done her job, she is inscribed on the wall. One prominent name on the wall, oddly enough, was "Harry S. Truman"

- On the field outside of the cathedral, bears were chasing survivors.

- There was also a part of the dream - it might even have been a different dream - where I got on an elevator and it didn't implode. I went up to the 36th floor. The elevator went up the OUTSIDE of the building. This is the only part of the dream that seemed to take place in inconsistent scenery, as I distinctly recall looking out of the elevator and seeing a big, New Yorkish city.

The elevator went up like that and slid up the slope, as well.

I wake up and google "saint portrayed with bird on shoulder" and the first link that comes up is that St. David is often portrayed with a dove on his shoulder. I google St. David and come across St. David's cathedral and my mouth drops: It is nearly IDENTICAL to the cathedral in my dream.

The red outline is where the doors were. The pink outline is where the window I escaped from was (except there was no roof jutting under it). The off white is where I assume the statue would have been.

The inscription wall is in the area where the picture says the statue is. Its right around where that broken wall is.

The red circle in the center of those 8 star things is the exact layout of the cafeteria and exactly where the girl was sitting.

The layout really is very very similar to my dream.

Another tidbit: There happened to be a truck waiting that I used to pick up the escapees. The truck had a New York license plate.

The dream did have some crazy dream aspects (for example I jumped on the backs of one of the bears and held it in a chokehold and one of the other people came and smashed its head in with a rock). I don't think that is relevant, however.

I can't find the statue I'm looking for. The statue might actually be one of St. Francis, but there is no doubt the statue I'm looking for exists after having such a vivid and relatively accurate dream.

The statue was of a Saint in almost the "Godsend" pose, except not quite. He was looking up towards the heavens. The bird was perched on his shoulder and it was a relatively small bird. I don't believe he was bearded but I may be wrong.

If anyone can fill in some blanks for this dream (find the statue, put some stuff together that I may have missed), please do.

Feel free to ask any questions down. I wrote the dream down right when I woke up (the only one I ever wrote down).

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posted on May, 14 2007 @ 12:23 PM

Fiery fire of God type dream complete with wimples and bear wrestling. Inscriptions in stone, this dream is time traveling (is there a past life connection), as for the bears - popular sport in the English court, bear wrestling - the war games of kings. But the bears are in the garden and the building is burning. Good analogy for current tensions with their religious underpinnings. New York and jumping out of buildings is an obvious parallel. The statue, I don't know. You can be glad it wasn't him, heh heh. But it made me think of St Joseph of Cupertino, the flying saint.
He may not have anything to do with the dream, but there it is.

Looks to me like an epic portrayal of the historic battle of good and evil. The bear would be Russia, the wild card.

posted on Jul, 19 2007 @ 04:56 PM
Anyone have any thoughts on this?

posted on Aug, 29 2007 @ 03:33 PM
Interesting about the lion statue thing. Just like the bear is the symbol of Russia, the lion symbolizes England.

This sounds like an apocalyptic dream in which the Catholic church, Russia, and England are involved.

posted on Dec, 13 2007 @ 03:41 PM
Still hoping for more thoughts on this, please.

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